Ceramic Tile On Flat Roofs: How To Do It?

Ceramic Tile On Flat Roofs

The use of tiled roofs is an act that has been done for years. This is because tiled roofs are impermeable to rain, heat, and harsh weather conditions. The use of clay tiles has been the most preferred roofing idea but has been outdated. People have now adopted the use of ceramic tiles on flat roofs.

Ceramic tile originates from clay tiles. Clay tiles are susceptible to water leaks and harsh weather conditions. For this reason, natural tiles are glazed with a sealant. The result is a waterproof and stainproof ceramic tile.

I am a roof installation expert. This article will discuss how to use ceramic tiles on flat roofs. We will also see a step-by-step guide on properly installing your ceramic tile roofing.  Let’s jump right into it.

10 Steps To Install Ceramic Tile On Flat Roof

If you are looking to upgrade your roof to a more modern design, I suggest the use of ceramic tile rooftops. They will give your house colorful roofing that is strong and resistant to staining and molds. The following is a step-by-step process on how to get your roof done like a professional.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The following are the basic materials needed for a proper roofing tile installation:

  • Laser;
  • Caulk;
  • Tiles;
  • Gasket nails;
  • Underlayment.

Step 2: Tile Selection

There are various tiles in the market. Knowing the nature of your home can help you decide which type to use. Clay tiles are considered the best tile as compared to concrete tiles. Clay tiles are more durable and are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Step 3: Weight Consideration

If you want to install a tiled roof on a house that you did not previously have, it is advised to seek expert help. This is to help you know if it can hold the amount of weight imposed by the tiles. If it cannot be controlled, you can reinforce the roof. 

Step 4: Estimate Of The Materials Needed

Consider the size of the roof you want to cover. Calculate the surface area of your roofing. Calculate the size of the type of tile you want to install. Calculate its surface area. Divide the total roof surface area with a single tile surface area. That gives you an estimate of the tiles to be purchased.

Step 5: Research

For a proper roofing installation, you need to understand your house’s nature and the surrounding environment. It is advised to research to have an easy time knowing what materials to use.

Step 6: Removing Old Tiles And Roof Repair

If you are looking to upgrade your roofing, you should remove your outdated tiles. You can hire tile removing materials for an easy time. Once the tiles are removed, reinforce and repair the shingle and the sheath to accommodate the new tiled roofing.

Step 7: Underlayment Installation

The underlayment is a water-resistant layer between the tile, roof frame, and sheath. Since it is meant to serve you, it is highly recommended to invest heavily in the best quality.

Position the first roll of underlayment at one side of the roof perpendicular to the lower edge. Roll out the underlay while keeping the edge of the material aligned to the eave’s boundary. Secure the underlayment as you roll out 3-meter-long sections at a time with nails separated by 24-inch intervals.

Cut the underlayer to match the fringe at the roof’s edge and secure it with nails. Restart at the end you begin while placing the new underlay on top of the existing by some distance. The underlayer has lines to show you how much to overlap as you move up.

Step 8: Battens Installation

Battens are thin strips of materials that run horizontally on the roof and are used to hold tiles in place. Use two tiles to measure the spacing between battens. After knowing the distance, set battens using that spacing up. Always check to maintain the space.

Step 9: Tile Installation

Start with one side as you move along the length of the roof. Read the instructions in the manual for the tiles.  Nail the tiles to the battens if required, or use clips to anchor the tiles to the battens. It all depends on the type of tiles.

Step 10: Cutting Tiles To Fit Tight Spots

Always cut tiles to measure the required size for obstacles like the chimney and at the end of each row. After the installation, cup the ends with ridge tiles. You have now completed the installation. Congratulations!

4 Unique Flat Tile Roof Ideas That Make Your Roof Excellent

Flat roof home designs are now the new roof upgrade designs. They have a unique appearance that is pleasing to look at. Some have even gone a step and used ceramic tiles to put an artistic finish to their home. The following are some flat tile roof ideas used by modern contractors.

1. Flat-10 Plain Color Chocolate

This is a new generation of light and well-detailed flat tiles. They come in various colors that speak excellence. The chocolate color gives your roof a nice natural brown finish for this design.

They are made of ceramic which is water-resistant and has high durability. This design is meant to serve you for quite some time. You can always choose any other color that you feel fits the design of your house.

2. Technica-10 Mid Gray

These are flat tiles that have a mixture of modern and traditional designs. They have less water absorption rate. They are versatile and highly durable. They are also easy to install. The mid-grey color blends in with almost all colors of the walls of your house. If you live in a rainy place, these tiles will work well on your flat roof.

3. Flat-5XL Marble Roma Dark

This is a flat tile design with an artistic taste. The dark marble theme makes it look exquisite and unique. If you have a soft spot for art, this should be your design. The nice shiny furnishing is ideal for a luxurious, classy look. These tiles are made of ceramic and are made to give you significant years of service.

4. Alicantina-12 Nature Nortegan

If you are looking for a natural look for your flat roof, look no further. The Alicantina-12 tile design gives your roof a natural wild look. The tiles are made up of ceramic, so they are durable. The design is made to be easy for installation and also maintenance.

Benefits Of Installing Ceramic Tile On Flat Roof

The following reasons are why you should consider ceramic tiles on your roof compared to any other type of tiles. They have great benefits compared to different types of tiles. You should consider these tiles for most of your roofing projects. I feel they are the best tiles you can use.

  • Durability

A ceramic tile can last up to 100 years. This is considering the environmental conditions and also proper installation. They are designed to resist harsh conditions and heat. They are also made of clay, then baked to give it their final product. This product is a hardened version of each tile which is used to protect your roofing 

  • Weight

Ceramic tiles weigh less compared to traditional clay tiles. This reduces the stress imposed on your roofing and also the movement of carrying tiles around. We all want this task to be short and precise but efficient. Having practical tiles, but the light is rare. Ceramic tiles have these fantastic qualities.

  • Resistance

Due to their glaze, ceramic tiles are water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. They are also fire-resistant. Most clay tiles are affected by stains and molds. Due to their glazed properties, ceramic tiles can resist mold growth and stain formation.

  • Colorful

Most ceramic tiles have unique colors and patterns instilled in them. This enables you to choose from various designs and colors you want. They are made differently with multiple patterns and designs. They have high versatility that allows you to select the type of colors to match your curtains and walls.

  • Thermal regulation

Ceramic tiles have a high thermal mass. This helps them regulate temperatures. They can also withstand high temperatures by repelling and reflecting off excess heat. For an ideal setup, these tiles are suitable for areas with high heating environments. They help prevent extra house heating from outside and maintain average cool room temperature.

Downsides Of Ceramic Tile on Flat Roof

Ceramic tile roofs, though ideal, have some downsides. The following are some of the downsides associated with ceramic tiles on roofs. These are just small measures compared to the high number of positive outcomes that ceramic tiles have on roofs

  • High Cost

The cost of purchase and installation of ceramic roof tiles is expensive. It costs about $1000 to $ 2000 per 10-foot by 10-foot roof installation. This is quite a large amount of money, but it is worth it.

  • Difficulty In Installation

Roof tile installation is not something you can do by yourself. It is a delicate and complex task that requires a professional. This increases the overall cost of installation.

  • Heavyweight

A tile roofing is heavy and requires your roof to be reinforced to withstand that weight. Improper reinforcement can destroy your roof.

Related Questions:

Can You Put Tiles On A Flat Roof?

The new modern flat roof design for new homes is fantastic. Like any other roof, you can use roof tiles to give the house an excellent finish. Using tiles on a flat top helps protect the entire roofing system and the home from adverse weather conditions.

The procedure for installing flat roof tile is the same as other roof tile installations. Always consider the nature of your roof and the environment when selecting the type of tile you want for your flat roof.

Is Ceramic Tiles Best For Flat Rooftop?

Flat rooftop designs are the new home construction upgrades. This new roof design requires a modern look. Ceramic tiles have great versatility. They come in exquisite colors and patterns that complement this new look. They are also cheap to install and maintain.

They are also well furnished and are waterproof. This makes them ideal for a rooftop design. They are also heat resistant and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Ceramic tiles are the best choice for use as tiles on a flat rooftop.

How Do You Install Ceramic Tiles On Flat Roofs?

Like any other tiles, you first have to install the underlayment. Use a high-quality underlayment for the effective prevention of water leaks. Next, you have to fix the battens. They help hold the tiles together for maximum efficiency. Next, install your tiles according to the design and shape you want while keeping them in place by nailing or screwing them onto the battens.

Cut some tiles to fit tight spots that do not require whole tiles. Always ensure that your roof can sustain the weight of the tile you want to install. This will help prevent any future risks and damages.

What Do You Put Under Ceramic Tiles On Flat Roofs?

Water can sometimes penetrate through the tiles. For this reason, it is required to have a protective underlayer that protects the roof from this water. Excess water flows into the ceiling and can cause mold development and rot.

The underlay is something you should invest in. It helps protect the integrity of the roof. Various materials form the underlayer. Always choose the best that suits your needs.

What Is The Average Price Of Ceramic Roof Tiles?

There are various types of ceramic tiles. Some are cheap, and some are expensive. It all depends on the quality and the quantity of the tiles. A low-budget ceramic tile price is nearly about $4 to $8 per square foot.

The price of the average tiles is about $10 to $18. This includes labor and roofing materials. The average cost of installation depends on the area to be covered. The larger the site, the more expensive the installation cost will be.

The Bottom Line:

New home design ideas are being developed as time goes by. They are meant to make our lives better and more enjoyable. One such idea is the use of ceramic tile on flat roofs. 

This gives you a nice finish to your well-designed home. When choosing the best tile for your roof, just use ceramic tiles. They will provide maximum durability and save you from future roofing repairs.

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