Hardwood Flooring Ideas: Know The Design Trends Of 2023

hardwood flooring ideas

Hardwood flooring has been on trend for ages. But its demand and glamour have not changed to date. This is because of the variety of designs, colors, and textures hardwood flooring offers. Beside its diversity and suitability with different types of interior, it is also durable and long-lasting. Be it in the kitchen or the living, you can always find suitable hardwood flooring ideas for the floor. 

However, with time, the trends and choices have changed. The wood is the same but the craftsmanship, design, and style alter with time. Also, classic hardwood flooring and modern designs go side by side, parallel. It depends on your taste and interior that which one you would choose. But how would you choose if you don’t know the styles? 

To help you choose and explore versatile hardwood flooring options, I am here to talk about several hardwood flooring ideas. The article would focus on modern trends that would include both classic and contemporary design ideas.

Let’s get started!

50 Hardwood Flooring Ideas With Designs And Colors:

3 Types Of Hardwood Flooring: Trendy This Year

A variety of hardwoods are available in the market. Not only are they made of different woods (find the detail in the next section), but the processing and crafting are different too. Their appearances vary as well. So knowing the available hardwood type would be the first step of exploring this field. 

Here are 3 popular hardwood flooring options trending in this year: 

1. Engineered Hardwood Flooring: 

Engineered wood is just the next version of solid and raw hardwood. It is actually solid wood but the entire plank is not made of solid wood. Rather, only the upper layer of the plank is made of a thin sheet of pure hardwood. Below the sheet, it is either fiberboard or plywood. 

The medium-density fiberboard or high-density fiberboard in the engineered hardwood makes the plank more durable and compact. It just strengthens the plank even more. Some planks even include an extra layer of underlayment for added strength and durability. 

Since it gives the texture of raw and pure hardwood, it is always a premium flooring choice and one of the most long-lasting ones in the market. It is highly popular to date and people are loving the raw texture of solid hardwood!

2. Cork Wood Flooring: 

Corkwood flooring is one of the basic hardwood floorings popular for ages. It has a consistent smooth texture and is not installed in planks. Cork flooring is flat with no interventions in the middle of the room giving a soothing and pleasant appearance. 

The deep tone with random patches on it looks absolutely amazing and warm. The texture is soft but the core is solid and compact. The appearance is truly rare and resilient that can blend easily with any interior. Though a very basic flooring trend, it is still stylish and relevant to modern times. 

If you want a comfortable and welcoming vibe in your house, cork wood flooring can be the best option. The dewy and soothing texture is what makes people crave this style even though it has been on trend for ages. 

3. Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring: 

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is literally the newest trend in the market. Not only because of its out-of-the-box appearance but also because it is eco-friendly. It is one of the options that people should start using and thankfully, people have started doing it. 

Reclaimed hardwoods are made from disposed and waste of construction projects. So all the wasted hardwood and combined and processed to produce recycled hardwoods.

These hardwood planks have a raw and unpolished texture with a distressed look. The color patterns are not consistent and this could be a plus point. The colors are naturally blended and the scattered tones look perky and quirky on the floor. 

So yes, reclaimed hardwood flooring is a unique option that not only adorns your interior but is also safe for the environment. So besides benefiting yourself, you are contributing to the environment too. 

5 Hardwood Flooring Color Ideas: Know The Shades

Besides knowing the types of hardwood flooring, you would also need to choose a specific color palette or shade to match your interior. Not all color tones would universally match every interior or wall color. So knowing the color trends can be helpful for you to make a decision. 

For your convenience, I am mentioning the top 5 hardwood flooring color trends of 2021: 

1. Whitewashed Flooring: 

Whitewashed flooring would truly give a beachy and airy vibe to your rooms. It has a creamy off-white tone with a natural distressed texture. Interestingly, it can give both a cool and warm look depending on the lighting, interior design, and sunlight exposure. Just install white curtains and furniture and the vibe would be chilly. Get warm colors in the room to give a more vibrant look. The whitewashed flooring would just adjust!

A west coast style, whitewashed hardwood flooring has a super relaxing, light, and eye-soothing color tone. You won’t need to worry much about matching the flooring with any interior as it can blend with pretty much any decor. The color is that easy-going, and pleasant to the eyes. 

2. Gray Flooring: 

Gray is always a neutral color but a bit chilly. I mean not everyone would like the basic and neutral tone of gray flooring. It has a calming and chilly tone giving a cool vibe. It is just slightly darker than the whitewashed hardwood flooring. 

Though the whitewashed flooring would blend with all interiors, gray flooring would only match a simple, breezy, and aesthetic decor. You can install bright colors around, but don’t make the room crammed up or clumsy with so many colors.

Keep the decor uniform and simple. Maintain a flow in the room. Only then can you see the true beauty of gray flooring. The neutrality of the gray would bloom more when you do so. 

3. Blonde Flooring: 

Let us move out from the white and gray shade and move towards the common wood colors. The real wood color starts from the light brown tone and ends with a dark tone. And blonde flooring is inclusive of the lighter brown color palette. 

The blonde shade has a mixture of yellow and beige giving a warm and tempting environment in the room. The color is suitable for breezy areas and countryside homes where a comfy and homey vibe is kind of mandatory. It also makes the room look more spacious and airy.

The trick is to keep less and light-colored furniture in the room and let the warm tone of the blonde flooring bloom. It is truly a timeless color tone that can make you feel cheered and happy. 

4. Honey-toned Hardwood Flooring:

Want a warmer shade of blond hardwood flooring? Then choosing honey or copper-toned flooring will be great. It just makes the room much cozy and comfy with a dewy and moist look. 

The shade really looks like honey poured on the floor. The design is still sleek due to the narrow planks and has a very modern look. It goes best with light-colored accessories in the room highlighting the color of the flooring. The color is common among various species of wood and commonly found.

But not all people use it as it is an intermediary color shade. But it is actually a brave and smart decision to choose this. It truly has an extraordinary appearance. 

5. Dark Brown Hardwood Flooring: 

Now, in my opinion, there is no substitute to jet dark brown hardwood flooring. It is always the classiest and a modern option to go with. If you love the intense color shade that expresses royalty and richness, dark brown hardwood flooring is the best option. 

The chocolaty and intense brown flooring has a continuous pattern with little distress and patches. It has more or less a consistent pattern making the room look bigger than it is.

Install large wooden blocks rather than planks to give a more classy look. For any modern house with minimalist and basic decor, dark brown hardwood flooring is one of the best options you can go for. 

3 Trendy Hardwood Flooring Texture Ideas: 

Knowing the type or color is enough but learning about the texture can be more helpful. Textures decide the vibe of a room. One can be very raw and unpolished and the other texture can be polished and flat. So the texture would matter so much when it comes to the appearance of the hardwood floor. 

To help you out, I have listed 3 common textures that are popular in hardwood flooring: 

1. Handscraped Hardwood Flooring: 

Handscraped flooring has a rustic look with random knots and scrapes on the floor as if someone has done that with his hands. The grainy look with these random scrapes makes it look all-natural and unique in every inch of the flooring. 

It has a flow that creates a pattern itself. Though the designs and patterns are erratic, the surface is smooth and dewy. It is a polished flooring with a silky texture but scraped look. Suitable for modern homes, it is also very popular in large commercial areas and modern countryside houses. 

2. Wirebrushed Hardwood Flooring: 

This is just the next version of hand-scraped flooring with some extra definitions. Along with the scrapes, patches, and knots, this flooring has some added random lines to it. 

Wire Brushed hardwood flooring has a feathery texture as if someone has randomly brushed over the floor to create the patterns. This pattern is mainly noticed on light-colored floors so that the pattern gets highlighted more.

Though not a popular choice, it is increasingly being used in recent days due to the finish and airy look. 

3. Distressed Hardwood Floor:

Distressed flooring is maybe the most common flooring texture. The flooring has a raw and unpolished texture. The lines, veins, patches, and scrapes are small but more frequent giving the look of pure wooden bark. 

The distressed hardwood floor texture is extremely classy and rich, suitable for all types of interior. It has a lovely dewy look making the room cozier and comfortable as well as welcoming.

Starting from the living room to the master bed, the distressed texture is always a safe choice. Trust me, it is never going to look odd!

Related Questions About Hardwood Flooring:

What Is The Most Affordable Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to affordability as well as quality, engineered hardwood is the best option. In terms of look and quality, engineered hardwood is one of the best choices. Needless to say that it is affordable too. 

Engineered hardwood has only a thin layer of hardwood at the surface with a plywood or fiberboard core. This makes the plank sturdy and durable. So the benefits are extra but the look of hardwood remains intact. This makes engineered wood cheaper than other options. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Hardwood Floors?

When you talk about costing, it depends on the hardwood being used and the area. Installation process differs according to the wood type too. To clarify, here is a chart mentioning the installation cost of different hardwood floors: 

Wood SpeciesInstallation Cost Per Sq. Ft
Pine$3- $5
Teak, Oak, Cherry$3- $8
Walnut, Tigerwood, Cypress, Mahogany$4- $8

The costs mentioned are according to the types of wood used. As you can see, installing pine is the most affordable option. 

Do Hardwood Floors Add Value To A Home?

Hardwood flooring looks elegant and lasts for ages. Also, as it is a costly flooring option, it increases the resale value of a home. You can use hardwood flooring in both your kitchen and basement.

If you intend to sell your home at a good price, you may like to consider hardwood flooring. Be it a new house or you want to replace the flooring, choosing hardwood flooring is a wise decision as it adds value to a home.

Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of the house, but also, it is durable and a luxurious option. Thus hardwood floors add value to a home.

What Is The Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Color? 

Hardwood flooring shows a wide range of color options. Starting from off-white to black, hardwood flooring has all sorts of options. Be it cool, neutral, or warm, all color hues are available in hardwood flooring. 

But among all the color options, the most popular hardwood floorings are the neutral gray tone and light blonde shade. Both of these are light shades and eye-soothing. These tones are exceptional and give a very calming vibe.

The interior has to be simple and organized to beautify the floor even more adding a cozy and comfy vibe in the room. So you can try out these two popular shades of hardwood flooring for an amazing interior. 

Which Species Of Hardwood Flooring Is Timeless?

A variety of hardwood species are available. Ranging from cherry to oak, each wood type is unique with different appearances, textures, and colors. So choosing one completely depends on your choice and taste. 

But if you want to talk about one wood species that is timeless and has been used popularly for ages, then the first name would be walnut. The perk of walnut is that it shows versatile textures and color tones.

Besides walnut, oak, pine, and cherry are some woods that have never gone out of trend. These have distinct looks and appearances that are evergreen and eternally beautiful. 

Does Wide Hardwood Plank Make A Room Look Bigger? 

Wide and large hardwood planks add more definition to a room making it look larger than it is. It also adds more depth and intensity to the floor making it look spacious and wide. 

Besides this, if you contrast between the walls and the floor, the room would look even bigger. The color contrast and wide planks can surely create an illusion making the room look more commodious than it is. The consistency makes the room look more spacious.

So in a small room, you can install wide planks to make it look slightly roomy.

Should You Replace Carpet With Hardwood?

If you are thinking of replacing your carpet flooring, hardwood is surely a great choice to add value to your house. 

In terms of longevity, aesthetic value, and resale value, hardwood flooring is much better than carpet flooring. Besides, maintaining hardwood flooring is comparatively easier than maintaining carpet flooring. The only drawback is that hardwood flooring is costlier than carpet. But if you intend to replace carpet flooring with hardwood, it is totally worth it. 


I have tried giving a clear idea about certain trends and patterns that would help you choose the right hardwood flooring. As hardwood flooring ideas and designs would depend on your preference, I have just tried assisting you with information. 

Now mix and match these hardwood types, colors, and textures to come up with excellent hardwood flooring ideas. 

So Guys, get ready to decorate your space with stunning hardwood flooring!

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