Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpet: A Head To Head Comparison

Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpet

Choosing a carpet color for your home or office can be a challenging task. Be it a commercial area or residential space, the color of the carpet matters a lot. Maybe this is the reason why both blue and red carpets are popularly bought by people. Both are vivid shades, extremely eye-catchy, as well as royal. Both blue and red carpets are charming and beautiful. 

Now how would you choose one out of blue carpet vs red carpet? This is when you need to check various shades of blue and red as well as examine the carpet textures. Not all colors will suit your room and decor. When you test them, you may either like red or admire blue carpet. Only then you can understand their suitability. 

On that note, I am here with this article to talk about blue and red carpets. I will try to give you an overview of both options so that you understand which one is the best for you. Keep on reading then!

Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpet: The Basic Differences

Before we explore the colors and shades of red and blue carpets, let’s first know the basic differences between these two types of carpets. Here is a comparison chart mentioning the basic differences between the blue carpet and red carpet:

Difference ParametersBlue CarpetRed Carpet
VariationMore varietiesFewer varieties
Suitable forResidential areasCommercial areas
PriceLow to moderateModerate to high

These are the very basic differences between red and blue carpets. However, the other details are mentioned below in this article. Keep reading and know more about how red carpets are different from blue carpets. 

Shades Of Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpet: The Color Varieties

While talking about the blue and red carpet, we can’t imagine one shade. There are different shades of blue and red carpets. As you explore the shades or tones, you will eventually like one or choose one that suits your decor. This is why I am mentioning the shades of the blue and red carpet. 

Let’s start with some common shades of blue carpets:

  • Navy Blue:

Navy blue carpet is a standard carpet color that can go with almost any type of decor. It is the darkest shade of blue which is very close to black. Very bright and catchy, you can either get a plain navy blue carpet or choose a navy blue carpet with other combinations. Cream, white, or beige colors can be some common combinations with navy blue carpets. 

  • Midnight Blue:

 Midnight blue is one of my favorite shades. Just mix a hint of silver to the navy blue tone and this would be your midnight blue carpet. The is a sparkling carpet shade suitable for luxurious homes.

With the perfect white lighting in the room, the midnight blue carpet will give a party vibe. Honestly speaking, this is a dreamy shade of carpet!

  • Royal Blue:

Royal blue is a medium shade that comes between dark and light blue. This has a creamy texture, almost like the monsoon sky. The shade is soothing but also dull without proper lighting.

If there is enough sunlight in the room, only then you can see the beauty of royal blue. I will suggest having a royal blue carpet in a spacious and airy space. 

  • Turquoise Blue:

Another alluring shade is turquoise blue. It has a touch of green in it with a soft blue hint. This blue is very rare and only looks good in royal and exclusive decorations.

Keep the decor minimal but classy to receive all the concentration of the carpet. The mixture of blue and green gives a glossy and dazzling look which is just what you need for glamorous flooring.

  • Light Blue:

There can be a differentiation between light blue shades. By light blue carpet, I mean the light colors. This can be baby blue, light blue, or sky blue. These are similar shades with a little variation.

All of these are very soothing and can match very well with vivid decorations. The carpet remains very subtle and soft while the other decors get highlighted. So light blue is always the safest option to go for. 

Now comes the shades of the red carpet:

  • Wine Red:

One of the darkest shades of red is wine red. It resembles the color of blood and wine. Extremely exotic and intense, a wine-red carpet is going to brighten your home like anything. The shade is very classy and royal and suits the best with wooden decoration. Honestly, this is one of the best royal and vivid carpet colors I have ever seen!

  • Ruby Red:

This is a slightly dull shade than wine red. It has a hint of brown and maroon. The combination of these shades makes the red a bit rusty. In fact, it is quite different from the pure red shade. This shade is suitable if you want a brownish-red carpet.

It is more or less compatible with any spaces as the shade is pretty basic. However, don’t ignore its earthy beauty just because it is simple. 

  • Scarlet Red:

Have you seen the red carpet of grand events? That is the scarlet red shade! So do I need to mention that scarlet red is the ultimate dreamy and royal carpet color ever? Yes, the scarlet red carpet is just what you need for a grand and exclusive vibe in your room.

Lay it on the corridor or entrance for the royal entry of your guests and yourself! You can’t just take your eyes from this carpet. However, the entire decor has to be exclusive!

  • Burgundy Red:

Burgundy red has a hint of purple in it. It is truly an exceptional tone that is not commonly found. The illusion of purple, pink, and red in a burgundy shade looks exclusively beautiful under night lights.

It just livens up the area and turns on the party mood. It is all about a festive vibe every time you step on a burgundy carpet!

  • Crimson Red:

The last shade I am suggesting is a mysterious combination of yellow, orange, and scarlet red. This is the color you can see during sunset. The hint of yellow, orange, and red up in the sky creates a creamy crimson shade.

And this is the exact color that you can get on your carpet. A crimson red carpet goes with a simple and elegant decoration. These were the common shades of blue and red that you can use on carpets.

Combinations Of Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpets: Some Design Ideas

You don’t need to install a plain shade of blue or red. You can also use combinations to make the carpet even more beautiful. But how would you know which color combinations will look the best?

For that, I am here. I will just name the color combinations that I have seen and liked the most. The latter part is to check out the carpets of such combinations. 

Here are some combinations of blue:

  • Cream and navy blue,
  • Royal blue with white,
  • Midnight blue with silver or off-white,
  • Navy blue with beige,
  • Light blue embroidered or patterned with white,
  • Light blue with baby pink,
  • Turquoise blue with light green motifs,
  • Any dark blue shade with gray.

Here are some combinations of red:

  • Wine red with off-white or cream,
  • Burgundy red with purple motifs,
  • Burgundy red with pink,
  • Crimson red with orange and yellow,
  • Scarlet red and gray motifs,
  • Red with turquoise designs and patterns on it, 
  • Gray with dark red.

Yes, that is it!

Blue Carpet Vs Red Carpet: Which One To Choose?

The choice has to be yours only. I can only tell which color symbolizes what and how you can use these colors in your room. 

Blue is a color from nature and gives a calming vibe. Be it navy blue or light blue, all shades of blue are very cool and soothing. They are not too bright to the eyes. Yes, you can change the vibe with the lighting. But the solid color of any blue shade is always soft and soothes your eyes. Therefore, if you want a very gentle and homely vibe, blue should be your choice.

In fact, I think blue is the shade for residential spaces. It symbolizes calmness and peace. I mean not everyone would want a carpet that is too bright and vivid in their homes. Most people want a carpet that is soft to the eyes and expresses comfort. And in that case, blue is a top choice. 

But in commercial spaces and hotels, you would like a red carpet better than a blue carpet. Also, if you add motifs and color combinations of red, you can install red carpets in your home. But no matter which way you install the red carpet, the vibe will be extremely warm and welcoming. Red carpets have to be eye-catchy and vivid!

I believe plain red carpets look the best in hallways, corridors, and large commercial spaces. It accentuates the area and gives a festive mood. In case you want a red carpet at home, I suggest you choose combinations. There are beautiful color combinations and motifs of red carpets that can highlight your living space. Embroidery, prints, patterns, and other motifs can make a red carpet suitable for residential areas. 

Now select which vibe you love and choose the color accordingly. 

Related Questions:

What Textures Of Blue And Red Carpet Can You Choose?

The texture of a carpet can change the look of the carpet. So besides knowing the color shades and combinations, you should be aware of the textures too. Here are the common carpet textures of the blue and red carpet:

  • Shag carpets have long fibers and are very soft,
  • Frieze carpets have medium length fibers making them moderately soft,
  • Saxony carpets don’t have long fibers and are pretty plain,
  • Plush pile carpets don’t have any visible fibers and are flat.

Saxony and frieze carpets are the best for residential areas. For large commercial spaces, install plush piles or Saxony carpets. If you want an extra fluffy touch, you may go for the shag carpets. 

What Is The Meaning Of A Blue Carpet?

A blue carpet symbolizes peace and serenity. The shades of blue are very cool and calming, installing a homely vibe. It adds a relaxing and soothing environment in the room making everyone in the space comfortable and cozy.

Thus, if you want a cozy atmosphere, you should choose a blue carpet. This is why blue carpets are preferred at home. 

What Is The Point Of A Red Carpet?

Red carpets generally are laid in events and programs for a royal and classy entry. As you can see in award shows and political events, red carpets are laid to show respect to the guests and give them a warm welcome.

So, it is quite a formal as well as welcoming shade of carpet usually used for grand events. However, you can use it in other places too. 


By now, you have got a clear idea about blue carpet vs red carpet. As the last decision should be yours, I am not giving any verdict on this. I have explained the matter in detail so that you don’t stay in any dilemma. 

Now tell me, which color carpet do you like to buy? Which one suits the vibe of your space- blue or red?

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