10 Epoxy Floor Design Ideas That Bring Innovation To The Floor

eposy floor design ideas

Epoxy flooring is a covering that makes the floor look beautiful and unique. It is quite popular for the present style, and the textures go from matt to gloss. Epoxy floor design ideas are very popular to give an exclusive look to the floor of the house. 

It comes in various colors, making it easy to adapt to any outfit. The popularity of epoxy flooring designs continues to grow. When the concrete floor is ready, it is made by mixing resin and hard chemicals together, and this floor is made, which turns into hard plastic in a few days.

If you also want to install epoxy flooring, then see here. In this article, I will share some of its designs. From these designs, you can also choose one for your floor. Let’s start the main discussion!

10 Epoxy Floor Design Ideas That Make Your Floor Dazzling:

Epoxy flooring designs are currently gaining popularity in residential and commercial spaces. Now there are many epoxy flooring designs that fit everywhere, from the kitchen to the garage. 

You can make a flooring coat of any design as per your choice. However, we have come up with some epoxy floor design ideas. Let’s take a look at the designs.

1. Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Flooring:

Reflector Enhancer is the trendiest epoxy flooring option available on decorative concrete floors. This design has a distinct aesthetic. This design is made with a multi-layered coating and special metallic pigment technology, which gives a nice finish.

This type of epoxy flooring design allows for a smooth exterior with supreme stain, chemical, and UV confrontation. Also, its metallic, three-dimensional appearance gives your floor a great and enhanced look. This epoxy flooring can be the best choice for restaurants, shopping malls, or workplaces as well as living rooms.

There are several options for this design element- Crystal Silver, Metallic Copper, Gold, Charcoal, Gunmetal, or Brass. From these elements, you can choose the one you like. However, it is better not to install such a design in the place of storage of heavy vehicles. 

2. Clear Epoxy Flooring:

A clear epoxy flooring design is the best choice for commercial space. It also works well in residential or commercial garages. This is a durable design of clear epoxy flooring. Due to its classic style features, it adapts perfectly to any environment.

Clear epoxy helps to enhance the natural beauty of the floor. Most homeowners choose this epoxy flooring on the floor of their home. This flooring design is easy to see if it is dirty, so it is also easy to clean. It can also be sustained with proper maintenance.

You can pick this floor design for any room since it is clear to look at. This design is more common in various luxury hotels and restaurants. These designs are also used in swimming pools.

3. Underwater Theme Epoxy Flooring:

Underwater themed epoxy flooring is installed in modern homes to animate it. Conventional flooring designs apply this design to those who feel monotonous. You may have heard of this design and realized that it is made by imitating the underwater image.

The color of this design departs from the traditional shade of blue. This epoxy flooring design creates a nautical feel to an interior floor. This type of flooring can make a large modification in the complete look of a room. You can create a stylish interior accent in your rooms by creating this themed epoxy flooring design.

Choose a small space for this design. Use a water-mixed surface brush. Finally, dab the paint in some places and roll it moderately. The design is as easy to make as it looks. So, give an exclusive look to your floor by creating this flooring design in a short time.

4. Black and Gold Epoxy Flooring:

The black and gold combination is always popular, and if it is on the floor, it gives a unique look. The black base with gold glitter on the interior floor brings a sophisticated look. This flooring design is made in special rooms.

These designs are suitable for various luxury commercial spaces, such as jewelry stores or couture brands. You can also try this if you want to design epoxy flooring on the floor of a particular room. The design is also suitable for personal business.

This flooring design is also suitable for various photoshoots, music recordings, dances, and theaters. You can choose the right mix of colors in consultation with an expert contractor because you don’t have to have epoxy color skills like your professionals.

5. Snow White and Sky-Blue Epoxy Flooring:

Snow White and Sky Blue create a fun popping design for the floor. This is a new concept of epoxy flooring that appeals to visitors. The combination of white and blue carries a touch of modernity.

In the case of epoxy flooring, it can be a shapeless pattern or a linear, geometric design. The bold shape blends these two colors and interacts with simple lines looks quite beautiful. The white and blue color is easy on the eyes, so this gives your floor a classic look.

You can change the look of your home by creating these two-color blended epoxy flooring designs. This design can give you a sky and sea feeling. This epoxy flooring design is a suitable choice for home and commercial places.

6. Bold and Geometric Epoxy Flooring:

Bold and geometric epoxy designs are easy to make and beautiful to look at. You can create a geometric design for a sporty concept on the floor. Various custom prints can create dark, flashy patterns on the floor. For the floor’s topcoat, a clean epoxy is applied to create these designs. 

You can create a different design floor by applying epoxy coating on any logo, pattern, or image of your choice. Kids can create their favorite anime or cartoon-like design for the room.

You can also print pictures of any favorite group. Use the image as a design coat with epoxy and create an epoxy floor of your chosen design. These designs can also be applied to walls. Such epoxy flooring designs are more common in various leisure centers.

7. Metallic Epoxy Flooring: 

It is an epoxy flooring design that can be done in any color. These flooring designs look beautiful and classic. Materials like granite, marble, or water are used to make this type of floor. 

You can make this design in any color combination with gray or tan, bright red or yellow as per your choice. Materials for making metallic epoxy flooring designs are more expensive. So, these types of floors are more expensive than regular epoxy floors. 

This design requires more coats than other designs and involves certain artistic techniques instead of plain epoxy. Metallic epoxy flooring can last for more than 30 years due to proper maintenance. This floor design is suitable for both high-traffic areas and residential floor space.

8. 3D Epoxy Flooring

3D epoxy flooring designs are state-of-the-art technology. This design also gives the floor an exclusive and unique look. If you want a classy look in your room, this floor design is suitable for you. These flooring designs offer you an incredible-looking option. 

The most popular are 3D epoxy flooring designs that look like seabed or jump out of sea life. But you can do this flooring design with other scenes. You can choose a scene that looks like your favorite fishing hole on your 3D floor. 

There are some options for selecting this type of floor design. A 3D epoxy floor is versatile, durable, and durable. So, you can choose this design for any room. However, these 3D epoxy flooring designs are more suitable for living rooms. 

9. Epoxy Wood Flooring

Epoxy is a popular coating to increase the durability of wood flooring. It will give your wood floor an extra layer of protection. Also, an epoxy floor covering is easy to maintain. It will also revitalize the floor by giving your floor a high gloss finish.

Epoxy wood floors are suitable for all floors of the house, balcony, garden. Decorating with this florist design can bring a natural look to your home or commercial space. You can choose different wood patterns for different places.

This floor is easy to make and less expensive. If you have a wooden floor, this design floor can be easily made by applying epoxy coding. This coding creates a protective coating on your wood floor, giving a durable and smooth finish. 

10. Decorative Epoxy Floor

Decorative epoxy floor designs provide a combination of beauty and durability to the floor. For this flooring design, you can pick from vinyl and mica flake broadcast media and metallic epoxy pigment to your liking.

There is no comparison of Decorative Epoxy Floor to give the floor a great and eye-catching look. This design gives an attractive look to a cement-based floor. For coding this epoxy flooring design, epoxy resin is mixed with marble, crystal, granite, etc. 

Using a divider strip, you can generate limitless designs and graphics in a variety of designs. This flooring design is very popular for the decoration of luxury shopping malls ranging from the living room.

Comparison Table Between Different Types Of Floor:

The below table will show you the complete comparison between epoxy and other floors:

Type Of FloorDurabilityCleanabilityCost Per Square FootInstallation
Tile FloorUp to 20 yearsDifficult to clean$7 to $14Fairly simple
Wood FloorLast for yearsNot easy to clean$6 to $12Easy to install
Hardwood FloorApproximately ten yearsHard to clean$6 to $12Easy to install
Vinyl FloorAbove 10-20 yearsEasy to clean$1 to $12 Simplest to install
Bamboo Floor50 years Simple to clean$1.50 to $11Difficult to install
Epoxy FloorUp to 30 YearsEasy to clean$3 to $12Simple as rolling paint 

Related Question About Epoxy Floor Design:

Is Epoxy Flooring Good For Homes?

Epoxy floors are a good choice for the home. It is very durable and safe, easy to maintain, and clean. It is also not risky for the environment, like vinyl flooring.

Epoxy flooring gives the floor of the house a great look. We always want a floor that can be easily cleaned. Epoxy flooring is also mixed with underfloor heating. So, you can install this flooring design for your home. 

What Should You Not Put On An Epoxy Floor?

Avoid using harsh chemicals such as steel wool or comet when installing epoxy floors because these are very abrasive on your floor. Use a scrubbing pad or brush to scrape off. However, refrain from using any cleaning compounds, including citrus or acid. Citrus cleaners and vinegar can break down epoxy catalysts, so avoid them. 

How Long Will An Epoxy Floor Last?

The durability of an epoxy floor depends on several reasons. Correctly installed, this floor can last up to 30 years. This lasting period is almost similar to the durability of marble and stranded bamboo flooring.

However, installing an epoxy floor in a high-traffic area will last for 2 to 3 years. Also, factors like sun exposure can cause this floor to deteriorate rapidly.  

How Do You Maintain An Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy floors should always be kept clean and tidy. You can use a dust mop to clean it. Floor epoxy works wonders. The best way is to clean the floor with a dust mop after seven days. A hose works well if you want to wash the floor. Use a squeegee to absorb residual water from the floor after washing. 

What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring can be easily installed in less time. These floors are durable and always look new. It is different and interesting to look at from other common flooring designs. It comes in numerous designs so that you can choose different designs for different places. It gives a smooth texture like tiles at a lower cost than the tiles. 

Is Epoxy Flooring Cheaper Than Tiles?

Epoxy coding elements are as smooth as ordinary tiles but cost much less than tiles. The price of an epoxy floor is several times higher than a tile floor. However, epoxy flooring is quite durable and great to look at. So, apply epoxy flooring design for low-cost exclusive flooring designers. 


An epoxy flooring design can be created by applying an epoxy coating on any flooring design. You can easily create an attractive epoxy design on your floor. If you are new to this work, consult an expert to mix ingredients. Some of the epoxy floor design ideas I have discussed above can be done without any professional contractor. Epoxy flooring designs are the best choice if you want to give an exclusive flooring design to your home or commercial spaces.

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