How To Glue Carpets To Wood? [Do It Like A Pro]


It is important to know how to glue carpets to wood to install a carpet on a wooden floor. Because, if you start working without knowing it, only your floor and valuable materials will be wasted. I think it’s important for you to know the right way to install carpet on a wooden floor.

You can glue the carpet with wood in two simple ways: spray adhesive and contact cement. But you have to prepare the carpet first. For this, you need to cut the carpet to the right size and wipe the back of the carpet well. Next, you have to apply your selected material on the reverse side of the carpet, invert it, and attach it to the floor.

Go through the article to learn about the whole process to glue a carpet on a wooden floor. Here, I will be describing the method in two steps to make your work much easier. Let’s get started:

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Installing carpets on a wooden floor is not a difficult task, but your work may not be successful if you do not follow the correct steps. If you want to install carpet on your wooden floor, there are two easy ways. These two methods will make the installation of your floor carpet much easier. Let’s see the methods:

Method-1: Using Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive is the easiest and most popular method of installing carpet on a wooden floor. Installing carpet in this way makes it last longer with the floor. If you have also decided to install carpet on the wooden floor, I suggest using spray adhesive. Below, I’m going to present the steps on how to install carpet by applying spray adhesive, which will make your work easier. 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

You may need some equipment to install a carpet on a wooden floor using spray glue. Here is a list of the necessary equipment that may be needed.

  • Carpet
  • Spray adhesive
  • Towel 
  • Latex glove
  • Nose mask
  • Utility knife

Step-2: Carpet Laying

Carpets should be cut to floor size and spread out on a uniform and consistent surface. Place the carpet pieces in such a way that they are facing backward.

Step-3: Cleaning The Back Of The Carpet

Clean each of the carpet sides with a clean and dry towel or rag. However, do not use water or wet towels for cleaning in any way. Because, if there is dirt or wet feeling, the glue will not sit well there.

Step-4: Apply Spray Adhesive

Once the back of the carpet is well cleaned, apply spray glue. It is the most important step. It is tormenting If your spray glue is not applied properly, the carpet will not be set on the wooden floor. Also, be sure to wear a set of latex gloves and a nose mask for personal protection when spraying glue.

Step-5: Turn The Carpet Over

Carefully invert the carpet and lay it on the wooden surface. Now, walk on the carpet to help them get completely attached to the wooden floor. The pressure of your feet will stick the adhesive carpet to the floor.

Step-6: Trim Extra Carpet 

When the pieces of carpet stick to the wooden floor, cut off the excess portion with a knife. Then discard the purchased part, press the parts around the carpet with your feet, and stick it to the floor. 

Method-2: Using Contact Cement

Installing carpets using spray adhesive is quite a hassle so you can follow an alternative method. Here, I will discuss how to install a carpet on the wooden floor using contact cement. Let’s see the steps: 

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

Installing carpets on wooden floors requires almost the same adhesive spray and cement materials equipment. However, I am mentioning the list of necessary equipment again due to some differences:

  • Carpet
  • Contact cement
  • Towel 
  • Latex glove
  • Nose mask
  • Utility knife

Step-2: Lay the carpet

Turn the carpet upside down and spread it on a flat surface. Be careful not to wear anything under the carpet, otherwise, the carpet may be damaged before it is installed on the floor.

Step-3: Clean the back of the carpet

Clean the carpets back with a dry cloth to avoid dust. However, refrain from using water or any type of liquid.

Step-4: Apply Contact Cement

Apply an even layer of contact cement on the back of the carpet. Wear a set of latex gloves like before and a nose mask for personal protection. And leave the cement to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step-5: Inspect The Cement

After 10 to 15 minutes, touch the cement to see if it is sticky. It is completely ready if it is adhesive, but the cement does not dry completely. Because when it dries, it will harden and will not stick to the floor.

Step-6: Turn The Carpet Over

Now turn the carpet upside down so that the sticky side of the carpet sticks to the floor. Then press or walk on the carpet so that the whole carpet can stick to the wooden floor properly.

Step-7: Trim Off The Excess Carpet

Now, if there is any extra part around your carpet, trim it. This extra part of the carpet can cause the carpet to fall off the floor. 

7 Important Tips To Glue Carpet To Wood:

To glue carpet to wood, you need to know a few tips that will help you finish your work safely. I have done a lot of research and determined a few tips that you can do to make the work easier and more successful.

Tips-1: The way you glue the carpet, make sure you take care of personal safety before removing it. It can get into your nose when you apply the adhesive spray. When applying the adhesive layer on the carpet, it can also damage your hands, so wear a set of latex gloves and a nose mask before starting work.

Tips-2: Clean the area before laying the carpet as it could ruin the carpet if there is anything hard under it. The carpet should also be spread on a flat surface and thoroughly cleaned with a dry towel. If the carpet is dirty or wet, you will not be able to hold the glue in place.

Tips-3: If you use contact cement for carpet installation, do not place the carpet on the floor immediately after applying it to the carpet. When the cement is dry and sticky, install it on the floor. If you overturn the carpet when the contact cement is completely wet, it will not hold the carpet on the floor, so wait until it becomes sticky. 

Tips-4: After applying the adhesive carpet to the floor, press down on the carpet to set it up well. The work can be done faster if you walk on the whole carpet. You can also smooth the top of the carpet with a piece of hard and flat wood.

Tips-5: Avoid placing anything heavy on the carpet for at least 48 hours before the carpet is glued to the wood floor. Carpet glue does not dry completely before 48 hours, during which time if something heavy is placed on the floor, it can cause permanent damage to the carpet and floor.

Tips-6: After the carpet is laid on the floor, some extra parts remain around it which cannot be attached to the floor or walls. Trim this extra piece of carpet evenly with a utility knife. You must use a sharp knife to trim the carpet and do the job carefully. A little carelessness can ruin even the most important part of your carpet.

Tips-7: When you glue the carpet to the floor, you can no longer remove it from the floor to clean it, so keep it clean regularly. If some liquid falls on the carpet, it can also damage the floor. If you want to keep the floor and carpet well, clean it properly when any liquid falls. You will learn the simple process of removing clay and fabric paint from the carpet on this site. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Why Do You Have To Glue The Carpet To The Wood?

Many of you may know how to glue the carpet to the floor, but do we know what could be the reason for doing so? The carpet does not have to be glued to the floor always. You do not need to glue if you use pads under the carpet.

However, if you want to install the carpet without the use of pads, then you need to glue. The adhesive prevents the carpet from moving and creating bums. If you want to protect the floor, apply a layer of spray glue or contact cement on it before laying the carpet.

Can You Glue Carpet To Wood With Wood Glue?

Many people think that wood glue is enough to install a carpet on a wooden floor, but this is a misconception. Wood glue cannot hold the carpet to the floor. You can apply latex paint, matte medium, Elmer’s glue to glue the carpet to wood.

If you want to pair wood with wood, wood glue will be the right choice. But never think of sticking wood glue on the carpet, as it will only ruin your carpet. It can also cause stains on your floor, which you will have to work harder to remove.

What Glue Can You Use On A Carpet?

There are currently many brands of spray glue available for carpet installation, but you can also use contact cement if you wish. The glues available for carpet use included latex paint, matte medium, Elmer glue, PVA glue. From these glues, you can choose one for your floor.

However, you can use carpet glue or a latex mask if you want. These adhesives can also hold the carpet quite well with the wood. However, wood glue is never the right choice for a carpet so refrain from using it. 

How Do You Glue Carpet To Wood Stairs?

To glue the carpet to the stairs, you need to spread any padding first, but you can skip it. To do so, cut the carpet to the size of a ladder and spread it out. If you use padding, spread it along with the carpet. Once the carpet is laid, start gluing the bottom of the carpet.

You can also use contact cement for the stairs if you want. If you want to use pads, attach the carpet to the pads. After that, spread an even layer of glue under it, turn the carpet upside down, attach it to the stairs and press it with your feet. 

How Do You Get Glue To Stick To Carpet?

To keep the glue from sticking to the carpet, you need to apply pressure above after placing the carpet. You can do this with your feet if you want, but use a little hardwood for best results. Once the adhesive layer has been applied to the carpet, it should be spread evenly on the floor upside down.

After laying the carpet, press it well and attach it to the floor so that the surface above the carpet is strong. Then take an equal piece of wood and press it on the whole carpet. Cover the carpet with the floor. 

Can You Use Super Glue On Carpet?

If you have any small cuts, stains, or burns on your carpet, you can apply a small piece of carpet with the help of super glue and use the carpet for a few more days. But if you are thinking of using super glue for carpet installation, stop thinking.

You will find a lot of glue to glue the carpet with the floor, but it is not suitable for super glue. Super glue can only fit small rags or cut pairs; it can’t hold a thick carpet against a wooden floor.

Can You Glue Down Any Carpet?

To lay the carpet on the wooden floor, you need to apply glue. It will prevent the carpet from moving and allow you to move freely on the floor. You can glue directly to any carpet, but many people use pads under the carpet.

It is better to use pads under the carpet for your floor, giving you more protection. However, I think pads should be used when installing carpets on stairs because stairs are riskier than the floor. 

How Long Does Carpet Glue Take To Dry?

No heavy furniture should be left on the floor for at least 48 hours after the carpet is glued. However, you can glue the carpet to the floor, but it will also help your carpet be set better.

However, the carpet glue won’t dry completely before 48 hours, and placing heavy furniture during this time can cause permanent damage to your carpet and floor. So, after you glue the carpet to any floor, please wait at least 48 hours for it to dry. 


This article was about how to glue carpet to wood. I hope you can learn the easiest and correct solution from here. Since it is not easy to glue the carpet to the wooden floor, you must follow my tips. You can also place a carpet on your floor by following any of the two methods discussed here.

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