Aluminum Boat Floor Kit: Know How To Use And More

Aluminum Boat Floor Kit

Boat flooring seems a difficult task, right? But with an aluminum boat floor kit, this task can be done in a few hours. While most people think that flooring kits are used for decorating the deck, it is actually a lot more than that. It has many other benefits that you should not miss out on. In fact, for an upgraded look on the boat, you should consider having a boat floor kit. 

People who are skeptical about getting an aluminum boat floor kit are lacking information. Hence, before you buy a flooring kit, you must learn about it well and then decide whether to buy it or not. I have even done thorough research before getting my first boat flooring kit. 

From my research and experience, I have learned a lot that I will be sharing in this article. All who need detailed information on aluminum boat flooring kits, stay with me and keep reading this article. 

5 Steps To Install Aluminum Boat Floor Kit: Know The Right Method

Buying an aluminum boat floor kit is easy. Get it online or offline from any reliable store. But the issue is to install them correctly. Though it is not so difficult, a lack of knowledge can mess up the task. Also, there remains a lot of confusion regarding the installation and the kit itself. Thus to solve all these issues, I am here with a few steps that you need to prepare and install the boat floor kit on your aluminum boat. 

Here are the steps: 

Step 1: Gather The Materials And Tools

Though the kit will contain most of the materials, you would need some extra supplies for this project. Also, you should know what materials come in the boat flooring kit. So, let’s have a look at the supplies you would require to effectively complete this project: 

  • A stencil set for making a boat floor template;
  • Boat flooring kit that has EVA or foam pads for the deck;
  • Duct tape;
  • Denatured alcohol;
  • Clean cloth and gloves;

These supplies are enough for doing this project efficiently and successfully. 

You may buy a kit that has shaped deck pads. If you specify the model of your boat, the company can provide you with a customized kit. In this case, you won’t need to make a template with the stencil set. I would suggest buying a ready-made boat flooring kit for your convenience. 

Step 2:  Make The Boat Floor Template

The first task is to make the boat floor template with the stencil set. This comes with a transparent plastic that is laid on the boat deck and mapped. With a marker pen, mark the outline as well as the areas where you want the boat floor kit to settle. Make as many notes as you want so that the seller gets a clear idea of what you are expecting. 

You can also shoot a video or click several pictures for more clarity and then send it to the seller along with the template. 

Step 3: Choose The Design Of The Boat Kit

Before ordering, decide on which design and color you would want. Two common designs, rather textures of boat flooring are grainy brushed wood and dotted pads. You can choose any of them. But the grainy wooden texture is more commonly used for its excellent aesthetic appearance. 

Then you can choose from different color options as per your choice. However, don’t use too bright colors on the deck and keep it subtle for a decent look. You can also choose some graphics on the deck flooring if you want. Some companies offer layers that create a contrasting tone making the flooring thick. Ideally, the deck kit shouldn’t be thicker than ¼ inches. 

Step 4: Clean The Deck Before Installation

Before you install the kit on the deck, you have to clean the deck thoroughly. If it remains greasy and dirty, the deck pads won’t settle down strongly on the deck. This is why cleaning the deck is important. 

Use mild detergent and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the deck thoroughly. Put attention to the corners and edges where dirt may get stuck. Then wash off the deck with clean water and dry it with a towel. Next, use denatured alcohol to completely disinfect the deck and leave a clean and shiny deck. 

Step 5: Put On The Boat Kit Pads On The Deck

Now that the deck is prepared, you can move on to installing the boat kit on the deck. Unpack the kit and see the pads intended to install in specific areas of the boat deck. 

Before installing, lay the pads on the deck to check whether they are in the right shape or not. Also, determine which pad is for which portion of the boat. You may find notes on the backside of each pad too. Now that you have laid all the pads on the deck, you can start installing. 

Peel off one corner of the pad on its backside. Paste it to the floor by pressing it hard on the deck. Slowly move backward, peel off the sections, and keep pasting the pads one by one to the flooring. Make sure to press it hard as soon as you peel off the sticker so that it adheres firmly to the deck. This way, keep pasting the pads and complete installing the boat floor kit. 

7 Advantages Of Aluminum Boat Floor Kit: Know Why To Buy

After learning about the super-easy installation procedure, you must be wondering why you even need a flooring kit. Especially when you have invested in aluminum flooring, do you even need an aluminum boat floor kit? That decision is up to you. It completely depends on what you want. 

But my task is to tell you some basic advantages of a boat floor kit. I mean there must be some reasons why people buy the kit, right? I am just going to inform you of these reasons and the rest should be decided by you and you only!

Here are the advantages of getting an aluminum boat flooring kit: 

1. Anti-slip:

You would mostly notice the boat kits installed on swimming and fishing boats where the chances of slipping are more. As the deck mostly remains wet, the chances of slipping are more too. But with the dotted or grainy texture of the boat deck pads, there remains no chance to slip on the flooring. 

Along with the texture, the foam pads give a very strong foot grip making the flooring anti-skid. The boating experience becomes safe and enjoyable with this property. No matter if you run or walk on the boat flooring kit, you won’t fall or slip on the deck. Safe and tension-free!

2. Noise Cancellation: 

Aluminum boat floors make noises when the engine starts. Also, while walking or moving on the aluminum deck, it creates noise. And the easiest solution to this noise is to install a boat floor kit. With the soft foams on the deck, there remains no chance of noise. 

So for noise cancellation and having a sound journey, you should consider installing a boat floor kit on the deck. 

3. Comfort: 

If comfort is one of your demands, you would hardly find an alternative to a boat floor kit. It not only gives a soft and smooth foot touch but also gives comfort in wet conditions. It dries out very fast and remains fresh all the time offering ultimate ease on the deck. 

4. UV Protected: 

The boat kit not only survives in wet conditions but also performs well under sunlight. It doesn’t burn, collapse, or distort under sunlight and remains as it is. It defends UV light and is made to adjust to almost any weather condition. 

5. Ease Of Installation: 

As you can see from the aforementioned guide, installing a boat floor kit is super easy and simple. You just need to position them correctly, peel off the stickers, and paste them on the deck. 

Now think of the hassle of installing a rubber mat or carpet on the deck. You would need to cut the carpet, shape it, nail it, seal it, and a lot more! All these hassles are eliminated by installing a boat floor kit. 

6. Easy Maintenance: 

Maintaining a boat floor kit is not so difficult. You can clean it once or twice a week by simply washing it with mild detergent. Else, it is completely weatherproof. It can survive in both wet and dry conditions. Therefore, no extra care is required to maintain the boat floor kit. 

7. Aesthetic: 

Think of bare aluminum flooring! It looks pretty dull and simple. To make it more happening and vibrant, you can install a boat flooring kit. Boat flooring kits have decorative value as they are available in different colors and designs. With that, you can have a more impressive and beautiful boat deck that the aluminum deck can’t offer. 

Aluminum Boat Floor Replacement: Learn The Exact Process!

When undertaking an aluminum boat floor replacement, it’s important to follow a careful and thorough process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a successful replacement:

  1. Preparation:
    • Start by removing the existing flooring material, whether it’s carpet, vinyl, or other coverings.
    • Inspect the aluminum boat’s floor structure for any signs of damage, corrosion, or weak spots. It’s crucial to address any underlying issues before proceeding with the replacement.
  2. Measurement and Cutting:
    • Measure the dimensions of the boat’s floor accurately to determine the size and shape of the replacement floor.
    • Choose marine-grade plywood that is suitable for your boat’s needs and intended use. Marine-grade plywood is specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.
    • Transfer the measurements to the plywood and use appropriate tools (such as a circular saw or jigsaw) to cut it to the desired shape.
  3. Installation:
    • Apply a marine-grade adhesive evenly to the aluminum boat’s floor. Make sure to use an adhesive suitable for your specific boat flooring and environmental conditions.
    • Carefully place the cut plywood onto the adhesive, aligning it with the boat’s structure. Apply pressure evenly to ensure a secure bond.
    • To further reinforce the attachment, use stainless steel screws specifically designed for marine applications. Screw them through the plywood and into the boat’s underlying structure at regular intervals.
  4. Finishing Touches:
    • Once the plywood is securely attached, inspect the edges and seams for any gaps or openings.
    • Use a marine-grade sealant or caulking to fill in any gaps and seal the edges. This step is vital to prevent water intrusion and protect against rot or damage to the plywood.
    • Allow the sealant to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions before exposing the boat to water.

Note, it’s essential to choose high-quality materials and follow proper safety precautions throughout the process. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with any aspect of the replacement, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure a successful aluminum boat floor replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Install An Aluminum Boat Floor Kit Yourself? 

The straight answer is yes! In fact, the boat flooring kits are designed specially so that they can be installed most easily and simply possible. 

Once you customize the design and pattern of the boat flooring kit, you can install it easily. Just peel off the sticker from the backside of the pads and paste them strongly to the flooring.

Once it adheres, you don’t need to worry as it won’t come off the flooring. The bonding is firm and it would last for years. So yes, you can surely install an aluminum boat floor kit yourself. 

Does A Boat Floor Kit Stain? 

Boat flooring kits are made of foam along with some other fibers. This means they can absorb spills quickly. 

Though they would evaporate the spill, the residues can stain the flooring easily. If it penetrates the fibers, it can make the pad filthy and stained. If you see any spills or splashes, you should clean them as soon as possible. Use a soft brush to scrub off the spill so that it can’t put any strain on the pads.

How Long Does An Aluminum Boat Floor Kit Last? 

When you are installing an aluminum boat floor kit, you must also know how long you are going to enjoy its service. 

Ideally, a boat floor kit would last between 6 to 8 years depending on how you are caring for it. If you keep it clean and use it with care, it can even last for 10 years. But poor maintenance and rough usage can damage the layer, tear the pads, and ruin the texture. For a long-lasting service, care for your boat floor kit and enjoy the service for a long time.

What Is The Cost Of An Aluminum Boat Floor Kit?

The cost of aluminum boat flooring differs according to the model of the boat, the material and design of the kit, and the brand you are buying from. 

While separate items of the boat floor kit can cost between $150 to $500, the whole kit would cost around $1000 to $2000. Some famous brands produce top-quality floor kits and they would charge high. I would suggest buying from a reliable company even if you need to pay more. The higher the quality, the more it lasts. 

Is Buying Boat Floor Kit Worth It? 

The worth of the boat floor kit depends on what you expect. But in my opinion, it is worth investing in buying a boat floor kit because a boat flooring kit would protect the aluminum boat floor. It makes the flooring more resistant to sun and water. It also makes the boat floor safe and noise-free; the qualities that you won’t find on an aluminum deck. Thus, to improve the aluminum deck, it is worth investing in a boat flooring kit. 


To end the article, I must say that it is a wise decision to buy a top-notch aluminum boat flooring kit and install it by yourself. Now that you have a bulk of information, go and get your aluminum boat kit!

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