Can You File A Ceramic Tile? [All You Should Know]

Can You File A Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most common and beautifully designed covers to decorate your floor. These are strong as well as fragile in nature. So problems arise when you need to file the floorings. I am here with the solutions for you.

Anyone can file a ceramic tile. There are varieties of filing tools available in the market. Bring a suitable one according to the type of the floor materials and start rubbing the edges. Maintain some simple safety issues and polish the tile when filing the stoneware is done. 

However, you may have a lot of questions regarding this. As an experienced campaigner, I will answer all of them in this article. So read it and clear your confusion. 

How To File Ceramic Tiles: Step-By-Step Guide

You can file your ceramic tiles on your own by maintaining some easy techniques. I have shared my own experience on how I do this. So follow the steps I described below. Keep patience and carefully do the job.

Step 1: Collect Necessary Tools

You need some specific tools to grind the edge of your ceramic plate. First of all, bring a suitable tile filer and a cutter blade. Then collect a marker pen to draw the desired area. Try to manage a towel to wipe the material later. Buy a brick polisher to polish it when you are done.

Step 2: Cut The Tile

First of all, mark the area where you need to file it. Use a sharp pencil or a tiny head marker pen to outline where you need to file. Then use a tile cutter blade, cut the edges, and shape it. Do the cutting slowly so that you don’t cut any unwanted portions. 

Step 3: Rub The Edges 

After cutting the area accurately, you have to rub the edges of the tile. This rubbing is the central part of filling the ceramic plate. Hold the plate in your hand and grab it tightly. Place it on an immovable area and pressurize the bottom with your free hand. Grab the filing tool on the other hand and rub it till the edge is smooth enough.

Step 4: Wipe The Tile 

You will find the powder of ceramics scattered on the flooring material. Take a towel and damp it in clean water. Make the towel wet properly and wipe the brick with this. Make sure you do this only when you feel your rubbing is over and the stoneware plate is smooth enough.

Step 5: Polish The Edges

Check the tile if it fits in the desired area or not. If it gets fit enough, you have to polish the corner of the plate very carefully. This polishing will increase the stability of the stoneware plate. You can keep the shine of the brick unchanged by polishing it like this. Use a liquid polisher to do the job.

Step 6: Repeat If Needed.

If the ceramic does not fit on the floor, you have to file the plate again. So repeat the process above and carefully make your filing done. Always remember to wear safety gear before starting your tasks. 

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Grinding Ceramic Tiles

A simple mistake can make you restart your work from the beginning. For this reason, you should avoid making the following mistakes when you grind the stoneware plates covering your floor. Read these details carefully and keep them in your mind:

1. Grinding Faster:

You may think that grinding faster will make the result better. No, your conception is wrong. Faster grinding will never make the edges smooth enough. It may grind quickly, but the finishing will not be satisfactory to you. 

2. Using A Wrong Bond:

The ceramic bricks hold a special bonding between the molecules. Your grinder needs to be fit enough to understand the bond. When you grind the plate with a wrong bonded grinder, the surface of the stoneware gets harsh and rough. 

3. Leaving Scratches:

Never leave any scratches while grinding the floor. Sometimes you may hurry up the process and do not be careful enough. This may cause severe damage to the tile if it is light-colored. You will never be able to file a visible scratch again on your ceramic plate. So be careful from the beginning. 

4. Using Cheap Materials:

The most common mistake people make while grinding the plate is using cheap materials. I have seen people destroy the beauty of the tiles just by using more affordable tools most of the time. You must judge the quality of the product before spending a small amount of money on it. 

5. Not Inspecting The Floor:

You have to inspect the floor before grinding the plates covering it. Check the flooring plates carefully to find out any scratches. Discover any cut-out or broken portion of the covering plates first. Join them properly. Then grind the floor. 

Safety Concerns When Cutting Ceramic Tiles: Be Careful

Whatever you do, you have to be concerned about your safety first. You require using dangerous tools while cutting a stoneware brick. To maintain the following suggestions and complete the safety issues:

  • Wear A Pair Of Gloves:

You must protect your hands from getting injured or cut. The tile filing tool is a very rough material. If you accidentally rub your hand’s skin with this tool, you will face a severe injury. Additionally, if you have allergy issues, a pair of hand gloves will prevent your problem.

  • Protect Your Eyes:

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and essential parts of your body. Stoneware powder is a very harsh ingredient. If it somehow enters your eyes, it will burn. It can cause a permanent injury to your eyes. So, use eyeglasses or spectacles to keep your eyes safe. Make sure the protector is transparent enough. 

  • Never Forget Your Mask:

Ceramic powder is a harmful material to your health. It will burn you inside if it gets into your mouth or nose. It can harm your lungs and create a breathing problem for you. So always use a face mask to protect the vital parts of your body.

  • Wash Your Hands:

Never forget to wash your hands after the rubbing process is over. Although the hand gloves will safeguard your hands from external damage, it is better to ensure your safety from germs and bacteria by washing your hands regularly with an effective hand wash.

  • Keep Your Fingers Safe:

You should always be very attentive while cutting and rubbing the stoneware plate. Remember, you are using your own hands to operate everything with the help of your fingers. So you should never injure them. Working slowly is better than damaging your fingers. 

Related Questions:

Can You File Ceramic Tile Down?

You can file a ceramic tile down with the assistance of a filing tool. The sandpaper also works out. But using sandpaper will take a little longer than a filing tool. So buy a tool, then start rubbing the corners of the plate.

Gently wipe it with a wet towel or tissue paper. Then polish it with a liquid polisher. In the end, attach the brick when you need to secure it.

How Do You Smooth Ceramic Tile?

You can make your ceramic brick smoother by rubbing sandpaper on the edges. Scratch the corners of the plate with the harsh side of the paper. Keep your fingers safe.

Use a little bit of sand and do the rubbing process slowly. Repeat the action until it’s smooth enough. When you are done rubbing, wipe the plate and polish it.

What Can You Use To Grind Ceramic Tile?

You can use an electric grinder made for flooring materials to grind the ceramic cover of your floor. Connect the wire to a battery, start grinding from a selected corner, and then continue it. Don’t grind too fast; it will ruin the cover. If you don’t find an automatic grinder, you can also complete the task with sandpaper.

How Do You Make Ceramic Tile Thinner?

You can use a plate cutter, sandpaper, or filing tool to make a ceramic tile thinner. You need to draw the outline and hold the brick with a heavy object. Start rubbing or cutting from the corners.

Stop where the drawing ends. Carefully rub the parts so that you don’t scratch the outer part of the plate. If scratch exists, repeatedly rub until the rougher edge is gone.

Can You Grind Ceramic Tile Edges On Your Own?

You can grind ceramic tile edges on your own. First of all, you have to manage an electric grinder and then connect it to a power source. Then start grinding from the bottom part and smooth to the top. Continue the process till the surface is soft enough. After the grinding is complete, wipe the entire plate with a wet towel.

How Do You Level Ceramic Tiles Of Different Thickness?

You have to measure the width of the stoneware plate with a measuring tool. You can use a caliper scale here. Then categorize them according to their size. Calculate the difference. Rub the lower part of the thicker plate and make it equal to the others. Measure them again and check if they are leveled or not. 

How Do You Round The Edges Of Ceramic Tiles?

If the edges of the stoneware brick are too complicated and pointy, you may have to cut the edge down. After cutting them, you need to rub them with a grinder or sandpaper. Slowly rub the edges so that you can keep an eye on them. Continue this rubbing process til the edges are smooth enough.


Ceramic tiles have a unique feature of getting filed very easily. That enables this flooring material to fit anywhere as you can cut it according to your wish. You must be patient and careful while filling the plate. Always maintain the safety suggestions.

By the way, I hope I have cleared all your confusion regarding filling the ceramic tiles. Now, take a filing tool and start rubbing the broken part of the cover of your floor. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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