Floor Cleaning Services: Have A Professional Help

Floor Cleaning Services

The floors of the houses of most busy people are almost neglected. Although other house areas are usually taken care of, cleaning the floor can be a hassle. The floor attracts lots of dirt which makes it very challenging to clean. Therefore, floor cleaning services are a better solution to avoid these problems.

Sometimes the floor gets so dirty that even cleaners may find it scary. But with experience, they can handle any floor situation that you can’t. Even if you struggle a lot to clean the floor, you will not get perfect cleaning because many techniques are unknown to you.

Professionals return the floors of your home to an entirely new condition with the ultimate skill. No matter what flooring material you have, they can deal with everything. My article is going to discuss the importance of floor cleaning services with some of the best companies’ overviews.

5 Reasons Why Should You Consider A Floor Cleaning Service:

No matter how much you clean the floor yourself, it will not satisfy you because it skips many essential things. So, there are many certain answers as to why you should consider a floor cleaning service. Here are some main reasons to take professional service for floor cleaning:

1. Uses The Right Cleaning Equipment

The main reason for using a professional floor cleaning service is that they know how to use the right tools for each floor. Most homeowners do not know which cleaner should be used for which floor material. Since professionals get enough training in this regard, they know how to use everything.

It is not easy for you to get floor cleaning training like professionals in a busy life. Cleaners are specially made for this purpose. So you can rest assured with your floor responsibilities to them.

2. Reaches The Area That You Can’t

Floor cleaning workers know that there is a possibility of solid dirt in some places on the floor that you have never reached. When cleaning the floor, you avoid complex dirt areas or don’t know where the dirt can be. A professional worker gets the ability to clean appropriately any floor type.

Professionals deal with all floors during training. So they can easily reach the places where you skipped. Why wouldn’t you want to get some great benefits by spending some money?

3. Saves Your Valuable Time

You probably don’t want to waste your leisure time with a complex task like cleaning the floor. This is not necessary if you are considering a reliable floor cleaning service. To preserve the time allotted to your family and yourself, hire professional cleaners who make your leisure time enjoyable by cleaning the floor.

It is really difficult to spend a few hours cleaning the floor while managing daily life. Yet there is no guarantee that you will get a perfect floor. Floor cleaning service companies come up with solutions to these problems.

4. Removes The Dirt And Dust Perfectly

A professional can thoroughly remove all the dirt from your floor for the first time. After cleaning the floor yourself, you will find some dirt that did not come up after using a machine. In most cases, you have to try 2/3 times to remove this kind of dirt.

Floor contaminants pose a health risk to your family members. Therefore, you should take a floor cleaning service to keep the floor clean and get peace of mind to ensure a healthy environment.

5. Offers Guaranteed Service

Good floor cleaning companies always provide service guarantees. In case you are not satisfied with their cleaning, the staff will clean your floor again with the same efficiency. You will never get this benefit without professionals. The staff will also compensate you if your floor is damaged by any mistake.

Failure to pick the right cleaner can result in floor damage, for which you may have to re-invest. You must hire a professional to get the service with a guarantee by spending a certain amount of money.

5 Renowned Company Who Offers the Best Floor Cleaning Service: 

To get a good floor cleaning service you need to search the top companies. Since there are so many companies, it can be difficult for you to choose the best one. A shortlist will definitely help you find a cleaning service. Here are the top-rated companies mentioned:

1. Handy

Founded in 2012, Handy is one of the renowned floor cleaning service companies. It has been providing quality floor cleaning services to its customers. Handy is the most reliable platform for those looking for reliable household services. Find out why their service is so famous.

Anytime Service: You can book anytime according to your convenience. The handy cleaning team will arrive at your home and make the floor tidy.

1-Min Booking Process: You can complete the booking by spending only 1 minute in the hassle-free booking process. Handy believes that quick booking helps to get a quicker solution.

Affordable Cost: Handy guarantees you a quality floor cleaning service within your budget. The money you use for their service is justified.

24/7 Customer Support: They are always ready to inform you about any information related to the service. At any time, you can expect their direct help.

2. Imperial Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning is a well-known name for those who have regular experience in floor cleaning services to rule the industry with long experience. They have been providing floor cleaning services to customers for decades with numerous professionals and staff. Take a look at the key features of Imperial Cleaning service:

Skilled Service: Having decades of experience, Imperial Cleaning professionals ensure that your floor is cleaned efficiently.

Insured and Bonded: One of the key features of Imperial Cleaning is that they are always bonded to provide the best service. Even employees are willing to pay compensation for any damage caused.

Quick Response: The standard of cleaning service is the company’s response. Yes, Imperial Cleaning harms others with their quick response.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: They always use tested and environmentally friendly cleaning materials. So, no damage is done to your floor.

3. ServiceMaster Clean

When you are looking for a floor cleaning service that has been famous for decades, then ServiceMaster Clean should be your choice. They have been providing floor cleaning services for over 65 years. They are currently providing their services to about 75,000 homes and businesses every day. Their floor cleaning service has the following features:

Quality Cleaning: ServiceMaster Clean always ensures quality floor cleaning, which is why it’s longevity.

Available When You Need: You don’t have to consider the time to get their service. Book conveniently at any time.

Customized Cleaning: You can spend as much as you need to clean the floor. Also, you can claim customized cleaning.

Friendly Customer Support: ServiceMaster Clean is unique in terms of customer support. They have gained enough reputation for responding to customers on time.

4. Unger

Founded in 1984, Unger brings you quality and groundbreaking floor cleaning solutions. They have a wide range of services, including floor cleaning and maintenance, skilled workers and the commercial supply of necessary equipment. Take a look at some of the features of their service that represent them worldwide:

Experienced Cleaning: Unger’s skilled staff with over 50 years of experience ensure maximum cleanliness of your floor.

High-Quality Tools: Prepares and uses the best tools to deliver the perfect floor for customer satisfaction. It has given Unger a distinctive feature.

All times Availability: Unger is at your service just when you need it. Always ready to deal with your floor at any time of the day or night.

Guaranteed Cleaning: Ensures perfect floor cleaning. Moreover, they have demos of many successful works which will strengthen your faith.

5. CleanNet USA

Another credible name for professional floor cleaning services is CleanNet USA. It has been providing cleaning services since 1987. Also, they provide services everywhere, including home and business establishments. It indicates how good the quality of their service is. Now you want to know the key features of their service.

Best Trained Cleaning Staff: CleanNet USA has very well-trained staff because they believe that proper training ensures the best service. So, you can expect a quality service.

Insured Service: Feel free to assign the floor responsibilities to CleanNet USA. Although they work for you to avoid all losses, they are still committed to compensating for any accidents.

Very Responsive To Customers: You can get their feedback on any need before and after receiving the service. Your compliments and complaints are welcome.

Deals with any floor: For your traditional or modern floor, you can rely on CleanNet USA because their staff has the ability to deal with any floor.

5 Tips That Will Help You To Choose The Best Floor Cleaning Services:

There are several specific guidelines to follow when choosing the best floor cleaning service. You should consider some essential things; otherwise, you can make a wrong decision. Here are some important tips for you to choose a good floor cleaning company:

Tip 1: Ask For A Recommendation

Ask your acquaintances who have already used a floor cleaning service. They will definitely refer you to the company whose service they are satisfied with. Moreover, you will get an idea of whom you should avoid.

Tip 2: Check Reviews

Any good service provider deserves the most positive reviews. Also, dissatisfied customers mention reasons including dissatisfaction. You should choose the company for which you will find the most positive reviews.

Tip 3: How Experience They Are

Check the experience of the cleaning company. Services that have been providing floor cleaning services for decades should be selected. Remember, any organization survives in this industry with success.

Tip 4: Cost And Charge

Not all companies have the same price range. Find the best service within your budget but don’t look for cheap service. Also, make sure there are no hidden charges.

Tip 5: Check Their Customer Service

Find out how friendly they are about support. If necessary, contact or call them directly on LiveChat and ask any questions about the service. It will also be known whether they respond consistently.

Related Questions About Floor Cleaning Services: 

What Is Included In A Floor Cleaning Service?

A floor cleaning service goes through a few significant steps in cleaning your floor. These include mopping, scrubbing, stripping, and applying floor finishes. Looking at these things, you may think that they are simple. Only a professional can go through every step from beginning to end.

It has been said before that the work that you skip is done perfectly by the professional cleaner. Even though the floor finish is the last step, you still have to pay attention.

How Much Does It Cost For A Floor Cleaning Service?

The general range of floor cleaning services cost is $250 to $400. If your apartment is 1 in number, it can cost a minimum of $100. However, for a house with 2/3 bedrooms, you will need to spend an average of $346. A home with a few bedrooms can cost up to $1,500.

Each company sets its price. In any case, a fixed value is determined by the number of houses. Again an amount is fixed for each cleaner per hour. Perhaps, you have to spend more on the hourly rate.

How Many SQ Feet Can A Staff Of Floor Cleaning Service Clean Per Hour?

An employee of the floor cleaning service brought enough skills. So, in just 1 hour, he can reach 3000 – 4000 square feet of floor. According to the dirt on the floor, the time can be more or less. In case your floor contains lots of hardy dirt, he can probably clean 2500 to 3000 square feet in 1 hour.

This should be questioned when you are hiring a professional cleaning person. If anyone tells his capability to clean a floor of 5000+ square feet in 1 hour, you must know about the quality of work.

How Often Should You Hire A Floor Cleaning Service?  

It is usually recommended to clean the floor every week or every two weeks. The hard dirt does not get a place on the floor. You may even have to pay a lower service charge for a slightly cleaner floor. Once you have found a reliable platform, you can book with a schedule that will clear your floor at regular intervals.

Floor cleaning services are so good that they give your floor a shiny look. If you want to be completely dependent on them, you need to know how often they should be hired to clean the floor.

Final Words

Floor cleaning services are becoming more and more popular day by day as people’s busyness increases. They cannot spend extra time cleaning the floor. A good floor cleaning company can meet your needs. Therefore, you can consider the reviews of the top 5 companies mentioned in the article.

Proper maintenance of your floor is of utmost importance to a professional service. They do lots of things you can’t do. So feel free to assign your floor responsibilities to a trusted service provider.

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