Eufy Robot Mop: Smart Cleaning Partner

Eufy Robot Mop Smart Cleaning Partner

Who doesn’t like cleanliness? And if it is the floor of the house or the entire house, there is no question. But cleaning such a large part every day is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, Eufy Robot Mop came to convert this tedious task into a piece of cake. It accomplishes these difficult tasks in a matter of moments.

In recent times, this edition of robotic cleaning and mopping solution is the best in overall performance. It gives you different types of cleaning modes including vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. It works tremendously on different floor types, for instance, damp floors. Plus, it uses the sensor to avoid obstacles while cleaning the floor.

In recent times, Eufy introduced their first robotic vacuum cleaner that can be monitored by eufy apps. I will discuss the usage, pros and cons, and the value of robot mops in this article. Let’s dive in to find out more.

A Short Overview Of Eufy Robot Mop

Eufy first came to light in 2011. The first product of Eufy is the RoboVac series which is made by Anker Innovations. Some outstanding features make it different from others. Ipath Laser Navigation, 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping, wi-fi, and the self-charging system make it stand out.

The demand for this RoboVac is increasing day by day. In order to get a smart home cleaning experience, RoboVac became unrivaled. Some exclusive features of RoboVac are elaborated below.

Hard-hitting suction: It applies about 2200 pa strong suction on hardwood floors for deeper cleaning. It also does the same for every corner and stairs.

AI mapping technology: You can command the robot mop on where to clean that fits your home. By using the advanced sensor, you can set the boundaries through mobile apps.

Power duration: The power of Robovac L70 can last up to 2.5 hours, while the others last 1 hour. The updated navigation system results in minimum effort and maximum output.

Time and cost-effectiveness: Once you compare it with other vacuum cleaners, you will see that it is cheaper than others. Again, after you place your command through apps, the robots will automatically do their work. That will save you time and money.

How To Use A Eufy Robot Mop: Easy Ways

Eufy robot mops require a few simple steps before they can begin cleaning. It is easier to use than others. Before playing with it, you need to do some basic beginnings.

Step 1: Attach The Waterproof Pad

Before mopping, attach the provided waterproof pad to the charging base to keep the floor dry. Dry floors are easier to clean than wet floors. Remove the pad on an open disposable or washable cleaning cloth. Then loop it into the gripping strips on the left and right sides. Don’t let the seams of the cloth extend.

Step 2: Set The Boundary Lines

Put the boundary strips around the unwanted areas that you don’t want to mop. Be sure to remove unwanted cords that can stick. You can make boundary lines virtually through apps or by using strips.

The strips should be a little bit higher than the vacuum. To restrain from getting stuck, keep cleaning the floor from the mobile charger or any cord and tie up the curtains before playing it.

Step 3: Prepare The Water Tank (washable or disposable).

Fill the water tank with tap water at room temperature and close the sealing rubber ring after it is full.

When using a washable mop, a full water tank can mop the floor for 40-50 minutes and cover an area of roughly 40-50 square meters. In the case of a disposable mop, a full water tank can mop the floor for 30-40 minutes and cover an area of roughly 30-40 square meters.

Step 4: Attach The Water Tank to The Mop

After filling the tank with water, you need to attach the water tank to a mop. So, align the mop with the fiber element properly and insert the edge of the mop into the slot of the water tank. Install the water tank into the bottom of RoboVac until a click is heard. 

Step 5: Place The Mop And Start

After the setup, the mop is ready to clean. Place the mop on the left area that you want to clean. Be sure the mops would not get stuck on the corner of the cabinet or doors. Lastly, click the play/stop button in the eufy home app or on the RoboVac to start. 

Step 5: Eject The Cleaning Pad

After mopping, the cleaning pad needs to be flattened so that it is in full contact with the velcro to ensure the mop is securely fixed.

Note: Make sure the non-velcro side of the mop faces the floor. The disposable mop should be dampened in advance and wrung until it stops dripping.

Step 6: Clean And Wash The Dust Basket

It’s very important to keep the dustbin clean. The capacity of the mop is very low and it can’t suck a huge amount of dirt at a time. After every cleaning, the dust needs to be cleared. If you don’t clean it properly, the storage will be shortened day to day. So, keep the basket clean.

6 Best Eufy Robot Mop In 2023- You Should Take On

Eufy has a variety of robot mops in its collection. Every mop is unique to others. However, some mop styles are popular and have a great demand. Below, I am describing some of the best robot mops of eufy.

Name FeaturesPrice
RoboVac 11S Ultra-thin 2.85’’ design glides under furniture, 3 mode system cleaning, 1300 pa suction, and BoostIQ technology. $399.99
RoboVac G30 EdgeSmart dynamic navigation 2.0, dual gyroscopes, location detection system, 2000 pa strong suction, and control via apps.$339.99
RoboVac 11S Max Self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner, remote control charging base, Ac power adapter, 2000 pa strong suction.$249.99
RoboVac 15C MaxWorks with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, controlled by mobile apps, to set cleaning schedules and quiet cleaning.$249.99
RoboVac L70 HybridReal-time AI map technology, Hybrid 2-in-1 vacuum, and mop, 2200 pa hard hitting suction, ideal for hardwood floors.$399.99
RoboVac X8 HybridIpath navigation, AI map navigation, 2*2000 pa with twin turbine technology, special for pet lovers, and control through mobile apps.$649.99

5 Benefits Of Eufy Cleaning Robot Mop

Eufy Robot Mops gives you the best mopping experience ever. These robot mops are time savers and cost-effective. You don’t need to worry anymore about your floor cleaning if you have this. Just command your robots and leave it to them. You just relax and enjoy a dust-free surface. Some benefits of the Eufy robot mop are given below: 

1. Quietness:

While cleaning, the mop doesn’t make as much noise like a traditional vacuum cleaner. It takes about 75 dB in maximum suction mode. Which is less to be heard.

2. Scheduled Cleaning:

By Eufy apps, you can set a map to clean along with scheduled cleaning. Just set a time to clean on the mop and it will do its duty while you’re sleeping or at work.

3. Time Saver:

Sometimes it takes more time to clean pet hairs, debris, and invisible dust. And you can forget to clean your complete house. It’s very time-consuming to complete such work. But, the Eufy robot mop makes your hard work easier. Just set a map and cleaning time, then leave it to the mop. Its advanced technology makes it amazing.

4. Battery Life:

In the maximum suction mode, the battery can last up to 2.5 hours of a Eufy robot mop. And the best part is you don’t need to manually change it every time. While the power is running slow, it will automatically back to its charging base.

5. Beneficial For Allergic Patients:

Those who have an allergy to dust can use a Eufy robot mop to get rid of it. Its hard-hitting suction mode applies 2200 pa pressure to clean hard-to-reach spots.

Downsides Of Eufy Cleaning Robot Mop

Though the eufy robot mop saves time and makes the clean experience smart, there are some downsides (read disadvantages) of these robot mops. Some of them are described below:

1. Things Can Be Stuck:

While playing, you need to put away the small things around the robot mops. Or else, the robot vacuum will work like a traditional vacuum that will suck socks, pet toys, or other small objects.

2. Device Stuck Itself:

In some cases, the robot goes into a narrow space to clean. Like the corner of the door, in the corner of the cabinet, etc. The shape and size are not always the same for every mop. That’s how it gets wedged under it and gets stuck.

3. Can’t Find The Charging Station:

When the power is running on empty, it is supposed to get back on the charging base. But from some customers’ reviews, it stands in the middle of the floor because there is no way home.

4 Recommended Surfaces Where Eufy Robot Mop Works Better

Though a robot mop can clean different floor types, it has some issues while it is working. Not every place of your household can be cleaned by a robot mop. Some of the recommended places to work better for a robot mop are described below:

1. Laminate:

The robot mop works smoothly on a laminate surface. Too many rough floors will continuously damage the mops’ ground. It is easy to use on every type of floor wet and dry. It also works in tiles and hardwood floors. But the finishing touch will not be satisfactory enough. You will have to use your elbow force to clean the remaining dust.

2. Vinyl:

The robot mop is greatly effective on vinyl floors. The robot mop will be capable of realizing where the furniture is and keep away itself from furniture when they are about to be stuck. You can model and create personalized cleaning schedules and future cleaning cycles based on the created maps.

The robot vacuum will be less likely to bump into things and cause accidents if it has a floor plan for your home. You won’t have to worry about scratches on your vinyl flooring due to bumps or accidents.

3. Tiled (ceramic):

You can use robot mops to clean tiles if you don’t want to vacuum or mop. It works less on a natural stone tile floor. Consider a robot vacuum that has mopping capabilities if you want it to clean wet spills on tiles. Microfiber cloth pads are installed on the base of robot mops that have a built-in tank of water. 

4. Hardwood:

On the hardwood floors, it’s easy to suck hair (human and pet). Most robot mops adjust with floor types. All the mops follow the main suction system. As for the other floor type, it does the same for hardwood floors.

Related questions of Eufy robot mop:

Does Eufy Have A Robot Mop?

As I described before, Eufy has a variety of robot mops or robotic vacuum cleaners. Every mop is unique and easier to use than others. It has a 2.5 hours lifetime, whereas others have only 1 hour. 

Every mop does the same thing with some specific features. As I show you on the table, Eufy has a variety of robot mops for all kinds of cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming. Eufy also has invented the RoboVac X8 hybrid, which is suitable for pet lovers. It deeply cleans the pet hair with the power of two strong turbines. It can clean 56.7% of pet hair. Smart cleaning is the best feature of eufy robot mops.

Does Eufy G30 Have Mopping?

Eufy G30 has a mopping system along with vacuuming. Eufy G30 can be controlled through the app and the best privilege is its silence. But it cleans with water only. It is one of the top ranged vacuum cleaners of eufy.

It has a 0.45-liter dust canister and a 130 ml tank for mopping. This mopping system allows you to run in both reusable and disposable clothes.

Is It Hard To Use Eufy Robot Mop?

Eufys robot mops are easier to use than others, as I said before in the overview of Eufy robot mops. Let me ask you a question, does it look hard to use?

You just need to fill the water tank with tap water and then strip it to the edge of the device. After that, create a map for your whole house and then click play. Just simple.

Does Eufy Vacuum And Mop At The Same Time?

Not all the models have a vacuum and mop at the same time. If any mops have mentioned a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop in the body, the model has a vacuum and mop at the same time. Like Robovac L70 hybrid and others have vacuum and mop systems.

How Long Does Eufy Robot Mop Take To Clean The Surface?

It takes 40- 50 minutes on average. If the floor is hardwood and the suction mode is standard, it can take up to 80 minutes to complete. On medium pile carpet and in maximum suction mode, it takes up to 40 minutes.

There are two types of suction mode in every eufy robot mop. That is standard suction and max suction. But it entirely depends on the floor. There is an estimated time if the mops are fully charged.

If the mapping system is enabled for a model, it will get back its charging base. After completing the charge, it will do the remaining cleaning.

Does Eufy Map Your Entire House?

Some of Eufy’s robotic vacuum cleaners (such as RoboVac L70) can map the places that need to be cleaned and the cleaning has already been completed. It also saves the entire map after doing its first cleaning. It uses AI map technology for maximum results. After completing the task, it gets back on the charging base.

You can create a map for the robot mop using your phone. After the map is created, it will automatically divide your rooms. Different rooms will be indicated by different colors.

How Does Eufy Navigate?

With the strong sensory input, different types of sensors are being used to perform different actions. Watching sensors, obstacle sensors, cliff sensors, wall sensors, and wheel sensors are common sensors in every robot mop.

In the case of mapping, there are two different methods. The first one is using the camera to take pictures of walls, doors, furniture, etc. And the second one is a laser range finder. Sometimes, it creates maps by using the data it collects through sensors.

Can Eufy Map Multiple Floors?

A robot mop doesn’t need to consider the floor type. Because it can clean multiple floors in time. Also, it saves the floor map automatically.

In some specific models, the map of the entire house can be accessed. Firstly, you have to clean a certain area in your house and save it to the apps. Once the robot does its work, it’ll automatically save the map.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Eufy Robot Mop?

Eufy introduced its robotic vacuum cleaner that is worth getting. You pay for it and get a bigger result than you expect. The variety of this mop is huge. The cost starts from $299.99 and the maximum is $699.99.

If you pay more, the more features you will get. But this is not a fixed rate. It may have ups and downs online and offline. So ensure you research deeply and know the exact price.

How Long Do Eufy Brushes Last?

If the mops are being used in standard mode, the brushes can last up to a month and a half. And if you clean the brushes once a week, there is less chance of damaging the brush. You don’t need to worry about the brush. Just clean it once and it will run as new.

Final Verdict:

Finally, as I said before, you see that robot mop is the next generation cleaner which will take on traditional cleaner. Among them, Eufys’ robot mop is the most popular and more sustainable than others. Each of their products is unique. 

Excluding some issues, it will make all types of floors tidier. In addition, it gives you an experience with smart cleaning solutions. So, if you like to buy a robot mop for your household, Eufy is the best one that I can suggest. 

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