Aluminum Boat Floor Plans: Know How To Build


The boat floor matters a lot not only because it decides the look of the boat but also determines its durability. Also, the flooring is somewhat responsible for deciding the value of the boat. And when it comes to stunning and long-lasting boat flooring, aluminum is a top-notch material to choose from. And recently, the popularity has surged even more. 

Aluminum can be used to make different types of boat flooring. It can also have different plans and designs to use aluminum in versatile ways. But to implement these plans, you must have some information about aluminum boat floor plans. Because without knowing, finding a suitable design or aluminum boat floor can be difficult. But don’t worry as I am here to discuss the matter. 

In this article, you will get an overview of aluminum boat floors and some related information. From my knowledge and experience, I will talk about the types and options you can explore. So let’s get started!

5 Types Of Aluminum Boat Floor: Know Before Planning

Not all aluminum boat floors are for the same purpose and they don’t always look the same. A variety of aluminum boats are available and made for special purposes. So before you go and buy or even plan for an aluminum boat, you should know the types. 

In this part, I will mention 5 basic types of aluminum boat floor plans that you can try out: 

1. Jon Aluminum Boat Floor: 

Best for calm and low water level water bodies, aluminum Jon boats are very popular. In fact, it is the main type of boat that is made with aluminum. It is very simple and small in design and also lightweight for moving easily in shallow water. Also, not much effort is needed to bow this boat. 

The main characteristic of a Jon boat is that its ends are not points. They are flat at the ends and give a rectangular shape to the boat. Also, the bottom of these boats is fairly flat which is why it floats well in shallow water. For fishing and hunting, aluminum Jon boats are the best. Another perk of Jon’s boat is that it is inexpensive. 

However, small aluminum Jon boats can hamper the stability if you stand on them frequently. As the floor is a little curved and seating arrangements are limited, some may feel uncomfortable in it. So it is always the best for small projects with a few people in them. 

2. Aluminum Catamaran Boat Floor: 

Catamarans are special kinds of boats that are very unique in design. They mostly have flat platforms, while some have split flooring or platforms. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs are available in aluminum catamaran boats. 

Aluminum catamarans kind of look like a yacht and are used for sailing and recreational purposes. They either have a flat platform or split design. With its double V-bottom structures, it improves the stability of the boat. Also, it is very speedy, suitable for moving through rivers and even seas when the water is calm. Note that it also features a foil between the gull to enhance its performance. 

Though very simple and flat in design, catamarans are always very smart and useful for recreational purposes. So you can surely check an aluminum catamaran boat. 

3. Cruiser Aluminum Boat Floor: 

A number of designs are available in cruiser aluminum boats. But the basic design is the pointed end and a flat end of the boat. Though small in size, the speed is super due to the lightweight aluminum body. However, the size and shape can vary from model to model. 

Cruiser aluminum boats have a shade just like any cruiser boat would have. Now, this shape and design of the cruiser would vary. In modern times, a lot of stylish aluminum cruiser boats are available and you can select the one you like. As the deck area is quite wide, aluminum flooring looks more beautiful and prominent in this. 

Cruiser aluminum boats are mainly used for sightseeing and on-deck parties. In small coastal works and lakes, you can have a great time on a cruiser aluminum boat. So do check it out!

4. Deep-V Hull Aluminum Boat Floor: 

Deep-V hull aluminum boats are made with a deep V-shaped hull that makes them speedy and suitable to move through deep water. Deep-v hull aluminum boat platforms are angled with the hull giving more stability and balance to the boat. Also, it can move fast by crossing the waves and thus you can use it in deep water bodies. 

Deep-V hull aluminum boats are very stylish and the most stable boat. They usually have flat decks and some may be cut or shaped to make seats embedded in the deck. If you want to move between islands or travel short distances through the sea, a lightweight aluminum deep-v hull boat will be suitable. 

Deep-v hull boats are very useful for long distances as well if the weather is in favor. The most stable and safe boat is considered the deep-v hull aluminum boat. 

5. Multi-Hull Aluminum Boat Floor: 

You have known about dual hull boats which are called catamarans. But the next category is a multi-hull aluminum boat. As the name suggests, this boat has multiple hulls to improve the design as well as the performance of the boat. They are generally wide with large decks. 

Multihull aluminum boats are the best for deep water sailing and long distances. Though you can’t really make it loaded much, a few people can safely sail with it. And with its stability and incredible balance, you can be safe and sound even if the waves are unsteady. In fact, the hulls are placed to handle such situations. 

Multihull aluminum boat is quite a professional boat used for big projects. So if you search for such a boat, you can go for it. 

16ft Aluminum Boat Floor Plan: The Making Process In 7 Steps

Aluminum boats can be of different sizes. But the standard aluminum boat size is 16ft which is suitable for general sailing purposes. It is lightweight but the weight varies on the design and pattern. So in this part, you should know how to plan for making a 16ft aluminum boat and its flooring. 

Here go the processes of making a 16ft aluminum boat floor: 

Step 1: Make The Frame

To make the frame, you have to cut a large wood board or may also join planks to make the frame. The frame is what holds the aluminum boat. I mean the frame is where you would craft the aluminum boat. After the boat is made, you can then remove this wooden frame. 

Step 2: Make The Pointed End

On the wooden frame, place a flat sheet of aluminum. To make the pointed end, split the front end of the aluminum sheet from the middle using a welding machine. After splitting the middle of the aluminum sheet, fold the split ends and attach the cut together by welding. This would create a V-shaped end that is sharp and pointed. When you do this, the whole body will slightly curve inwards. This makes the frame of the boat. 

Step 3: Complete The Frame 

On this basic frame, you have to make sure that the aluminum frame stays in place. Also, to make it sturdy enough to hold the seats, the frame has to be stronger and firm. 

To complete the frame, add aluminum bars to connect the width of the boat. Use several aluminum bars and place them across the width of the boat. Weld them firmly to the ends so that the curve gets fixed with these bars. Now the frame is durable and strong. 

Step 4: Install The Walls

Once the basic frame is made, you can now install the sidewalls. Cut two pieces of aluminum sheets of exact size. On one side, start welding the sheet from the flat end towards the pointed end. Keep curving the sheet to match the shape of the frame and keep welding the sheet to the frame. 

Repeat this to the other side of the boat. Now, these two sheets would meet at the front. Here, attach these ends by welding. Next, take another flat aluminum sheet of the same height and install it at the flat end of the boat; the backside. 

Step 5: Fix The Hull

Now let’s move to the backside of the boat to make the hull. On the other side of the boat, you have to install some bars of aluminum that would make the frame more compact and enhance the shape. It also improves the stability of the boat. 

Step 6: Make The Deck Platform

Now turn over the boat once again. Make the deck platform by installing a flat sheet of aluminum on the bars you have installed previously. Now the deck looks flat and fine. Now on top of that, install very durable aluminum bars to stabilize the boat. 

On top of these bars, install another layer of aluminum sheet. This can be a decorative aluminum sheet as per your wish. On that, you can then place the seats. Usually, the seats are placed across the sidewalls of the boat or at two corners. 

Step 7: Finish The Making

After you have done this, decide the driving area which is usually in the middle of the boat. Install the equipment and machines to make this area. 

Along with that, all the corners and sides of the boat should be welded well so that the shape is compact, long-lasting, and durable. And that is how you can make the 16ft aluminum boat. 

Caution! Don’t forget to wear protective gear like a goggle, face mask, gloves, welding hat, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Aluminum Boats Hold Their Value? 

Yes, aluminum boats hold their value as the material is highly durable and long-lasting. Aluminum boats are also aesthetically pleasing. If made with high-quality aluminum, it won’t corrode and in fact, perform better in the water than wooden boats. They are extremely strong as well as lightweight making them suitable for both shallow and deep water. Thus it spikes up the resale value of an aluminum boat no matter its age. 

How Thick Should Aluminum Boat Floor?

Aluminum is very thin and the sheets of aluminum used need to have a certain thickness. Though thin, the aluminum deck or flooring is still very sturdy and durable. Ideally, 0.125 thickness is the best for aluminum boat flooring. However, most aluminum sheets are of 0.063 only. In that case, you can use two sheets to make the deck thicker and stronger. Ask an expert if you are indecisive about the ideal thickness for your aluminum boat. 

What Kind Of Aluminum Is Used For Boat Flooring? 

For a professionally made aluminum boat that may sail long distances, aluminum alloy 5053 is used. It is one of the strongest aluminum alloys but can be molded and shaped easily. This is highly corrosion and damage-resistant. Also, they adjust very well to changing temperatures. However, for smaller projects, boat flooring can be made with aluminum alloy 5052. 

Are Aluminum Boats Safe? 

Aluminum boats possess high stability not only because it is lightweight but also the way it is made. The bottoms, hulls, flooring, and walls together give an aluminum boat a shape that remains stable. Besides that, aluminum boats don’t damage easily as they are corrosion resistant as well as durable. In fact, they are quite better than simple wooden boats in terms of longevity and safety. 

How Much Does an Aluminum Boat Cost? 

Aluminum boats are quite expensive than the other boats. Depending on the model of the boat, the pricing differs. But generally, the cost of aluminum starts from $850 to $1000. The standard average price range is between $2000 to $3000. But this is just the starting range. A high-quality professional boat can cost more than $25,000. But overall, almost all aluminum boats are costly


To decide on the aluminum boat floor, you need to look into the design of the boat you want. Most boat floorings are flat and simple but the mapping differs. So, decide on the model and then get into the flooring plan. 

With all the information you have got by now, have you estimated your aluminum boat floor? 

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