How To Get Drywall Dust Out Of Carpet? [A Complete Guide]

Get Drywall Dust Out Of Carpet

Drywall dust accumulation on a carpet is a common problem. It is very tough to protect the carpet from drywall dust. When drywall dust enters the carpet, it becomes very difficult to get drywall dust out of the carpet.

There are several methods you can use to clean drywall dust, such as soaking the carpet with potable water and washing it. You can also use a carpet cleaning machine to remove drywall dust from the carpet. If you read the whole article, you will know the right way to clean drywall dust from the carpet.

This article describes the process step by step of how to clean drywall dust from the carpet. It also describes how to clean drywall without a vacuum. There is also a section explaining how to prevent drywall dust.

The Following 7 Steps Will Help You Clean Drywall Dust From Your Carpet.

You need to know the right process to clean drywall dust from the carpet. Below is a description of how to do it step by step.

Step-1: Tools And Materials

  • Drywall Vacuum Sander;
  • Work Gloves;
  • Protective Mask;
  • Protective Eye Gear;
  • Paper Towels Or Rags;
  • Drop Sheet;
  • Spray Bottle With Water;
  • Flashlight (optional).

Step-02: Wear Your PPE

Drywall dust is harmful to us. This can lead to shortness of breath and other ailments. So, before cleaning drywall dust, you need to wear the required PPE. For this, you have to wear work gloves, a protective mask. Also wear protective eye gear, covered shoes, and appropriate clothing to protect against dust. If there is not enough light in the room, adequate lighting should be provided.

Step-03: Provide Free Air Circulation

If you are thinking of cleaning carpets indoors or indoors in a confined space, make sure that ventilation is free. This will allow the dust to come out while cleaning the carpet. If you have more than one window in your room, keep them all open. Place a fan facing the outside of the window so that air can escape.

Step-4: Moisten The Carpet

Many times you will see that the sheetrock dust has penetrated deep into the carpet. Drywall dust is not easy to clean in this type of situation. This condition is caused when the carpet is dirty for a long time. In this case, a small amount of clean water should be sprayed on the carpet to clean the drywall dust from the carpet. 

This will soften the dirt inside the carpet and make it easier to clean. However, you need to be careful not to spray too much water. Otherwise, it will turn into mud.

Step-05: Scraps Off Drywall Dust

Dust on the carpet can be cleaned with a rag which is not possible without a careful person. You can also clean your carpet with a dust spatula. This method can be used if a large amount of dirt gets on one part of the carpet. To do this, the spatula has to be rotated so that the dirt layer becomes loose.

It is better not to rub your carpet. If you do this, the dirt will go deep into the carpet. Make sure your carpet is not muddy.

Step-06: Use Vacuum Cleaner

The best way to clean drywall dust from carpets is using a vacuum cleaner. With a vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove drywall dust from your carpet. I think you should buy it if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. However, vacuum cleaners are quite useful for easily cleaning fine drywall dust. 

Step-07: Use Of Carpet Cleaning Machine

You should use a carpet cleaning machine to make the carpet look more attractive. Carpet steam cleaners have a special reputation in the world of carpet cleaning. You can pull the machine back a few times on that particular spot until all the mud or dust on the carpet is removed.

You can add a carpet cleaning solution to this spray if you want. In addition to sprays, you can use this to clean dust from your carpet very efficiently.

The Process To Clean Drywall Dust Without Vacuum:

The best way to clean drywall dust is to use a vacuum cleaner. But, your vacuum cleaner may be damaged by drywall dust, or you may not have a vacuum cleaner. You can clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner.

You need to know how to clean drywall dust from the carpet without a vacuum. Below I will describe how to clean the carpet without a vacuum.

  • Open the window where you will clean the carpet. If you open the window, you will be able to ventilate. Keep the air conditioner and room heater off.
  • Wear the necessary equipment so that the carpet dust does not harm you. Wear a dust-resistant mask, hand gloves, and goggles. Take a look at the tools and materials described earlier. 
  • Then continue to sweep the carpet vigorously with a broom. Set the fan so that the flying dust can get out. If you sweep like this, maybe most of the dirt will go away. You can set the fan in 2 or 3 windows of your room to get rid of more dust.
  • If the dust is in the air, wait at least 15 minutes. Then the dust can form on the floor again. Again you can sweep the carpet tightly with a broom.
  • If there is any hard dirt on your carpet, you can scrub it with a knife or something similar to clean it. Sweep them later. Be careful not to tear any part of the carpet thread.
  • Finally, sweep again, then lightly wipe with a damp cloth if possible. It will be better if you can remove your carpet and remove that place.

Consider The Things To Prevent Drywall Dust Out Of Carpet:

This can be a source of frustration for you because of the drywall dust. If you do not resist this dust, it will cover your house with a layer of dust. This will ruin the beauty of your home, ruin the furniture. Here I will discuss how to keep your home safe from drywall dust.

  • Maintenance Costs: You may have spent a lot of money to build the house. If you do not cover the maintenance cost then you will make a big mistake. Many people are very indifferent to this. This wrong decision leads to further suffering.

The budget is not too much for dust control. The results are very good because your carpet, furniture are protected from dust. If you have a low budget, you may need to spend more than this budget later.

  • Window Management: One of the biggest causes of dust accumulation in your room or carpet is to keep the windows open. Keeping the windows open causes a lot of dust to accumulate on the carpet. If there is more dust outside, it is better to keep the windows closed.

At the same time, we need natural light, so you can use Thai Glass on your windows. Hopefully, it will protect you from the dust outside. You can also cover the windows with transparent polythene.

  • Surround The Workplace: If you need to work on any part of your house, such as drilling, scrubbing, then cover that area with polythene. This will protect other parts of the house from dust.

However, you need to use thick polythene or plastic. The 4 to 6 mm thick plastic works well to build good immunity. You can attach these plastics with the help of a stand.

  • Control The Wind: A good way to keep your carpet, house, furniture drywall dust-free is to control the air. For this, you need to use a powerful window fan so that air can escape from the room. This will remove the drywall dust from the room and prevent it from accumulating on your carpet.
  • Use Of Low-Dust Drywall: One of the best ways to keep your carpet as well as the whole room drywall dust-free is to use low-dust drywall. This can be a great way to reduce dust. But all options have a downside, and that is cost. This can be a very expensive project for you.

4 Tips To Clean Carpet Drywall Dust That Has Turned Into Mud

Drywall dust turns to mud if it comes in contact with water due to prolonged accumulation of dust on the carpet. It can also be muddy/dirty by your pet. Below I will describe a few ways to clean drywall mud from the carpet.

  • If the carpet is dirty by your pet, give the wet compound time to dry. Do not clean it before drying as it may go deeper. It will be very difficult to clean after going deep.
  • After drying this large part of the mud, the part should be covered with paper and hit with something so that they break, and then it can be cleaned without any problem.
  • Also, when the mud is dry, scrape it on the dry mud with a small knife or metal scraper. The dry object can be lifted. After scraping, sweep the area to clean the tiny particles.
  • Another good way to clean drywall mud is to use a steam cleaner. It is portable and easy to use. After using the steam cleaner, you can wipe the area with a dry towel or tissue paper.

Related Question:

Does Drywall Dust Ruin My Vacuum Cleaner?

Drywall dust can ruin your vacuum cleaner, or damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner. When the drywall dust becomes thick and hard, they block the vacuum’s filter, which damages the vacuum’s motor. The cost of repairing it will definitely not make you happy.

How Do You Get Fine Dust Out Of Carpet?

Fine dust is incredibly small and can float in the air. If you don’t clean the carpet for a long time, it will freeze on the carpet itself. Vacuum cleaners are used to remove fine dust from the carpet. If you want, you can mix vinegar and water to soak the carpet in it and then wash it.

Can Drywall Dust Make You Sick?

Yes, drywall dust can make you sick. This dust travels with the breath to the throat and airways, causing coughing, burning sensation in the airways, and shortness of breath. Those who smoke are more at risk. Also for those who have sinusitis, this drywall dust can cause them more trouble.

How Much Dust Does A Carpet Hold?

You will be amazed at the amount of dust that accumulates on your carpet. The amount of dust accumulation depends on the time and the thickness of the carpet. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, “a square foot of carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt.” 

Even after vacuum cleaning the carpet, it may contain skin cells, pollen grains, and more invisible particles.

Why Does My Carpet Collect So Much Dust?

Carpets can hold much dust for some reason. One of the reasons is having a pet in the house can cause dust on the carpet. Dust can move anywhere to cause your cloth or textile products to become dirty. If the doors and windows of your house are always open then there is a possibility to have much dust on the carpet.

Dust, pollen, and street dirt can get in through the windows and make your carpet worse. Also, your cleaning method can cause dust accumulation, if you do not clean the dust well.

Does A Carpet Have Dust Mites?

Yes, these allergens stick to your carpet. Dust mite allergens are most exposed during sleep. When you make the bed to sleep, these dust mites come out as a result of movement. Vacuum can be used to clean these dust mites. You can also use steam; the heat of the steam kills the dust mites.

Is Drywall Dust Toxic To Dogs/Cats?

This drywall dust does not contain any toxic substances or chemicals. So, I can say that there should not be any serious problem. However, like humans, they may have allergies, which can lead to shortness of breath. Whatever it is, you have to clean drywall dust considering everyone’s opinion.


If you are very worried about getting drywall dust out of the carpet, you should follow the steps above. If you do not want to clean it yourself, you can hire commercial carpet cleaning services. Their super suction vacuum cleaner will easily absorb all the dust from under the carpet. These are not very expensive and can be easily rented.

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