How To Fix A Mop? [Fixing 7 Types Of Mopping Quickly]

How To Fix A Mop

A mop is one of the tools that is used regularly. The mop plays an important role in cleaning any type of floor. No matter what type of mop you use, it can be a problem in the future. You need to know to fix the problems. So, how to fix a mop is a vital question.

Most mops have a head attached to the handle. The problem is solved by changing the head of this type of mop. Spin mops, spray mops, and steam mops cause problems due to dust. The problem is solved by removing the parts of this type of mop and cleaning their dust.

I have used different types of mop. Here I will tell you about the problems I faced while using mops. And I will describe in detail how I fixed these issues. I hope you find my experience useful.

Best Way To Fix 7 Types Of Mop Without Damaging Other Parts:

You will find many types of mops in the market for the convenience of floor cleaning. Each mop has a different structure and function. Because of this, the problem is also different. The problems of the 7 types of mops and their solutions are presented below.

Type-1: Spin Mop

With a spin mop, you can clean the floor from standing. This mop is very easy to use. After cleaning the floor with a spin mop, the spin mop can be easily prepared for reuse. The main problem of the spin mop is failing to spin. Here is how to fix the problem of spin mop easily.

  • Failed To Spin:

The spin mop cannot spin well for the ringer cap. If this cap is jammed it fails to spin. The second big reason is to keep the drying tub full of dust or dirt. The dust of the tub prevents spin.

In the case of failure to spin, hold the lower part of the spin mop with one hand and the ringer cap with the other hand. After holding the ringer cap, keep turning it clockwise. Hopefully, this will make your spin mop spin as before.

If the drying tub is full of dust, you need to open the drying tub. You can use pliers to unlock the drying tub. Unlock the drying tub and clean all the dust inside it. Once your tub is clean the spin will work again.

  • Detached Basket:

This basket is one of the parts used when cleaning the floor. If the basket is not clipped rightly, it may become detached. Due to dirt accumulation in the basket, spinning can be problematic. Its functionality tends to decline over time. Eventually, your basket will fall apart.

You need to clean the basket thoroughly after regular use. It should be ensured that there is no dust. Do not put too much pressure on the basket as it is light. Check its broken clips, change if there is a problem. It will not spin if there is a broken clip inside.

  • The Paddle Does Not Rotate:

Currently, there are paddles fitted in good brand spin mops. A paddle is used to spin the drying tub. This process saves your mopping time. Over time, the spin mop’s paddle gear becomes jammed. The main reason for this is the accumulation of fibers in the layers. Fiber and debris prevent the drying tub from rotating.


You’ll need a screwdriver to fix the paddle problem, along with a WD-40 spray can. Spray cans are easily sprayed on the mechanisms. You will see two screws in the bucket, unscrew them with a screwdriver. Remove everything from the drying tub without damaging the other part. 

If you see the process of rotating gears, clean them. Then spray all of its mechanisms with WD-40. Wait a while for it to dry, then put all the mechanisms in place.

  • Cleaning Solutions Do Not Absorb Effectively:

It is often observed that the head cleanser of the spin mop cannot absorb the solution. Bacteria gather in the fibers of the mop’s head. Fibers then settle due to bacteria. This problem also occurs if the spin mop is not cleaned well after use.

The spin mop should be kept well cleaned after use. Clean the mop head with a cleaning solution. Store spin mop after drying well. The best solution is to change the head of the spin mop. New heads should be installed from time to time

Type-2: Spray Mop 

A spray mop is one of the tools for cleaning the floor. But many complain that it often does not spray properly. Due to the problem in the pump plunger of the spray mop, the spray does not come out properly.

  • The Spray Does Not Come Out Properly:

You need a screwdriver to open the pump plunger. The screwdriver must have a star head and belong. Notice that there are 3 screws in the Reveal. Remove the 3 screws from the body of the pump.

Now, the body can be easily separated by opening the screw. Now carefully pull out the pump plunger. The handle of the spray mop has two holes attached to the pump plunger. Remember to set it in the right place instead. 

You will need to rub the perimeter of the plunger with 120 grit sandpaper. Keep rubbing until you can move it well. You can put petroleum jelly on it when the plunger is finished rubbing.

Then set the pump parts in the right place. After setting the pump parts, make sure that the trigger is working properly. When everything is set up properly inside, set its casing. There will be no gaps that will fit perfectly. Then fasten the screws tightly.

Type-3: Steam Mop

You can call this method environmentally friendly as only water heat is used. There are some issues with using the steam mops. 

  • Blocked Nozzle: 

A steam mop uses only water and heat. Water contains a variety of minerals. Water evaporates when it comes in contact with heat. Some of the minerals remain here as the vapor escapes through the nozzle. After a long period of accumulation of minerals, the passage of vapor through the nozzle is blocked.

First, unplug the mop. Give it enough time to cool down. Then empty the water tank. Make sure the spray tip is closed. Insert a clip into the nozzle. Stir until the minerals are well loosened. Use vinegar on the nose of the mop head. Clean well with vinegar. You can use the steam mop to see if it works properly.

  • The Tank Is Empty

The main ingredient in a steam mop is water. If there is no water in the tank, the mop will be damaged. The heat can cause the cleaning process to stop. Unable to produce steam, the heat can melt the components of the mop.

The solution is very simple. Fill the tank with water. Then start using your steam mop at the right temperature. You will try to keep the water temperature at 100 ℃ or 212 ° F. At this temperature, the floor will be well cleaned and destroy the germs.

Type-4: Dust Mop

After cleaning the floor, it seems that the floor has become dirtier than before. This problem persists even after you thoroughly clean the head of the dust mop. In the end, changing the head of the dust mop is the only solution.

  • Remove The Head Of The Dust Mop:

Hold the handle straight, it can easily open the head of the dust mop. The head of dust mops is attached by a wing nut. The wing nut attaches the head of the dust mop to the handle. You need to lose this wing nut with a slide wrench. Then remove the wing nut by hand.

In the case of an alligator-type dust mop, the head is clamped down with the handle. It can also have wing nuts when clamping down. You need to open the wing nut and remove the camp. Then you can easily open the head of the alligator-type dust mop.

In addition, the head of some dust mops is stuck with the adjustment knob. Whatever the type of dust mop, you have to open its head.

  • Set New Head In Dust Mop:

Take out the head of the new mop packaged. Place the handle in the center of the dust mop’s head. Make sure the handles and head fit in the right place. Do not use too much force in any way. The handle of the dust mop will match the head center panel. Then set the wing nut in the specified place and tighten it.

Type-5: String Mop

String mops made of traditional cotton are quite effective for scrubbing and absorbing. String mops are cheaper but provide better quality service.

  • Leave Behind Fibers:

If you use a string mop for a long time, it becomes infected with bacteria. Gradually your string mop gets damaged due to bacteria. In case the head of the string mop is damaged, it leaves behind fibers. 

The head and handle of the string mop are not connected by any nut. So you have to use your hands and feet to open the head of the string mop. Place the string mop on the floor, keep your feet on the string and hold its handle straight. Keep pulling until the string head is removed from the handle.

Place the head of the string mop on the ground as before to insert the new head. Hold the string mop head with your feet. Set the head of the string mop by holding the handle with one hand. Set the string mop head with the other hand.

Type-6: Flat Mop

A flat mop is great for everyday use. You should use your flat mop especially to clean the corners of the house. However, there may be some problems with the flat mop.

  • Damage Of Fibers:

It is very easy to change the head of a flat mop. This is usually rectangular. There are 4 buttons around the head. You can open those buttons like the buttons on your shirt. Unplug the buttons of the flat mop head. This will easily open the head from the handle of the flat mop.

Set the new head of the flat mop on. Check if the surroundings are adjusted properly. When adjusted, make 4 tabs on the button. Pressing with two fingers will set the button in the right place.

Type-7: Sponge Mop

Sponge mops can easily get the dirty water out of wringing out. Works well for cleaning your wood floor. Long time use of this mop can cause problems.

  • The Sponge Gets Damaged:

The release mechanism is set with the handle of the sponge mop. Drag this release mechanism to get the sponge out of the mop. This will loosen the sponge attached to the head of the handle. Slide this sponge out.

Drag the release mechanism to insert the sponge into the mop. Then slide the sponge on the head of the handle. Make sure the sponge is properly set on the handle.

Quick Tips To Fix Your Damaged Mops Instantly:

Problems can arise when using any type of mop. Although the mop is a little complicated to fix instantly. But I will discuss here how to mop instantly.

Tip-1: Rotate The Wringer Cap Of The Spin Mop:

Spin mop sometimes can’t spin. Hold the wringer cap to fix the problem. Hold the wringer cap and rotate it clockwise. As a result of this rotation, its mechanism will become free. Then you will see that you can use a spin mop.

Tip-2: Clean The Drying Tab:

If there is too much dust inside the drying tab of the spin mop, it cannot spin. Thoroughly clean the drying tab. Clean the drying tab whenever the spin mop has trouble spinning.

Tip-3: Scrubbed The Cap Of The Spray Mop:

There is a cap on the spray mop bottle. If the nozzle of the cap is jammed, the spray will not come out. You need to open the bottle cup. Thoroughly clean the bottle cap. If there is more jam, you can use a 1/8-inch drill bit. Attach the cup after cleaning.

Tip-4: Clean Up The Shark’s Steam Mop’s Calcium:

Calcium accumulates on the tip of the shark steam mop. As a result, steam cannot escape. This can be a problem with long time use. For instant solutions, you need to clean the tip of the shark steam mop.

Tip-5: Washed The Clotted Fabric:

Sometimes the fabric of the mop head is clotted. The mop head’s fabric hardens due to bacteria. This problem occurs even if you do not use it for a long time. Take dawn dish soap with water in a dish. The mop head should be soaked in this dish for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash the mop head thoroughly.

Signs That Tells You Need To Fix Your Mops:

If you see the following signs in your mop, you should change it as early as possible.

  • Mop Head Parts Are Falling Off: 

When you see that the fibers are coming out from the head of the mop. Then you will understand that you should change the head of your mop. You will notice it while mopping the floor.

  • The Color Of The Parts Is Discolored:

When you see that the mop parts are fading. Mop goes after the stain on the head. When parts of the mop fade, it becomes unsuitable for work. At this point, you have to think about changing the mop’s head.

  • Fibers Of The Mop Will Be Distorted:

Mop fibers will look like a brush. This is a big sign that tells you you need to fix your mops. At this time the fibers will be worn out, it will seem that there is no energy. Fibers that look like brushes cannot be repaired, so you need to think about changing the fibers.

How To Fix a Mop Bucket Wringer?

Fixing a mop bucket wringer depends on the problem. If it’s not wringing properly, check for debris or obstructions around the wringer mechanism. Clean it thoroughly and ensure it moves freely. 

If the wringer is loose or broken, inspect for loose bolts or screws and tighten them. For more serious issues, such as a broken wringer mechanism or handle, consult the bucket’s manufacturer for replacement parts or consider purchasing a new wringer assembly. 

Regular maintenance, like rinsing and drying the bucket after use, can prevent rust and prolong the wringer’s lifespan. Proper care and timely repairs will keep your mop bucket wringer working effectively.

How To Fix a Libman Mop?

Fixing a Libman mop depends on the specific issue you’re facing. If the mop head is worn or damaged, you can replace it with a compatible replacement head from Libman or a similar brand. 

If the handle is loose or broken, secure it tightly or consider replacing it if necessary. Regular maintenance involves cleaning the mop head after use and ensuring there’s no debris or hair wrapped around it. 

Check for any other visible damage and address it accordingly. If your mop has a specific issue, consult the Libman user manual or their customer support for guidance or replacement parts.

How To Fix a Shark Steam Mop That Won’t Steam?

If your Shark steam mop isn’t producing steam, follow these steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue. First, ensure it’s adequately filled with water and that the water tank cap is securely closed. Check for clogs by inspecting the water lines and nozzle. 

If you find any, gently clear them with a paperclip or pipe cleaner. Confirm that the mop is properly plugged in and that there are no electrical problems. 

If the mop still doesn’t produce steam, the heating element or thermostat may be malfunctioning, in which case you should contact Shark’s customer support or a professional technician for further assistance or potential repairs. Regular descaling can also prevent steam issues caused by mineral buildup.

How to Fix a Black and Decker Steam Mop?

To fix a Black and Decker steam mop, start by troubleshooting the issue. If it’s not producing steam, check the water reservoir for clogs and ensure it’s filled with clean water.Also, make sure the mop is properly plugged in and that there are no electrical issues.

If the mop isn’t heating, the heating element may be faulty, and in such cases, it’s best to contact the manufacturer’s customer support for guidance or professional repair. 

Regular maintenance includes descaling the mop to prevent mineral buildup, cleaning the mop pads, and checking for worn or damaged parts, which may require replacement. Always consult the user manual for specific troubleshooting tips.

Related Questions About Fixing A Mop:

How Do Fix A Twist Mop?

The main problem with the Twist mop is head damage. Over time, the fiber in the head rots. This problem occurs even if stored without drying after use. Also, if too much pressure is applied, its handle may break.

The best way to fix the twist mop is to change its head. Hold the handle of the twist mop with one hand, and hold the twist head with the upper hand. Now rotate anticlockwise. Open the head and set the new twist head.

How Do You Fix A Mop Stick?

Many times applying too much pressure on the handle causes it to break. If the handle of the mop is made from low-quality plastic, it may break. You can easily repair a broken handle if you want. For this, you will need a kind of connective called FixIts.

First, you need to soften FixIts. For this, take hot water in a ceramic cup. Dip FixIts into the cup. Remove from the cup after holding for about 1 minute. Keep molding hot FixIts by hand. Make it long and flat. As if this FixIts can be twisted on the broken part of the handle.

Hold the handle of the mop conveniently and attach the molded FixIts to the broken part. Then leave the stick so that it can be hardened. If you think the stick needs to be stronger, apply another layer of FixIts.

How Do You Fix A Mop Bucket Wringer?

The biggest problem with the mop bucket wringer occurs at the rear spring. It rusts after a long period of use. Sometimes this spring gets loose. A slide wrench is required for spring replacement of the bucket wringer.

Hold the mop bucket wringer upside down. Remove the rod with the spring set backward. Set a new spring. Now hold the handle of the mop bucket wringer to see if it works.

How Do You Change A Mop Head?

Each mop head type is different. So it is natural that each change process will be different. Depending on the type of mop, you must first identify the adjustment process. When attached with nut bolts, untied bolts using a slide wrench. With no nuts or bolts, you can change the head by hand.

How Can You Fix The Problem That My Mop Doesn’t Rotate?

You should open the basket once and check. If there is a lot of dirt inside the basket, it will not rotate. The tiny particles inside the basket prevent it from spinning. Thoroughly clean the basket to solve this problem. Or you can wash the basket with hot water. Make sure the water is not too hot. 

If it still fails, open each part of the basket and see if there is a problem. Replace the damaged parts.

How Do You Fix a Twist Mop?

To fix a twist mop, first, inspect it for any visible damage or worn components. If the mop head is frayed or damaged, consider replacing it with a new one. If the issue is with the twist mechanism, ensure that it’s not jammed with dirt or debris. 

Clean it thoroughly and lubricate any moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant. If the twist handle is loose or broken, you may need to replace it or repair it if possible. Most twist mops have replacement parts available at hardware stores or online. 

Regular maintenance, like rinsing and drying the mop after use, can also prolong its lifespan and reduce the need for repairs.

Why is My Mop Not Spinning?

If your mop is not spinning, several common reasons might be responsible. First, check if there’s any debris, like hair or dirt, stuck in the spinning mechanism; this can impede its operation. 

Ensure that the mop head is correctly attached to the handle, as a loose connection can prevent proper spinning. Additionally, some spin mops may have a foot pedal or lever that controls the spinning action; make sure you’re using it correctly. 

Finally, the mop bucket or handle’s wringer might be damaged or worn out, preventing it from spinning. In this case, you may need to replace the broken components for your spin mop to function correctly.

How Does The Spin Mop Mechanism Work?

A spin mop operates using a simple yet effective mechanism. It consists of a mop head attached to a handle, with a built-in wringer mechanism. The mop head is typically made of microfiber or other absorbent materials. 

To use the spin mop, you first wet the mop head and then place it on the floor to clean. After cleaning, you insert the mop head into the wringer, which is a bucket or a compartment on the handle. By pressing down or using a foot pedal, the wringer spins, effectively squeezing out excess water from the mop head, making it damp and not overly wet. This mechanism allows for efficient and controlled moisture levels, making the mop suitable for various floor types.

Final Verdict:

The main thing is that you need to change your mop from time to time. If you can’t change it, you need to know how to fix a mop. Keep in mind that mop heads can produce 8 million bacteria per 1000 square millimeters. In case you do not change your mop, these bacteria will spread to your floor. So. be careful about your mop.

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