Hardwood Flooring For Living Room: Make Your Living Room Stunning

Hardwood Flooring For Living Room

The living room is what creates the first impression. Not only for the guests, but it is also a comfort zone at a house. When it is a concern of impression as well as comfort, hardwood flooring is what comes to my mind. The warm tone and sleek yet classic hardwood flooring give a welcoming and comfy vibe to the living room. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why people prefer hardwood flooring in the living room. 

Despite the eternal beauty of hardwood flooring, there are several confusions regarding it. Many people are indecisive about the design ideas while others are in dilemma about the cons of hardwood flooring. When this is the case, it is better to clarify all the confusion and then make the right decision. 

To help you make an informed decision, I am here to talk about hardwood flooring for your living room decor. After thorough research and experiments, I have come up with a few facts that you must know before installing hardwood flooring. Thus, I believe that the article would be insightful and helpful for you. 

So, hang in there!

Pros And Cons Of Using Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room: 

Before you know any other information, you may like to learn about the pros and cons of installing hardwood flooring in the living room. In short, there is no major obstacle to using hardwood flooring in the living room.

As living room flooring is not exposed to high moisture like the bathroom, kitchen, or basement, hardwood flooring is a good option. However, there still remain some drawbacks that you need to know before choosing this option. 

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of using hardwood flooring in the living room:

4 Pros Of Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room:

These are the pros: 

1. Excellent Aesthetic Value: 

The very basic benefit of hardwood flooring is its timeless beauty. Hardwood flooring would never go out of the trend no matter whether it is a traditional or a modern house. It can blend literally with any type of interior. 

Hardwood flooring is available in different colors and patterns. Each species of wood has diverse patterns and colors. So you can choose a light, medium, or dark hue. You can either get cool or warm hardwood flooring.

Besides, the plank width, parquet design, and other patterns can add excellent decorative value to your living room flooring. Therefore, you can beautify your living room with hardwood flooring to make it look classy and comfy. 

2. Long-lasting: 

Hardwood flooring is long-lasting if maintained properly. As the living room condition is normal, regular cleaning can keep the flooring intact and in good condition. 

Hardwood flooring is durable and stable. They don’t wear or tear easily. Even if you see minor bruises or wearing, you can furnish, polish, and color them to bring back the grace. Else, wooden planks can’t be damaged easily.

If maintained and used properly, hardwood flooring would stay new and fresh for decades. So, it is a reliable flooring option for your living room. 

3. Warm And Comfortable To Touch: 

If you are living in a cold area, hardwood flooring is undoubtedly the best choice for your living room. While vinyl tile or stone flooring becomes cold and chilly on winter days, hardwood flooring stays warm no matter what the weather condition is. 

Similarly, the hardwood floor has an optimum temperature during summer giving you comfortable underfoot touch. Also, hardwood has a smooth and silky surface that is soft to touch. 

On the other hand, tile flooring is generally rough or grainy. So you get a soothing feet touch with hardwood flooring in your living room. 

4. Easy To Maintain: 

Maintaining hardwood flooring in damp conditions is extremely difficult. But in the living room, you can easily maintain the flooring. Also, as cleaning is easy, you can keep the flooring hygienic. This means, your children can play on the floor without getting infected. 

Vacuum clean regularly and wipe off the floor with a mild cleanser. This would remove the loose dirt and disinfect the surface well. However, make sure to dry the flooring so that moisture can’t settle on the wooden surface.

As part of maintenance, you may also need to polish and seal the flooring once a year to keep the shine and protect it from moisture. Yes, that’s all!

3 Cons Of Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room: 

Despite all the advantages of hardwood flooring, there are a few cons too. You must know them before deciding. Otherwise, it can be a huge investment with a poor outcome. 

So here are a few cons of choosing hardwood flooring for your living room: 

1. Costly: 

While ceramic, vinyl, or laminate flooring are cost-effective, hardwood flooring is expensive. As hardwood is obtained from solid natural wood and processed to keep the raw touch of wood, the cost is high. 

Moreover, the installation cost is high too. So overall, it is very expensive to put hardwood flooring in the living room. If you are ready to invest in high-quality wood, only then should you go for it. Else if you are finding a budget-friendly option, hardwood won’t be your first choice. 

2. No Noise Cancellation: 

Walking or rolling substances on hardwood flooring can be very noisy. In contrast, walking or running on natural stone or tile flooring would cancel the extra noise easily. 

If a suitable underlayment is not placed, hardwood flooring would be noisy. Only a sound insulation underlayment can reduce the noise while walking or working on the hardwood flooring. 

3. Time To Time Maintenance: 

Though maintaining hardwood flooring is easy, you need to be regular. While dirt particles can leave scratches, a wet floor can cause the growth of mold and mildew. So, if you fail to maintain it, you would be in trouble. 

Besides keeping dirt away and the floor dry, sealing and polishing are necessary too. Sealing and polishing keep the surface smooth and add a protective layer. So you have to stay cautious about the maintenance steps. Otherwise, the glamour of the hardwood flooring would fade away. 

You have several color options for hardwood flooring for your living room. It is necessary that you choose the right color tone that matches your interior. Not all colors would match an interior. Also, when it comes to vibing or comfort factors, choosing the right hardwood color is important. 

Here are the popular color options that you can choose for your living room hardwood flooring: 

1. Creamy White: 

If you like a cool shade that gives a comfy vibe, you can go for a creamy white oak flooring. The continuous creamy texture with white stripes has a homely vibe and an eye-soothing look. This is one of the classic color tones used in the living room for ages. 

2. Black Charcoal: 

Want modern and sleek hardwood flooring? Then choosing a dark black charcoal hue would be the best option. It is generally obtained from dark walnut wood and mixed with mild white veins to give a rich and elegant look. This tone is suitable for a posh and expensive living room interior. 

3. Light Brown: 

Using brown polished walnut wood mixed with white oak can give an exceptional flooring. The blend looks very homely and cozy with white and orange shades on a light brown base. This has a rustic countryside vibe too that can blend perfectly with any simple living room interior. 

4. Warm Amber: 

Amber tone is very warm and welcoming and has an orange-brown hue with gray stripes. This is a unique choice for living room flooring. Not commonly found, an amber tone would be a great choice for a living room where sunlight is adequate as this tone shines a lot. 

5. Reddish Brown: 

If you want something vibrant and colorful for your living room flooring, go for mahogany flooring which has a dark reddish-brown shade. It looks extremely bright and vivid in the living room accentuating the flooring.

This tone gives a jolly and lively vibe rather than a cozy vibe. The tone is very attractive and impressive, suitable for highlighting the living room flooring. 

6. Medium-Dark Brown: 

One of the basic hardwood color tones is the medium-dark brown color. This is always the safest option to choose as it goes well with all types of interior. 

Generally obtained from cherry wood, the warm and bright medium-brown hue gives a solid and bold look to the living room flooring. If you are in a dilemma, I believe this would be the best for you. 

7. Gray White: 

If you are fond of light shades, you can try out the maple wood that has a gray-white tone. Some may see it as an off-white tone. But actually, the shade is gray with a mixture of white veins.

The mixture gives an off-white hue under the sunlight. This is a very simple color symbolizing comfort, ease, and coziness. This is one of the best options for an elegant and simple living room interior.

8. Yellow White: 

If you want a warm yellow tone with white hues, go for birch hardwood flooring. Birch has a lucid yellow shade with minimal stripes. The light yellow tone is continuous which is mixed with white hues at some portions.

This has a very cool effect and a welcoming vibe. Though suitable for traditional houses, you can also match them with a modern house setup.

9. Warm Brown: 

A yellowish-brown tone is just what you need to have stunning living room flooring. Pinewood has a very usual brown tone with yellow hues that look absolutely amazing. Though a common tone, its grace never fades away.

This tone is always very heartwarming and soothing that it can match any living room decor. This is the perk of such a basic color that you won’t need to panic about the compatibility. 

10. Dark Brown: 

If you want an alternative to the black hardwood flooring, go for a dark brown shade. It looks equally dashing and stunning just like the black one. You can obtain dark brown flooring from ebony, walnut, or Jacobean wood.

All of them have dark brown shades and depending on the polishing, the hues would vary. Irrespective of the wood type, this tone would give a royal and posh touch to your living room. 

These were the popular color ideas for your living room hardwood flooring. Think of the color tones once again and decide which one you would like to see on your living room floor. 

Related Questions About Hardwood Flooring For Living Room:

How Much Does It Cost To Install Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room? 

The cost of hardwood and labor vary according to the wood being used and the area of the living room. Though it is tough to say the exact pricing, I can give you a rough idea. 

Generally, per square foot of hardwood flooring would cost around $6 to $12. So if I divide the cost according to the flooring material and labor cost, then the calculation would be easier. For getting the flooring materials per square foot, the price ranges between $3 to $7.

For installation of hardwood per square foot, the cost is around $3 to $5. So on average, if you calculate the price to install a 1000 sq. ft room, the cost would be between $6000 to $12,000. But remember, the price may go up or down depending on the installation method and wood being used. 

Does Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room Increase Resale Value? 

Hardwood flooring is quite a costly choice. Not only is it costly but also highly durable and has aesthetic value. It is a timeless flooring option that adorns any room beautifully. 

Considering the aesthetic value, durability, and cost, the resale value of a house with hardwood flooring is kept high. Generally, the owner demands 75% of the investment he has made on the hardwood flooring. This percentage is quite a lot compared to the other flooring options.

Therefore, I can say that yes, hardwood flooring in the living room increases the resale value of the house. 

What are some popular hardwood species for living room flooring?

There are numerous hardwood species that work well for living room flooring. Oak is a classic choice known for its strength and versatility, available in a range of grain patterns and colors. Maple offers a smooth and uniform appearance, ideal for contemporary living rooms. For a rich and luxurious look, cherry or mahogany can add warmth and depth to the space. Walnut is prized for its unique grain patterns and natural beauty. Each species has its own character and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your living room style.

Can hardwood flooring make a small living room appear larger?

Hardwood flooring can make a small living room appear larger. Light-colored hardwood, such as maple or ash, can reflect light and create an illusion of more space. Choosing wider planks or a diagonal installation pattern can also visually expand the room. Also, keeping the flooring consistent throughout adjoining spaces, like hallways or adjacent rooms, can create a seamless flow, making the living room feel more spacious. Hardwood flooring provides an open and inviting ambiance, making it a popular choice for small living rooms.

How do you protect hardwood flooring in the living room?

To protect hardwood flooring in the living room, there are several steps you can take. Use furniture pads or felt protectors under the legs of chairs, sofas, and tables to prevent scratches and dents. Place doormats or rugs at entryways to trap dirt and prevent it from being tracked onto the hardwood. Avoid wearing high heels or shoes with spikes that can cause indentations. Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and debris. Lastly, control the room’s humidity levels to prevent excessive expansion or contraction of the hardwood.

Should You Replace Carpet With Hardwood In The Living Room? 

Carpet flooring is a good option as it has decorative value. But when it comes to adding value or durability, it may not be the best option. 

While compared to hardwood flooring, carpet flooring would be at the lower hand. While carpet flooring can stay intact for around 10-12 years, hardwood flooring would sustain more than 25 years if maintained properly.

 So in terms of longevity, hardwood flooring is a way better option than carpet flooring. Now if you are thinking of a replacement, replacing carpet with hardwood flooring is definitely a good idea. In fact, it would also spike the resale value. 

Should Living Room Hardwood Floor Be Dark Than The Walls?

Most interior designers suggest that hardwood flooring in the living room should be darker than the walls. This creates a beautiful contrast accentuating both the walls and floors. 

However, if you choose a light flooring color, you can keep the walls light-colored too. Light-colored walls look better as they make the room look spacious. So no matter what, try keeping the wall color light. But if you want to make the room look sleek and spacious, the hardwood flooring has to be darker than the wall color. 

Is Hardwood Flooring Worth The Money? 

As hardwood flooring is expensive, many may rethink its worth. In my opinion, it is a smart investment if you are building a house and also think of reselling at some point. 

Hardwood flooring is usually worth the money. Its look, grace, and longevity is the main reasons why I am saying it is worth it. Also, as the resale value is high with the hardwood flooring, it is beneficial from an economic aspect too. So overall, I would say hardwood flooring is totally worth the investment. 


To conclude, hardwood flooring is a good option for decorating the living room flooring. It is always trendy and classy. Just remind yourself to maintain it well and choose the right wood that matches your interior. 

Are you ready to decorate your living room flooring? 

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