Can You Lay Carpet Over Ceramic Tiles? [Steps And Benefits]

Can You Lay Carpet Over Ceramic Tiles

Are you thinking of covering the worn-out ceramic tile with carpet? You have made a wise decision. It is better to install carpet on the ceramic floor than replace or repair the worn tiles. But the question lies in whether it is possible or not. Can you lay carpet over ceramic tile for real?

It is possible to install carpet flooring over the ceramic floor. As ceramic is a challenging and stable surface, carpet can be laid on it. Besides, the rug would firmly adhere to the ceramic. Just the ceramic needs to be leveled and cleaned before carpet installation. 

On that note, I would discuss various aspects of laying a carpet on a ceramic floor. Read the article once to make an informed decision. 

6 Steps To Lay Down Carpet Over Ceramic Floor

There are several ways to install carpet on a ceramic floor. You can use tack strips for installation. But this is outdated and has been replaced by carpet tiles. However, if you want to lay a traditional carpet, you may want to glue it down. 

Step 1: Clean The Floor

The initial part is to clean the ceramic tile thoroughly. Use soapy water and a mop to clean the floor. Then use diluted vinegar or mineral spirit to remove stains and buildups. You may scrub a little for deep cleaning. After that, make sure to rinse and dry the ceramic properly. 

Step 2: Level The Floor  

The carpet would be bumpy and uneven if the ceramic is not plain. This is why leveling is essential. Use a suitable leveling mixture or putty to fill gaps and holes. Remove the excess putty with a trowel after drying. To get the best outcome, sand the floor once or twice to leave a plain and smooth floor. Clean the floor once again.

Step 3: Measure And Cut The Carpet

If you have bought a large carpet, you would like to cut them into sections for easy installation. First, measure the length and width of the room. Put the measurement on the carpet to see how much of it you would need. Then cut the rug into vertical sections with a cutter or knife. Use a measuring tape to keep the alignment correct. 

Step 4: Apply Adhesive

Each time, apply adhesive for one carpet section. Otherwise, the glue would dry before you lay the carpet. On the furthest section of the ceramic floor, use a suitable carpet adhesive with a trowel. In that case, you can use the Henry 356 MultiPro Premium adhesive to get the job done in a shorter time. Put a single and even layer. Don’t apply too much. 

Step 5: Lay The Carpet And Repeat

On the adhesive, gently lay the first section. You may have some extra length at the end, which should be trimmed later. Put the carpet on the glue and press them down gently. The excess adhesive popping out should be wiped away. 

Section by section, keep applying the adhesive and lay the carpet carefully. Keep the alignment correct, and make sure to wipe the excess glue. 

Step 6: Finish Your Work

Leave the carpet to settle for 2 to 3 days. Use a utility knife to trim the carpet edges as they dry out. Along the length, cut the rug finely to keep the alignment correct. Lastly, you may clean the edges and vacuum the carpet. That is it. 

5 Benefits Of Laying Carpet On Tile Floor: Know Before Install

Why do you even consider installing a carpet on a ceramic tile floor? There are several advantages of laying carpet flooring on a tile floor. Have a look at these benefits. 

1. Noise Cancellation

Is your tile floor too noisy? Then carpet flooring can be a great and easy solution. Carpet fibers are very soft, and even the carpet tiles are spongy. They won’t make any sound or noise as they are not rigid like a ceramic floor. 

2. No-Slip

If you have kids at home, you may like a safe and not slippery floor. For this reason, many love to have a carpeted floor. The carpet floor is non-slippery. Thus the chances of slipping and falling are very minimal. 

3. Comfort

What is a floor without comfort? This is why carpet is a great flooring. Carpets are very cozy and comfortable to walk or sit on. They are soft and squashy, providing a feeling of homeliness and comfort. 

4. Aesthetic

There is nothing luxurious and beautiful like carpet flooring. Carpet in a room multiplies the beauty and aesthetic of the space. So anyone wanting a better aesthetic would love having carpet flooring. 

5. Removable

Carpet flooring can be removed easily. Though it may slightly affect the ceramic beneath, you can still reuse it by thoroughly cleaning it. Hence, when you install carpet, you or the next dwellers can choose to remove it. 

4 Reasons To Lay  Carpet Over Ceramic Tile

Why would you need to add carpet over a ceramic tile floor? There are several reasons why you may need or want to add carpet to ceramic flooring. If any of the reasons work for you, you may install a carpeted floor

1. For Warmth:

Ceramic tile remains cool all the time. But for winter days, you would love a warm and comfortable floor. The carpet is perfect for that. The carpet is warm and cozy, providing you with ultimate comfort. This is one of the main reasons you would consider adding carpet over ceramic. 

2. To Cover Old Ceramic:

Ceramic tile may discolor and wear out after prolonged use. If this is the case, you won’t need to remove the ceramic. Instead, you can cover it with carpet flooring. Prepare the ceramic floor and install a brand new carpet flooring on it. This would suffice to make the floor look excellent. 

3. Add Value:

Carpet flooring is an excellent option if you want to add value to your interior. Ceramic tile is pretty basic and won’t spike the resale value. On the other hand, carpet indeed increases the resale value. Therefore, carpet on the ceramic is a great idea to add value. 

4. Luxury:

Don’t want a simple floor anymore? Then add a touch of luxury and elegance with carpet flooring. If you want an aesthetic that impresses guests, carpet has to be the best solution. With a suitable carpet, you can have a posh and refined look in your interior. 

Related Questions:

Can You Lay Carpet Directly Over Tile?

It is possible to lay or install carpet flooring directly on a tile floor. No extra underlayment is required to support the carpet. The carpet needs a flat and clean subfloor for installation. So you better level and clean the tile floor thoroughly. As long as the tile is in good condition, you can directly put the carpet on the tile. 

Note that you must use an adhesive compatible with both ceramic and carpet. Only then would the installation be perfect. 

What Kind Of Carpet Can You Lay On The Ceramic floor?

Installing thick piled carpet on the ceramic tile is the best option. Any deep pile or high pile carpet would be excellent for laying on the tile floor. The problem with thin tiles is that they would show the imperfections of the ceramic if any. Any uneven areas will be highlighted if the carpet is thin. 

But with a thick and piled carpet, the unevenness would be pretty covered. Also, the bumps would be evened out when the carpet is thick. This ensures safety and comfort. 

How Do You Install Carpet Tiles On Ceramic Tiles?

Installing carpet tile is super simple. Carpet tiles have glue adhered beneath the carpet. You just need to peel the sticker and stick it on the ceramic tile. To adjust around the corners, trim the carpet properly and adhere to it. You can peel and stick the carpet tiles on the ceramic flooring. 

For extra precaution, you may like to use an excess adhesive. In that case, spread the glue on the ceramic and then install the carpet tiles. Remove the extra adhesive from the floor.

How Can You Cover Your Tile Floor Without Removing It?

You can simply add another flooring to the tile. One of the best options can be carpet flooring. Carpet flooring is aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, durable, easy to install, and gives a luxurious look. Carpet indeed adds value to an interior and multiplies elegance. 

If the tile floor is worn-out or damaged, level the tile and install a new carpet floor. This would suffice to cover the tile and beautify the interior. 

Do Carpet Tiles Need To Be Glued Down On Ceramic?

It is not mandatory to glue down carpet tiles since they have adhesive beneath them. But to adhere the carpet tiles firmly to the flooring, you may like to use extra adhesive. I prefer using glue so that the tiles stick firmly to the ceramic tile. 

Though not mandatory, you may still glue down carpet tiles. If you do so, make sure the adhesive is compatible with tile and carpet. 

Final Words:

Consider laying carpet on ceramic tile if you want to retouch the flooring. It is an excellent idea as you won’t need to remove the ceramic. You can directly install the carpet by preparing the ceramic. Have a look at the advantages and reasons if you still feel indecisive!

If you are confused about how to re-do the ceramic flooring, take my words, and lay carpet flooring on the ceramic tile. 

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