Hardwood Flooring Vs Vinyl Plank Flooring: [Easy Way To Choose]

hardwood flooring vs vinyl plank flooring

Hardwood flooring is a unique, long-lasting, and pricey alternative for house flooring. On the other hand,  Vinyl flooring seems to be the most affordable, but less lasting and artificial option. As there are no vast details and comparison of these two, people get confused between hardwood flooring vs vinyl plank.

Recently, I have renovated my whole house with new floor material. So, I know the struggle of choosing a perfect flooring material for the house. We will notice a huge price difference, ease of fabrication, feature of water resistance and many more things between these two.

In this article, I will share my knowledge and also will mention the specific reasons to any one of them, as it is a lifetime argument.

Hardwood Flooring Vs Vinyl Plank: A Short Brief About Them

Hardwood flooring is a long-lasting, naturalistic type of flooring alternative created from a variety of hardwood varieties, including birch, ebony, and walnut, as well as mahogany, charcoal, and pecan. While producing this floor, there is no requirement to blend hardwood with several other elements.

Vinyl Plank is the common choice for synthetic flooring. While making this, just several sections of different textures, especially Synthetic materials, are sandwiched together. Again, the vinyl is imprinted with genuine timber patterns.

Vinyl Plank must not be confused with porcelain tile. Ignoring the fact that all these 2 have the same thickness, both are made of distinct components and also have unique characteristics.

Hardwood Flooring Vs Vinyl Plank: 10 Major Differences

Are you seeking high-quality floor materials for the apartment? Hardwood flooring and vinyl Plank must be at the top of the agenda. But a user must select just any one.

Following 10 distinctions among hardwood flooring and vinyl may assist a user in making the ideal decision.

1. The Substance:

Hardwood flooring is created from genuine woody plants. It might be a single wood or a combination of hardwoods. For example, to build lengthy hardwood flooring, birch and walnut may be combined. On the other hand, vinyl plank is made from a variety of substances, especially synthetic materials. 

2. Installation: 

Hardwood flooring is more difficult to set up. But it may not be difficult for a householder to complete the project. It does require extra time and effort from stem to stern. You’ll require extra equipment. In comparison to vinyl plank, which can be installed in just moments, this process might take weeks or even months.

When installing wooden floors, the foundation should be fully prepared, which requires time and skills. Whenever you lay down any flooring, you should first build a waterproof membrane. Next, to use a cutter, trim the flooring to size and attach that to the flooring.

When it comes to constructing hardwood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind. It involves placing the floor in such a method that it accounts for the natural elastic deformation of hardwood. Crumpling and degradation to the flooring might occur if the floor is not correctly measured and installed.

On the other side, vinyl plank flooring is available in 2 varieties. Luckily, all varieties of floorboards are quite easy to construct for householders with the necessary equipment and small amount of extra efforts.

The beginning form of vinyl plank is installed like a hanging surface. Similarly to placing lamination, a soft palate structure enables users to connect the boards altogether even without screws or adhesive. Users may simply trim the floor to length with a scalpel blade or cutters since it is flexible acrylic.

Moringa boards are another form of vinyl plank floor that may be installed by some of the more inexperienced DIYer. Basically take the cardboard covering off of the board and apply it to the flooring underneath. Evaluating, aligning up every board, and trimming to length with a sharp blade are the only stages in this procedure.

3. Style And Elegance:

Hardwood flooring and vinyl planks do not have the similar visual attractiveness or look. Hardwood flooring is made of a variety of natural timbers. As a result, these have naturally soothing shades which give them more appealing over the vinyl planks.

The colors of all wood flooring are not exclusive. It might be charcoal, grayish, whitish, brownish, or scarlet in color. The shade of this sort of floor is classified by the characteristics of hardwood used by the producer.

Producers currently color the facade of various vinyl planks to make them look like hardwood flooring. This may be difficult to tell the difference between the 2 types of flooring during construction.

Due to the lack of an elastomeric base coat, hardwood flooring is noisier than the vinyl plank.

4. Dusting And Maintenance:

Hardwood flooring seems to be more difficult to keep and remove dust than the vinyl plank, because several homeowners will confirm. To preserve your wood flooring from damages, users should dust them on a constant schedule. Also you must  need to apply a variety of solutions to help things last longer by preserving it from water penetration.

Maintaining vinyl flooring planks is simple and requires simply a few washing products. Clean the floor on a regular basis. While sweeping the floor, users may even turn off the brushing function.

Carpets may be used to wash vinyl planks. This reduces degradation over time and ensures the product’s longevity. Buy wax less solutions to recover the sheen of the vinyl surface if it becomes dingy.

5. Make Repairs:

Whenever the hardwood flooring gets scratched, users may have it refinished and sanded by a specialist. Vinyl planks, on the other hand, do not provide that alternative. After it has been damaged, the only solution is to install this in order to restore its original aesthetic appearance.

6. Longevity:

Vinyl plank is not as strong as hardwood floor, even though it may last for a long time. That fabric is simple to remove. It is also vulnerable to debris.

It is important to remember that in order to wood floor to outlive vinyl, users should maintain the greatest appropriate treatment of that anyway. As if  it has its drawbacks. Rodent paws, stilettos, and dirt, for example, can degrade its durability.

Although vinyl plank and hardwood flooring are prone to water penetration. As a result, it is inappropriate for bedrooms and restrooms.

The longevity of wood flowing is affected by a number of variables. The variety of timber used to build that, how well it is placed, as well as the state of the flooring on which it is placed are all characteristics.

7. Resistant To Moisture:

Hardwood flooring is not watertight. Constant water absorption will quickly deteriorate the fresh hardwood flooring. It might make you think twice a lot of money to replace or fix them.

Hire an expert to restore or fix the hardwood flooring if that has been damaged by moisture. Users may not be capable of executing it correctly but if you have prior expertise. Surprisingly, it might result in further destruction or dangerous fungal development.

On the other hand, one of the most appealing features of vinyl plank is that it is moisture resistant. Users may clean this floor as much as they like fearlessly of moisture. If a baby drops something there, simply clean it up and it would be as fresh as possible.

8. Radiation Of Heat Absorption:

If the hardwood flooring is exposed to thermal radiation, this may be damaged. Warm air, on the other hand, doesn’t really harm vinyl plank.

9. Cost:

Hardwood floor is more expensive to purchase and implement than vinyl plank. Currently, the latter costs around $3 to $8 per square meter. Everything relies on where and how buyers purchase it and the length users require.

Screws, glue, and moisture shields are not required with vinyl planks. Even without assistance of a professional, users may construct the ground manually. As a result, it is indeed a less expensive solution for householders that want to invest such little time and money on floor construction.

Hardwood flooring is more costly to acquire and implement than vinyl plank. Hardwood flooring might cost anywhere from $6 to $12 per square foot nowadays.  The expense is determined by a variety of criteria, including the wood species used in the floor, the manufacturer, as well as the retailer customers.

You’ll now have to pay for construction after acquiring wooden floors. The majority of households have no experience placing hardwood flooring. That necessitates the hiring of a qualified and professional builder.

While searching for a professional for all this task, give it your best shot. Some of the professionals exploit that because most of the consumers are unaware of how to construct hardwood floors. As a result, companies demand exorbitant fees.

Note that you will require screws, thermal separators, and some other materials especially if you choose a low-cost builder to construct the hardwood flooring.

10. Property Resale:

Hardwood flooring boosts an apartment’s profit potential. It is much more long-lasting, and it has ageless appeal. Buyers are prepared to spend a high price for this since people are aware of the benefits they would receive.

Regarding the vinyl plank, however, this may not be an issue. One could not get enough money whether he sold his house with vinyl plank. That’s also due to the fact that this sort of flooring is not very long lasting and too difficult to construct. It is also not that much appealing as opposed to hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Vs Vinyl Plank: Winner Revealed! 

In the below chart, I am presenting the main summary of those features, and trying to reveal who is better on which side. So that a person who is new to this topic, can get help with less time-

CriterionHardwood FlooringVinyl PlanksWinner
Trend And Design Hardwood flooring always stays in the trend.The styles and designs change so fast in the market.Hardwood Flooring
VariationAvailable in many shades, brands and qualities.Also available in different shades and designs.Tie
FlexibilityComes with different sizes.Not much variation in size. Hardwood Flooring
Water ResistantNot water resistant. It doesn’t damage with moisture.Vinyl Plank
DurabilityHardwood flooring is a long-lasting and solid option.Durable and stable in an extreme way.Vinyl Plank
Maintenance FlexibilityProvide protection and glow thanks to a manufacturer varnish.

There is a little maintenance required.

Hardwood Flooring
Most SuitableCommercial areas are safe with thisLong lasting and can handle any situation.Vinyl Plank
Reselling ValueHave excellent reselling value.Reselling value is too poor.Hardwood Flooring

Related Questions About Hardwood Flooring Vs Vinyl Plank:

Is It Possible To Install Vinyl Plank Floors Over Engineered Hardwood?

Though vinyl planks may theoretically be installed on practically some other surface. It is really wise to make the homework when deciding to put them on  engineered hardwood. Since this connection between both the flooring wouldn’t be solid quality, installing clicks or using adhesive vinyl over engineered wood floors would not be a good option.

A hovering vinyl flooring is the greatest option since it can be installed over pre existing floors. When users begin placing the vinyl planks, please remember that the surface must be perfectly smooth.

Is Vinyl Plank More Cost Effective Than Hardwood Flooring?

Absolutely, vinyl plank floor is a significantly less cost-effective option than hardwood flooring. Vinyl plank costs approximately $3 and $8 per square meter. That kind of flooring also doesn’t usually need a lot of extra resources as well as being easy to manage.

Hardwood flooring, from the other side, is very costly on the marketplace, particularly if the user wants rare hardwood. Hardwood flooring may cost around $5 and $12 per square meter; nevertheless, they can boost the price of a property for a very long duration. It can stay for more than 10 decades. 

Should You Go With Vinyl Plank Or Hardwood Flooring?

This type of floor users must use is determined by a variety of criteria such as the affordability, absorbency, longevity, and resources. Both the vinyl plank and hardwood flooring have benefits and drawbacks that users should be aware of while coming up with the ultimate decision.

Furthermore, think about the sort of floor that would work best in the existing circumstances.

Hardwood flooring is both aesthetically attractive and quite enduring. Nonetheless, this is pricey. Hardwood floor may not have been the greatest alternative for the user because he may not have more money.

If buyers have the budget and yet are unwilling to put in extra work to manage the hardwood flooring, it won’t still be the best option for oneself.

One should also consider the space of the house where the flooring will be installed. Choose vinyl plank for the kitchenette and washroom. Users won’t have to renew in the near future. Because it is watertight.

Which Is Better Hardwood Flooring Or Vinyl?

Each surface type has advantages and disadvantages, and what is a wiser choice for the user relies on the expectations. Hardwood flooring, for instance, is a wonderful investment which might raise the price of the home; it has a polished finish, long-lasting as well as it can be cleaned and varnished.

Vinyl plank flooring is a long-lasting replacement to hardwood which is available in a variety of shades and designs. Vinyl, with exception of hardwood, is weatherproof and far less expensive. Lastly, whereas hardwood flooring normally allows expert construction, this floor choice is rather easy to set up.


I have included many details about hardwood flooring vs vinyl plank with some relatable questions in this article. Organic woods are used to create hardwood flooring products. Vinyl planks are made mostly of synthetic polyvinyl chloride filaments. If you’re looking for the cheapest, ease to installation, and moisture resistant flooring option, vinyl plank is the perfect one.  

Hardwood is the finest option if the user wants a realistic, attractive, elevated flooring alternative. I hope this article makes it easier for the buyers.

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