How To Take Apart A Shark Steam Mop? [Quick, Easy, Method]

How To Take Apart A Shark Steam Mop

Taking apart a Shark steam mop is a process that every homemaker must know. After using your steam mop for some time, you will need to dismantle it for different reasons such as cleaning it and replacing some faulty parts. As such learning how to take apart a Shark steam mop is essential to make the process easy, fast, and safe.

Once you get a shark steam mop, you will need to learn how to use and care for it. With enough knowledge on how to use and take apart your shark steam mop, it will serve you efficiently. It will not trouble you whenever you need to dismantle it for whatever reason. You will also be in a position to get the most out of it. In this article, we enlighten you on how to take apart a shark steam mop. 

6 Steps To Take Apart A Shark Steam Mop: Time-Saving Approach

At some point when using your shark steam mop you will need to dismantle it to clean or replace some parts. You need to know how to dismantle your Shark steam mop to avoid damaging the parts. Read on to learn how to take apart your shark steam mop step by step.

Step 1: Disassembling All Parts On The Front Panel

The first step to undertake when taking apart an electric device is to disconnect it from the power source. This step saves you from electric shocks that may cause harm or death. Once you disconnect it, uncover the power cord from the mop handle. Remove the Phillips head above the cap of the water tank. Pull the handle out, separating it from the body.

Step 2: Removing The Plastic Cap

Locate the screws that connect the 12mm Phillips head to the body. Unscrew the screws then pull out the plastic cap to detach it from the body. Removing the screws will require you to use a screwdriver. 

Step 3: Removing The Water Tank Cap

Locate three T10 Torx screws located close to the top of the body. Locate the third screw on the opposite side at the bottom. Remove the 16mm screws to detach the water tank cap from the body.

Step 4: Removing The Plastic Rim

Use a metal spudger to remove the steam control button from the upper surface of the body. Locate two 12mm Phillips screws underneath. Unscrew the screws to detach the plastic trim from the body.

Step 5: Removing The Plastic Cover

Locate the Shark logo decal located at the front of the body and remove it using a metal spudger. Locate two 12mm Phillips screws underneath. Unscrew the screws to remove the plastic cover.

Step 6: Opening The Mop Body

Remove the front plate to allow you to access the control panel. Unscrew all the screws on the control panel to open the mop body. Locate three 12mm Phillips screws and detach them from the plastic trim. Locate four 16mm T1oTorx screws at the back of the mop, unscrew and remove it. 

Detach the power cord from the device by unscrewing the two 12mm Phillips head screws. Remove the dark grey plastic trim cover. Pull the front and backside apart to open the plastic mop body. Unscrew the 12mm Phillips screws on the top left to expose the inside body.

Unscrew the four 12mm Phillips screws inside the mop body. Detach the mop body bottom from the grey connector. Pull the tube out from the bottom. Locate two 12mm Phillips screws on the top. Remove the screws and pull the black foam back to remove the third 12mm Phillips screws. Separate the mop body from the tank by pulling it apart.

5 Things You Should Consider While Taking Apart Shark Steam Mop

Before taking your Shark steam mop apart you should take various factors into consideration. The factors below ensure your safety and protect the mop from damage.

1. Disconnecting The Mop From The Power Supply

Before working on your Shark steam mop ensure that you disconnect it from the power source. Attempting to take it apart when still connected to the power can cause electrocution. The power can also ruin some parts of the mop, forcing you to buy replacement parts or an entire mop.

2. Drying The Mop Completely

You should ensure that all parts of the mop are dry before taking it apart. Water can spread to critical parts such as power slots ruining the entire power system. This mop head is self-wringing so all you need to do is twist it and it will let most of the water out. However, you should further wring it with your hands to let out any remaining water and dry it completely.

3. Having The Right Tools

You need to have the correct size of screwdrivers to unscrew the various screws of different sizes on the mop. Screwdrivers of the right size correspond with the thickness of the blade and fit perfectly on the slot. Ensure that you also have a metal spudger to remove other parts of the mop such as the steam control button.  

4. Keeping your screws safely

Before you start taking your Shark steam mop apart, get a safe container to hold your screws. The mop has numerous small screws that hold the different parts together. You can easily lose some of these screws if you do not keep them safe. You will then have to buy replacement screws which will cost you money that you could have saved for other needs.  

5. Have the relevant know-how

Without the relevant knowledge, you may ruin some parts of the mop. You need to know which part you should dismantle first and where all the screws are located. To get the relevant knowledge, read the manual, and guides, or watch instructional videos to learn how to safely put the mop apart. 

The knowledge will not only enable you to dismantle the mop safely but also with little to no hassle. It will also save you time and money since you will do it fast without having to hire a professional electrician.

3 Tips To Make Shark Steam Mop Disassembly And Repair Easily

Without the relevant information, disassembling and repairing a Shark steam mop can be hectic. It can take too much time, damage some parts, or in the extreme end, harm the users. The tips below will give you some insights on what to disassemble and repair your Shark steam mop easily and correctly:

Tip 1: Determine The Cause Of The Problem

Before dismantling your Shark steam mop for repair, get to the bottom of the issue. Conduct thorough diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. One problem can have different causes which require different approaches during the repair process. For instance, if the mop is not steaming, determine whether it is due to a failed electric element or clogging.

Tip 2: Know The Procedure

Disassembling a Shark steam mop involves taking apart various parts. It is important to know the order in which you should take the parts apart. Failure to follow the right order can lead to having to force out some parts, breaking or damaging them in the process. 

 Tip 3: Disconnect From Power

Before attempting to disassemble or repair a Shark steam mop, disconnect it from power. Also, leave the steam mop to cool down. Disconnecting it from power saves you from electrocution and protects the electric parts from power damage. Allowing the water to cool protects you from scalding by ensuring that there is no steam in the tank or the nozzle.

Related Questions:

Do You Need Any Tools To Disassemble Your Shark Steam Mop?

Taking apart some parts such as the mop head does not require tools. However, some other parts such as the vacuum handle require simple tools. Get a screwdriver of a size that will comfortably open the long screw attaching the handle to the body. You can also get a pair of tongs to dig the pads out after detaching them from the sides of the mop.

Can I Repair A Clogged Shark Steam Mop At Home?

You can unclog your steam mop using water and vinegar. In this method, you get distilled water and vinegar of the same amount, mix them, and pour the mixture inside the tank. You then heat the mixture into steam and let it out through the nozzle. 

You can also remove the clog on the nozzle by scraping off the mineral buildup. Get a thin wire or paper clip and use it to dig through the holes of the nozzle to loosen the clog. Note that this method can only be used to remove clog that you can easily see with your naked eye. 

Can The Shark Steam Mop Disassembly Process Be Dangerous?

The process can be hazardous if you fail to disconnect it from the power which can cause electrocution. Also, remember to let the steam mop cool down. This will ensure that no steam comes out while you disassemble the appliance. The steam is usually very hot and can scald you. 

You can also pose danger to yourself if you use dangerous tools to disassemble it. Tools such as sharp knives and crude wires can cut into your skin, huting you. They can also cause infections such as tetanus if you fail to take the necessary aftercare.

How Do You Clean A Clogged Shark Steam Mop?

When your Shark steam mop stops removing steam, it’s time to clean it to unclog your appliance. To thoroughly unclog your mop, you need to clean the water tank and the nozzle separately.

To clean the tank, you need to pour equal portions of distilled water and vinegar into the tank. Let the water steam and the steam will dissolve the clog. To clean the nozzle, you can use a paper clip or a wire to scrap it off.

How Do You Open A Shark Steam Mop Head?

Opening the head of your Shark steam mop requires no tools. It is also easy and quick if you follow the correct steps. It requires jo special expertise or dedicated tools to complete the process.

All you need to do is turn off your Shark steam mop from power and disconnect it from the socket. Then push the mop head down the release button close to the connection point. Pull the head out by sliding it out to detach it from the body.

How Do You Disassemble A Shark Vac Mop?

After using the Shark Vac mop for a while, the pads will gather some dirt and require replacement. Disassembling the mop is easy and fast and requires taking apart the vacuum handle and Vacmop body.

To disassemble the vacuum handle, use a simple tool such as a screwdriver to press in the clip on the handle. Then pull the handle off the pole while pressing the top snap clip down. To disassemble the Vacmop body, locate the snap clip on the body and press it inside using your simple tool. Then pull the pole off the Vac mop body while pressing the snap clip down.

Why Is Your Shark Steamer Not Steaming?

A steamer is not a steamer unless it steams as it should. Your steam cleaner can fail to steam due to one of the reasons below:

The water in the tank is heated by the heating element. If the element ruptures or breaks down, then the water will not heat up and will not produce steam. You should replace the faulty heating element to get it back to a proper working condition.

If after examining your shark steamer you find out that the heating element is functioning properly, then the issue is limescale. You should clean your shark steamer to unclog the parts and get it back to work.

How Do You Unclog A Shark Steam Mop With Vinegar?

Once you determine that your Shark steam mop is clogged, the immediate step you should take is unclogging it. You can use vinegar for this process. To complete the cleaning process effectively, get distilled or boiled water and distilled white vinegar in equal parts and mix them. 

Pour the mixture inside the Shark steam mop water tank. Plug your steam mop onto a power source and turn it on. Allow the water to heat and steam. Leave the steam to get out of the mop to the last drop. This steam will dissolve and thus remove the mineral buildup thus unclogging your mop.

How Do You Take The Handle And Pads Off The Shark Steam Mop S1000?

To remove the handle, locate and remove the screw under the cord holder and detach it from the body. Get a screwdriver of the right size to enable you remove the screw fast and comfortably. The screw is long and will take a few minutes to come off. 

To remove the pads, press the button located at the front part of the body. The sides will open up and release the pads. Using a pair of tongs, take off the exposed pads easily by digging inside the open mop sides.

Final Verdict 

Cleaning your household items and surfaces has never been easier with the Shark steam mops. It helps you clean various items and surfaces thoroughly. It removes stubborn dirt and oily grime leaving sparkling clean surfaces within a short time, using a little energy. 

You will however need to learn how to use, clean, and care for your mop for it to serve you efficiently. Knowledge is power and in this case, it will not only save you time but also money and energy.

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