How To Fix A Spin Mop Bucket? [Easy Way To Fix]

Nothing is more annoying when you suddenly discover a faulty spin mop bucket. Mopping the floor without them is cumbersome. As soon as you face this trouble, you may be concerned about how to fix a spin mop bucket problem immediately. 

Fixing or troubleshooting the spin mop bucket depends on some facts. Sometimes the bucket may run out because of mechanical issues. Weather, the handle of the bucket may come off. The bucket often shattered to oscillate for the accumulated junks inside the ringer cap. Somewhere, the mop bucket itself ruined the crushed pedals. 

Luckily, there are some fixes which you can do by yourself at home. To introduce you to those fixes, I have researched a lot, and insist here on what may be conducted to tackle this situation.

7 Common Issues About A Spin Mop Bucket With Fixes

Let us see what type of issue you may have about a spin mop bucket. And also, check out their fixes, which I proclaimed here. 

Issue-1: The Pedal Is Freezing & Doesn’t Rotate The Drying Tub

The first issue you may face is the spin mop pedal stops and doesn’t rotate the drying tub. The pedal is the main thing in the spin mop bucket. When you press the pedals, the drying tub will be rotated. Attaching the pedal with the spin mop bucket will make the work easier as they require less time and effort to operate. 

However, your bucket pedal has a personal gear that works to open and press it down. If this gear gets clogged or jammed by debris or fibers, it will stop rotating the bucket. Clogged or jammed dirt will also affect the spin bucket mechanism. 

Fixes: In case of fixing this issue, keep with you two things: lubricating sprays and a screwdriver. You may now ask, why use lubricating sprays? Lubricating sprays will work here to reduce the junk and keep the gears accessible to move the bucket. 

Now pick the screwdriver and separate all the parts one by one. Next, take a clean damp rug and clean the gear dirt. After cleaning it, spray the lubricating solution over there. Now let’s stay for a couple of hours and re-arrange all the parts again.

Issue-2: The Ringer Cap Is Getting Jammed Overtightened

The second reason behind the problem is that the ringer cap is jammed too tightly. It happens when the ringer cap is clogged by excessive dirt and fastens the mop head and handgrip. As a result, you won’t be able to rotate the mop and press in the bucket. 

Fixes- To fix such an issue, you need to maintain simple tricks. Just hold the lower part of the spin mop and the ringer cap. Then swirl it clockwise to free the ringer cap from the junks. Now let’s check if this trick works or not. But I assure you that you will notice that the mop head is spinning or moving freely after applying this.

Issue-3: The Mop Head Prevents The Absorbing Of Cleaning Solutions 

It is a common problem for every homeowner. You will keenly notice that the spin mop head will be pulled off quickly after using it for one or two months. Depends on the mop head and the fabrics used by the manufacturer. 

Fixes: Mop head peel-off is a common issue that needs tiny things to do to fix it permanently. As it got damaged from continuous drying and wetting, you need to pick a new one. It’s because the older ones have already lost their fertility and durability.

Issue-4: The Spin Mop Basket Is Uprooted 

Uprooted or detached spin mop baskets are another issue that may offend you a lot. Your spin mop basket will be detached for clipping it improperly. Again, it may also get separated by the accumulated junk, which will prevent the basket from rotating. 

Fixes-In case of cleaning the trash, gently take out the basket and start to launder it. However, lightly put it on the case once you’re done tidying up the entire bucket. Avoid giving extra push or pressure to fix it inside the bucket. Or else, the basket might be cracked or damaged, as it’s pretty vulnerable. 

Besides this, do not forget to check inside the basket if any broken pieces or clips are shedding inside. Double-check the basket; otherwise, it may fail to spin appropriately.

Issue-5: The Mop Is Still Wet After Spin It

Your spin mop is still wet after flashing the water or spinning it regarding the filthy dirt. Sometimes, the accumulated junks that retain the mop water get shattered down completely. In some cases, it usually happens when the mop is getting older, or you will use it around 5-6 months.

Fixes-After cleaning the floor or any particular areas, try to soak the mop with warm water. I like to mix soap or detergent into the water. Then gently rub the mop bristles to cleanse off the dirt. You don’t believe how effectively it will vanish all the dirt and give you the extreme output from subsequent use.

Issue-6: The Mop Pole Doesn’t Spin/Rotate 

One of the common issues is that if you’re using a magic mop, you may fall because the pole didn’t spin. Usually, it will often mess up with the rotating norms of foreign mechanisms. 

Fixes-The the quickest way to fix this problem is to use any lubricating ingredients. I usually like to use olive oil or WD-40. You may now wonder what a WD-40 is! It is a lubricating spray used to lubricate the junk or clogged areas. 

It is safe to use, as WD-40 doesn’t bear any harsh chemicals? You can use the oil or any penetrating oil instead of this. But don’t forget to unscrew the parts at the beginning of your preparation.

Issue-7: The Foot Pedal Doesn’t Return To Its Position After Pressing

Sometimes, the foot pedal doesn’t return, but the water bucket runs. This problem mainly happens with the ruler strip. The frequent use of ruler strips will prevent the foot pedal from returning to its position.

Meanwhile, the pressing button will work very well. On the other hand, if the ruler strip friction isn’t working, it may happen during usage.

Fixes-The most straightforward solution is to remove the ruler strips from the mechanism. Cut off the strips with the knife and ensure that it will be divided into six or seven teeth on its back. Then join the divided parts altogether to increase the space between the two sides. 

10 Useful Tips To Maintain A Spin Mop Bucket That Works 

It is a firm belief that maintaining the spin mop bucket with extra care will last longer without any difficulties. So there are no other benefits except correctly maintaining the spin mop bucket.

Follow these below guidelines to maintain the spin mop bucket and save it from any unwanted inconvenience. 

Tip-1: Learn To Drive The Spin Mop Properly

I know you have already learned many things about this. But I don’t mean that you only learn about running properly. Many people make mistakes in unlocking and locking the spin mop correctly. For instance, the topspin mop has a locking mechanism on the handle. While you’re going to rinse or spin something, this might be unlocked. In the meantime, lock the handle during the mopping period. Never avoid maintaining this.

Tip-2:Before Start Mopping, Dismiss All The Solid Stubborn

Before you start mopping, you need to clean all sorts of solid stubbornness. It’s a great thing which many experts advise us to do. It will be better if you vacuum clean the entire area after mopping. Finish your work by discarding all the rubbish like human and pet hair, plastic cans, etc.

Tip-3: Angle The Mop About 45-90 Degree

Always hold the mop about 45 degrees whenever you’re sweeping the floor. These are general tips for saving your mopping bristles. If you maintain the rules and strictly obey these rules, your floor will be cleaned easily.

Try to hold the mop straight and keep it around 45-90 degrees. Again, the mop may stop spinning after applying these norms. In that case, be aware that you’ve unlocked the handle, and you hold it by standing up straight.

Tip 4: Spin The Heck Out Of The Mop Before Cleaning Any Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors usually come with high-end polishing and sealing. If you use their normal water, it can stick with the sealer. Try to apply any lubricants or spin the heck out of the mop before cleaning any hardwood floor.

Tip-5: Clean The Mop every time You’re Using It 

Try to clean the mop every time you’re going to use it. Otherwise, it may get clogged by the dirt and the dusty mop water. Besides this, take a step to clean the mop every weekend by separating all the parts. Then join them all together.

Tip-6: Allow It To Dry Completely & Replace The Mop Head If Needed 

Let your cleaning hazard free and allow it to dry completely. To prevent bacterial growth, be aware that the mop head is dried before storing it outside. Wring the spin mop head out as much as possible by you. 

Don’t worry about changing the mop head if it is destroyed or damaged. Spin mop heads are available in separate sections. So you can quickly grab them from any retail shop.

Tip-7: Never Fold The Spin Mop Unknowingly 

Avoid folding the spin mop unknowingly. It is embarrassing, and most of the time, you may damage the mop head. Choose a place where you can hang it properly. 

Tip-8: Clean The Mop Bucket Regularly & Disinfect It Monthly 

Cleaning the mop bucket regularly is a way to reduce the tendency to change it frequently. Another benefit you will get here is it will prevent accidents. And you already know how terrible it will be to pull back the pedal to move. 

This is why you should try to clean the mop bucket after you’ve finished washing the floor. Take a regular bucket, fill it with clean water, and add the dishwasher liquids. Mix the solutions and rinse the mop bucket with this thoroughly.

To disinfect the mop bucket monthly, use one gallon of warm water, and add 5-6 drops of dishwasher soap. Stir it well and rinse the bucket once. By this, your mop bucket will be deep cleaned. 

Tip-9: Filled The Bucket With Less Water 

Try to fill the spin mop bucket with less water. Filling the bucket with excessive water may leak the bucket shield. To minimize the water amount, begin your mop from the kitchen because you might need more water to clean the kitchen except for the other room. Before cleaning, use a clean rag, and don’t place it on high areas during the mop. 

Tip-10: Apply Lubricants Onto The Metal Parts 

Do not forget to apply lubricating oil or spray it over the metal parts of the bucket. It plays a vital role in rotating the bucket without any hassle. You amused yourself after you applied these tricks. Metal parts of the bucket usually get rusted as well as create corrosion among the other components. Applying lubrication will reduce those drawbacks.

Related Question:

How Often Should You Replace The Spin Mop Head?

Usually, you should replace the spin mop head after every two to three months. It relies upon your needs. You can change the mop head if it is unsafe to use. Again, replace the spin mop head in case this will be too crazy and damaged. 

But on the other hand, the spin mop head must be changed if it is unable to be used.  

How Do You Remove A Mop Handle?

Changing a mop handle is quite easy. To do this work, keep the mop over the floor. Unscrew the joints using a screwdriver. Circulate the mop head anti-clockwise, and put off the side lock button. Remove the mop brush or cloth from the mop head. Then separate the mop handle from its base.  

Why Isn’t Your Spin Mop Working?

Your spin mop may stop working for two reasons. One of them is a clogged wringer cap. It is a common problem in almost every spin mop bucket. The mopping dirt will enter into the cap and hoard them as dusty junks. 

Another reason behind its back is a dirty drying tub. It retains the spin mop to spin or move properly. A vicious drying tub also impacts the spin mop handle too. 

What To Do When A Spin Mop Stops Working Or Spinning? 

Just hold the spin mop grip and ringer cap together whenever you’re in such a situation. Then gently rotate them in a clockwise direction. This act will help you overcome the problem whenever you’re revolving the mop head to push it down into the floor.

During your mopping period, it is common to experience this problem. If you use your spin mop to clean the commercial areas or heavy-duty dirt, it may stop spinning suddenly. Again, it may stop spinning because of any faulty mechanism.

How Long Does Spin Mop Last?

Spin mop typically can last more than a year or less than 6 months. But it only depends on how often you care for this bucket. Cleaning the spin mop after finishing the job every time is a good way to increase its longevity. 

Besides this, use it carefully. Store this mop tool in the right place. Spin mop may last 2-3 years unpredictably if properly maintained. 

How To Know If Your Spin Mop Bucket Is Damaged? 

Almost every spin mop bucket comes with a similar mechanism. If your bucket is too filthy or damaged, try to find out as early as possible. Check the bucket floor to detect if there is anything that seems wrong with you. Besides this, see if the bucket handle is coming off the basket.

Inquiry about the mop metal parts also doesn’t forget to check out the screws, joints, etc. This action will help you to detect the concerns literally.

Final Wrap: 

A faulty or damaged spin mop bucket is unexpected to you as they will leave water everywhere during the working period. In most cases, fixing a spin mop bucket issue is quite easy. They only require some general mechanism, quick fixes, and also cleaning the dirt inside the pedal, ring cap, etc. So don’t be panicked so much if you can’t fix it on your first attempt.

Try your best to solve the issues. All the processes that I mentioned above may need half an hour to do. After that, you can have this all done.

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