Boat Floor Template: All You Should Know

Boat Floor Template

Making a boat floor template seems quite a difficult task. Having a carbon copy of the boat flooring is actually challenging as it is not a flat surface, unlike house floors. You need to make several marks and cut areas to get the actual template of the boat floor. And without experience and expertise, it is truly a difficult task to crack. 

A boat floor template is helpful for choosing the perfect flooring for the deck. When worked according to the template, mapping and measuring the flooring material becomes easier. This means the template is essential to have flawless flooring. So, you get to learn to make a boat floor template. This is why you are in this article and I am here to help you out. 

From my experience of making a boat floor template, I have learned a few tactics. In this article, I will help you out with the making of boat templates and reveal the tactics too. Hence,  those who are struggling with making a boat floor template, stay with me!

7 Steps To Template A Boat Floor: Easy Step-by-step Guide

Making a boat floor template is not that difficult if you have a basic idea to measure flooring. The only obstacle is to map across the corners, holes, and other elements that are disrupting the smooth mapping. But don’t worry as I will guide you through this. 

My suggestion is to try making the template as accurately as possible. But if you fail to do so and are not that confident, make a very rough measurement and then trim it off. Depending on your expertise level, you should execute this project. Be very cautious as otherwise, you may get the wrong flooring for the boat deck.

To make the entire process easier for you, I have come up with a step-by-step guide on how to make a boat floor template. Keep following!

Step 1: Arrange The Materials

The first step is to arrange the materials needed to make the boat floor template. Below is a list of materials that you would need for this project: 

  • Transparent plastic sheet or roll;
  • Masking tape;
  • Marker pen;
  • Scissor;

After you arrange the materials, make sure to clean the deck before starting the project. 

Step 2: Lay The Plastic Sheet

It is not as simple as it sounds. You can surely lay the plastic sheet on the deck, but it won’t be easy. The seats, consoles, etc. that stick out of the flooring are the areas where you need to work carefully. For that, you can cut a large plastic sheet into several pieces and then lay them side by side on the boat deck. Once they are placed on the deck, you can tape them together. 

You can check it out by laying an entire plastic sheet. Then look into the places where you are facing issues. Use the scissor to trim these areas so that the sheet sits flat on the deck. But before you cut, use a measuring tape to make sure that the cuts are at the right part. 

I would suggest keeping an extra portion of plastic across the starboard and port for safety. Now that the plastic sheet has been laid, tape the sheet carefully to the deck. Across the starboard and port, make small cuts on the plastic throughout the edge and paste them to the walls. As the plastic sheet is settled on the deck, you can now mark the areas and make the template. 

Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the plastic sheet. 

Step 3: Start Marking The Outline

Now that you have pasted the plastic sheet on the boat deck, start marking the outline with a marker. First, draw the outline of the deck; starting from the stern across the starboard to the bow and back to the stern across the port. This is the basic outline of the deck. 

After marking the basic outline, work on the areas where you have been struggling to lay the sheet. Areas like the console, hinges, screws, holes, ladders, etc. are the places where you need to mark deeply. Be very careful while marking these areas. Take time for this. Erase and correct the areas to make the outline as accurate as possible. 

Step 4: Make Notes

After you mark the initial outline, make special notes to clarify the outline. For instance, put on ‘X’ marks on the areas where the sheets are overlapping. To help you remember, mark the front and back end of the boat on the plastic sheet. The point of doing this is to erase all the confusion while using the template on making the actual flooring. 

Do make as many notes as you can so that the confusion is cleared out on the template. Put marks on the holes and other portions that need special attention. You can even write some information about the template on any corner of the sheet. 

Step 5: Mark Down The Structure 

After you make the special notes, the next task is to label each part of the boat on the template. Starting from the bow to the stern, mark the areas of the boat. For instance, mark the direction of the starboard and port, console and cleat, bow and stern, etc. Create a written map of the boat deck on the plastic sheet without drawing.

This makes the mapping very clear and simple to the person who is going to use it. 

Step 6: Click Photos

Just to be on the safe side, you should click photos of the template on the boat deck from different angles. If you are not experienced in this task, you should click photos from different dimensions. The craftsmen can have a close look at the actual template and the photos to understand the mapping better. They can even ask you to clear out any questions or confusion regarding the template. 

Step 7: Take Off The Template

Now making the template is done. But taking it off and storing it securely is equally important. Remove the tapes one by one and be careful so that you don’t tear up the template. The sheets are quite sensitive and you should handle them carefully. 

After taking it off, roll the sheet gently and store it. 

What Is The Use Of A Boat Floor Template? 

A very common question is why do you even need a boat floor template? What is the use of a boat template and how does it help to make a boat floor? The simple answer is the template is needed to outline the boat flooring. This outline works as a guide to making the actual boat flooring be it a carpeted floor or tile floor

In today’s time, template kits are available with which you can make a template. As you make the outline and template as per the instructions given above, you can send it to boat flooring companies. They will digitize this template according to the model of the boat. Needless to say that human errors are always there and this is why digitizing the template is necessary. 

The digitization procedure eliminates the errors and makes an improved template that fits perfectly with the boat flooring. Now according to this digitized measurement, the company makes the new boat flooring and sends it to you. You can now install the flooring by yourself or call experts for the installation. 

So you see, making the template makes things super simple and you don’t even need to move from company to company. Mailing the template will do the job. The rest will be handled by the flooring company. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What To Use For Creating A Boat Floor Template? 

Usually, you can get a readymade boat floor template kit in the market. Even if you buy the items separately, they are easily available. 

The first thing you need is a transparent plastic sheet. Transparent sheets are used to see the deck and mark the special areas. Next, you would need a marker pen, scissors or trimmer, and a duct tape roll. The marker is used for marking the outline and the scissor to cut the plastic sheet and trim areas. The duct tape is for pasting the plastic sheet on the floor. These are the elements you need for creating a boat floor template. 

What To Do If The Plastic For Boat Floor Template Is Small? 

If you think that the plastic sheet is not covering the entire deck, you need not worry. You can fix this by attaching other pieces of plastic to the original one. 

Pasting plastic sheets to each other while making the template is very common. If you see that the sheet is not covering the area, cut and attach another plastic sheet to the laid plastic layer. Make sure to put an ‘X’ mark on the overlapped areas to clarify the issue. In fact, across the console and other obstacles on the deck, you would need to cut and paste extra plastic sheets. Use duct tape to do this and create the boat floor template. 

What Is The Cost Of A Boat Floor Template Kit? 

If you are thinking of creating a boat floor template, the chances are you would need to buy a boat floor template kit. Be it a wooden boat floor or vinyl floor, the template kit is the same for all. 

The cost of a boat floor template kit starts from around $40 that can go up. The average cost of a boat template kit is $50- $60. Different companies sell different types of plastic sheets and markers that make the disparity in the pricing. Before you buy, ask the seller about the differences between the kits and then decide. 

How Do You Template A Boat Carpet? 

Templating a boat carpet can help you get the measurement of new flooring. If you measure the carpet area and dimension, you can make a template of it. 

To template a boat carpet, lay a plastic sheet on the carpet of the boat deck. Cut the edges of the sheet and paste it firmly on the deck. Make sure that they are flat on the deck and not wrinkled.

After that, use a marker pen to draw the basic outline of the deck. Then mark the other areas on the deck that require extra attention. Take notes on the sheet for better clarification. After that, slowly pull off the tapes and the template. 

Use this template made on the boat carpet to get a new flooring of the same size and shape. 

Final Thoughts: 

To conclude, I must say that you know the basics of making a boat floor template. It is truly not a tough task. Especially when the template is digitized before making the flooring, the minor errors can be solved digitally. 

Therefore, get your new boat template kit, create a boat template, send it to the flooring company, and get your new boat flooring!

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