How Does In Floor Pool Cleaning System Work? [Know Before Buying]

how does in floor pool cleaning system work

No one likes a dirty swimming pool with algae, debris, and muddy water, right? But more than that, most people don’t really like to clean the entire swimming pool by themselves. It is very difficult and time-consuming to clean the pool manually. So what is the way out? The best solution is to install an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

An in-floor pool cleaning system has several pop ups around the pool on the floors, walls, and steps. They pop out as the system is turned on and automatically clean out the dirt and cleanse the water. The system is fully automatic making the cleaning process easy and simple. 

Though very efficient and reliable, you must know how it works. On that note, I have come up with this article telling you how an in-floor pool cleaning system works. Go through it and then make an informed decision. 

Let’s start!

Cleaning Process Of In-floor Cleaning System: For A Clean Pool

In-floor cleaning systems, often known as self-cleaning systems, are installed to have a clean swimming pool daily. Its task is to put fresh water each day in the pool by automatically removing debris, dirt, and germs. Water without dirt means clean and clear water that is also hygienic. 

So you can get rid of the muddy and stinky pool water using this self-cleaning system. Though installed during the making of the pool, you may consider fixing them now if you already have a pool. About 10 to 15 pop up cleaners would be enough for an average swimming pool. 

The procedure is quite simple actually. It has pop up cleaners that would come out of the flooring. These cleaning pop up spray water at high pressure in a certain direction. They can even rotate to spray water all around the swimming pool. But how does the spray of water into the pool cleanse the pool? It cleanses the pool by pushing away all the debris from the pool towards the drain by the high force of water. 

If you install enough cleaners on the pool flooring, they would take out dirt from all the corners of the pool and deeply clean the flooring. Any hard debris can be removed with this force of water. From the pool, the water pressure sends the debris towards the drain which sucks them all. You can later take out the debris from the drain. 

Most in-floor pool cleaners allow you to set the direction as well as the speed of the pop ups. Ideally, each section can be cleaned within a minute. But if you are cleaning it after a long time, it would take longer to completely clean the pool. Note that it also equally distributes heat around the pool. 

This is the basic and very simple mechanism of cleaning the pool with an in-floor pool cleaner. 

3 Considerations About In-floor Cleaner: Know Before You Buy

In-floor cleaners are very efficient, indeed. But there are reasons why many people consider having robotic cleaners. Though this is not to tell you which one to buy you must know some basic information before having one. 

Here are 3 things that you should remember before buying an in-floor cleaning system: 

1. Doesn’t Clean The Water Surface: 

Note that an in-floor pool cleaner only removes the debris, dirt, and algae from the flooring and corners of the pool. As the water is pumped from the flooring, the splashes don’t reach the surface of the water. So any dirt on the surface would be difficult to remove with an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

2. Expensive: 

In-floor pool cleaning systems are quite expensive than other cleaning systems like robotic cleaners. The system itself costs between $5000 to $10,000. On top of that, the installation cost is added which makes quite a big bill. So it won’t be an affordable option for all. 

3. May Break: 

When the pop ups come out of the flooring, it can break if any hard substance hits it. When that happens, it is very difficult to replace or repair it. It is as complicated as the installation procedure. So you need to operate them very cautiously. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can In-floor Pool Cleaners Work On Any Pool Flooring? 

Yes, you can install an in-floor pool cleaner on any pool flooring. Starting from concrete inground pool flooring to vinyl flooring, they are all suitable for installing in-floor pool cleaners. The installation mechanism can be different for different floorings. The laborers can take care of that while installing. Ask the installer for more details about how they are going to install the cleaners on the flooring. 

Why Buy In-floor Pool Cleaning Systems? 

There are a few reasons why people often prefer buying in-floor cleaning systems. I have listed down some of the pros of using in-floor cleaning systems: 

  • It is completely automatic and no human interference is needed;
  • Generally more energy efficient than robotic cleaners;
  • It doesn’t make any sound or noise while cleaning;
  • It deeply cleanses the pool water;
  • The system works on heat distribution and water circulation;
  • It won’t interrupt swimming as they blend with the floor after cleaning;

These are some reasons why you can consider buying an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

How Much Do Pool In-floor Cleaners Cost?

Pool in-floor cleaning systems are quite expensive than other pool cleaning systems. A whole system may cost between $5000 to $10000. Adding the installation cost with that, the overall expense would be more than the amount mentioned. On the other hand, other cleaners are available in between $100 to $2000 which is an affordable option. 

Do You Need Chlorination After Using In-floor Pool Cleaner? 

Chlorination is done to kill the germs in the pool water and maintain hygiene. Ideally, the level of chlorine in the pool should be below 0.5 ppm. But this process is completely different from the in-floor pool cleaning system. While chlorination makes the water hygienic, in-floor pool cleaners remove the hard debris and dirt out from the drain. Therefore yes, chlorination is needed even if you clean the pool with the in-floor cleaner. 

How Long Do Pool Pop Ups Last? 

Once the pop up cleaner comes out of the floor, it would trigger water for about 30 seconds. It then blends on the floor and changes the direction before coming out of the flooring once again. This way, the pop ups rotate and pump water in different directions for 30 seconds to clean the pool thoroughly. 

What Is The Best Cleaning System For A Pool?

Robotic cleaners are considered the most effective pool cleaning system. Though not automatic, it is very efficient to clean the entire pool and remove the debris. However, if you want an automatic cleaner, you can go for in-floor pool cleaners. But they won’t clean the surface of the pool but work below the water surface. 

Do You Really Need A Pool Cleaner?

If you want to save time and make pool cleaning easy, it is wise to get a pool cleaner. Especially for large pools, it can be hectic and problematic to effectively clean it without a pool cleaner. Therefore yes, you would need a pool cleaner if you want to make cleaning easier and efficient. 


In-flooring pool cleaning systems are efficient and useful if you need an automatic cleaning system. But also, check the affordability and the pool requirements before getting one. 

Now that you know the mechanism and some extra information, decide whether you should get it or not. 

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