Can You Put Your PC On A Carpet?


Putting your PC on the carpet may not be a good decision although the carpet may feel very comfortable. There is no doubt that it is comfortable for you, but it is not suitable for a PC at all. So can you put your pc on the carpet? It may be that you have to keep it on the carpet for a while, but it is better not to make this decision for a long time.

Placing a PC on a carpet has never met a positive response, but neither has it. Proper ventilation must be ensured before placing the PC on the carpet. Besides, there is invisible dust on the carpet and on the floor that may interfere with the operation of the computer.

However, this is supposed to work as if you put your case in a somewhat dense pollution carpet; the carpet can block a bit of airflow. 

Why Is It Bad To Have Your PC On Carpet? (5 Potential Risks)

No matter how you place your PC, it is not certain that it will not receive dust and dirt. Even if you put it on the table, dust will enter it, but it will take a long time to accumulate much more. It is true that the higher the PC is placed, the less dust it receives and the PSU (Power Supply Unit) works better in the long run. 

So, if you decide to use it on the carpet, your computer is likely to have a bad effect very soon. Let’s look at what can happen if the PC is placed on the carpet:

1. Power Supply Unit Doesn’t Work Properly

The power supply unit on a PC is placed so that it is either towards the wall or at the bottom. In this case, the lower the PC, the more dust will enter it. In the case of carpets, things are more complicated. 

A carpet stays on your floor for a long time and has a lot of fine dust in it, so when you place the PC on the carpet, both the floor and the carpet dust naturally enter the PC and get stuck. As a result, PSU may not work well due to excessive dust accumulation.

2. The Heat Inside Can’t Get Out

As unwanted objects, including dust and dirt, enter the PSU day after day due to being placed directly on the carpet, the fan that vents the heat from the inside out will be obstructed. In addition, your power supply unit will soon lose its effectiveness.

Being on the carpet will also block the heat that comes out of the bottom of the PC, which means that your computer’s activities will be interrupted from all sides.

3. Probability Of An Electrical Damage

There is no doubt that the computers used today come with many precautions. Although the computer is free from the risk of electrical damage, placing it on the carpet increases the risk many times over. Placing it on the carpet can cause electrostatic discharge in your PC, which can cause severe damage to all the components inside your PC. There may be times when you need to replace them apart.

Sometimes you may have to take out a lot of cash to replace the computer as electric damage can damage all the parts in one go. It is best if you avoid placing the PC on the carpet.

4. Most Probable Of Physical Injury

Needless to say that your PC is an electric thing, so it is important to keep it and be careful when using it. The little ones in your house move around it effortlessly as it is kept on the carpet. They think of it as a toy object, touch it freely and go deep. An electric shock can physically injure anyone too close to an electric shock.

5. Occupies Extra Space In The Room

The carpet covers a part of your house though it doesn’t matter because you can walk on it and keep any furniture you need. However, a PC occupies extra space in your home when placing it on the floor or carpet.

A PC is a thing that may not be useful to anyone else in your home, or maybe you are using it for personal needs. It is best to place it on a table to save extra space in your home

Key Responsibilities When Putting A PC On The Carpet:

When it comes to placing a PC on the carpet, you must follow some rules that will protect your PC and computer from possible damage. While keeping a PC on the carpet is not a permanent solution, there are some steps you can take to avoid damage if you need to keep it private.

These are as follows:

  • Use A Box Under The PC

When placing the PC on the carpet, use a box under the PC to hold it above the carpet. However, the box should be low and stable because your PC may lose control if it is too high. This will protect your PC from overheating and allow some less dust to enter.

  • Put Books To Raise From Carpet

In this case, you can use some of your books under the PC to create a small distance between the PC and the carpet. If you do not have a convenient box in your home, this is an affordable solution, and you do not have to spend money to make a box. If you keep 2/3 large books, leave some space between them so that air can circulate.

  • Use Wooden Blocks

You can make a few wooden blocks if you have wood at home. These are easy to carry and last a long time. Place a few under the PC on the carpet; it will protect the PC for a short time from dust and unwanted dirt on the floor and help in easy ventilation. The blocks should not be too high and be such that your PC will be safe but will not fall.

  • Keep DIY Yoga Blocks

Although the PC should not be kept on the carpet or floor for a long time, it is important to make sure that your PC is in good condition as long as you keep it. For this, you can use yoga blocks along with other things. DIY yoga blocks are easy to make at home; you can make your choice.

This can be ideal for keeping the PC at a certain height. Arrange to put the PC on the table as soon as possible, but before that Yoga blocks can be helpful to you.

Put Your PC On The Carpet Only For These Reasons:

There are a number of reasons that support keeping your PC on the carpet, but in most cases, it is not. However, there are some good aspects to following the rules on PC carpet.

If you have taken the necessary steps for the above problems, you can enjoy keeping the PC down even for a few days. The reasons are as follows:

  • For Cleaning:

Your PC needs to be cleaned regularly. When you hold it up, it needs to be set up that way, and you need to open all the connections and lower it to clear it. No need to worry if your PC is down. You just keep the electric connection open and you can clean it where it is.

  • To Avoid The Risk Of Falling:

If you have an animal or small child in your home, it can sometimes push or hit the PC upstairs. As a result, it is likely to fall and be damaged. It is free from these risks when it is on the carpet. If they ever push carelessly, it won’t hurt to fall.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a PC carpet, but the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages. You can make sure that no one touches it unnecessarily. It needs to be cleaned, but only after a few days. There is no need to put a permanent PC on the carpet for this. Remember that it is also important to ensure the stability of your PSU and other components. 

Related Questions About Putting PC On The Carpet:

How Bad Is It To Put Your PC On A Carpet?

As good as putting your PC on the table, it is as bad to put it on the carpet. It stays away from a lot of dust when you are on the desk and also increases your cleaning time.

You probably know how much dust a carpet in the house carries. So how much better would it be to have your PC on top of that? Everyday dust from the floor, fine dust from the carpet, and other dirt from the house can get into it and reduce the PC’s efficiency.

How Risky Is It To Put A PC On The Carpet?

Placing the PC on the carpet allows dust to enter it and carries many risks. This can cause electric damage, damaging many parts of your PC. In addition, your physical damage can often be.

After the PC runs for a long time, it gets hot, and the hot tea needs to come out. If the power supply unit of the PC is at the bottom, it is stuck due to contact with the carpet, and the gum generated inside cannot come out.

Why Do PCs Get Messed Up When On A Carpet?

Your PC is not always random, and it is forced to be random only when it is not in a convenient place. It certainly depends on the carpet. Your carpet is probably almost cloud-like, soft, and plush, which is very comfortable for your feet.

This plush and thick carpet prevents the supply of air needed for your PC and increases the heat inside. Since the PC is very close to the ground, it collects dirt inside, on, and around the inside of the fan, making it difficult for them to operate effectively.

Should You Put Your Gaming PC On A Carpet Or A Table?

Your floor must have more dust, hair, and other detergents than any desk or table. If you put your gaming PC down or on the carpet, it gets hotter than a normal PC. So keep the gaming PC on the desk as much as possible so that it can ventilate as needed and get all the heat out.

If you have less space on your desk, you can purchase rolling stands that make it simpler to hold your PC up and move around. Don’t worry about the beauty, placing your PC on top of a piece of wood placed on the carpet can solve this problem.  But if you don’t have a carpet, don’t worry, you can put it on the floor.

What Is The Best Way To Keep A PC On The Carpet?

PCs on the carpet should be avoided. But if this is the case, maybe you should keep it on the PC carpet for at least some days. The best way to place a PC on the carpet is to place it on a box or make a wooden block.

You can keep it at a slightly higher place, but it should not be kept at such a height that it falls carelessly. Place it on top of a stable box until it is on the desk.

To Sum Up

Can you put your PC on the carpet with all the precautions? It is never recommended that you keep this valuable asset on a carpet. You must pay close attention to its maintenance and protection.

Placing the PC on the carpet allows the daily dust to get inside easily which can make your PSU useless in a very short time. So try not to put it on the carpet. If needed, keep the PC a little higher from the carpet.

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