Bathroom Cleaning Services: 5 Best Service Providers

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Having a clean and tiptop bathroom is a necessity as well as common demand. Clean bathroom floor and walls, neat and clean toilet, a shiny sink, and a clutter-free bathroom look stunning. However, deep cleaning a bathroom can be overwhelming. This is why many people choose to hire bathroom cleaning services. 

As the bathroom is an integral part of a space, there is no way you ignore caring for and cleaning it. But scrubbing each corner and clearing the buildups can be tough often. In that case, you can hire cleaning services that would make your bathroom brand new. 

On that note, I am here to discuss every aspect of hiring a bathroom cleaning professional. Read the article first, know the best services, and then avail of the facility. Don’t miss out on this crucial information!

5 Reasons For Hiring Bathroom Cleaning Services

You have good reasons to hire a bathroom cleaning expert. Bathroom cleaning services cost very minimal depending on the service package you choose. They are viable and affordable, making the bathroom look new and fresh. There are quite a few legitimate reasons you must consider hiring a bathroom washing service. 

1. Save Your Weekend Time

You won’t like to spend your weekend cleaning the bathroom, right? Rather you would prefer to watch a movie with your family or rest at home. It is your day after a long week! You deserve a day full of entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment. Does it make sense to you? If yes, then leave the bathroom cleaning part to a professional. 

You can save an entire day and spend a few bucks on bathroom cleaning. The experts would make the washroom tiptop while you can sit back with your loved ones. Even on weekdays, you can stay busy doing other tasks instead of cleaning the restroom. So save your precious time by hiring a bathroom cleaner. 

2. No More Stress Of Bathroom Cleaning

Have a super busy schedule? Relatable! Nowadays, most people are busy with their job, household chores and multitasking. So it becomes stressful to invest time and energy in bathroom cleaning. Be it any day, bathroom cleaning needs time and physical labor too. Way too overwhelming? That is why bathroom washing facilities are offered. 

You can let the cleaner handle the part of sanitizing and washing the bathroom. The cleaner would professionally and excellently rinse and polish the bathroom. You won’t need to stress about it anymore. You can even let the regular maintenance get done by the cleaner. 

3. Have A Deeply Cleaned Bathroom

Even if you clean, you may not clean the bathroom properly. Scrubbing the tiles and walls, removing soap scum, cleansing the stubborn buildups, and deep cleaning the washroom is an arduous task. You may even need special cleaning agents and machines for deep cleaning. So it is better to let an expert handle it. 

A professional washroom cleaner would wash the bathroom efficiently and neatly. It is also like making the bathroom look new and fresh. After the cleaning, you will find your bathroom perfect, without any spots, layers, odor, or flaws. The cleaner would precisely and deeply rinse the bathroom, ensuring a bathroom that shines. 

4. Get A Hygienic Bathroom

Besides having a stunning bathroom, maintaining hygiene is crucial. Regular cleaning may not kill the germs, mold, and mildew. If maintaining the bathroom’s hygiene is an issue, hiring a cleaner is the solution. They have special cleaners and equipment that effectively sanitize and clean the floor. For instance, they may steam mop to disinfect the floor. 

Hygiene of the bathroom is a serious health concern. Since we don’t always manage to sanitize and disinfect the toilet, it is better to hire a professional. You may also ask for some tips to maintain the regular hygiene of the washroom. 

5. Polish The Bathroom

On special request, the bathroom cleaning companies would polish the bathroom too. If the bathroom seems old and dull, polishing besides cleaning would be an excellent option. But polishing requires time as well as certain tools and solutions. You may not have time or knowledge of what to buy and how to use them for polishing. So you better hand it over to an expert. 

If cleaning the bathroom doesn’t suffice, ask for a polishing service. Polishing whitens the bathroom and grout, clears the stains, and removes the stubborn buildups (scums, rust, etc.). This means you would have a shiny and excellent washroom.

5 Popular Bathroom Cleaning Service Provider Companies: Choose From Any

Are you searching for the best bathroom cleaning facilities in the town? I have got you covered. I would discuss all the one-time bathroom cleaning services VS weekly bathroom cleaning services. These affordable professional bathroom cleaning agencies would give the result you want. 

1. Handy

Handy offers weekly, monthly, as well as biweekly bathroom cleaning facilities. The facilities are flexible in scheduling, rescheduling, and customizing the services. Thus it offers the most convenient bathroom washing service. As Handy sends you the best professional and reliable cleaners, you won’t need to worry about the quality of the service. 

Besides cleaning and polishing, the professionals can solve your bathroom issues. They can unclog the toilet, remove the garbage, and fix faucets and blocked pipes. So you can expect a 360-degree bathroom servicing and cleaning from the experts of Handy. The services include:

  • Disinfecting the entire bathroom
  • Clean glasses, mirrors, doors, and windows
  • Fix blocks and clogs
  • Clean all the bathroom surfaces
  • Remove garbage.

2. Merry Maids

Merry Maids offer bathroom cleaning separately and their house cleaning service. They have over 40 years of experience in cleaning, which makes them one of the best experts available. The professionals clean the bathroom top to bottom, literally. All are covered under their bathroom washing service, from clearing the soot to whitening the floor.

Merry Maids’ bathroom cleaning cost is minimal. You would get 24/7 support from the team. Book a service online at any time, and an expert will reach out. Their services include:

  • Clearing all the buildups
  • Thoroughly scrubbing and washing toilet, sink, and floor
  • Clean faucets and shower
  • Washing and wiping doors, windows, glasses, mirrors
  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Dusting and wiping light and accessories.

3. Molly Maid

The unique point of Molly Maid is that they would re-do their task if you have any complaints within 24 hours. Satisfying the customers is the ultimate goal of this agency. Molly Maid professionally cleans every fixture and thoroughly sanitizes every surface. 

Having experience for 35 years, Molly Maid ensures quality service and customer satisfaction. Molly Maid also helps you maintain your bathroom by offering advice and suggestions. Have a look at their bathroom cleaning facilities:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the bathroom surfaces
  • Sanitizing the surfaces
  • Cleaning the fixtures
  • Removing clutter and clearing the bathroom
  • Restoration of water fixtures.

4. Mastery Cleaning

Mastery Cleaning promises a spotless bathroom after a thorough cleaning by their experts. Even bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned for a year can be washed and cleared by the professionals of Mastery Cleaning. They have been cleaning bathrooms for 7 years and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Besides the cleaning services, they also provide facilities like unclogging the toilet, cleaning the pipes, and disinfecting the bathroom. This means they offer complete bathroom servicing while you can sit back home. The facilities they offer are:

  • Cleaning and whitening the toilet
  • Shining the fixtures and faucets
  • Removing stains and spills
  • Wiping the glasses and mirrors
  • Disinfecting the surfaces.

5. Enviro Master

The best facility by Enviro Master is that it would suggest ways to keep your restroom hygienic. They would reduce the uric level and remove any odor too. This means besides cleaning, Enviro Master would also freshen up the bathroom. This is an excellent facility for both residential and commercial areas. 

The cleaning agents are tested before using in your bathroom. It is to ensure that the germs are killed, and the air quality of the bathroom is kept good. In short, Enviro Master assures an eco-friendly bathroom cleaning facility. Their facilities are: 

  • Cleaning the bathroom surfaces efficiently
  • Removing any odor 
  • Spraying disinfectant that lasts for a week
  • Maintaining the air quality in the bathroom
  • Clear the bathroom.

7 Tips Will Help You To Choose The Best Bathroom Cleaning Services:

How are you going to choose the best bathroom floor cleaning service? You need to set some parameters first. Then judge the companies accordingly and choose the best one. I have a few tips to help you choose one of the best bathroom cleaning services offered.

Tip 1: Experience Matters

Experience talks! Always choose a bathroom washing agency that has experience in several areas. When an experienced agency is in the market for so long, this means the service is reliable and genuine. Years of experience also ensure that the team would work professionally and efficiently. Therefore, consider selecting a service from an experienced professional.

Tip 2: Check Reviews

Reviews by other customers say a lot about the service. First, check the testimonials given on the website. Next, check their social media pages and Google to see what the real customers have to say. If you see that their maximum customers are satisfied, you may like to choose that service. As other clients get positive service, you are likely to get good service too. 

Tip 3: Check Certifications

A professional company would have trained and skilled employees. The employees should be verified by the police and have certifications to prove their expertise. Also, don’t hire a service where the employees are hired on contract. So before you hire a professional, ask for verifications and certifications. Be sure about their skills. 

Tip 4: Customization Facilities

Most companies would offer you to customize the service. For instance, you just want to clean the flooring or the toilet. This would cut off the overall bathroom cleaning service cost and save time too. So ask the company whether they offer customization service or not. If not, switch to another service. 

Tip 5: Customer Support

A professional company would focus on customer satisfaction. So inquire if they offer customer support or not. The company should re-do the task if you are not satisfied. Also, they would assist you in getting the best outcome. Therefore, ask about their customer support policies before finalizing. 

Tip 6: Latest Cleaning Equipment

Nowadays, there is a wide range of expert cleaning solutions and equipment for bathroom cleaning. They are incredibly efficient tools like steam mops and disinfectant sprays. Check the list of tools and cleaners they use. Ensure the experts use the best and latest tools to clean your bathroom. 

Tip 7: Flexible Packages

Sometimes you may need a weekly cleaning service. Sometimes you may like a deep cleaning of the bathroom once a month. And some may prefer having a regular maintenance package. Hence, make sure the service has flexible packages so that you can choose the one you need. 

Related Questions:

What’s Included In A Bathroom Cleaning Service?

The bathroom washing service is vast. This would include a 360-degree service that would clean the bathroom from top to bottom. The first service is to scrub and rinse the flooring and walls. Cleaning the grout and corners come in this too. The service would also include wiping the glasses, door, and mirrors. 

Bathroom washing also includes disinfecting the surfaces. Washing and cleaning the sink, faucets, and shower also come under deep cleaning of the bathroom. If asked, the experts would also unclog pipes and toilets. Thorough cleaning of the toilet, surfaces, cabinets, and bathtubs are included too. All in all, the bathroom would become fresh and clear after the service. 

What Do Professional Cleaners Use To Clean Bathrooms?

Professional cleaners don’t always use ready-made cleaning solutions to clean bathrooms. Oftentimes they use wholly organic and homemade cleaners. The most common and effective cleaner among these recipes is baking soda and vinegar. This combination removes odors and kills germs. 

Another excellent cleaner is borax and baking soda paste. Hydrogen peroxide is another very useful agent for clearing stains and whitening surfaces. To freshen up the bathroom, professionals commonly use essential oils. For mild cleaning, cleaners also use lemon juice. Some cleaners also use special cleaners suitable for the flooring. 

How Do Professionals Clean Bathrooms?

Professionals follow a certain procedure to clean a bathroom. They start by dusting and sweeping the surfaces thoroughly. Then they mop the floor and walls with a suitable cleaner to remove dirt and debris. Next, they apply agents like vinegar and baking soda to clear the buildups and scums. Later, they would scrub the surfaces thoroughly. 

After that, they would deep clean the toilet and shower. This includes scrubbing, rinsing, and wiping them dry. Lastly, they would clean the fixtures and accessories and remove the clutter. They would wipe the surfaces and disinfect them to give a final touch. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bathroom Cleaning Service?

The cost of the bathroom washing service would vary from company to company. Generally, the service cost is calculated by the hours spent by the cleaners to clean the bathroom. Each cleaner would charge between $25- $50 per hour calculation. 

If you demand any extra facility or service, the cost would be more. Customization can also reduce the cost as you may minimize the service facilities. Make sure to check the packages the company offers. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

As bathrooms are used daily, buildups and germs make the bathroom dirty. Soap scums, water stains, and other layers can damage the surfaces and make the bathroom look dull. To avoid this, it is suggested to clean and wash the bathroom at least once a week. However, it is better to wash the bathroom twice a week for maintenance. 

Even if you miss out on cleaning, you should disinfect the bathroom thrice a week. Wipe the glasses to avoid water stains. Use an air-freshening ball or solution to keep the bathroom fresh-smelling. Besides that, you should deep clean the bathroom once a month. Consider hiring a professional for the best result. 

How Many Hours Does It Take To Clean A Bathroom?

Bathroom cleaning doesn’t take too long if the bathroom is not too dirty. Normally, it would take between 30 to 45 minutes to thoroughly wash and rinse a bathroom. If the build-ups are too stubborn, you can expect to wait for at least an hour for the best result. 

Note that this time doesn’t include the time to fix the issues like a clogged commode. If you require any extra servicing of the bathroom, it will take some more time. The payments would vary as per the time too. 

What Are The Most Important Duties When Cleaning A Bathroom?

When cleaning a bathroom, the most important duty is to ensure that the fixtures remain intact. Professionals should not damage any portion of the bathroom. Their next responsibility is to shine and clean the bathroom. The difference has to be visible. The bathroom should look like a new bathroom after cleaning. 

A professional cleaner would remove the scums, stains, and buildups efficiently. The bathroom must look spotless after cleaning. Moreover, disinfecting the bathroom includes the duty of the cleaner. 

Final Words:

Before you hire a bathroom cleaning service, go through the article once more. Note down my tips for hiring a professional. Check the bathroom washing services I have mentioned above. Acknowledge the advantages of using a professional service. As you gain a precise and detailed idea about the service, you can easily decide. 

My suggestion is to avail a professional bathroom washing service at least once a month. This would surely shine and brighten your bathroom. So do consider this option. You would see the difference!

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