How To Get Kerosene Out Of Carpet? [A Step-by-step Guide]

Get Kerosene Out Of Carpet

Having a carpet in the house flooring or car flooring is great. It enhances the aesthetic value of space as well as adds protection to the base floor. But what if you spill some kerosene on the carpet accidentally? Yes, that mess is really bad and difficult to handle. However, know that you can get out of this trouble by cleaning it. 

Cleaning kerosene on the carpet may sound impossible. I mean removing greasy liquid like kerosene absorbed by the carpet fibers should not be easy, right? Well, it may not be easy, but it is not impossible. With the right tools and technique, you can leave your carpet clean as if there was no kerosene on it. But for that, you need to know the tricks. 

So if you have spilled kerosene on the carpet and are searching the internet to find a solution, you are in the right place. In this article, I will talk about getting kerosene out of the carpet. Let’s start then!

7 Steps To Get Kerosene Out Of Carpet: Know The Complete Process

Basically, what you need to do is to soak up the kerosene from the carpet. But obviously, it doesn’t end here as you also need to clean the spots and odor by the spilled kerosene. Also, you better do the cleaning as soon as you spill the kerosene. Otherwise, the oil can get really deep into the carpet fibers and make them stiff and smelly. 

Now, let’s go step by step to effectively clean kerosene out of a carpet: 

Step 1: Prepare For The Cleaning

First, ventilate the area well by opening the windows and ventilators. This will evaporate the kerosene odor quickly as well as help the carpet dry out fast. So ventilation is the first thing to do.

Next, arrange your supplies for cleaning. Here is a list of items you need to clean kerosene from the carpet: 

  • Dishwashing liquid;
  • Baking soda;
  • Dry cleaning solvent;
  • White vinegar;
  • Sponge;
  • Clean towels;
  • Paper towels;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Face mask; 
  • Hand gloves; 

These are the materials that you need to clean the carpet with kerosene. 

Step 2: Cover Around The Affected Area With Paper Towels

Kerosene can easily spread around the area on the carpet where the kerosene has fallen. And if it goes across the fibers, you will need to work on a bigger area. So first, you need to stop the kerosene from spreading across the carpet. 

For that, put paper towels around the spilled area. Kind of create a border with the paper towels to cover the areas around the affected part. The paper towel will immediately soak up the kerosene that may spread into the carpet. 

Step 3: Spread Baking Soda On The Kerosene

Washing off kerosene from the carpet is just not possible. Removing oil by washing is really not an effective method. The right method is to soak up the oil from the carpet. And for that, you need an oil absorbent such as baking soda. Note that baking soda also removes the kerosene odor after several applications. 

Sprinkle enough baking soda on the spilled area so that it covers the area fully. Now, wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the baking soda to work on the kerosene. 

Step 4: Clean Up The Soda

For removing baking soda from the carpet, don’t use any broom to sweep it away. Because the powder will still remain in the carpet. So for cleaning up baking soda from the carpet, vacuum the carpet. This will remove the baking soda residues as well as blow away the oily kerosene. 

Step 5: Dry Clean The Affected Area

Even if you manage to remove kerosene from the carpet, it will still show stubborn stains. And cleaning the stain is one of the toughest tasks. But dry cleaning the area can give you a good result. I haven’t found anything better than this so far to remove the kerosene stains. 

Take a white towel and put about a teaspoon of dry cleaning solvent on it. Then press it on the stained area and blot up the stain. You may need to do this several times to clear the stain completely. 

Step 6: Clean The Area Thoroughly

So far you have done things to remove the kerosene and its stain. But now is the turn to clean the carpet deeply. This should be done as residues of oil can make the fibers stiff and sticky. Also, the final trace of kerosene and stain should be removed. 

In two cups of lukewarm water, mix a tsp of dishwashing liquid and a tsp of white vinegar. Now soak up a sponge in this mixture and slowly rub and blot the area. Clean the sponge in water and repeat it to thoroughly clean the affected area. This should remove the oily layers and the odor. 

Step 7: Dry The Carpet

So the basic cleaning steps are done. Now you have to dry the affected area on the carpet. 

For that, soak up the extra liquid from the carpet by placing a towel on it for an hour. Then you can use a hairdryer to make the carpet fibers feathery and soft again. 

3 Steps To Remove Kerosene Odor Out Of Carpet: 

Even if you clean the carpet thoroughly, the kerosene odor may stay. Kerosene has a strong smell that doesn’t get off the carpet or the room easily. But you know I like the smell of kerosene! Okay, jokes apart, you will need to do something extra to remove the smell of kerosene from the carpet. 

Here are 3 steps to remove kerosene odor out of carpet: 

Step 1: Spread Baking Soda or Coffee Powder

After the basic cleaning that you have done before, you can treat the area once again to remove the odor. For this treatment, you can use either baking soda or coffee powder. Both are excellent agents to make the carpet fresh-smelling. 

Spread any of these on the affected area. Use enough to cover the area. Now let it work over the area overnight. 

Step 2: Vacuum And Repeat

The next morning, vacuum the area thoroughly to remove the remains of baking soda or coffee. If you feel you need a better result, apply baking soda or coffee to it again and leave overnight. 

Vacuum the carpet the next morning. 

Step 3: Blot And Dry The Area

In the end, use a towel wet with vinegar. Then blot the area a few times. This will enhance the smell of the carpet and also clean the area thoroughly. 

Then air-dry the carpet or use a dryer to make the carpet fresh-smelling and feathery. 

There are some ways to remove the odor too. You can mix a few drops of orange juice or vanilla essence with water in a spraying bottle. Now spray this on the affected area and blot it up. This will give an incredibly fresh-smelling carpet. 

Use Cleaning Agents To Clean Kerosene Out Of Carpet: Some Magic Agents

So far, you have learned quite a lot about how to get kerosene out of the carpet. But you should also know about some magic agents that are effective on kerosene on the carpet. In fact, these are the agents that you can find in your storeroom or kitchen. This means you can take fast action in case kerosene is spilled on the carpet. 

Take a note of these magic agents so you can take fast action: 

1. Baking Soda: 

Yes, we have already talked about the uses of baking soda. But it is worth mentioning again. Baking soda is what works the best to remove oil from any surface. It simply absorbs the oil from the deep of the carpet that any scrubbing or washing can’t do. 

If you use baking soda on the affected area after the general cleaning, it will do the miracle of removing the stain and odor. It also kills germs. Leave the baking soda overnight on the carpet and vacuum it the next day. You can repeat this for the best result. 

2. White Vinegar: 

White vinegar is another popular agent for cleaning surfaces. But it is equally effective on kerosene on the carpet. Initially, you need to blot up the area with a towel wet with white vinegar. Do this three to four times and then give it a thorough rubbing. 

For rubbing, use a solution of lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. Now with a sponge or a soft brush, gently rub the affected area. Be very gentle so that the carpet fibers don’t get damaged. Next, blot up the area with a towel and dry it properly. 

3. Potato Peel Extract: 

Potato peels are known for removing dark circles. But it can also remove the kerosene stains from a carpet. And for that, you need to boil the potato peels and use that extract. 

Wet a sponge with the extract and gently rub the area. Next, blot up the surface and leave it to dry completely. This will remove the stains and also soak up the kerosene. 

4. Vodka: 

Vodka is another excellent magic agent for cleaning kerosene from the carpet. It not only removes kerosene and the stains but also makes the carpet fresh-smelling. So if you have a bottle of vodka on the table, just use it!

Just spray vodka on the affected area and leave it to dry. If the stain is heavy, you can spray a little more vodka and blot it up. Then dry it well to get a fresh and clean carpet. 

So you can use any of these agents to clean kerosene from the carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do You Neutralize The Smell Of Kerosene? 

If the smell of kerosene is bothering you, there are a lot of ways to neutralize the smell. Here are some ways: 

  • Treat the area with oil-cutting soap or cleaner and warm water. For carpets, use a sponge to blot it up; 
  • Putting lemon or orange juice on the area can cut off the smell of kerosene;
  • Vanilla essence fairly works on removing the smell of kerosene; 
  • Baking soda and vinegar easily neutralize kerosene smell by absorbing it;

These are some ways of neutralizing the smell of kerosene. 

Will Spilled Kerosene Evaporate? 

Spilled kerosene won’t evaporate easily from any surface. It is extremely thick and oily which is why it may take months to evaporate if left untreated. 

On carpets, it is almost impossible for kerosene to evaporate. Rather it mixes with the carpet fibers and makes them stiff and greasy. So cleaning and treating the carpet with the right agent can only remove kerosene. You need to treat the surface well and clean the kerosene. Otherwise, it won’t evaporate just like that. 

How Do You Remove Kerosene Stains? 

Kerosene stains are quite difficult to remove. This is because oil doesn’t get off the surface easily. But there are ways to clean kerosene stains from the carpet or any other surface. 

Make a mixture of 2 cups of lukewarm water, 1 tsp dishwashing liquid, and a tsp of vinegar. Now wet a sponge in it and gently rub the affected area. Do this 2- 3 times and clean the sponge in between. In the end, blot the area with the same sponge and leave it to dry. 

How Do You Get Kerosene Out Of Fabric? 

If you have fabric carpet affected with kerosene, here are the steps to treat it: 

  • In a bucket of warm water, mix a decent amount of oil-cutting detergent;
  • Dip a soft toothbrush in this mixture and scrub the affected area gently and slowly in circular motions;
  • Repeat this a few times until the kerosene stains disappear; 
  • Then rinse off the fabric with water; 
  • Leave the fabric to dry; 

That is what you need to do. 

Final Thoughts: 

I included the best tricks and steps of getting kerosene out of the carpet. Besides, I have discussed solutions for removing kerosene stains and odor. So what else is bothering you? You have all the answers in your hand.  

Time for some action!

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