Blue Linoleum Floor: [A Symbol Of Elegance]

Blue Linoleum Floor

Blue is the symbol of royalty and elegance. Nowadays, a blue linoleum floor has become common in almost every house. Decorate the floor with a blue or indigo linoleum sheet, and the influence of the color will change the entire environment of your house. 

The most beautiful feature of a blue-colored linoleum sheet is its elegant look. The mesmerizing combination of the colorful ingredients makes this type of flooring material an exceptional experience for everyone. All you need is to choose the perfect one for the ground of your room.

However, A blueish linoleum is also covering the ground of my bedroom for a long time. I have shared all my experiences regarding this grounding material in this article. Hopefully, this article will help you by answering all your questions.

10 Reasons To Choose A Blue Linoleum Flooring

If you are confused about choosing the perfect grounding sheet for the floor of your room, I can assure you that a blue linoleum sheet will be the best option for you to cover the basement. Here I am, discussing why you should use this type of flooring material

1. Extraordinary Design:

Blue is an exceptional color that can match almost everything everywhere. Linoleum sheets manufacturers have manufactured blue linoleum flooring sheets by sketching a lot of blueish colors on them. One thing that differentiates this type of coverlet from others is the variation between blue, white, gray, and black colors. Sometimes you will find purple coverlets with blue shades also.

2. Cost-effective:

Blue linoleum sheets are very affordable to cover your room’s basement. It may cost you almost $4 to $5 per square foot. The installation process of this type of flooring is also straightforward. You can hire a professional who will charge you $8 to $10 per square foot to install the linoleum in your basement. But if you can install it on your own, that will be better and save your money.

3. Long-lasting In Nature:

Generally, every linoleum sheet is protective of its building materials. The elasticity and flexibility of the linoleum sheets make them last up to 30 years. If you maintain and take proper care of the basement, the longevity will automatically increase and last up to 40 years. Don’t harm the sheet; it will last more than the expiry tenure. 

4. Easily Maintainable:

Blue linoleum basements are effortless to maintain. They have an inbuilt function of preventing bacteria and germs from causing external damage. That is why you don’t need to clean it daily. The thickness of the outer part of the sheet also keeps the durability standard enough. The basement’s smooth surface also lets you maintain it effortlessly and quickly.

5. Invisible Scratches:

Blue is a darkly shaded color. If you accidentally scratch the outer surface of a blue-colored linoleum sheet, the darkness in the combination will not let it be easily visible. The invisibility of the scratches will safeguard the basement from your guests from seeing that and judging it negatively. This feature also provides you with gathering less dust on the room’s surface.

6. Comfortable To Walk On:

Blue linoleum sheets work as a cushion on your floor. Generally, the wood powder and thin layer of cotton make the outer surface of the flooring material more than soft and smooth. This cotton layer creates a bouncy situation on the ground. So when you walk on it, you feel more comfortable than walking on other surfaces. 

7. Reduces Noise And Injuries:

The cushioning function of a blue linoleum sheet works as a noise reducer. When something falls on the sheet, the noise is reduced because of the bounciness of the linoleum. Not only does it reduce the noise, but also gives extra protection to the vulnerable products. In addition, the elderly persons and children of your house will never get injured by falling on the carpet because of its cushion facility.

8. Easy To Repair:

A blue linoleum ground is always repairable, and you will be able to repair it without the help of any professional. You just need to replace the damaged part of the floor with a newer patch of the same design and pattern. Attach them with a strong adhesive and seal the joint. Simply you have repaired the ground.

9. Antibacterial And Waterproof:

There is a thin layer of micron mineral molecules on the outer part of a blue linoleum grounding material. That enhances the antibacterial function of the sheet. These mineral molecules also ensure the natural protection and germ-free environment of the floor of your house. In addition, they provide a waterproof feature for the linoleum on the ground and keep the sheet safe from getting rotten.

10. Better For Ecosystem:

A blue linoleum sheet consists of cork powder, wood flour, and linseed oil. All of the constructing elements are disposable to the earth. If the flooring sheet is rotten somehow, this will never harm the environment. 

The septic limestone dust helps break down the elements and mix them easily into the soil. Even burning the linoleum does not produce any harmful gasses. So, if you are conscious of the ecosystem, this type of grounding sheet should be your first choice.

Top 5 Best Blue Linoleum Flooring Ideas: You need to know

Blue linoleum flooring sheets have a massive diversity in shades, designs, and patterns. Each cover will catch your attention, and you will be confused about selecting one for your basement. So, the following ideas will help you choose the best linoleum with blueish shades. 

1. Aqua Blue Mosaic:

Aqua blue mosaic linoleum is one of the most popular and commonly used blue-colored flooring materials. The beautiful combination of blue and white gives an exceptional sight in the basement of your room. Tiny white motifs on the blue background create a unique pattern in your basement. If you are a fan of the ocean, it could be your first choice. 

2. Sarlon Blue Linoleum:

These classic linoleum sheets are getting more popular day by day. Sarlon blue linoleum is a combination of dark blue and some delicate patterns of white-colored shades. The classy look this type of sheet provides will change the whole attire of your basement. It will beautify the corners of your room by adding an extra shade of blue to them. 

3. Tarkett Navy Pattern:

If you want to give your basement an extraordinarily soft and smoothly eye-soothing look, Tarkett navy pattern blue linoleum is the best option. The sky blue color of this sheet will turn the ground into a picture of ocean and sky. Moreover, these sheets are easy to afford and available in almost every shop. 

4. Indigo Delight :

Indigo delight blue linoleum is an excellent and exquisite grounding material. This beautifully designed luxurious coverlet will amaze you with the outlook of your house. The white-colored pattern on this sheet also reflects the sunlight and brightens the room. Although the price of this coverlet is a little high, the quality of the product is worth it.

5. Artesia Blue Linoleum:

Artesia blue linoleum sheets are best for giving the ground a luxurious and aesthetic look. The blueish patterns on the sky-blue background give an ultimate fresh look to the ground. This extremely beautiful blue linoleum is traditionally used in almost every city. People have been using these sheets from the early 80s till now. And the popularity of these sheets has never decreased. 

5 Tips To Maintain And Take Care Of A Blue Linoleum Floor

Blue linoleum floors are naturally long-lasting. They are straightforward to maintain and do not get dirty. Proper care will increase the durability and strength of the ground and protect it from external damage. I have shared my own experience on how I take care of my floor. Let’s have a look.

Tip 1: Use Soft Cleaner

Blue linoleum sheets have a natural preventive function of withstanding mild external damage. But using an extra acidic or alkyl chemical product on the floor to clean it can cause severe damage. The damaging feature of the cleaners will decrease the density of the linoleum sheet by causing erosion to it.

Harsh chemicals may change the outlook of the carpet and sometimes tear it apart. It will also destroy the durability and flexibility of your blue linoleum floor. There is a huge possibility of discoloring the entire coverlet by using an extra amount of harsh chemicals. So always try to use soft cleaners on it.

Tip 2: Avoid Sharp Tools

You should remember to avoid using sharp tools on the blue linoleum cover of your stage. You may need to work with sharp instruments such as a knife, blade, or fork in your house. In this process, you may accidentally cause any kind of damage to the floor.

To avoid this kind of accident, try laying a thickly layered hardboard down and then working with sharp tools on it. This hardboard will protect your stage from getting cuts and scratches. Control the kids from damaging the floor by stabbing it.

Tip 3: Repair Scratches Instantly

The outer surface of the blue linoleum floor is sensitive to sharp tools. You may accidentally scratch or cut it. If you ever notice anything like this, try to repair the stage immediately. An instant action will protect the floor from getting torn apart. 

Repairing the linoleum ground cover is not a hard nut to crack. You can do it on your own very easily with a linoleum adhesive and seam sealer. You don’t even need to replace the whole linoleum sheet to repair it. You just have to measure the part and improve it.

Tip 4: Seal And Polish

Usually, I take care of my blue linoleum sheet by sealing and polishing it every time I clean it or repair it. Filling the floor increases the durability and strength of the constructing materials of the linoleum. Always use a liquid seam sealer to do this. This seam sealer will help the coverlet set very easily.

It also increases the water resistance and the shining of the sheet on the ground. Try to apply the adequate seam sealer with a gentle touch of a paintbrush. The glossy look will automatically increase.

Tip 5: Disinfect Regularly

After cleaning the floor, you will have to spray a perfect disinfectant on your blue linoleum. Disinfecting the floor will protect it from the attack of bacteria and germs. Try to mix a measured amount of disinfecting solution with water and fill it in a spray bottle. 

Then spray it regularly on the surface of your linoleum floor. It will also increase the smoothness of the ground and make it safer for your children. Disinfecting the ground will increase the healthy and hygienic environment of your house.

Related Questions:

What Are Some Popular Features Of A Blue Linoleum Floor?

One of the most popular features of a blue linoleum sheet is that it creates an elegant blueish picture of your floor and keeps it simple. The gorgeous combination of blue, sky blue, navy blue, dark blue, and white color make the entire grounding material so fantastic that everyone loves it.

There are many other reasons behind blue-colored linoleums becoming a popular choice. This sheet is affordable and cost-effective according to its durability. The antibacterial function and waterproof feature will amaze you.

Moreover, you will find a variety of designs, shades, and combinations of various blueish colors and patterns in a blue linoleum flooring sheet.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Blue Linoleum Floor?

A blue linoleum flooring sheet is a cost-effective and affordable material to cover the ground. It takes almost $3 to $4 per square foot of blue linoleum to cover your basement. Although the price depends on the designs, shapes, and constructing elements of the sheet, it will never cost you more than $5. 

If you can install linoleum in the basement of your room, you don’t have to spend money on a professional. You will have to buy some installing tools and linoleum adhesive. But if you cannot do that, you may have to hire someone who may cost you not more than $10 to $12. This cost-friendly nature of linoleum has made it much more popular nowadays.

How Long Does A Blue Linoleum Floor Last?

Linoleum flooring sheet is a very long-lasting flooring material. Generally, a linoleum coverlet lasts up to 30 years. This type of sheet consists of cork powder that is extremely resistant to natural rotting. Construction molecules of the vinyl cover get extreme bonding because of the wood flour in the product.

If you take care of your linoleum regularly and maintain the staging according to the rules, the tenure of your linoleum may increase up to 40 years. Blue linoleums are also more potent because of the micromineral limestone dust. This element increases the antibacterial function of your stage and protects it from external damage. 

How Can You Repair A Blue Linoleum Floor?

You can easily repair a blue linoleum floor with your household accessories. First of all, you just need to measure the damaged part of the stage and cut it out. Then clean the cut-out surface and let it dry. Buy a newer patch with the same color, design, and pattern with the same quality. 

After that, cut the newer patch according to the measurement you took from the damaged part. Then apply a strong linoleum adhesive or sticky glue to the cut-out surface. Let it be a little brown, and then place the newer patch on it. Press it with a flat and heavy material to help the glue set. Finally, seal and polish the joint with adequate seam sealer.

Is It Hard To Install A Blue Linoleum Yourself?

Installing a blue linoleum sheet on your floor is not a hard task to execute. You can do it on your own with the help of some necessary tools that you will find in your house. Firstly, you need to remove all the furniture from the surface of your room. Then apply a thin layer of adhesive or glue to it.

When the glue is almost set, place the blue linoleum on it. You must make sure that the linoleum is equally placed and pressed altogether. Reach every corner of your stage and press the corners of the sheet. Then seal the corners of the linoleum with a liquid seam sealer. Try to polish it with an electric polisher. Your installation is done!

What Do You Put Under The Blue Linoleum Flooring?

You can put an underlay made of plywood under the blue linoleum flooring. A perfect resized underlay is a great protector for your linoleum. If you support the linoleum with an underlay, the durability of the linoleum will automatically increase. It will also make the flooring more comfortable under your foot.

Another thing you can put under your linoleum staging sheet is a backer board. This board will raise the level of your staging material from the ground. In this way, your linoleum sheet will be safer than other underlays. Although it is not mandatory to place an underlay under the blue linoleum sheet, you can protect the sheet by installing these underlays.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Blue Linoleum Floor?

You need to spend at least 3 to 4 hours installing a blue linoleum stage. Measuring the basement will cost you about 10 minutes. You will be able to apply the adhesive to the basement within the next 30 minutes. After that, it may take up to 30 minutes to place the linoleum flooring sheet.

Then you need to let it dry for almost an hour. After that, you have to seal and polish the floor. Sealing and polishing all the corners of the basement will take up to 30 to 45 minutes. You have already installed the linoleum on the ground. But you have to leave the basement for at least 12 hours to set the sheet on the ground. 

Final Thought:

The blue linoleum floor is a signature of your appetite. The elegant look of your basement will mesmerize everyone if you cover the ground with a blue linoleum sheet. You will feel the benefits of using this flooring material from the beginning of installing it. The blueish basement will create a breathtaking scenario in your room.

However, keep taking care of your floor according to the rules and regularly maintain it. Hopefully, the blue linoleum will protect your basement from all the external damage and beautify your room. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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