How To Get Clay Out Of Carpet?

Many times, when you enter the house from outside, the clay is attached to your shoes and gets stuck on the carpet. These should be cleaned as soon as possible, but many do not know how to easily get clay out of the carpet. If you don’t clean clay, it can damage your carpet. Also, if a carpet has clay or stains, it looks bad.

You can get rid of the clay from the carpet by following just a few steps. For this, you need to combine a few ingredients that will make your crown easier. You can find different cleaning paste in the market to remove the clay from the carpet.

You can also use a mixture of vinegar and salt to remove clay from the carpet, which can be more affordable. But first, you need to know the exact process for whatever material you use. Here I will discuss a simple process to get clay out of the carpet. 

9 Easy Steps To Get Clay Out Of Carpet:

Many people follow different methods to remove clay from a carpet, but clay stains often remain on their carpet even after many struggles. However, following the proper procedure to remove the clay from your carpet will not leave any clay stains on your carpet. Here I am going to present to you the method of cleaning carpet clay in a few steps, which will make your work much easier. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

Some elements are required to clean the clay from a carpet. If you do not have the materials available, you will not be able to do the job thoroughly. Below is a list of things that are needed to clean the clay of a carpet. There are some features here that you can rent and use even if you don’t have them.

  • Knife or dustpan
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cleaning Paste
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Silica gel
  • Clean cloth

Step-2: Remove The Clay As Much As Possible

These can easily penetrate the carpet as the clay gets wet. So, you need to clean as soon as possible after applying the clay. You can simply clean the mud using a knife or dustpan. Although you can’t lift all the clay with it, try to lift as much as possible. It will make it less difficult for you to clean it thoroughly.

Step-3: Dry The Clay

Wait 8-10 hours for the clay to dry after scooping, as the clay can be easily removed once it dries and hardens. When the clay is dry, remove it in pieces. With this procedure, you can easily remove all the clay. 

Step-4: Use Vacuum Cleaner

Thoroughly clean the muddy area of the carpet using a vacuum cleaner once the dry clay has been removed. The vacuum will remove most of the clay from your carpet. However, this is not the last step in removing the mud, as it will still leave mud stains on the carpet, which you will need to clean in a few more steps. 

Step-5: Apply Cleaning Paste

Now you have to remove the clay stains using cleaning paste. First, pour lukewarm water on the spot and wait for 2-3 minutes to soften the area. Now apply the amount of Cleaning paste there; you can use Quick n Brite or OxiClean. This Cleaning Paste works well for removing stains on both carpets. Now using a clean cloth, mix the Cleaning Paste thoroughly with the carpet fibers and wait for some time. 

Step-6: Clean The Cleaning Paste

After leaving the cleaner paste on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes, you need to remove this paste. You need to be more careful in this process, as the loose soil can cause the carpet to spread to other places. Now take a clean cloth and clean the cleaner paste with this. 

Step-7: Use Dishwasher Detergent

Even after the cleaner paste is removed, the clay stains remain, which need to be cleaned with detergent. Take a few drops of dishwasher detergent in a cup of water, but never use laundry detergent to clean carpets. Now take the solution mixed with detergent in a spray bottle and spray it on the clay stains. Now take a floor cleaning cloth to clean it and repeat the process until the solution is finished. 

Step-8: Use A Steam Cleaner

Now use a steam cleaner for final cleaning, and if you don’t have it, you can rent a steam cleaner with some money. Plugin the steam cleaner and run a straight line over the carpet stains. After a few minutes of processing, your carpet will no longer have clay stains. 

Step-9: Dry The Carpet

You need to dry the carpet well because too much moisture can keep the carpet from breeding bacteria and fungi. You can dry the carpet quickly by turning on the indoor fan, but use some silica gel if you don’t have a fan. Silica gel will help dry your carpet by absorbing the liquid in just a few hours. 

7 Things To Consider To Get Clay Out Of Carpet:

The task becomes much easier if some things are considered during any work. Here I will share some tips for removing clay from the carpet.

Tips-1: Always try to use a butter knife to remove mud from the carpet. If you use a normal cutter knife, it will ruin your carpet. We know that butter knives are not sharp, but other knives are quite sharp that are harmful to the carpet.

Tips-2: The more clay you remove when you put clay on a carpet, the easier it is for you to clean the carpet. So try to remove as much clay as possible in the first step.

Tips-3: If you do not have a steam cleaner in your home, do it by renting a shop with some money. Buying a Steam Clicker with just the money to clean a carpet may not be the wise thing to do. 

Tips-4: Always use dishwasher detergent when cleaning carpets. Remember that laundry detergent should never be applied to the carpet, as it can ruin it.

Tips-5: Applying cleaning paste softens the carpet and clay, during which the clay may spread to a clean area of the carpet. So at this time, carefully mix the cleaning paste with the carpet with the help of a cloth and clean quickly.

Tips-6: Once the carpet has been cleaned, it should dry quickly. If your carpet is small in size, you can dry it in the sun, but it is not possible to move a large carpet. In this case, dry the carpet by turning on the fan or applying silica gel, but make sure that the carpet does not get wet for a long time.

Tips-7: Try to use a clean white cloth to clean the carpet, as mud stains are more noticeable on white cloth. As a result, when you clean the mud stains, you can see if the stains are coming up because when the stains start to appear, the color of your clothes will change. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Can You Remove Clay From A Carpet Using Vinegar?

There are many cleaners available to remove clay stains from carpets, but you can use vinegar to do the job if you want. Vinegar is a great natural product that is also popular as a universal laundry tool. It also works great for removing clay stains from carpets.

Take an old cloth, dip it in vinegar and rub it directly into the stain. It will easily take away the clay stains but remove the clay first. You can’t just remove the clay from the carpet using vinegar, and you’ll need to go through a few more steps. 

Can You Use A Brush To Get Clay Out Of Carpet?

Vacuum cleaners work well for carpet cleaning, but you can also use some alternatives. Many people may not have a vacuum cleaner available at home, and they can use a floor cleaning brush if they want. But it can make your work harder and more timeless.

But yes, you will get better results if you use a brush instead of a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. However, using a brush will cost more time and effort. So even if you do not have a vacuum cleaner in your home, you can get the job done with a brush.

How To Remove Sticky Clay From Carpet?

You may now know how to take away clay from the carpet. However, many may wonder how the sticky clay can be removed from the carpet. The sticky clay is a bit difficult to remove from the carpet. Use a multipurpose cleaner to clean sticky clay from the carpet.

First, spray the clay on the carpet with a cleaner and wipe it with a paper towel. If the clay stains remain after that, soak the place with hot water and liquid dish soap and after some time, wash it off with clean water. 

How To Dry Carpet After Remove Clay?

If Your carpet stays wet for too long, it can give rise to the bacterium, so the carpet should be dried as soon as possible. You can keep the room fan in the place indicated for drying the carpet. You can also use a dehumidifier. It works well to draw moisture from the air, so the carpet dries quickly.

You can also use silica gel to remove the wet feeling from the carpet. But the easiest and most affordable option is to use a rag. If you take a dry rag and scatter it on the carpet, it will absorb water from your carpet to help dry the carpet. 

How To Remove Clay Stains From Carpets?

The clay can be easily removed from the carpet, but it can be stained. Leaving dirt stains on the carpet makes it look ugly, but you can easily get rid of these stains. First, make a solution with vinegar and salt.

Now spread the mixture over the clay stains. Using a spray bottle will make your work easier. Once the solution has been sprayed, leave it on the carpet for about an hour. After one hour, wipe the area well with a clean cloth. 

How Do You Remove Hardened Clay From Carpet?

Clay carpets should be cleaned as soon as possible, but there is nothing to worry about if they become hard. Once the clay is dry, you can break it into small pieces and remove them. However, it will leave a complete stain on your carpet, and  only the hard clay will be removed.

You can also clean hardened clay using white vinegar. For this, soak a soft cloth in vinegar and rub the rest of the dry soil. Gradually the hardened clay will rise from your carpet, but many times its stains remain. You will need to go through a few more steps to remove the clay stains, which you can learn from the above article. 

Can You Use Dishwasher Detergent To Remove Clay Stains From Carpets?

Many people use floor cleaning detergents to remove clay from the carpet. However, if you clean the carpet using laundry detergent, it can completely ruin your fabric. Use a liquid dishwashing detergent if you want to keep your carpet from harm.

It will help you to clean the clay stains without damaging your fabric. Mix a few drops of dishwashing detergent in a cup of water, spray the area and wipe with a clean cloth. If necessary, repeat the same process and check if the carpet is completely clean.


The topic of my article was how to get clay out of the carpet. Hopefully, after analyzing this, you know about the easy solution. Since carpet enhances the beauty of a home, you should clean it regularly. Clay stains of clay can destroy the beauty of your carpet. So do not walk on the carpet with muddy shoes when coming from outside. If, after taking all precautions, there are mud or mud stains on the carpet, clean the carpet by following the procedure given above.

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