How To Clean Dog Urine From A Stone Floor? [Most Useful Ways]

Clean Dog Urine From A Stone Floor

Having pets in the house can be a bit messy sometimes. This becomes more of a problem when you have stone flooring. The surface of a stone floor is generally hard. Then, how to clean dog urine from the stone floors? If you follow carefully, it will not be a difficult problem to solve.

The surface of a stone floor is generally hard. Due to its hard surface, it can be difficult to clean. Things like peeing on the floor, pooping, littering the floor, will be ordinary cases at that time. It is a simple process. All you need is the right tools and materials.

Without getting furious about it, I will tell you some convenient ideas. You can clean your stone floor any time and it will be as good as new. After reading this article, you will be able to clean it like a master on this. Other fellows of yours will benefit from you too. 

7 Steps To Clean Dog Urine From A Stone Floor: [Most Convenient Ways]

Dogs are affectionate and cute. People like to pet dogs for their generosity, care, loyalty, and so on. But all this can sometimes end. Often cleaning up your dog’s urine can be a real pain for you. Take it easy because you are about to learn some useful methods to cut yourself some slack.

Step-1: Set Up The Required Equipment

To do any kind of activity related to cleaning, perfect tools are forever the most important thing. At times, your work depends on the setup of your equipment. It has to be good for a better outcome. Here are the tools you need: 

  • Floor mop (flat);
  • A bucket; 
  • Good quality scrub brush;
  • Sponge (big);
  • Small paintbrush;
  • Pair of gloves;
  • Grout cleaner;
  • Grout protector;
  • Stone sealer (satin finish);
  • Floor cleaner for hard surface;
  • Small container.

Step-2: Preparation

Arranging all the necessary things close to your hand will make the process simple and easy without any difficulty. Put on gloves. Bring all your gear to a table near your work area. If the smell is really bad, wear a mask.

Step-3: Clean The Extra Urine

First, the step is to clean up the urine that is not soaked in the ground. Without cleaning visible urine, you will not be able to clean the floor properly. Take the sponge and soak the urine as much as possible. 

Finish it when you feel you are done. Then take the sponge to the trash. 

Step-4: Floor Cleaning

After cleaning up all the excess urine, the next step is to clean the floor properly. To do this, first, take the mop. Put some water on the area. Clean it properly with the flat mop.

After washing, put a cleaner for hard floors on it. Then, slowly scrub the soiled area until it’s done properly. You can do this several times till you are satisfied with the cleanliness. Clean the bucket afterward.

Step-5: Grout Cleaning 

On stone floors, it’s easy to miss the grout. Make sure you don’t. In some cases, dog urine can pass through the grout. Many of us think that we have cleaned very well, but after a while, the bad smell is still there.

Put enough grout cleaner in the small container. Then mix it with a little water. Paint the grout of the affected area with a small paintbrush. Paint it carefully, because no point should be missed. After you finish it, let it sit for a while, and then scrub as best you can.

Don’t forget to scrub every inch of it. When it is done, clean the floor again with the mop. 

Step-6: Painting The Grout

Conveniently after cleaning the grout, you should use something to protect it from further issues. Here comes the part painting the grout. What you will do is basically, use the grout protector that is mentioned in the first step. 

Just like grout cleaning, put some grout protectors and use the paintbrush to paint the grouts. You must use the proper amount of it. Otherwise, it will remain. 

Step-7: Finishing Touch To The Floor

The last and final step is, purifying the whole surface. As you know, cleaning a hard surface is a bit challenging sometimes. When it comes to dogs’ urine, it takes some careful steps to get rid of the smell. To do that we must clean all the nooks and crannies. Using a stone sealer provides the perfect result for stone floor cleaning

Begin with the satin finish hard surface floor cleaner. Put some on the bucket, mix it with water and then slowly mop the floor. Try to clean every inch of it. Not only will it do a better clean, but also the floor will be purified. Afterward, the floor will be fresh as new. 

Clean Dog Urine From Stone Floor With Normal Soap And Water: 

There are several types of ways to clean dog urine from the stone floor. One of them is cleaning with normal soap and water we use at our home. The process is very easy and reliable when it needs to get clean immediately. So, let’s have a look at the steps. 

  • You don’t have to worry about using any atypical materials. Materials such as a floor mop, a bucket, scrub brush, soap water, sponge, are needed. Given materials are always available close to your hand. Before you start the cleaning process, consider wearing a mask and gloves properly. 
  • This very step will take less time than usual. Take out all the excess urine then, mix any kind of liquid soap that is available at your home and mix it with water. After mixing, start cleaning with the mop.
  • Also, make sure you are vanishing the bad odor too. However, stone floors are not easy. You must mop it more than 3 times. After completing the cleaning, you should clean the mop too. 
  • You can get yourself all clean and clear by following the steps mentioned above. But, are you aware of the odor? Dog urine has a very strong smell. This also creates an uncomfortable situation that you are not hoping for. To get rid of it, use some detergents over the surface. Keep it for a while until you feel like you are not having a bad smell. Mop it again and you are all done. 
  • This step turns out effective once in a while. Think about a situation where your friends are coming over and your dog just took a whiz. That situation will become difficult for you because you have to have your house clean and tidy. Well, this is where this step comes in handy. 
  • Quickly after cleaning your dog’s urine, you must be thinking about how you should dry it fast. Just take a portable fan and it will pretty much get the job done. Place it on top of the wet surface. The surface will dry out faster than usual. You can use a hairdryer instead. 

4 Pro Tips To Clean Dog Urine From Stone Floor:

Whether you are someone who can do the job or not, everyone likes to learn some tips. Time is valuable to us, and for that very reason, we find ways to make more time. Tips are the perfect example of it. It makes our work sooner. 

Here are some pro tips for your next cleaning session.

Tip-1: Try to use quality products to clean the dog’s urine. It stinks very badly on stone floors. Not every average product can remove it. So, if you are someone who loves to pet dogs, you should use worthy products. It will cost you a bit more but will be beneficial in the future. 

Tip-2: A hard surface constantly needs hard materials to get cleaned. Try to use a hard scrub brush. Cleaning with hard brushes yields better on stone floors. It washes away all the infected germs and purifies them more quickly. 

Tip-3: We often confuse ourselves with many products. Always use a suitable product for your work. If you clean it with a hard surface cleaner, you will get your floor precisely cleaned. An unsuitable product may get the work done but it is not a long-term solution. 

For example, if you use normal vinyl to clean from the stone floor, it will do the job, but not as well as you wanted. 

Tip-4: Another pro tip to consider is safety. You might be thinking what is safe in cleaning dog urine, right? Yes, there are safety issues to consider. Many of you may not know that dogs’ urine consists of many chemicals which are unbearable to some parts of our human bodies. 

To get rid of it, use hand gloves and face masks during cleaning. Following these will help you a lot more than you can imagine it to be. The strong smell is more harmful than you might think it is. 

Related Questions

Does Dog Urine Stain On A Stone Floor? 

Every living creature excretes the waste materials from its body. Similarly, a dog also excreted through urine. The urine of a dog is more harmful than you might think it is. Due to the presence of ammonia, uric acids, and fatty acids, it becomes acidic. By that, it creates unexpected problems when they pee on the floor. 

The presence of many acids and chemicals makes the floor more prone to make a stain. It can create huge marks which stay hard on the surface. When it comes to a stone floor, it becomes a huge problem very often. It can stink for a long period. 

You should be aware to clean the surface as fast as you can. Otherwise, you may face circumstances that will make your whole house disgusting. Remember that, it will be bad for your dog’s health too. 

How Do You Get The Smell Of Dog Urine Out Of Stone Floors?

Washing is a simple process for anyone. Anyone from a child to teen to adult can do this job more or less the same. It gets a little hard to get it clean and fresh all the way. The smell of dog urine is very intense. I see a lot of questions about it online. 

People who pet dogs face this problem at least once in their life. Then again, solving the problem is very simple if you follow along carefully. 

To get rid of it, you must first use a stone tile cleaner, a hard surface cleaner, and a satin finish cleaner. These products are only suitable for stone floors. After cleaning the dog’s urine, apply the cleaners to the stone floors. These cleaning products help eliminate bad odors by reacting with harmful acids. This way you can get rid of the urine smell.

Will Bleach Get Rid Of Dog Urine On Stone Floors?

Mainly in textile products, bleach has a huge impact. If you are similar to this, you might know it is used to clean a cloth surface. It always results in white. If you are one of those people who think they will be able to clean dog urine with bleach, you are completely wrong. 

Bleach is made for textile products like different kinds of fabrics, clothes, blankets, and many more. This isn’t the right option to clean pet urine. 

Yes, you can get it clean but it will not be the best solution over time. You can only apply bleach in an emergency. On the contrary, it may affect your floor if you use it very often.

Another issue to take into consideration is it takes a lot of time to get it clean with bleach. Bleach takes more time to react than any other cleaning chemicals on a stone floor. Overall, there is no point in using bleach unless it’s urgent. 

What Is The Best Disinfectant For Dog Urine?

A disinfectant not only disinfects the area but also gives a good clean to it. Although it is a good choice for cleaning dog urine. It will also make sure to provide you with a permanent clean.  

There is a diverse amount of disinfectants available for dog urine in the market. You will get very good disinfectant nowadays. Experts suggest choosing your disinfectant by looking at its uses. Without being aware of it, you can face no results after using it. 

To have the best outcomes, you need to check your product. Many options are there to make a disinfectant at home if you don’t have any. To find what is the best adequate option, you can search online anytime. 

Does Warm Water Help To Clean Dog Urine From Stone Floors? 

Years before, men used warm water as the main ingredient for cleaning. From cleaning cloths, removing bacteria, cleaning floors, men learned to develop many products. This is how the use of detergents and many cleaning materials came into the clutch nowadays.

Cleaning dog urine with warm water is viable only by doing it properly. Generally, if you don’t have any type of cleaning product, you can use warm water by mixing some liquid soap. Then you can normally clean your stone floor. Make sure to mix any type of soap with the water. Otherwise, the smell of urine will remain. 

Moreover, warm water can disinfect the area, but it cannot complete the process every time. For that, consider this method as a temporary solution. As dog urine is very stinky and hard to remove. 

Final Verdict:

By using the right technique, one can easily clean dog urine from the stone floors. If you keep a few things in mind, finishing the task will get much easier. So, start the next cleanup, and apply the methods in order instead of being in doubt.

All the steps that I mentioned earlier were convenient to me. Following those, I hope the pieces of information will benefit you.

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