9 Luxurious Granite Floor Designs To Make Home Dazzling

9 Luxurious Granite Floor Designs

Granite Floor Design is the most popular in recent times. This material is made of cooling molten rock in the soil. This flooring element is an igneous rock that is strong and bright. You can use it in all areas of the house except flooring. It has several options such as standard, matte slab, brushed, glossy tiles, etc.

The beauty of granite flooring designs surpasses most of the other tile materials. It is a bit luxurious and heavy, so be sure to get expert help to install it. It is a natural stone, so it is eco-friendly. Granite is unnecessary to seal the moisture-proof area as it is not very porous like marble. 

Granite stones are harder and stain-resistant than any other flooring material, as result maintenance is easy. So you can choose granite stones for flooring design. For your convenience, here I will discuss some granite floor designs. Let’s learn about the designs without delay.

9 Luxurious Granite Floor Designs That Will Brighten Your Floor:

Granite flooring designs give the home a luxurious look. You can use it on your floor as well as in other places. Here I will discuss some granite floor designs for you from which you can take a pick.

1. Black Forest Granite

With its continuous white pattern, Black Forest Granite creates striking patterns on a house’s floor. However, some black forest granites may have an unusual pattern of blocks. You can use it for flooring, stairs, wall coverings, and countertops.

Black Forest granite is found in southern India and is popular worldwide. Although it is rarely used on interior floors, it is great for those who prefer dark floors. It is used for exterior flooring in most cases as it is durable and weather resistant. 

2. Crystal Yellow Granite

Crystal Yellow Granite is the maximum widely used granite design on the floor. These granite colors are very bright and suitable for indoor floors. Its pattern consists of evenly scattered crystals. This is great for low-light areas.  

If you use granite of this design on the floor of your house, it will further enhance the brightness of your house. This granite design can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. It is strong, reasonable, and weather-friendly granite. You can use it on your home floor as well as in the swimming pool area. 

3. Silk Granite

Due to the name Silk Granite, this material seems to be able to add a smooth texture to the floor. Using this granite, you can make your floor shiny. It is an elegant expanded granite with a silicone base-like fabric. As a result of using it on the floor, a light, airy and soft mood is felt.

This granite tends to stain, so you should apply sealer quickly. It gives the floor a stronger finish than marble. It is also a perfect selection for commercial and residential floors. This type of rock is very common in India’s southern regions. If you want to get an eco-friendly and smooth finishing floor, then choose Silk Granite.

4. Rosy Pink Granite

Medium variety granite with peach, red and black spots is known as rosy pink granite. This durable granite is suitable for use in any area, including walls, countertops, and landscaping projects. You can also install it on the interior and exterior floors of your home.

It is an Indian granite, also known as pastel pink granite. This granite is a perfect choice for those who feel bored with white and black colors on the floor. You can use this granite to add a pink tinge to your floor. It is strong for high-traffic areas.

5. Steel Gray Granite

Steel gray granite is an Indian granite also known as Indian steel. These granite designs come in shades of blue, brown, and black with light gray flakes. By installing this granite on your floor, you can give a calm look and a soft texture. 

It can withstand heavy loads to be used in high-traffic areas. Steel gray granite is a durable and less varied granite. Granite lovers prefer it for its low variety. It can be useful for any indoor and outdoor area. This granite is used in exterior projects, including building bridges, paving, and monuments.

6. Viscount White Granite

Viscount White Granite is a low-cost and durable Indian granite. This granite is made of a mixture of white, gray, and black, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It gives your home a nice look. If you want to give the floor of the house an attractive and unique look, then this is for you. 

It is offered in both dark and light colors. This Indian granite is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Viscount White Granite is stained-resistant and easy to maintain. Another feature is that it is heat resistant to use in fireplace areas.

7. Kashmir White Granite

The design of Kashmir white granite has dark red spots on a gray to white background varying in color. Kashmir white granite is right for indoor and outdoor areas. However, it is not perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. While this granite is quite sturdy, not stain-resistant.

It is necessary to apply sealer on the white granite of Kashmir to give a smooth texture to the floor. This granite enhances the floor nicely and looks tidy. So, if you want to give a cool feeling to your floor, use Kashmir white granite on the floor.  

8. Platinum White Granite

Platinum White Granite is Indian granite that is typically found in the northern regions of the country. It is a great choice for countertops, exterior floor, and interior walls. It can also be used for fountain, pool and wall capping, stairs, windows, etc. It is also strong and durable for high-traffic areas.

It is stained-resistant, can be used anywhere, and does not stain due to various activities. However, it is better to apply sealer on it for long-lasting durability. If you are a white lover, this may be the right choice. But before decorating it for the floor, know its advantages and disadvantages.

9. Flash Green Granite

Flash green granite looks normal dark. You can use it for the floor and stairs of your house. This granite gives your floor a smart look. By installing this granite stone, you can create a unique look on the floor of your house.

As it is stain-resistant, you can also use it on kitchen countertops. Flash Green Granite is strong and durable, so you can use it even in high-traffic areas. Due to the dark green, many may think that the flash green granite floor is half. However, it does not allow your home to look cluttered at all.

10 Best Granite Flooring Design: A Brief Comparison Table:

The below table will give you a brief comparison among the 10 best granite flooring designs:  

Granite designLarge-sized slabsPatternsChemical and  stain resistanceMechanical strengthConsistencyApplications
Black ForestYesYesExcellentExcellentModerateFlooring, Stairs, and Wallcovering
Crystal YellowYesMaybeModerateHighModerateFlooring and Stairs
SilkYesNoLowModerateModerateFlooring and Stairs
Ivory BeigeYesNoLowModerateModerateFlooring and Stairs
Rosy Pink GraniteYesMaybeModerateModerateLowFlooring, Stairs, and Wallcovering
Steel Gray GraniteYesYesHighHighLowFlooring, Stairs, and Wallcovering
Viscount White GraniteYesYesHighModerateModerateFlooring and Stairs
Kashmir White GraniteYesMaybeLowModerateLowFlooring and Stairs
Platinum White GraniteYesYesModerateHighHighFlooring, Stairs, and Wallcovering
Flash Green Granite YesYesExcellentGreatHighFlooring and Stairs

Related Question About Granite Floor Design:

Are Granite Floors Expensive?

Granite is the trendiest flooring material of today. It is quite popular with modern homeowners as a flooring material. Granite is one of the most expensive floor stones in the market. Marble tiles are more affordable than granite. Granite flooring is also available at low prices but has low quality and high-grade durability. 

Therefore, before you buy cheap granite floor installs, make sure about their quality. If your budget is high, then choose high-quality granite stone. But I think it is better to choose other flooring materials instead of low-quality granite due to the low budget.

What Is The Good Granite Color For House Floor?

Granite floor designs have several color options. You can make a decoy that looks good with the walls of your home. However, the crystal yellow color is most commonly used on granite floors. It is bright in color, so it looks good on the floor. This granite floor design enhances the room’s brightness, so it is suitable for an indoor floor.

The pattern of these granite tiles has evenly scattered crystals, making them great for modern floors. Although granite looks brighter even in low light areas, crystal yellow granite emits more brightness. 

Is Granite Or Marble Better For Flooring?

We know that marble stones are the most popular material for the floor. It has several options between size and color. Although marble is great for stone floors, granite is better than marble for durability. Granite floor designs are quite strong, so they do not crack easily.

On the other hand, floor designs made of marble stone are relatively soft so that they can be easily damaged. Marble floors are also difficult to maintain, but granite floors are relatively easy to maintain. So if you have to choose between marble and granite for flooring, I suggest choosing granite.

For a better understanding, you can read the complete article comparing granite and marble flooring by clicking here.

Is Granite Good For Hot Weather?

Granite is made from natural stone, which can conduct heat and other stones. When granite is placed on the floor, it draws heat from the body. Granite’s heat transfer properties are an advantage in hot climates. Although it does not generate cold on the floor, it acts as an excellent heat sink.

It absorbs the heat of the feet when walking on the granite floor and gives it a cold feeling. After all, granite floors are great for all weathers. But if one is going to get a comfortable feeling on the floor in hot weather, then granite stone will be the best choice for them.

Is Granite Good For Health?

Granite is a safe and popular choice for home floors. Granite is made from natural stone. When it is excavated, it naturally contains radioactive material. They can also occasionally emit radon gas during lifting.

Many of you may not know that radon grass can cause cancer. Hence, the primary health concern with this gas emitted during granite extraction. However, if it is installed on the house floor, it does not have any health risk. Consequently, you can safely use granite in house building. 

Where Can You Use Granite Tile?

Granite tile is durable and bright that is made with natural stone. It is suitable for all places, including commercial or residential, high or low traffic. It works exceptionally well on floor tiles. Among the different kinds of granite, polished granite is good for kitchen countertops due to its resistance to temperature changes. You can also use it for wall coverings, vanity tops, and decorative items.

Honed granite is used for high-traffic commercial flooring due to its toughness. You can also use it for the bathroom. Although I have discussed two types of granite here, you will find many more options. So before choosing granite stone for any place, you should know about its features. 

How Often Should You Seal Granite Floors?

Although granite is a material made from natural stone, it can be stained by nature. If you spray something on the floor and don’t clean it quickly, it can cause stains. However, if you seal the granite floor surface with a sealer, it will protect your floor from stains and water patches.

Depending on your usage, it needs to be sealed once every two years. You can tell by a simple inspection that it is time to re-use the sealer on your floor. First, soak a paper towel and place it on the granite tile to do this. If the bottom of the towel granite fades after five minutes, it’s time to re-seal your floor. 

Is Granite From India Good Quality?

Granite is one of the great materials used for flooring. Most of the granite exported in the world is from India. Also, the best quality granite is imported from the southern part of India with different colors and types available. 

Indian granites are more affordable, durable, strong, and beautiful than other granites. India is the biggest stone exporter worldwide. India exports about 80 to 85% of the world’s granite. So, if you want to use granite for the floor, choose Indian granite.


Granite floor design is a great choice for modern floors. It comes in different colors, designs, and prices. You can choose one of the various options according to your needs. But if you think about quality, my advice is Indian granite because Indian granite is cheaper and more durable. You can use these granites on the floor and stairs. Some high-quality granites can be used for floor as well as wall coverings. However, the type of granite you choose, learn about its properties. And to know all the information about flooring, visit Tidy Floor.

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