Can You Put A Carpet Over the Tiles? [With Easy Process]

Can You Put A Carpet Over the Tiles

Although tile floors are quite attractive to look at, there are times when carpet laying is required on tile floors. Then the question arises in my mind whether I can put carpet over the tile, due to which many people are reluctant to lay the carpet on the tile floor.

Carpets can be placed over tiles, which is like putting carpets on concrete floors. To do that, first, remove some of the tiles from the edges of the floor, attach the tack strip to the floor and install the carpet padding on the floor. Then put any of the carpets on the carpet padding.

If you have decided to lay carpet on tiles, continue the article. Here I present to you the entire procedure. Here you can learn some essential tips to make the procedure easier. Let’s learn more about the whole process! 

How To Put A Carpet Over Tiles? (6 Simple Steps)

If you want to put a carpet on the tile floor, you have to go through a few steps to get the job done. Although placing carpets on tiles is a bit of a hassle, you can do it by following the proper guidelines. Here I will show you the process of laying carpet on the tile in a few simple steps. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

You have to work hard to keep the carpet on the tile floor. It may also require several tools to do this. Here is a list of the assembled necessary equipment to put carpet over a tile floor: 

  • Broom;
  • Drill;
  • Tack strip;
  • Carpet pad;
  • Hand gloves;
  • Utility knife;
  • Kicker.

Step 2: Clean The Tile

To install carpet on the tile floor, you must clean the floor. Because once the carpet is laid on the tile, it cannot be removed again and again. Moreover, if any mold or anything else remains on the floor, it can damage the carpet. 

Step-3: Remove Tile At The Edge Floor

After cleaning the floor, remove the tiles in the amount of 2 inches with the help of a drill. With this, you can get the best quality professional carpet installation. However, to remove the tiles, you have to do the work carefully, ensuring that the rest of the tiles do not burst. 

Step-4: Attach The Tack Strip

Put down the tack strip on the edge of the floor from which the tiles were removed. A tack strip is a thin board made of wood and metal prongs that is extremely sharp. However, since it is quite sharp, it can damage your fingers. So when attaching tack strips, wear heavy hand gloves and finish the job carefully.

Step-5: Install The Under Pad

When the tile is placed directly on the floor, it gives a hard feeling, so installing pads under the carpet is important. It gives a soft feeling to your floor and prevents footsteps while walking. If the tile is placed directly on the carp on the floor, it is made after some time. However, installing pads will get rid of noise, and protect the floor.

Step-6: Put The Carpet 

Lay the carpet on the padding and cut off the remaining 6 inches of carpet at each end. Use a sharp utility knife to cut the edges of the carpet, and be careful not to cut the underside of the body. Start laying the carpet from one end of the floor to the top of the tack strip and extend it towards the opposite wall. Set the carpet well with the sheep using a kicker. 

3 Tips Will Make The Process Of Putting A Carpet Over Tiles Easier:

Keep in mind some things when you put a carpet over the tile floor. Here are the 3 useful tips for laying carpet on the tile floor.

Tips-1: You must clean the floor to keep the carpet on the tile floor. Laying carpets on dirty floors can cause the floor to deteriorate slowly. Also, if there is dirt under the carpet, the carpet is not set well on the floor.

Tips-2: Since a variety of materials are used to place carpets on tiles, keep personal safety in mind. Also, when removing tiles from the floor, make sure that the remaining tiles are not damaged.

Tips-3: Never lay the carpet directly on the tile floor, and you must install pads under the carpet. The tile floors are slippery, and the carpet can easily move out of place if you don’t use an under carpet pad. 

Frequently Asked Question:

What Should You Put Between Carpets And Tiles?

You can spread the carpet directly on the tile, but it can be a little risky. Because tile floors are naturally slippery, they can be removed with a light push if you put something like fabric on it.

However, installing carpet padding on the floor before laying the carpet will not move out of place. Also, the padding installation protects the carpet and does not make any noise. So before laying the carpet on the tile, you must install the padding. 

Can You Lay  Carpets On The Floor Without Glue? 

Many people think that it is not possible to put carpets over tiles without glue, but this is not entirely correct. Because you can put carpets on the floor without glue if you want. However, it is important to attach tack strips to each edge of the floor.

If you install the carpet with glue, you can remove it to clean the carpet. However, if you install the carpet without glue, you can remove it at any time. Also, if you install a carpet without glue, you can use it more than once. 

Why Attach A Tack Strip To The Carpet On The Tile?

Tack strips play an important role in laying carpets on tiles. It will no longer move if you hook the carpet with the tack strip. When you place the carpet on the tile floor, remove the tiles from the edges of the floor and attach the tack strip there.

The tack strip is a thin board that is made with wood and metal prongs. When placing the carpet, start by hooking the carpet from one end of the tack strip and extending the carpet to the opposite side of the floor. 

Can You Fit Carpets On Top Of Tiles?

You can easily fit a carpet on a tile floor, but you need to use carpet glue for that. There is no risk of slipping if the carpet fits on the floor with glue. So, I think it is better to fit the carpet permanently with glue than to lay the carpet on the tile.

No need to take away the tiles to fit the carpet to the tile floor. Thoroughly clean the floor and apply glue on the opposite side of the carpet. Then spread the carpet on the floor and fit the carpet on the floor well with hard and even pieces of wood.

How Do You Lay Carpets Over Tiles Without Damaging Tiles? 

If you want to lay the carpet on the tile without damaging it, you need to use double-sided tape. Both sides of this tape are glued so it can be easily used for laying carpets on the tile floor. First, clean the floor well because if there is dirt or dust on the floor, the tape will not sit well there.

When the floor is completely clean, apply double-sided tape to the entire floor. Now start laying carpets from one end of the floor and go to the other end. If the edge of the carpet is too much, trim it with a sharp utility knife. Finally, set the floor well with the foot pressure on the carpets.


The subject of this article is ‘can you put carpets over tiles’. I hope you got the right answer to the question. In this article, I have shared some important information on this subject. You can put carpets over the tiles by following the easy method that is given above. You can also complete this task by following the tips here. 

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