How To Get Fabric Paint Out Of Carpet?

Fabric Paint Out Of Carpet

Different designs are made on fabrics using fabric paint which is not applicable for carpets. However, fabric paint can get on the carpet due to carelessness, which needs to be removed quickly. But if you don’t know how to get fabric paint out of the carpet, continue this article. Here, you can get the easiest methods to get fabric paint out of the carpet. 

There are some ways to remove fabric paint from a carpet. If you want to clean wet paint instantly, you can only use liquid dishwashing detergent at home. However, if the paint dries out, you will have to resort to other methods. 

The fabric paint removal process is also different depending on the different paint conditions. However, whatever the condition of the fabric paint on your carpet, here you will find the complete solution. In this article, I am going to discuss three methods to clean the carpet’s fabric paint:

How To Get Fabric Paint Out Of Carpet? (3 Easy Methods)

When you are thinking of removing fabric paint from a carpet, you need to make sure that your paint is in good condition. Many people can easily remove the dying paint, but they worry about it when it dries. However, here I will discuss the removal of paint in these three conditions, wet, dry and dry. 

Method-1: Using Detergent 

Try to remove fabric paint when your carpet gets the fabric paint as soon as possible because it becomes much harder when it dries. This method given here will help you to remove the wet fabric paint. This method requires the use of detergent, but first blot the paint using an old cloth. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

You do not need too much material to remove wet fabric paint using detergent. You can do the job successfully with just a few elements at home. 

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent
  • Clean cloth
  • Coldwater

Step-2: Blot The Paint

Blot the fabric paint from the carpet using a clean cloth. At this time, refrain from removing the paint by rubbing the area, as rubbing can make the paint darker, which is difficult to clean.

Step-3: Spread Detergent

Mix dishwasher detergent with cold water, and wipe the carpet stains by dipping a clean cloth in the solution. It is not possible to entirely take away the stain once the procedure is done, so repeat it. 

Step-4: Clean The Detergent

Repeating the process a few times will clear the stain. And it is necessary to clean the soap mixture from the carpet. Now wash the area using cold, clean water. 

Step-5: Dry The Carpet

Now turn on the fan to dry the carpet well. If you do not have a fan in your room, you can leave a dry cloth in a wet place, and it will absorb excess water from the carpet. 

Method-2: Using Alcohol

If the fabric paint stain is stubborn, you need to follow this method. In this method, we will remove the fabric paint using an alcohol-based mixture, and you can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Alcohol works well to remove fabric paint stains, but you should check to see if it damages your carpet before use. Once the testing is done, you can start working. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

All you need to do is remove the single-layer fabric paint with just two ingredients that you can get at your fingertips. The two components you need for the process are: 

  • Clean cloth
  • Alcohol 

Step-2: Rub Alcohol

First, rub a clean cloth with a tablespoon of alcohol to remove the stain. Repeat this procedure a few times to clean the paint stain. 

Step-3: Scrub The Paint

When the paint is completely absorbed, rub using another clean cloth. Now you can scrub the area where the paint is applied as the remaining paint has already left the carpet. 

Method-3: Using Acetone

This method works well for removing dry fabric paint. If you do not clean the carpet immediately after the fabric paint is applied, it dries and hardens, making it difficult to remove. However, dry fabric paint can be easily removed if you use acetone. Acetone is an ingredient used in nail polish remover, but if you want to apply it on the carpet, check it out before use because it can make the very dark rug area much lighter. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

  • Butter knife
  • Clean cloth
  • Acetone
  • cold water

Step-2: Remove the paints 

First, remove the paints as much as possible using a dull butter knife. You can do this with an old credit card if you want, but refrain from using a sharp knife. 

Step-3: Rub Acetone

Now rub acetone on the carpet stains with a clean cloth and refrain from blotting. You need to do this procedure several times to remove the paint completely and remove the dry paint. 

Step-3: Clean The Acetone

Rubbing acetone well a few times will gradually clear the stain. Then rinse gently with clean water to get rid of acetone residue. In this case, you have to use cold water. 

Step-4: Dry The Carpet

After cleaning the fabric paint from the carpet, the carpet should be dried we’ll as there is a risk of bacteria growing on the wet carpet. You can turn on a fan near the carpet. 

5 Tips To getting Fabric Paint Out Of Carpet:

If there is any fabric paint on the carpet, it should be cleaned carefully. If the paint is in a soft state, it is easy to remove the cotton, but when it dries, it becomes a bit difficult to remove. But if you follow a few important tips, your job can be a lot easier.

Tips-1: Do not rub or press too hard while blotting the paint because the paint gets deeply set on the carpet due to rubbing or pressure. In this case, the paint becomes more difficult to clean, so gently remove the paint from the carpet. 

Tips-2: When you use alcohol to clean one-on-one fabric paint, you must apply alcohol with a clean cloth. Do not apply alcohol directly to the carpet in any way, and it can ruin your carpet completely. 

Tips-3: Always use cold and clean water to clean any stains on the carpet. This is because hot water can damage the fabric of your carpet. 

Tips-4: When the fabric paint dries, it is possible to remove it by breaking it into pieces, but do not pull the pieces at this time, as pulling will damage the fabric of your carpet. 

Tips-5: Do not follow the wrong procedure to remove the fabric paint on the carpet. For example, if the paint on your carpet is wet, do not apply alcohol or acetone to it, as these are harmful to the fabric of the carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Remove Dried Fabric Paint From Carpet?

Although the fabric paint is water-resistant, it can be easily removed from the carpet when wet. However, once the fabric dries, the paint sticks more tightly to the carpet, making it a little harder to remove. However, you can also remove dry fabric paint by following a few steps. 

Since the fabric paint is waterproof, it can be cleaned with water once it dries, so you need to rub the area with acetone on a clean cloth. Acetone can easily remove fabric paint from the carpet. 

Does Baking Soda Get Out Of Fabric Paint From Carpet? 

We know that baking soda can be used to remove various types of stains, but it may not be a good choice for carpets. It cannot remove fabric paint stains completely. You can remove paint stains from the carpet by applying baking soda, but its white residue can be very difficult to remove from the carpet.  

If you use baking soda, it will remove a very small amount of paint, and you need to use something else later. So, my advice to you is not to use baking soda on the carpet, but you can use the liquid dishwasher detergent. 

How Does Rubbing Alcohol Remove Paint From Carpet?

Use a paper towel or a clean cloth to rub alcohol on the carpet. Soak the cloth in alcohol in such a way that the area of ​​the carpet gets wet when rubbed on the carpet, as soaking in alcohol will break the resins of the paint. 

Scratch the broken paint using a brush and repeat the procedure. You need to do this until the stain is taken away. Since alcohol works great for removing stains, it will easily remove fabric paint stains from your carpet. 

How To Clean Fabric Paint From Carpet Without Ruining The Carpet?

If the fabric paint gets on the carpet, it should be removed in such a way that there is no damage to the carpet. Soak the carpet area with lukewarm water and apply liquid dishwasher detergent on the painted area; no laundry detergent can be used.

Continue to scrub the area with a floor cleaning brush shortly after applying the detergent. Keep scrubbing until the water and detergent have completely blended into the carpet. After some time, the paint stains are starting to dissolve. This method will remove the fabric paint without any harm to the carpet. 

How Do You Remove Stubborn Fabric Paint From Carpet?

Dishwasher detergent works quite well to remove fabric paint from a carpet. However, if the paint on the carpet lasts for a long time, then it becomes monotonous and cannot be removed with detergent. Detergents work well on wet paints, but you will need to use alcohol to remove the stubborn fabric paint.  

If you want, you can use alcohol-based hand wash in everyone’s home. It can remove paint from your carpet easily. All you have to do is wipe the carpet with alcohol on a clean cloth, repeating the process a few times. 

How To Keep A Carpet Away To Get Fabric Paint?

Paint on the carpet is difficult to remove, so you have to be more careful when painting. When you use fabric paint on something, use something on the carpet so that the paint does not stick to the carpet even if it is worn down.  

Also, when applying paint to the walls of the house, apply tape on the carpet along the walls and remove the tapes when the paint is finished. By following these procedures, your carpet will not get any kind of paint, and your carpet will look good.

Will Steam Remove Paint From Carpet?

If the fabric paint on your carpet dries and becomes stale, you can use a steamer to remove it. It makes your work much easier by removing the fiber’s high temperature and water pigment. The steamer may not be suitable for removing wet paint. 

If you want to remove fabric paint from the carpet within a short time, a steamer is the best choice for you. However, since it does not work well with wet paint, you can wait a while for the paint to dry. However, I think if the paint dries, it can be harmful to the carpet, so clean the carpet as soon as possible. 

Does White Spirit Remove Paint From Carpet? 

There are different types of cleaners available for removing paint from carpets, but you can also do this by using White Spirit. White spirit usually works well for removing oil-based paints, but you can use it to remove fabric paints.

If the paint is wet, rub it on the spot with a white cloth with white spirit. If the paint on your carpet has dried, first remove it with a spoon or butter knife and use the rest of the white spirit.

How Do You Get Dried Fabric Paint Off?

When the paint dries on the carpet, it hardens and becomes a bit harder to remove. You can remove dried fabric paint with some elements. Acetone is used for nail polish remover which is effective in removing fabric paint. 

You take a few drops of acetone on a cloth and rub it on the spot. Since the fabric paint hardens when it dries, you may need to rub it in pairs.  However, from the tile floor, you can easily apply dry paint openers using a razor blade.


After reading this article, you may know how to get fabric paint out of the carpet. Your carpet should be cleaned quickly to protect it from damage to the fabric paint. However, I have discussed several methods, so there is no reason to worry about applying fabric paint on your carpet.

Because of the three ways I have discussed here, you can easily remove any wet, dry, and sticky paint. You can also remove any paint from the carpet other than fabric paint by following the article. But before starting, read the tips given above. 

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