Bathroom Floor Molding: Design Your Own Bathroom Interior

Bathroom Floor Molding

Bathroom flooring looks quite mundane without molding across the edges of the flooring. Most luxurious bathrooms and showers have molding not only for decorative purposes. But it also adds value to an interior as well as gives a flawless finish. The unfinished edges look fine with the molding. 

However, due to much confusion, people remain indecisive about installing bathroom molds. Is it needed? Does it look good in the bathroom? What mold material is right for a bathroom? All such queries make it difficult to make a firm choice. 

To clear out your doubts, I am here to discuss various bathroom mold designs, the installation process, and its advantages. Read it all before you finalize. I bet you would make the best decision after reading this. 

10 Attractive Bathroom Floor Mold Ideas You Should Focus On

The bathroom floor can have attractive embellishment in the form of molding. This architectural feature may seem like a simple addition to the interior. But it has several benefits to offer. So first, let’s have a look at the versatile mold ideas that you may search for. 

1. Square Molding

The basic and common design is square molding. The height of the molding is the same as its width of it. Just the molding extends across the walls to reach one end to the other. It has a formal and solid look that would suit any small and spacious restroom. A very standard and compact molding idea for the space. 

2. Rectangular Molding

Doesn’t want something flat? Want a spark in molding but willing to maintain simplicity too? Then a rectangular molding is perfect for your bathroom. For a small bathroom, the rectangular borders are suitable as they make it look larger and well-groomed. If square molding is not your option, this one is definitely for you. 

3. Rounded Molding

For spacious and luxurious bathrooms, rounded molding is extremely fashionable. It adds a character and distinctive feature to a bathroom. The convexed shape may look a bit extra in simple bathrooms. But restrooms with stone flooring and posh fixtures would look extravagant with this design. 

4. Colonial Design

The colonial design extends a bit higher toward the roof giving an illusion of huge head space. It has a square section and then there is a concaved rectangular section just above it. This model undoubtedly makes the bathroom floor noticeable and impressive. 

5. Bordered Square Mold

What about adding character to a simple square baseboard? This would keep it decent and unornamented with a touch of the border. On the upper and lower rims of the square mold, a less deep border is added. This makes it look rectangular; a contemporary and elegant design. 

6. Two-piece Design

In this design, the upper end slides a bit to meet a square or rectangular mold. The base remains basic. But a sloppy upper section elongates from the wall and joins the base. A design that adds dimension to the floor as well as occupies quite a lot of wall space. It is a classic idea for vintage bathrooms. 

7. Cove Model

This design is just the opposite of the two-piece design mold. Unlike the previous one, the extension is placed beneath the base. The extension meets the floor and gives a beautiful and exceptional look. Suitable for both modern and vintage bathrooms, it has a sharp and formal appearance. 

8. Half-triangle Mold

Eliminate all the square and rectangular shapes. Just keep the sliding extension to make the mold which look like a split triangle. The mold has a sloppy structure that extends from the wall directly to the floor. A very classy and contemporary design, this design is the best for posh and spacious washrooms. 

9. Wavy Pattern

The wavy pattern is an interesting and rare mold. Suitable for bright and quirky interiors, this looks like a perpetual wave moving across the edge. The design basically is a mixture of concaves and convexes. This structure creates an illusion of waves. For a really striking bathroom, you can choose this design. 

10 .Decorative Mold

A lot of variation comes under a decorative mold. For a royal and classic look, you may like a decorative pattern. These designs consist of fine details and carvings that make the bathroom elegant and attractive. You may ask a seller and go through some of these and select one. 

Installation Process For Bathroom Floor Molding: Step-By-Step Guide

Installing bathroom floor molding is straightforward if you know the exact method. If you want to eliminate hassle during mmolding you floor, this step-by-step is for you. Here I eleboprate all the idea and iinstalltion process for your ease.

Step 1: Purchase Suitable Materials Of Baseboard For Installation

First, go to any local shop and ask them to provide you with a vinyl or plastic baseboard as they last long in water or bathroom. Also, do not forget to purchase nails and hammers. If you do not have Miter Saw, you should buy one of them or borrow it from any workshop.

Step 2: Measuring Your Bathroom

After buying the raw materials for the installation, you need to measure the bathroom wall. Therefore, you might need a scale or meter gauge. 

Then measure every corner and edge of the bathroom walls. Note them down on a page. You will need to cut them at 45 degrees in each corner of the board. 

After that, make marking on the wall to help you find out the best and most exact measurement. 

Step 3: Cutting The Baseboard And Taking Preparation For The Installation

After measuring everything carefully, you may consider cutting baseboard as the measurement. Use the miter saw for cutting the baseboard. In addition, for merging baseboards, use adhesive and let them some minutes to join. 

Some of the vinyl or plastic baseboards have nails inside the baseboard. Try to make use of the pin instead of adhesive. 

Step 4: Clean The Wall

You have to clean the wall before attaching them to the wall. Therefore, clean the wall for at least two days before installing the baseboard.

It would help if you waited to let the wall dry because you cannot add baseboard to a wet wall. If you do, then the adhesive may not be adjusted with the wall properly. 

Step 5: Attached Is The Baseboard To Wall

After cutting the baseboard properly, follow the marks and attach them. It would help if you used the hammer and nails to connect them. If you don’t want to create a hole on your wall, use adhesive. It would help if you sued wall-based adhesive for that. 

This step will complete your installation process of the baseboard. And you can do it by yourself. You are requested to follow the methods. 

5 Tips To Install And Make Your Bathroom Molding Look Dashing

Want a bathroom molding that looks dashing and ravishing? You can achieve that if you know how to choose the right design and install it properly. Therefore, I have some tips for you to rock the bathroom embellishment. 

Tip 1: Install On A Clean Wall

Never install the molding on a dirty wall. It is because a brand new molding on a yellowish or dirty wall looks unmatched and odd. Besides, it is necessary to disinfect the edges and walls before installing.

Otherwise, the germs would stay and slowly damage the molding. So thoroughly clean, wash, and dry the wall as well as the floor before installing the molding. 

Tip 2: Use Adhesive Instead Of Nailing

Using adhesive to attach the baseboards is a better idea than nailing them. The reason is an adhesive fills up all the gaps. Behind and beneath the baseboards, there remains no gap when you install with adhesive. But nailing does keep some gaps. This allows water, moisture, and germs to affect the mold whereas a waterproof adhesive and stronger and safer. Also, since no nails sticking out, it looks better. 

Tip 3: Use Vinyl Baseboards

You may use plastic or wooden baseboards in your bathroom. But my premium choice is a vinyl baseboard. Vinyl moldings are versatile and varied. They have a glossy and tiptop look that attracts. Vinyl is also highly durable, impact-resistant, and waterproof than any other molding material. So for the most stylish and durable molding, choose vinyl. 

Tip 4: Paint The Baseboard

In case you want a design that stands out, painting the baseboard can be a nice choice. Many people make it colorful while some would paint it white. You can even make art on the baseboard drawing patterns on it. Use a semi-gloss stain to leave a shine on it. This would give an extraordinary beauty to a simple baseboard. Indeed an excellent way to make the baseboard dashing. 

Tip 5: Choose A Suitable Style

The styling of the baseboard is a crucial factor to make it appear beautiful. For instance, colonial molding suits a luxurious and premium bathroom. On the other hand, a simple rectangular or half-triangle design would make a small bathroom look special. This way, try to choose a mold that suits the style of the bathroom. Only then it would look marvelous.

5 Benefits Of Bathroom Floor Baseboards: Know Why To Use

Wondering why to use a bathroom baseboard? I get your question. But remember that there are quite a few benefits for which people prefer installing molding in their bathrooms. 

1. Hides Imperfections

Is the joint of the wall and floor irregular or cracked? In that case, this imperfection needs to be hidden. Otherwise, the look would remain incomplete. Be it an uneven finish or a broken part, a baseboard can solve the issue. All the flaws and damage can go behind a beautiful and impressive molding. 

2. Offers Protection

Molding not only hides the damages but also protects them. To stop the damage from increasing and deteriorating the condition of the bathroom floor and wall, molding can help. By hiding the damages, it prevents it to make a bigger issue. In other words, you basically fix or repair the error with the baseboard. 

3. Enhances Aesthetics

Does your bathroom appear too plain and mundane? Then adding molding to the floor is the easiest and best way out. It acts as a decorative feature in the bathroom that makes it remarkable. The finishing of the wall and floor looks more sophisticated and well-arranged with the molding. This enhances the aesthetics. 

4. Versatile

Baseboard options are varied. You won’t have to limit your choice. No matter how your bathroom looks, you would always get a suitable baseboard style and design that matches the interior. The versatility and stylish options make it easier to decorate your bathroom. 

5. Adds Value

Want to add value to your restroom space and the house? Then adding a baseboard can be a logical investment. Vinyl or plastic moldings are affordable but they do look outstanding. This means the investment is minimal but the value is more. Therefore, it is worth installing molding to add value to the space. 

Related Questions:

Are There Waterproof Molding?

Polyurethane is one hundred percent waterproof as well as durable. Also, rubber-type molding is waterproof. In addition, PVC could be a great choice for the bathroom as it is hard water-resistant, and requires no sealant. 

If you choose wood such as Pinewood, Oakwood, you do not need to worry about Oakwood baseboard as it is a good option among other materials. But using it with precautions is required. 

If you are interested in using the MDF baseboard, it needs to be sealant before installation. In sum, polyurethane or PVC will be a great option in terms of waterproofing.

How Do You Protect Bathroom Molding From Water?

If you are concerned about your bathroom molding then you should keep some habits and precautions. Using a fan in the bathroom could be the best step for prevent water. 

Don’t put the loofah or sponge on the wall. You can hang them on metal or above the shower. Find out the leaking and fixed them. Moreover, if you see any water on the floor or wall, just wipe up the water.

What Is Urethane Baseboard Molding?

Urethane will never crack or break, it came directly from the factories. It almost feels like wood, but in terms of durability, it has the potential to absorb Force and scratch.

Urethane baseboards are now used globally and professional designers also refer to them.

Is Polyurethane Baseboard Molding Good?

In comparison to wood, the polyurethane baseboard is absolutely waterproof and flexible. If you are living in a place that has high humidity then you might be able to consider polyurethane baseboard for molding.

As they are totally waterproof, you do not need to worry about leaking or getting wet on the wall. In addition, polyurethane baseboards can be found anywhere in your country. 

How Do You Attach Polyurethane Molding?

Polyurethane moldings can be installed in the same way as attaching the wood. Polyglue can be used in polyurethane molding. However, you should consider premium polyurethane adhesive or glue while adjoining the baseboard to the wall. 

One thing you should know is that after installing or completing molding, look everywhere in the bathroom if there is any leak(s) or not. If you see any corners, just put some cover on them for long-lasting.

Final Verdict

Starting from the design to the expert tips and benefits, all have been thoroughly discussed about bathroom molding ideas. A wise investment, the molding is truly a feature that any homeowner would love to have in their bathrooms. Go through the benefits once to understand the value of it. Also, follow the steps if you are looking forward to making one by yourself. 

Now, what is your decision? Would you like molding on your bathroom floor or not?

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