How To Find Matching Ceramic Tiles? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Finding a matching ceramic tile can be a tiresome and time-consuming task because the exact match won’t be readily available. This is why a guide on how to find matching ceramic tiles can be a blessing in disguise for anyone. 

Most people store a stash of extra ceramic tiles so that they can come in handy while replaced in the future. Saving additional ceramic tiles will allow you to install them whenever you want, and it won’t throw you the challenge of finding a matching ceramic tile. 

People do that to avoid the very issue of how to find matching ceramic tiles. To find matching ceramic tiles, you need to make a lot of trips around your local tile shops and contractors. But as you are here to get a solution for finding matching ceramic tiles, let us help you with that as follows: 

5 Effective Ways To Find Matching Ceramic Tile Easily

To find matching ceramic tiles easily, you may require some good ideas and ways. If you are looking for the effective ways to find matching ceramic tile easily for your floors, here are five ways that you can undoubtedly go for:

1. Go Shop To Shop:

When you use the leftover or stored ceramic tiles from the previous installation, you are sure to get the perfectly matched tiles. But if you don’t do that, you need to go to the tile vendors around your area and look for the matching tiles. If you’re lucky enough, you may find an exact match or at least a close alternative.

2. Customized Order:

But the most effective way to find matching ceramic tiles easily is by ordering to make tiles. There are a few places where you can call and make tiles of your preferred design and size. So, look for this type of place and bring a sample of the tiles you want to make and order them to make. 

This type of customized tile will be the exact match of your installed tile in terms of design and color. But to make sure of the standards and quality of the matching ceramic, you better choose a well-stocked store for tiles. Only the renowned tile places can ensure an easy find of matching ceramic tiles of the same standards.

3. Get In Touch With The Manufacturer:

The best way to find matching ceramic tiles is to contact the manufacturer who produces the tiles installed on your floors. You can get their details from the packets or boxes that carry the tiles. Then you need to contact them and ask if the same model of ceramic tiles is available in any of their outlets. 

This process will work when the tile is a fairly new one. Otherwise, there is a chance of going out of the market for the tiles manufacturer. 

4. Look Into The Online Shops:

In this modern era, online shopping has taken a colossal leap worldwide. So, you can look for your matching tiles on the internet. Tons of online shops available are selling high-quality tiles. 

You can certainly look into their collections and find a match for the one you are searching for. This is quite a challenging task, but it is worth a shot. So, start looking into the online tile shops without wasting any more of your precious time. 

5. Forum Post:

In the end, you can try posting on tile forums on the internet. A few communities are highly active online, helping people find their necessary elements. You can post the photos and details of the ceramic tile you are looking for, and if you’re lucky enough, you can get a response from them about where to find the tile.

7 Things Should Keep In Mind When Try To Find The Same Ceramic Tile

You may find the same tile you are looking for in some places. In that case, how will you choose the right one for you? There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind while looking for the same tile. Here they are as follows: 

1. Standard And Quality:

As you’ve already bought and used the same tile for your floors, you should know the standard and quality that tile holds. So, while picking the same tile again, keep that in mind and compare it with the one you’re having. 

This is pretty important because looks can be deceptive. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes and mind sharp to get the standards and quality right. 

2. Durability:

Durability plays a pivotal role in deciding how to find matching ceramic tile issues. It can serve you for years if you pick the durable ceramic tile. Therefore, you need not find matching tiles for the floors.

3. Size:

You should always go for the size you need for your floors. As you already know, there are different sizes of ceramic tiles available on the market. In that sense, your desired tiles may also have different sizes. 

But you need to keep that in mind; you should only go for the size you have at home already. Smaller or more prominent than that size will make the installation challenging. 

4. Color:

It is tough to differentiate the colors and shades of ceramic tiles while purchasing. This is why you need to be extra careful to find matching tiles. Because the colors are not the same, they won’t look good on the floors. 

The pattern and design can be the same, but often the color is different. You can’t call that or take that as a matching tile. 

5. Style and Texture:

The style and texture of any tile are essential. Because the tiles’ slipperiness, smoothness, and shine highly depend on these two things. So, even if you find the matching tile that you are searching for, keep in mind to compare the style and texture. 

Otherwise, you will feel different walking on the same-looking tiles. It may also act differently in different weather. It will undoubtedly bother you that you don’t want to feel. 

6. Grouts:

You must keep the grouts in your mind. Most of the tile installers forget about this thing or simply ignore it. But if you also do so, then even after getting the matching tiles, your floors won’t look the same. The reason behind it is the difference between the grouts. 

So, while finding the matching tiles, you also need to look for the matching grouts. Because only after that will your floors look the same.

7. Maintenance:

You should know that ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. But a suitable model needs to be picked for that. Otherwise, maintenance can get tricky for you. 

So, even if you got the same-looking ceramic tile, keep in mind to ask about the maintenance feature of the tiles. If it is the same as before, you can only choose that tile for your floors.

5 Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Finding Matching Ceramic Tile

People often make common mistakes while finding matching ceramic tiles for their houses. You must avoid them when you see a matching tile. Here are the mistakes you should avoid given below: 

1. Not Ordering Required Tiles:

You should be aware of the number of tiles you will require in your house before installing them. Then you need to order according to the requirement. If you do not contain enough tiles, you may not get the matching tiles when you fall short while installing. 

That would be an unpleasant situation for anyone because even after getting the matching tiles, they won’t be able to install that due to a shortage of tiles. So, you better avoid this mistake; otherwise, you need to buy a whole new stash of tiles. 

2. Throwing Away Extra Tiles:

Spare tiles are a necessary thing to store. You should not throw them away in any situation. Even when the installation is done, you should not get rid of the spare tiles. 

Accidents can happen anytime, and tiles on your floors can get broken. In this type of scenario, it won’t be easy to find matching tiles. This is where the extra tiles come in handy and get your floor fixed. 

3. Picking Tiles Of Wrong Size:

This is a colossal mistake; you must avoid getting the floorings right. When you find matching tiles, you better not get excited without checking their size at first. Only after you’re particular about the matching sizes of the two tiles can you pick them. 

4. No Layout Plan:

The layout plan is for how you will install the tiles on your floors. You need to make that before buying or looking for matching tiles. Otherwise, you won’t get the required amount of tiles, and you won’t lay them in order. 

5. Not Hiring An Expert:

Installation of the tiles is an expert’s job. You can’t just take the tiles and start installing them. Often people make this mistake, and its outcome is pretty horrible. 

Therefore, when you find matching tiles, you must hire a specialist to do the installation right away. Otherwise, you may need to find matching tiles one more time.

Tips To Identify Matching Tile To Make Your House Beautiful

You need to get a few things to make your house beautiful. Identify the matching tile that is on top of the list. Let us show you some tips to identify matching tiles to make your home beautiful: 

Tip 1: Pick A Theme

First, you need to decide on a theme to make your house beautiful. Then, you need to identify matching tiles according to that theme. The job of identifying matching tiles will be pretty easy after that. 

Tip 2: Color Matching

To identify matching tiles, you need to match the color as well. First, fix the paint and then look for tiles of the same color. It will make your house look excellent.

Color matching is quite a tough job. Therefore, you better need to keep your focus while doing so. If possible, get someone with experience in color matching. 

Tip 3: Grout Lines

You must focus on the grout lines of your tiles. Many people avoid focusing on the lines, and therefore the outcome of their installation is not satisfactory. You should pick a matching color for the lines and then start doing the lines. 

If you don’t do that, you’ll have some random grout lines that may ruin the whole tile work. So, to make your house look beautiful, there is no option without focusing on the grout lines.

Tip 4:  Make A Strategy

It is essential to make a proper strategy about the layout and implement it precisely during installation. If you don’t develop a plan, the outcome won’t be satisfactory. Your house may not look the way you wanted it to look. 

So, after getting the matching tiles, you should start planning a strategy for the layouts. Only then can you make your house beautiful by installing them. 

Related Questions:

How Can You Match Your Existing Tile?

You can match your existing tile by ordering a customized tile from the manufacturer or local shops. But to match your existing tile, it is sure that you may need to go an extra mile. Looking for an existing tile is pretty challenging. 

It becomes more difficult when the tile is more than ten years old because those old tiles should be out of the market by now. It is hard to find the manufacturer because most of them are gone. As the manufacturer is not available, the production should not be going as well. So, to match the existing tile, you just need to make customized tiles in a particular order.

What To Do When You Can’t Find Matching Tiles?

When you can’t find a matching tile, you can take out the tiles from covered or unseen places like under the cupboard or other furniture. If you don’t want to do that, you can just mix the tiles and install them. These days matching and mixing tiles have become quite a trend. 

So, when you can’t find matching tiles, you should go for either of the ways mentioned earlier. You can undoubtedly deal with not finding matching tiles by following these two ways.

How Do You Match Tile Color?

First, look for the available chips sitting in the glaze so that you can identify your tile. After that, focus on the color and shade of your tiles. Try to find the exact color and match it online to name it correctly. 

Capturing a photo won’t help because the color won’t look the same. So, you need to put faith in your eyes and match the color properly. The matching will be easy if you can get the color of your existing tile right.

How Do You Match Old Ceramic Tiles?

Matching old ceramic tiles can be challenging because you won’t find them easily in the local store. But you can look online and post pictures of your old tiles on the forum. If you are lucky enough, you may get the old matching tiles. 

But if you don’t get your desired old ceramic, you can go to the vintage architectural shops. As they deal with the antics and vintage things, they might find a match for your old one. 

How Do You Identify Your Tile?

Before identifying, you need to know a few things about your existing tile. You need to be sure about the color, size, texture, design, and grout line. When you are certain about these things, it would be easy to identify your tile. 

These are the things that make one tile distinct from another. So, all you need to do is cross-check these features, and the one that matches everything is what you’re looking for. This is how you can identify your tile. 

How Do You Match Discontinued Tiles?

While searching for the match of discontinued tiles, you need to identify the manufacturer first. You can find that by checking the back of the title because it is usually stamped there. Then find and get the batch number written there as the design may vary from batch to batch. 

So, to match discontinued tiles, you need to identify these things, and then it will be an easy job to match the tiles. But you need to make sure that these things are correctly identified; otherwise, the outcome won’t be satisfactory.

How Can You Match Your Bathroom Ceramic Tiles?

You need to use ceramic tiles in various sizes and colors to match your bathroom tiles. But to get a harmonious and eye-catching effect, you need to keep the shape consistent. Otherwise, it won’t fit the bathroom tiles, and it may kill the beauty of your whole house. 

Bathroom tiles include two different oblong tiles as well as grout lines. You need to match these two things to get it right. Only then the bathroom tiles of your house will match.


This article should cover all the grounds and aspects of how to find matching ceramic tiles. All the ways to find the perfect match, tips to get the matching right, mistakes to avoid while matching, etc., are precisely shown in this article. You should already get a pretty clear picture of the whole thing. 

All you need to do is follow our guidelines properly to find a matching ceramic tile for your house. If you can do that, your house will look so beautiful that everyone will praise the matching tiles. 

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