Discontinued Ceramic Tile From Home Depot: Find The Best

Discontinued Ceramic Tile From Home Depot

It won’t be expected of anyone when you suddenly find some mismatched tiles in the middle of the work. What should be your next concern if you suddenly broke them or have a shortage? You might be looking to buy some discontinued ceramic tile from home depot. But, you don’t know how to order and responsibly find them. 

Home Depot is a remote site where anyone can order or search for discontinued tile floors. Although it is a great site, finding suitable tiles is not easy. Sometimes Home Depot failed to send the expected tiles of the wrong information provided by the customers. To order suitable ceramic tiles, indicating the right size and design is mandatory. 

Apart from this, you can follow some ways by which ordering or finding discontinued tiles from Home Depot become unswerving. However, do check my writing to get more information about this.

6 Steps To Find Discontinued Ceramic Tiles From Home Depot

To find and get ceramic tiles from Home Depot, here are some steps you should maintain strictly. You may not be able to locate suitable discontinued tiles at Home Depot. Before starting the task, it is better to clarify that Home Depot didn’t change or return the tiles if they had minimal stocks. However, here the steps are.

Step-1: Check The Tiles One After One 

Once you get the tiles box, check them one after one to ensure that they are all good. It is more accessible for you to separate the discontinued tiles from the thousand pieces. 

Step-2: Measure The Size Of The Discontinued Tiles 

Now take a correct measurement from the discontinued tiles. You can use any meter-scale or gadget for this. Take a sharp note of both of the tiles’ floors. Ensure to take 2-3″ inches of length more than the current size of the tiles. You may cut them off to fit into the other tiles. 

If you don’t recall the exact size, don’t worry, do a search on the internet or Google with the tiles’ manufacturer name. After that, you may be able to find the exact size of the tiles. 

Step-3: Search Onto The Home Depot Website 

Once you’ve noted the correct measurement of the tiles, search on the home website. Check the tile’s shipment and product description to ensure this is available. Most cases show that Home Depot didn’t exchange discontinued tiles if they didn’t have the previous stock available.

Besides this, if you trace the discontinued tiles at the exact time when you bought them, it will be more instinctive to change further. As soon as you traced them, the Home Depot authority had returned it earlier. 

You can also search for the exact tiles by typing them into the right size and style on their official websites. You could also search by the tile’s color and the material it is made from.

Step-4: Call Upon The Customer Care Authority 

Communicate to the customer care number of the Home Depot. Talk to the sales authority directly to inform your problem or to check if there are any tiles available that you want most. 

Step-5: Connect To Tile Manufacturer Directly 

Try to connect to the tile manufacturer directly. It will help you to know the brand and style of the tiles. Because Home Depot sometimes may do it up for you, or sometimes it probably won’t. So do it yourself to find the right size and suitable tiles. After that, do order the tiles from the Home Depot website. 

Step-6: Ordered Them Into The Home Depot Sites 

Once you have your tile’s exact size, color, design, and code, now go to the official address of Home Depot again. Match the tiles requirement and order them to that site. You can get some extra discounts from the sites if any festival shipments are available. 

5 Things You Should Do When Tiles Are Discontinued

Although it is bad luck for you to find or explore any discontinued tiles during the working period, they may be repaired or fixed by some tricks. After discovering the suspended tiles, you can take an idea from the following things. After all, who knows, those five tips might work for you as a game-changer.

1. Contact The Manufacturer At First 

While you’re initially searching for a way to fill the discontinued tiles gap, check the storage at first. Call the manufacturer’s number to inform them of your issues. If your luck favors you, you might get a similar one. 

2. Check Your Storage 

It is a second way for you to cope with this annoying situation. The tile installer will often cut off the extra 10% of tiles to attach them properly over the floor. So, find those leftover tiles around your houses to give a proxy. You might find it in the garage, tool shed, or even behind large appliances. 

3. Get A Simple Piece Of Tiles To Match 

If the second way doesn’t work for you, move on to this option. Try to find a simple or little piece of tiles around your house or garage. Carry this with you and go to the local storeroom. Consult the salesperson and let him check if any tiles are available for you. Again, make sure whether other tiles would be a good match for you. 

4. Scan On The Internet To Get Information 

Scan the internet to get some information. If the tile’s design number and sizes are available, it will be more flowing to you. Search the websites to get some ideas and find the sites that sell extra or discontinued tiles. It might be more efficient since it allows you to find the tiles even if the Home Depot didn’t have one. 

5. Repurpose From Other Sites 

If all of these ideas or suggestions don’t work for you, repurposing is the only option. In this way, you can attach the tiles where it is obvious to set them into the more visible spots. Try to remove tiles from under permanent fixtures, for instance, fridges, table corners, cabinets, dishwashers, underneath the sofa. Remove the tiles from that site and add them where you need them most. But be aware of removing and attaching the parts of each tile carefully.

5 Tips If Fail To Match Discontinued Ceramic Tiles From Home Depot

As you know, it is not so easy to find the tiles that you want if the stock has been finished already. Don’t give up; there is still a way to match and get the tiles you need. Follow the below tips to apply them to fit your discontinued tiles from Home Depot whenever you’re undone. 

Tips-1: Start Working With What Is Available To You

If you fail to find the matches, it’s time to work with what is available. You can try a reproduction company to see the original tiles from anywhere. Start Google and get information from the reproduction companies and what specialists suggest you do. You will directly get help from many professionals who provide valuable tips and ways for you on the websites. 

On the other hand, those online reproduction companies can find the right size and design to match your old tiles. But many of these companies have entirely different product information, which might not appear in the initial search. 

Tips-2: Try To Find A Closed One

Try to find a closed tile floor from any local store if no exact reproduction company is available. In that case, contact your tile manufacturer to send you some duplicates which closely match the original one.

If this plan is not going to you or if they fail to give you the one, visit brick-mortar stores. Don’t forget to carry the product info and sample tiles with you. Ask them for recommendations on matching the tiles which you want.

Don’t forget to search online to get sufficient information on the tile’s size, shape, color, and texture.

Tips-3: Switch To Customization 

Customize the closure tiles if no one product captures you the same size. You need to alter the other characteristics to fit your needs. For example, if your old tiles are thinner, you can ask the seller to give you a thicker one as it matches or fits into the floor perfectly. 

Again, if the store has another tile that is perfect for being too large, ask them to cut it off to size or shape. If they disagree, ask them to pre-cut tiles from the manufacturer. Consider choosing the room color when you are determined to find the original tile’s shade of color. 

Tips-4: Broaden Your Search

This is a life-saving hack for you. You never give up while starting any work, so broaden your search to get the matched tiles you want. If you fail to find them in the previous store, that doesn’t mean the other store has sold them completely.

Search them into the town tiles store, or find out the tiles on the Menard or any local lumber yards. To determine if those stores still have some tiles in stock, you will find the one with a bit of luck.

Tips-5: Go After To The Donation Sites 

If you used the materials for your home, others could do similar things. This is not odd when the tile installer has the leftover materials, which is expected. They used to donate them to the local store to earn some money. Perpendicularly, those local store centers sell them at a very contracted price to the public. 

So try to find them on donation sites. You can also watch out for this on the popular sites named Habitat Restores. 

Tips-6: Replace All The Things To Match 

You can change all the things which aren’t matched to the wall. Suppose you have found a discontinued tile while installing it into the drawing-room wall. In this situation, either you should change the entire design or find an extra piece to complete the look. So it might be better to replace everything. Otherwise, the newly installed tiles stand out like a sore thumb, no matter how closely you attached them to the walls or floors.

Tips-7: Re-Customize The Floor Or Walls 

When all of the above tips fail to achieve a satisfactory ending, you might choose the re-customization option. There are many wallpapers, carpets, and tile stickers available. Grab one for you, but make sure the color you select matches your house’s natural color. 

If you need a discontinued tile to cover the bedroom walls, use a ceramic tile sticker or wallpaper to hide the unsuitable one. Choose one corner to fill with cover paper and keep the other side empty. 

Related Questions:

What Should You Do When Your Floor Tiles Don’t Match?

When you can’t match the floor tiles, try to cover them with leftover tiles inside your house. You might find them in the car garage, storeroom, or in front of the lawn storage house. On the contrary, trace the older version tiles to the same local store where you previously bought them. 

Besides this, customizing the new tile floor may help you a lot in this regard. But it’s not a fantastic idea all the time if you’re searching for two or three pieces. Because the manufacturer only takes orders when it is a deal of a handsome amount. 

Can Discontinued Ceramic Tile Be Installed Over Old Ceramic?

You can change or install the new ceramic tiles over the older ones. If the floor tiles are getting worse, installed improperly, and if you find there is an air pocket notice over there, it is necessary. Air pockets are usually found over the tile floor if installed imperfectly. 

However, be aware of removing the tiles from the root properly. Use the right tool to do the job correctly. Perhaps this, don’t forget to chisel the tiles over the floor and take help from the screwdriver. 

How Do You Identify Discontinued Tiles?

If you’ve been using a tile floor for a decade, it is pretty easy for you to identify them. The tiles which you installed may look shabby and old. You can locate it by recognizing the tiles’ paint structures. 

Besides this, the old tiles usually did not look as pretty as they used to. Keep note of the tile’s materials to trace its antiquity issues. To avoid such inconvenience, you should buy them from any trusted sites. 

What Will You Do If A Tile is Discontinued?

If you find a discontinued tile, try to fix it with two options. One of the best ways is to carry a sample of your old tiles. Go to the nearest tile store to find their stocks. If you have the manufacturer’s address, it will be easier for you to get any discontinued tiles. 

Apart from these, the tiles expert often suggests using the closely matched tiles. Because you might not find similar tiles always, and sometimes the stock might have been limited or finished unpredictably. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Discontinued Ceramic Tiles?

The discontinued ceramic tiles cost depends on some initial factors. There you have to deal with different local stores. Sometimes the manufacturer demands more to send a discontinued ceramic tile. If you’re looking to buy them from Home Depot, the expenditure may increase up to 2-3% compared to the regular ceramics price. 

An average ceramic tile price costs up to $3-$35. The cost of an extra two to three-piece of discontinued tiles may want from you $3-$10 more. Yet, ceramic tiles are less expensive than porcelain tiles for their heavy-duty finish and density.

Final Verdict:

The above ways are the way you might think to do it. I want to finish it with two tips for you if you’re still indecisive about what to do to find discontinued ceramic tiles from Home Depot. 

Start from Google to pull out your tiles’ exact size and design. Without it, you can’t trace the right one, no matter where you go. Secondly, please note the manufacturer’s address and phone number to deal with them on any further issues. Finally, try to find the right one and order at the Home Depot sites.

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