8 Breathtaking Granite Floor Design Patterns: Elevate Your Decor Game

granite floor design patterns

It’s pretty amazing how a naturally occurred igneous rock can make its way up to be one of the classiest, trendiest, and most admired flooring materials ever, right? Well, Granite Floor Design Patterns have long been in fashion to create both Traditional and Modern styles. Thanks to its rock-solid character (no pun intended!) of numerous positives such as – strength, durability, natural appearance, textures, versatility, and splendid color schemes. 

This article intends to provide you with a vast and sorted compilation of fabulous Granite Floor Design Patterns to choose from. In addition to that, some exotic décor themes apply with various finishes of granite and an insight into the factors that should be taken into consideration while opting for granite floor installation. 

This handy arrangement of comprehensive modules will assist you in the task of making the right choice for your floor with ease and efficiency. Let’s get started. 

8 Granite Floor Design Patterns To Apply For A Masterstroke:

Let’s get right into our top picks from the diverse world of Granite Floor Design Patterns. Here are 8 immensely popular granite choices based on all the essential, relevant factors : 

1. Absolute Black:

The finest of this pitch-black granite hails from India. This super-dark rock with little to no veining gives out a sleek, trendy, and all-inclusive vibe – justifying the name it’s been given. This versatile granite is equally popular for every surface finish choice – polished, honed, flamed, and rest. So, feel free to go for Absolute Black Granite Design Pattern in any form. Go monochromatic or spice it up with other shades of granite blocks in creative arrangements.       

2. Impala Black: 

This indigenous South African granite is famous for its playful nuances of colors. Mild, sophisticated patterns of vein beautifying the gray and black theme in various shades will allure you. Impala Black Design Pattern is highly desired for interior and exterior décor schemes due to its subtle demeanor. This granite also is quite versatile with frequent usage of polished, honed, and some other finishes.   

3. Giallo Fantasia: 

This adorned granite boasts its Chinese heritage in an intricate fashion. A solemn cream backdrop that harbors plush specks of yellow-golden, brown, and gray hues makes this stone an ultimate classic. 

Giallo Fantasia is significantly unique because its degree of variation is medium. If your core focus is to be distinctive and to stand out from everyone else then get ready to attain your goal with Giallo Fantasia granite floor design patterns.     

4. Alaska White:

Quarried in Brazil, this granite takes its name from visuals of the snowy landscape of Alaska while aurora borealis or northern lights occur in the sky over it. This white granite with a blend of dark gray, pale silver, onyx hues, and warm neutrals is a high-end, supremely elegant flooring choice for classic and modern themes. 

Pick quality that suffices your requirement – premium, standard, or commercial. Alaska White is regal in every form – polished, honed, brushed, flamed, leathered, sand-blasted, etc.

5. Black Galaxy: 

This black beauty is quarried in Andhra Pradesh, India, and is incredibly admired all over the world for its visual appeal, strength, and durability. With a Mohs scale rating of 4.5, this granite is excellent for both indoor and outdoor flooring. It’s named ‘Black Galaxy’ because it appears like a graphical representation of the innumerable, luminous, starry galaxies full of celestial constellations visible in the night sky.

This stone’s dark-black backdrop flaunts its naturally inherited gold and/or white-colored metallic flecks produced by the bronchite deposit in its formation. Black Galaxy Granite Floor Design Pattern is here to make your décor look galactic.

6. Silver Pearl:

This Norwegian granite features shades of silver, dark-gray, blue, and beige, and also goes by various other names, such as Silver Pearl Blue, Steel Gray, Blue Pearl, etc. Popular finishes for this granite are honed, polished, and leathered – each of them pleasantly accentuates the beauty of this stone in different manners.

Pick up the suitable finish for your required application, residential or commercial, and Silver Pearl will turn a lot of heads!   

7. Lemurian Blue: 

Originated in Madagascar, Lemurian Blue, also known as Labradorite Blue, is granite with an abundant amount of labradorite – a mineral that produces dazzling colors. This granite’s durability and heat resistance make it a great option for heavily-used surfaces.

With a lustrous blend of indigo, Prussian blue, gray, green, silver shades of the palette, Lemurian Blue granite will rock your design module in honed, leather, or polished finish.

8. Baltic Brown: 

Featuring an elegant blend of shades of browns and black with tiny flecks of tans and light-gray, this durable and highly functional granite is quarried in Finland. 

This Nordic granite has gained immense popularity across the globe for both interior and exterior applications constituted by its heat and frost-resistant properties, flexibility, strength, and strikingly good looks. So, going for this one is certainly a pro move in all respects. 

Styling Themes With Different Finishes Of Granite:

From surface finish to color palettes – granite has outstanding versatility that enables you to stylize your home in classic, contemporary, retro, rustic, and numerous other wonderful fashions. 

Here are some popular styling themes that you can apply based on various surface finishes and textures which may help you navigate the utmost potential of different types of granite floor design patterns:         

Posh And Sparkly With Mirror Polish Finish: 

Polished finish granites are burnished meticulously to give it mirror-like reflective, satiny-smooth, and shiny properties. When polished, granite creates an extraordinary layout of natural colors generated from the scattering of light through the cracks of the internal crystallization of quartz and feldspars. 

If you want a sleek and glossy look, then go for a mirror-polished granite floor for residential and commercial floorings alike. Choose a color scheme, veining, fleck patterns, etc appropriate for your preferred décor style.   

Aesthetic Matte With Honed Finish: 

A honed finish is very natural-looking- devoid of excessive sheen and reflection, thus, get an organic, matte appearance. Nonetheless, honed granite is also very smooth and silky in terms of the texture of the surface. Manufacturers run the process required to obtain a satin-smooth, matte surface.

So, if you prefer a more laid-back look, then honed granite is a great flooring choice. Honed Granite Floor Design’s popularity is exponentially rising due to its casual and cosmopolitan appearance.                         

Wholesome Organic With Brushed Finish: 

A brushed granite surface has moderately textured feels and generally comprises velvety, smooth, uniform, and consistent veins and ridges – the culmination of all these lend authenticity to its appearance.

Beyond indoor flooring, it’s also suitable for outdoors since its texture produces a bit of traction which is ideal for a surface area that may frequently get wet and exposed to atmospheric elements and pollution.

A brushed finish is somewhat unconventional, but a smart flooring choice because of its high functionality and captivating organic look.                      

Rustic And Spontaneous With Leathered Finish: 

A leathered finish is a relatively new invention and has been creating a buzz in the designing world for quite some time now. This finish has a subtle texture, mild sheen, and a more natural-looking appearance, all of which constitute an effortless, subdued look. A leathered finish is predominantly used for dark-toned granites to generate ingenious rustic styles.    

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Granite Floor Design Pattern? 

Before you finally choose a particular granite floor design pattern, you need to bring some basics into play so that your decision can serve its purpose to the fullest. So, ponder the important practical factors involved in this regard, especially when you want your floors to be long-standing for generations to come. 

Here are some vital aspects to be supervised if you want to ace your flooring plans: 


The whole point of building something is that the outcome should serve the primary purpose for which it’s been built in the first place. 

Granite is a naturally formed volcanic rock that is later processed in various mechanisms to obtain various types of pieces ready for use. It’s evident that one particular type of granite slabs that is best suited for the floors of your living room, study or bedroom, may not be a good idea for your kitchen, bathroom, driveway, or garage; since the latter areas get wet or become exposed to heat, dirt, and debris more frequently than the former one.

Therefore, it is imperative to consider as to how, for what, to what extent, and by whom a particular area is likely to be accessed and used. Choose the surface finish, size, volume density, edge thickness, etc of your desired customized natural granite stones that fit into the functionality criteria accordingly.

Maintenance And Durability: 

Granites are famous for possessing the qualities of perpetual strength, low-maintenance, easy-to-clean nature, low-absorption rate, substantial hardness, etc, but we should understand that different kinds and finishes of granite might need different degrees of maintenance actions.

Types that are the most heat, water, and scratch-resistant, and easiest to clean, should be the perfect choice for heavily and abruptly used floors.  

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Floor Design Pattern:                 

Which Granite Is Best For Flooring? 

It depends primarily on the kind and nature of the particular area to be floored. Harder, more heat and frost resistant, and textured granites are ideal for outdoor flooring. Indoors can take different grades of variants quite well.

What Is The Most Popular Granite Color? 

Black, white, gray, silver, beige/brown are the most popular and commonly used colors of granite.   

How Long Does A Granite Floor Last? 

A lifetime or more! Being one of the hardest and most durable natural building materials, granites can pass the test of time with flying colors. 

Is Granite Better Than Marble? 

In terms of hardness, functionality, longevity, and easier maintenance – yes, granite is superior to marble. Even though marble is a great choice, granite simply serves better from some of the very crucial aspects. 

Which Is Better For Flooring – Tiles Or Granite? 

In terms of naturality, authenticity, resistance, and low maintenance, granite has an upper hand over tiles. On the contrary, tiles supersede granite in terms of functionality, flexibility, less installment expenditure, and customized designs and patterns.     

How Can You Tell Good Quality Granite? 

Granite comes in different grades such as – premium, standard, commercial, etc based on quality and suitability. Also, various types of granite quarried all over the world have varying qualities from one another.

Compare the core parameters like rating on the hardness scale, absorption or moisture, durability, etc appropriate for the type of your required flooring area before choosing any particular granite grade.     

Is Granite Good For Houses? 

Indeed it is! Granite is amazing for various kinds of applications in the house and has historically been used for centuries.    

Is Granite Good For Kitchen Flooring?

Granite is very good for kitchen flooring due to its high durability, low absorption, great resistance to moisture, scratches, molds, and bacteria, and easy-to-clean feature.    

Which Flooring Is Better: Granite Or Porcelain? 

Porcelain tiles are too new in action to critically determine all the pros and cons and to be compared with other generally used materials. However, some initial findings show some positives such as – porcelain tiles can be harder, more resistant to moisture and scratches, and easier to maintain as compared to granite. 

On the other hand, porcelain tends to chip, get cracks from the installation process, the blunt force of objects dropping, has limited edge options, etc which aren’t the case for granite.         

What Are The Disadvantages Of Granite Flooring? 

The major disadvantages of granite flooring include – high expenses to purchase and install, difficult installation, limited designs and patterns, radioactivity in the vicinity of x-ray and gamma waves and magnetic fields, and lack of warmth.  

Closing Remark:

This article tried to integrate various pieces of relevant and frequently quested information and ideas regarding granite floor design patterns, but at the end of the day, the most important things are your profound emotional satisfaction and artistic closure. 

Follow your heart and go for the granite floor design patterns that attract you more. So, take the liberty to achieve all that can make you genuinely content and happy. 

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