Crestliner Boat Floor Replacement: A Step by step Guide

Crestliner Boat Floor Replacement

Crestliner is one of the best aluminum boat brands available. With its durable aluminum body and deck, you can expect to get long-lasting service. However, there can be situations when you would need to replace the boat flooring. Some parts of the deck may get damaged in extreme conditions, or simply, you may want a new and different boat flooring. 

No matter the case, boat floor replacement is the skill you need to do this task. Though not so easy, you can master it by knowing the right technique. If you manage to learn the steps to Crestliner boat floor replacement, you can do it right with the right tools. And if you are willing to do so, I am here to guide you through the procedure.

For your convenience, I have come up with the steps of replacing a Crestliner boat floor. My experience in the boat flooring industry taught me a lot about this and I am going to share it all here. So all who are going to replace a boat floor, make sure you read it thoroughly and note down the steps. 

7 Easy Steps To Crestliner Boat Floor Replacement: A Complete Guide

Though different Crestliner boats have different designs, the floor replacement procedure is more or less the same. Similar tools are used for floor replacement. So the guide below is a general instruction for boat floor replacement. Going through these steps can help you have a clear idea about the tools you need and the process you need to follow. 

Let’s start learning the steps to Crestliner boat floor replacement: 

Step 1: Gather The Tools

First, you need to have the necessary tools for the replacement procedure. If you accumulate the tools first and then start the work, you can accomplish it faster and in an organized way. 

Here are the tools you would need for the boat floor replacement:

  • Circular saw
  • Epoxy resin
  • Plywood or wood (or the material you want on the floor)
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill machine
  • Fiberglass sheet or mat

Step 2: Prepare For The Project

Once you gather the tools, there are a few things that you have to consider. Below are the three factors that you need to check and do as part of the preparation for the project: 

  • The condition of the transom matters a lot during the replacement. If you are looking for damages on the floor, you should also check the transom. Because the damage mainly starts here due to the excess pressure and impact. For checking, put some pressure on the transom. If you hear creaking sounds or if it bends, you should also replace it along with the floor;
  • Stand the boat on a cradle. You can get a ready-made one or build it by yourself. Placing the boat on the cradle makes the boat stable so that you can work conveniently; 
  • Next, empty the deck completely to do the work. Take out the machines and belongings to start the project; 

And you are now ready to start the project.

Step 3: Remove The Old Flooring

When you are replacing the boat flooring, you have to first remove the old flooring. Depending on the flooring you have, you have to use the tools. 

For cutting through the old flooring, use a circular saw. But make sure that you must determine the depth through which you should cut the floor. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the hull. ⅝ inch is an approximate depth you can cut through. In this way, keep dismantling the old floor slowly. 

Note that you should always keep the old floor as a guide to measure the new floor. This gives you an accurate result if you use the previous floor as a reference. 

Before moving on to the next step, check for the condition of the foam. You may need to strip it off if it is worn out or damaged. 

Step 4: Measure And Shape The Plywood

Measure the length and width of the previous flooring. At the same time, take the measurement of the boat base too to ensure that the measurements are accurate and precise. 

According to the measurement, decide how many planks of plywood you would need on board. As per that, cut and shape the plywood planks. At the same time, keep placing them on the deck area to see whether the fitting is correct or not. 

Step 5: Install The Plywood Planks

Once you have shaped and decided the number of planks needed, you can move to install the new flooring. 

Before installing the plywood planks, spread a decent amount of epoxy resin on the entire deck. Epoxy resin is used to ensure that there is no water leakage and the deck remains waterproof all the time. After application, wait till it dries out. 

Now use the drill to make holes for screwing the plywood planks. Take reference from the previous holes and drill accordingly to make it accurate. After drilling, place the plywood or wooden planks on the deck and screw them well into the holes. Make sure to make the placement accurate so that the entire deck is properly covered with the new flooring. 

Step 6: Install A Fiberglass Top

Now the base of the deck has been installed be it the plywood, wood, or vinyl flooring. You can install the flooring you prefer. But on top of the plywood flooring, you need to give a fiberglass mat for extra protection and change the look. 

On the fiberglass mat, use epoxy resin to seal it. However, instead of a fiberglass mat, you may also use foaming on the plywood flooring. 

Step 7: Redecorate The Deck

Once the installation is done and the epoxy resin dries out, you can now install the belongings and machines again on the deck. And the new Crestliner boat floor is ready!

Tips To Crestliner Boat Floor Replacement: For The Best Result

Boat floor replacement steps have been mentioned already. But if you want to focus on more detail, you need to go through the tips. I have learned these tips from my work experience and research. Though boat floor replacement sounds like an easy task, it needs precision and care. 

Thus to make your task easier and simpler, I am mentioning a few tips that would help you get the best outcome possible: 

  • On aluminum Crestliner boats, you should never install treated plywood. Plywood treatments require salty substances which can corrode aluminum. Therefore, you should always install marine plywood for the deck to last long and stay intact;
  • For accurate measurement, I always take the previous flooring as a reference. In fact, it can also help you in deciding how narrow the planks should be, how many planks you may need, etc. So don’t dispose of the previous flooring before you install the new one;
  • Try not to use carpet flooring on the deck. Carpet flooring is more susceptible to water causing the growth of mold and mildew. Instead, vinyl flooring is a better option
  • Always plan the project before starting. You should have ample time in your hands to complete the project. If you start around the fishing season, you are probably not going to finish it on time. So, estimate a duration and work accordingly;
  • I would suggest you take out the boat cap. This gives you easy access to the entire deck making the process easy and efficient;
  • Consider the reason why you need a boat floor replacement. If it is damaged, you should get better flooring than before which is waterproof and long-lasting. If you are doing it to change the look, get a flooring that is impressive; 
  • Please do think about whether you can do it by yourself or not. You can surely do it but may need extra time and certain skills. It is truly difficult if you have no experience. In that case, you must consult an expert to do this task efficiently and professionally; 

Follow these tips to get the best ever result in boat floor replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Crestliner Boats Have Wooden Floors? 

Most Crestliner boats have an aluminum body with aluminum flooring. The specialty of Crestliner boats is the sturdy and long-lasting aluminum crafting that makes it long-lasting, durable, and corrosion-resistant. However, there was a time when transoms were made with wood and aluminum. If you want, you can install a wooden floor on the aluminum deck. 

Is It Hard To Replace Crestliner Boat Floor? 

If you know the right process, replacing a Crestliner boat floor is not so tough. You can accomplish it with the right tools. If you get some assistants or hire a professional, you can do this very fast. However, inexperienced people may find it difficult to take measurements, cut the planks, and position them correctly on the deck. In that case, you must consult an expert to successfully replace a Crestliner boat floor. 

How Thick Should Be Plywood On A Boat Floor? 

The thickness of the plywood on the boat floor matters. This protects the deck as well as decides its water resistance and durability. Ideally, ½ or ⅝ inch thick plywood would be the best for a Crestliner boat flooring. You can burnish and polish the wood before installing it and also use fiberglass beneath it for better protection. 

Which Plywood Is Used For Boat Floor Replacement? 

You can use marine plywood for boat floor replacement. Marine grade plywood is specially made to suit water conditions. They don’t corrode, crack, or swell when in contact with water. Thus the boat deck remains intact, lasts for a long time, and gives you favorable service. On the other hand, other plywoods may get affected by water conditions. 

Can You Repair Instead Of Boat Floor Replacement? 

If the damage is minor, you can surely think of repairing rather than going for a replacement. On a wooden floor, you can scrub off the damaged area and then apply epoxy to cover up the damage. For other flooring materials, adding putty can cover up the minor scars and cracks. In that case, you would not require to replace the entire boat flooring. 


Crestliner boat floor replacement can be done easily if you follow the right steps and also keep the tips in mind. With the right tools and expertise, you also can accomplish the boat floor replacement project. 

So now, it is your turn to start your project of replacing the crest liner boat floor and get ready for the sailing season!

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