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‘Tidy Floor’ is a place in the net world where you can come for help on any kind of problem, relating to flooring solutions. The motto of the website is, “Everything You Need To Know About Floor Care”.

Tidy Floor is serving the community by disseminating crucial information about different kinds of flooring solutions. This site is meant for professional floor technicians, amateur Do It Yourself (DIY) people, and anyone interested to know about flooring solutions. 

How Did Tidy Floor Start?

In 2014,  the owner of Tidy Floor, Jahidul Alam was looking for some information about flooring systems on the internet for one of his college projects. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the required information and had to go to a library instead.

A real estate businessman by profession and a writer by passion, Jahidul Alam instantly decided to publish a website, which will provide all the information about different flooring solutions.

What Does Tidy Floor Want?

From a big range of flooring solutions, it must be difficult for you to choose the correct flooring for a particular part of your house. I know it is not feasible to change the flooring now and then. So, as a responsible family person, you have to make the right flooring decision. Consider Tidy Floor as your best friend so far consultation on flooring is concerned.

We want to enrich our society with the knowledge of useful and aesthetic floorings. 

What Does Tidy Floor Do?

Tidy floor demonstrates an in-depth comparison between different flooring solutions. So that you can choose the best option for you. While analyzing a particular floor, Tidy Floor elaborates its economic perspectives and impacts on your health and the environment. It always focuses on the long-term consequences that you can face with a specific flooring solution.

On the other hand, Tidy Floor also provides helpful suggestions and tips on how to use a flooring solution to get the best out of it with minimum exposure to its negative impacts.

At the same time, Tidy Floor will always give you step-by-step directions to repair any kind of damaged flooring. On top of that, you will find a lot of articles on Tidy Floor, suggesting how to use a particular flooring to make it last longer.

Moreover, Tidy Floor discusses how to use and maintain all the tools that are required to install and maintain flooring. You can find tips on how to repair your flooring tools here.

Tidy floor believes, for some people spending on flooring is a kind of investment. That is why in almost every article you will get an exact picture of how much you can get as Return On Investment (ROI) from a particular flooring.

Let’s Talk:

For Tidy Floor, it was always you to get the maximum priority. We believe we can do much better if you help us with your valuable opinions. Always feel free to contact us with any kind of query or suggestions.



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