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Carpets are a great eye-catcher and provide a good dose of comfort in our home. Even though the various types of carpets feel nice and cozy on the feet, it is harder to remove the dropped glasses from them. 

Vacuuming the entire area is the best and fastest way of getting glass out of carpet. Although vacuuming is essential, it cannot remove the coarsest dust. Some tiny particles may persist and often get stuck on your feet. 

This is why my research base tips on how to get the glass out of the carpet will help you decide whether the glasses come out with home remedies or recommend professional carpet cleaning services. 

2 Best Ways To Get Glass Out Of Carpet: Choose The Suitable One

Getting rid of broken or shattered glass on the carpet depends on some facts. The broken glass from the cup, designer vase, or light bulb is really the toughest job to clean from the woolly fabrics from the carpet.

Hence, it may represent a danger to your family member whenever they walk over the carpet. So your first task is to ensure to take aside your kids and furry members in a safe place inside your home. This is because, if they accidentally step on broken glass, it can cause cuts or injuries. 

Now it’s a primary task for you to remove all the big broken pieces carefully from those places. To do this, don’t forget to wear hand gloves. The smallest glass particles often sit into the carpet fibre sharply. So you need to vacuum the entire area to clean this from the root. 

Meanwhile, if you end up breaking glass accidentally, such as a very costly bulb-like CFL, it hurts to clean from the floor mat. But I make it easy for you to carry them away properly.

Way 1: Removing The Glass Split Only: 

You need some extra accessories to remove the broken glass from the carpet. So follow the steps below carefully for cleaning up the glass. 

Step 1: Things You Need:

Removing broken or split glasses from the carpet is not easy. However, we make it easy to lessen your suffering. Just gather those tools together:

  • Rubber gloves 
  • Duct tape 
  • Container holding 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Torch

Step 2: Collect All The More Significant Pieces Of Glass:

First, wear gloves and take a torch with you. Next, safely approach the carpet and collect the more significant rushed pieces of glass from there. Or, take an old newspaper or magazine with you.

Carefully remove all the giant shards of glass from the carpet and gather them in the paper. Wrap those glasses in a ball and carefully place them in the rubbish bin. The paper will prevent the glass from tearing the trash bag.

Step 3: Get The Duct Tape To Remove The Tiny Particles

In this step, you will learn how to get the glass out of the carpet. For this, take duct tape. Separate or cut off those strips of tape into a section, stick them to the carpet one by one, and then squeeze them from here as much as possible. 

By doing this, the smaller pieces of glass will come off the carpet. Repeat this step until you see there are no more glass shards. But you must abandon using conductive tape in a similar container or dustbin.

Step 4: Vacuum The Entire Area

Now this time, vacuum the entire area. For this, hold back your regular vacuum cleaner. Attach a long hose with the cleaner attachment. Next, switch on the unit and retain the cleaning machine towards the carpet. 

To enjoy your tedious cleaning, drive it forward, then bring it backward. Move the cleaner frequently upward and forward and drive it at different angles. 

Keep it up until you’re sure all the glass pieces will vanish from the carpet. Work straight.

Step 5: Move The Vacuum Cleaner In Different Directions:

Once you’re done, it’s time to turn on to the critical areas. Vacuum the area on different sides is crucial, and most of the time tough for anyone to reach there easily. 

However, hold your vacuum again at hand and play a handful of matches like cricket. Move the cleaner in a different pathway. Like you can position it vertically and then change it horizontally. Afterward, hold your hand diagonally to access that particular tenacious area at home. 

If you can’t see the broken particles from those areas, try to hear their clattering sound, which occurs when the cleaner gets stuck into the carpet. Again, drive your vacuum cleaner over the places or finish the session.

Step 6: Check The Places Twice:

Now look over the whole area carefully and inquire about any remaining glass pieces. Repeat this process if you’re confused about something you might have left behind unfinished. Take an end to your cleaning task once you’re done sweeping away all the broken particles from the rug. 

Step 7: Clean All The Dirt:

At this stage, you need to pack up all your content. Keep aside the vacuum cleaner that holds the broken or shattered tumbler. Then remove some pieces of duct tape as much as you need. Next, throw out the vacuum bag into the bin.

Finally, appropriately wrap the trash bag with those tapes and set them aside. There is less risk of sticking someone’s hands into the garbage by doing this. 

Way 2: Removing CFL Glass Bulbs From The Carpet:

In this method, (1) I’ll discuss the removal method of CFL glass. CFL glasses are made of heavy-duty materials. Therefore, be careful if you break them into the carpet. Take a look at the process of glass shard removal. 

Step 1: Things You Need For This Task:

Before starting the task, prepare yourself for this method. Collect or gather those tools from the below part that we discussed. 

  • Thick rubber hand gloves
  • An old container
  • A vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment
  • Duct tape
  • A glass jar/pot with a metal lid
  • Plastic resealable bags/ cutters
  • A Stiff cardboard
  • Damp disposable wipes/paper towels

Step 2: Open The Windows & Doors Immediately:

Whenever you drop any CFL glasses over the carpet, ensure no individual stays in the room for a couple of minutes. But remember to keep open the windows and doors along with the areas. Also, keep your pet and children safe from the areas of your houses. 

Ensure that the other part of the house cannot affect the room. Afterward, please try to turn off all electronic access, like air conditioner, tv if you have any. 

Step 3: Put The Gloves On Your Hand & Collect The Glass Pieces:

Now put on the rubber gloves on both hands. Then jump over to collect all the broken glass pieces, and you can smear some lubricious powder over there. Next, put those pieces into a glass container or spice jar. 

I love gathering them into a plastic or ziplock bag to make it safer and more convenient. However, it depends upon you. Then cease the entrance of your bag or jar, whatever you take. 

Step 4: Apply The Duct Tape Into The Strip:

Now take duct tape, and cut them into long pieces. But don’t length it more than 1 foot. After that, hold the tape end with your hands or fingertips. Apply the tape paper all over the carpet. This time you may notice that this sticky object will be stuck out of the rug strongly and lugged all the broken pieces towards its own.

However, your next target is to wrap an exhaustive carpet with this one. Then press the carpet lightly using the hand palm. Now fold the remaining tape and clove them in the center. Put those vindicated pieces inside your container or the bag you selected to collect the glass chunk. Do this step over and again, as it depends on your will.

Step 5: Vacuum The Entire Carpet Area:

Now vacuum the whole affected area; before that, remember to attach the long skinny hose with the vacuum. Be aware if you wish to start from the center as it may spread unexpected lubricant powder or vapors. 

At this time, you need a dust-collecting bag. Then keep it free. Pick the debris one by one and fill it. 

Step 6: Move All The Filthy Things From The Place:

It’s time to throw away all the garbage bags outside. Next, clean the place fruitfully; if you wish, clean the carpet too. Before that, it is mandatory to check frequently whether the place is free from broken glasses. 

Step 7: Wash Away Both Hands & Let The Room Fill With Fresh Air:

This is the last step, and you may call it self-pampering. Anyway, wash all your clothing, including boots, gloves, mask, or whatever you use for the task. Open the door and window to let the room be filled with natural air. Well, ventilation will contribute a lot to eradicating the bad odor from your room.

If you need to learn about these affairs, it is better to contact any of the local sanitation departments or any third-party public works department to investigate the CFLs’ disposing of properly. Those centers will help you in this regard a lot. Also, give you proper guidance. 

Cleaning Up Shattered Tempered Glass From Carpet Without Vacuum:

Cleaning the entire area without the shattered glass is hazardous. However, most of the houses don’t have a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. This is why you may look for an alternative way. Undoubtedly, the vacuum cleaner is excellent for omitting all the broken glass pieces. 

But it’s not only a way to eradicate the glass particles from the carpet. Follow our below alternate ways on how to get glass shards out of carpet without a vacuum. 

Using Broom:

Using a broom, you can sweep up the glass shards. You should tuck and sweep your carpet with a broom. Then see how enormously you can clean the shards from your carpet

Avoid sweeping too hard not to scatter the pieces all over the room. Instead of it, sweep it gently, and gather all the broken pieces in one place. 

Sticky Tap:

Sticky tape has different types of moisture or gluey elements that are very helpful in picking up things swiftly. To clean the glass chucks, you can take a sticky tap. Wrap the entire carpet with it and press it down in the middle of the tape to ensure it sticks to all the glass bits. 

Repeat the process twice or thrice. Remember that all those particles would not come off on your first attempts. Try to do this repeatedly until you ensure that all the glass dirt will be completely separated and scaled off.


Use the bread to bring all the glass particles from the area. Cover all the affected areas with the pieces of bread and let them soak in the glue overnight. Then pick it up from the carpet one after one.

This process may only work if your carpet is made of mild materials. Bread soaked with glue will be stuck firmly over the woolen or ambergris carpets. 

Peanut Butter: 

Peanut butter is also working as a gummy glue. Moreover, they can easily wash off after finishing the process. Pour a good amount of peanut butter over the carpet. Take a spoon or a paintbrush, and smear the whole carpet with this. Let it sit for a while.

Afterward, take a steel-made glass or a garden weed cleaner. Peel the butter from the carpet. You won’t need to worry about cutting your knees by doing this. But it is better to wear rubber gloves before going into the process. 

Next, collect all the buttery glass shards into a bin or a basket. Wrap them in a ziplock bag and throw them away in a safe place outdoors. 

Related Questions 

How To Get Glass Shards Out Of Carpet?

Glass shards on carpets can be dangerous as they are not easily visible. And cleaning it up is essential to avoid injuries and accidents. First, take a broom to remove the large shards of glass from the carpet and pick those pieces up to put in a plastic bag. 

Once you have taken out the big pieces, it is time to vacuum the broken glass pieces. Take a vacuum to remove the tiny pieces of glass from the carpet. Lastly, clean the room properly to ensure no glass pieces are left behind.  

Can You Hoover Glass? 

Hoovering glass is a possible way of cleaning it. However, it must not be done on large or significant pieces of glass. Make sure you obliterate the big shards of glass by hand or with the help of a broom. You can also rely on using tongs to pick up broken glass.

Wear protective gloves (2) to avoid injuries and cuts when picking up the glass pieces. Once all the big pieces are gone, bring out the vacuum cleaner and clean those up correctly. Set it at the lowest setting and clean the entire area up slowly. 

Can You Vacuum The Broken Glasses Using Dyson? 

Most people are likely to use a Dyson to vacuum their broken glasses. Dyson helps to squeeze the glasses from the carpet very well. But this idea is a total flop. A vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for removing broken glass from the carpet earlier. 

But using a Dyson on it may not clean up those glasses. Despite cleaning, it will damage or injure your knees. The tiny shards may lodge in the hose or even get into the motor. So it’s not good or recommended to use Dyson during the vacuum. 

Can You Use Dustbuster On Broken Glass? 

Whenever you notice broken glasses, think of safety first. Try to shut the area off to children and pets as early as possible. Then make sure to wear thick-soled shoes and protective wear.

In that case, you can use the Dustbuster or dustpan to sweep those broken glasses. The easiest and quickest way is to use a broom to clean the particular area evenly. You can also pick up glass from the carpet by wearing gloves. 

Can You Vacuum Up Tiny Pieces of Glass? 

The vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove bits of broken glass from the carpet. But it isn’t appropriate to clean small pieces of glass. Carpets are usually made of soft and facile clothes. 

After you vacuum glass shards, check out underneath the furniture or the problematic area of your home. By this, you will get certain to inquire about any remaining glass particles on the floor. The tiny shards can get stuck in the bristles and make an even bigger mess. 

How Do You Get Glass Out Of Carpet Without A Vacuum? 

There are plenty of options available on how to clean glass on a carpet without a vacuum. From those options, the most effective and quickest way is to use any floor mop or broom. Some folk use potato crackers to bring out the small broken pieces from the carpet. You can also use sticky tape. 

Again, the paper glue has some excellent ingredients that stick onto the carpet strongly. As a result, you’ll clean this with any harsh cleaner tool like a mop stand or hoe handle. They automatically come off the carpet. 

When To Call A Professional To Get Glass Out Of Carpet? 

You can seek help from a professional if you firmly believe that you won’t do this work on your own. Or, some of you may think there are shards left behind, even if you followed the abovementioned steps.

In that case, it is wise to take help from a professional carpet cleaner. Although, glass shards are hazardous for both your friends and family. Leaving the tiny pieces of those shards might cause serious injury that involves stitching in some medical cases. So you must be aware of this affair. 


The methods of how to get the glass out of the carpet described above are effective. Removing the glass from the carpet relies on how tactfully you try to cover everything. I am not guaranteeing that those processes work perfectly to omit all glass shards from the root. You must try the above methods one by one to see which will work best. 

Hence, cleaning the glass shards from the carpet is embarrassing for homeowners. This is why my proclamation will best fix the issue at home. 


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