How To Make A Towel Mop? [A Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Make A Towel Mop [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Mopping and cleaning are a daily routines. If the house is not clean, there is a possibility of getting sick as well as not looking good. Now mopping accessories can be easily made at home. It is straightforward to make a towel mop. This will also help you to recycle your unused towel.

I tried it at home and got outstanding results. And I often make it at home, so I have a good experience with this, and now I want to share that experience with you. Hopefully, this allows you to make it at a cheap rate and in less time.

Making a towel mop requires some basic steps. It also asserts some strategy and cutting skills.  As this homemade procedure is easy, I will expand here on some essential tips and tricks about making a towel mop so that you can easily understand every hook and crook of this process. 

5 Steps To Make A Towel Mop Easily At Home

You have enough questions about how to make mop at home with a towel. You will need some accessories to make a towel mop at home.  But no worries because these are very readily available at stores. You can make a towel mop for yourself at home with all the accessories you need to follow some basic steps.

Here are some basic steps that you need to follow carefully. Try to follow each and do them strictly. 

Step 1:Required Materials 

Collect the things before starting the task. You may need to buy the cable wire from the nearby shop, but they are usually found at home. In addition to this, you should collect the following things as well.

  • Scissors; 
  • Some pieces of Velcro tape; 
  • An old towel; 
  • Mop stand;
  • Cable wire;
  • Nylon ropes;
  • Regular tapes;
  • A marker pen; 
  • Measuring scale. 

Step 2: Cut Off The Towel Into Half Portion

Take a piece of towel. Afterward, fold it to get a double layer. By doing this, you can cut the towel into equal portions.  Alternatively, precisely measure the towel and mark the pieces into two sections with a marker pen.

Each section must be identified equally and easily recognized. Now, cut it off and keep the pieces a similar size. Once you’ve cut accurately, put them aside. Now, you are ready to go for the next steps.

Step 3: Take Another Cloth To Give An Extra Layer 

After cutting the towel, you can put another layer of cloth inside the towel, this will make the inner portion stronger, and the mop will absorb water quickly.

If there are no extra thin or light fabrics in the house, you can make the inner layer with extra pieces of cloth next to your cut towel.

Step 4: Overlapping & Sew Those Pieces 

Put those pieces aside, and overlap each of the cutting pieces. By this, all of them will remain in a criss-cross position. Now, sew each separate side by hand. 

If you don’t want to sew the pieces, you can cut them off to make a broad strip. Broad strips are less troublesome and easy to replace underneath the hem of the towel. Make sure that you cut four minor grooves around the bottom of the mop handle. Remember that each of the strips must have lied under the towel hems and edges. They should lay in perpendicular norms.

Step 5: Collect The Pieces & Tie Them 

Now collect all the separate pieces. Make a strong bond with a rope. To tie the broad strips, try to make a string with them. Don’t forget that this one is suitable for separate towel strips.

You can choose an alternate way to cut the towel from its hem. Then sew the edges into a double section. Put two or three Velcro tapes inside and outside the towel equally. 

Step 6: Hooked The Towel Into The Mop Stand

Now it’s time to hook the towel into the mop stand. Tie the towel strips altogether with the help of a cable wire. Attach those strips with a mop stand. 

If you’re using Velcro tape, fold the towel to attach the parts suitably. Then put the towel inside the mop stand. Now you’re ready to mop with this homemade DIY tool.

Step 7: Cut Or Close The Rougher Edge

Due to the roughness of the other side of the mop stand, it can be difficult to use for you. So, in that case, you can wrap the rest of the towel around the rough edge era. Just remember one thing, don’t make the handle too thick by putting an extra cloth to make a cloth mop handle so that it is difficult to hold.

Step 8: Check If It Works Or Not

Once the mop is ready, give it a try to see if it works or not. if it works excellently, check the binding. By doing this, you can ensure perfection. The homemade mop will be a more durable and fantastic solution for cleaning your entire house. 

Step 9: Mop Your Floor!

If you don’t face any problems after use, finally, your mop is made, and it is now ready to clean the floor of your house. So Let’s mop your floor. 

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making A Towel Mop

If you are a fresher or newbie, mistakes and dangers can happen at any time. So having a clear conscience about them is mandatory. Here are a few mistakes you might attempt. Take a look and keep away from these mistakes.

1. Cut Out The Towel Improperly:

It may seem easy and straightforward to cut out the towel. But you need to do this properly. To make a towel mop, you must cut it out in a perpendicular way. Keep the towel for mopping floors, then drive the scissors straightforwardly.


  • Before cutting the towel, you can mark it with a pencil or cut it evenly with a measuring scale.

2. Start From Anywhere 

Starting to cut the towel from anywhere is another mistake. For this, you can’t get the best and expected result. If you want to make a  proper mop towel, you have to cut it down from the hem. Moreover, cutting from the corner would be perfect. So do not drive your scissors over the towel and begin to shear the edges from anywhere. 

3. Overtightened The Mop Handle & Towel

Overtightening the mop handle and towel is the standard error that anyone can make. It is good to tightly attach the mop towel to any stick or handle. But being overtightened may spoil your mopping task to do the job comfortably. They often fail to mop the floor properly.

4. Tie The Mop Insecurely

Finding a secure place is a must before binding the mop with the handle. Without this, you won’t be able to tie up the mop securely. Most people usually tie up their mop at the top of the handle.

But this isn’t mandatory all the time. If you find that the towel strips can be securely attached at the bottom, try to bind them there. You can use a cable wire to make a strong bond between the mop and the handle. 

5. Forget To Give A Trial

One of the common issues you may find during the mopping period is getting loose or coming out of the handle. It is the most boring thing you have ever experienced. The reason behind this is the mop handle and the towel will not be secured properly.

For this reason, you have to sit behind them to secure them tightly in the middle of the work. To avoid this, give a trial to your towel mop whenever you’re finished making it. Hold the mop-up righteously and shake it to ensure security.

6. Not Using A Wooden Mop Handle

Using a plastic or rubber-made mop handle may not give you the expected comfort during the working period. As those materials are very slippery, the towel didn’t stick to them properly.

This is a simple error that you may make ignorantly. To give a good tuck into your towel mop, try to use a wooden mop handle. A wooden mop handle will be a better option to endure the towel. 

7. Use Paper Glue To Secure The Towel Strips

Some used to make a towel mop by securing them with paper glue. But those glues may melt away while you’re using warm water to sweep the floor. Those are not good options to stick the towel to the handle in most cases. So avoid using any glue or any materials like this.  

8. Forget To Fold The Towel Edges & Sew Them 

Without folding the towel edges, you may not be able to mop or sweep the floor. Those insecure edges will give you extra trouble; most often, you may not be able to do any of the complex tasks with them. Whenever you cut off the towel, try to fold the end parts and sew them properly.

9. Using plastic or steel handle

You may encounter various problems when using plastic or steel handles. Because the steel handle is comparatively heavy, it can be difficult to use, and the plastic handle can bend due to not being able to take the heaviness of the water. So it is better if wood can be used as a handle that will help to maintain the balance.

5 Tips To Make A Towel Mop And Head Like A Professional 

Nothing is impossible to do if you’re extremely determined. Making a professional towel mop becomes more manageable if you follow the tips below.

Tip 1: Make A Little Section Of The Towel 

Try to make a little section of the towel. It will give you much pleasure doing the job perfectly. A towel mop will not be secured correctly if you fail to fold it. Folding and cutting the towel is necessary to make a good floor mop. 

Tip 2: Give A Good Finishing Touch 

Try to give an excellent finishing touch to the towel strokes. Divide them into 2-3 strokes or cut them off in the middle. Then sew them properly to make a rectangular shape.

You can measure the old mopping pad and trace them with a marker. Cut from the hem and fold the parts. Don’t forget to cut according to your choice. If you need a large mop, try to take a larger size towel.

Tip 3: Use A Pin Or Clip To Secure Them Tightly 

Suppose you think that the bond between the mop and the handle will not secure properly. Use a pin or clip to secure them tightly.  It will give you a quick backup by hanging onto the mop handle. 

Tip 4: Varnish The Mop Handle

Varnish the mop handle to make a towel mop more attractive. Varnishing is necessary if you’re using any wooden mop handle. Those handles are good enough to create a strong bonding.

Despite this, you can also use the old mop handle. But make sure that you have secured the towel mop into the handle. You can stain the mop handle if it gets slippery. 

Tips 5: Make A Knot To Ensure Roughness 

The main intention of making a mop towel is to flip it righteously. Without this, you can’t mop the floor, as it requires continuous forward and backward motion. So try to make a tight knot between the towel mop and the handle. It will provide enough roughness to shake or flip the mop without trouble.

Related Questions:

Which Materials Can You Use To Make a Cleaning Towel Mop?

Making a cleaning towel only requires some essential tools. But you don’t have to buy these tools as you already have them at home. You just have to combine them. First, you need to choose the mop handle; try to use the wooden handles. Then choose an old dry towel. A kitchen towel can be used for this. You can also use any towel in the house.

After that, you need to gather the incidental tools, including scissors to cut off the towel. The towel should be cut to the right size so that there is no problem in attaching it. A marker pen, pin or clip, a cable wire or ropes, and some Velcro tapes. If you want to make towel strips, collect a ringer cap to hold them securely.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Towel Mop?

The price of mop towels ranges from $5-$10, depending on the size and materials you use. The cost of making a towel mop depends on the accessories that you need most. If you’re using a bar mop towel, the cost may vary depending on the variations. Also, The towel mop cost depends on the shipment fee in some retail shops. 

You won’t need to spend much cash if the other accessories are available at your home. The overall cost may take from you 100 dollars. You can buy them quickly, and the procedure is quick as well.

Can You Make A Mop Pads With Towel?

Making mop pads out of towels is a great idea and you can do it very easily. When the mop pad becomes unusable, you can give the mop a new lease of life by making a new pad with the handle instead of discarding it. For this, use an old towel that is still in good condition. To make flat mop pads, the towel must be folded into two layers.

Now place this folded towel half an inch away from the existing pad on the mop. Then sew it properly so that it stays firmly in place. But don’t give single stitch, double stitch will increase its durability. Some reusable mop pads are available but using a towel will save you money. Note that you must fold the towel slightly larger for the folding mop head.

How Do You Mop With Towels?

There is a set method of mopping with a towel, which must be followed for good results. First, prepare a bucket of warm water, and add a few drops of cleaning solution to it. Stir the mixture with your hand, soak the towel mop and let it absorb. Wring the towel and dragging it over the floor. Repeat the same action several times.

Since you have taken water in the bucket, it gets dirty after a few dips in the towel. So change the mop water in the middle of the work. Use a vacuum cleaner to wash away the stubborn dirt. Finally, let the floor dry and open the windows. Turning the fun on might also be a good idea.

Which Is Better For Mopping: Bar Mop Towel Or Kitchen Towel?

When you decide to use a towel for mopping, you must choose a quality towel. In this case, you can make a difference between bar mop towels and kitchen towels. Both users support them, but one should be chosen considering the features. Bar mop towels are much more absorbent than kitchen towels. Also, there is a chance that the cleaning solution will stick to the skin during mopping with normal towels since they are quite thin. 

Bar mop towels, on the other hand, are quite thick, so you won’t get any solution on your hands while mopping. When it comes to towel cleaners, there is definitely an issue of effort involved. You can clean the bar towel without any effort as it is machine washable. However, kitchen towels have to be cleaned manually, which requires effort.

Can You Use A Towel As A Mop?

You can, of course, use a towel as a mop. Using a towel when one loses its reusability or holds a lot of dirt may be a good idea. In this case, use the small towels that are in the kitchen. A towel works well to remove even large messes. For this, you can soak the towel in soapy water or in the sink for some time so that it can hold water well. 

Then squeeze some and throw the excess water down the sink. Now place it on the floor and start mopping. Dish rags can also be used as towels. Soak them in the same solution and start working with the squeeze.

How Does A Towel Mop Work?

Each towel mop fabric contains 480,000 tiny fibers. Those fibers will be very effective in catching the dirt and lifting it away. Another benefit of adding a towel mop to your regular cleaning routine is its strong network of fibers. It has the ability to lift all the dirt from the floor no matter how hard it is. But don’t forget to change the water of the mop occasionally.

With this, you can use the towel to mop the floor with plain water, as long as mop towels are an effective option to eliminate 99.9% of house bacteria. Again, a mop towel also reduces the germs and gives you quick, easily cleaned surfaces. Therefore, towels are recommended for those who want a highly sterile floor.

How Do You Make A Towel Mop Head?

You can make a towel mop head by following some strategies. Use scissors to cut off the diy mop head in a rectangular shape. But care should be taken while cutting to maintain the correct size. Otherwise, it may be difficult to attach the new head. Start to cut out the heme sites and fold the sides. Since there are several types of mop heads, cut it according to the head type you have. 

Sew the towel, mop head, and make a triangular shape with a pin. Bind the mop head with the handle by cable wire. The binding should be tight enough as a loose head is likely to come loose during mopping. You can use Velcro tape to secure the mop head with wooden sticks. 

Can You Clean a Wall With a Homemade Towel Mop?

Repainting the wall is a necessary job which we usually do occasionally. For this, you need to prepare the wall first. On the other hand, you may accidentally split the colors of spices onto the home wall. Cleaning the dirty and dusty wall with a homemade towel mop is excellent. 

It’s because the towel mop had an extra fluffy duster head. It effectively dusts the dirt and works on all types of hard surfaces. So you will get a clean and tidy impact after using this mop over the wall.

How Do You Clean A Towel Mop?

To maintain the durability of the towel mop, it must be cleaned regularly. For regular cleaning, use hot water and add some vinegar and liquid soap to them. Soak the mop and scrub it, which you usually do to clean the cloth. Continue this process until the towel is completely clean. If the towel gets too dirty, you can discard the solution and redo it.

You can clean the mop towel by using a detergent or heavy-duty bleach. It depends on how dirty your home floor is. If the towel is heavily soiled, add a little more bleach. Bleach will remove all germs from towels, including dirt. The towel mop needs extra care if you mop high-traffic areas with them.

Final Thought: 

A  towel mop is a great homemade tool as it is durable and flexible. And also it is readily available. You can easily make a towel mop with things available at your home. The process is relatively straightforward and doesn’t cost you much. 

You can use your ideas to make this. But don’t forget to sew the edges; give a trial once you’re finished to make it properly. Check the center and bottom parts of the handle twice. Otherwise, it may come off during the working period. Wish you a happy and pleasurable mopping.

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