How To Use Floor Cleaning Machines? [A Step-by-step Guide]

how to use floor cleaning machines

Cleaning a large flooring area is quite a difficult task if you don’t have the right equipment. But with floor cleaning machines, the task becomes easier and simpler. As floor cleaning machines are driven by motors, the floor can be cleaned without much effort or human labor. In fact, flooring cleaning machines clean deeply and thoroughly than manual cleaning methods.

However, to get the best result and clean and tidy flooring, you must learn how to operate the floor cleaner machine properly. Also, note that finding the right cleaning machine is needed which is why you should have a minimum idea about the machines. So you see, the information gap can lead you to make mistakes while using the machine. 

, to help you with information and guidance, I am here to discuss using the floor cleaning machine along with some tips and tricks. Ready to learn the best way of floor cleaning? Let’s start!

Using An Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer: 5 Easy Steps

There are a variety of floor cleaning machines or scrubbers available in the market. To differentiate broadly, we have two types of scrubbers: one for industrial areas and the other for residential areas. So first, I would discuss the usage method of an industrial floor scrubber. 

An industrial floor scrubber cleans and dries large areas like airports, factories, hotels, shopping malls, food courts, etc. So let’s see how you can use a floor scrubber dryer to clean large commercial areas:

Step 1: Charge The Machine Battery

Note that large floor scrubber dryers are battery-driven. So, before you start working on large areas, you have to charge the machine battery fully. As you charge it fully, you can expect a backup for 3 to 4 hours. However, this would depend on the speed of the brush, the brush is used, and the level of water released from the brush. So make sure to fully charge the machine battery. 

Step 2: Prepare The Machine

First, you have to fill the tank on the upper part of the machine with water and detergent. Use a detergent that is compatible with the flooring. Don’t use extra detergent. The solution has to be diluted. 

Next, install a brush that will scrub the flooring. You can get several brushes with different bristles. Some are soft and others are hard. Soft brushes are suitable for stone flooring while hard brushes are the best for concrete flooring. This way, choose the right brush and install it. 

Step 3: Set Up The Machine 

You should set up the floor cleaning machine and know the settings. There are several options that you can use depending on how dirty the floor is. This makes your cleaning more effective. 

You need to turn on the key first to start the machine. This lights up the panel. From this panel, you can control the speed of the brush, the pressure of the brush, and turn the unit on and off. Then find the lever at one corner of the machine that controls the water flow to the brush. 

The panel also notifies when the dirty water fills the bottom tank. This is when you need to empty the tank. For emptying, there is a hose at the back. Open the cap of the hose, tilt it towards the ground and let the dirty water flow away. 

Industrial floor scrubbers also have a double scrubbing feature that is used for extremely dirty floors. This mode works best on oily and stained floorings. To turn it on, just turn off the vacuum so that it won’t dry immediately after scrubbing. Scrub the floor till you are satisfied and then dry the floor. 

Step 4: Clean And Dry The Floor

Now that you know the setup the speed and water flow start cleaning the floor in small sections. Start from one corner of the room and slowly move forward by operating the handle. 

The handle is used to move the machine forward and backward. The front panel has the scrubbing brush that scrubs the flooring and the back panel has the wiper that wipes away the extra detergent, dirt, and water from the flooring. The dirty water is collected in a tank which can be emptied by opening the hose at the back. The vacuum collects the residue leaving the floor dry and sparkling. 

In this way, clean the entire flooring thoroughly by altering the settings as per your need. For the extreme corners, you may need to use a mop as the floor scrubber may not reach these areas. 

Step 5: Store The Floor Scrubber Dryer

After the cleaning is done, turn off the machine. Then you have to remove the brush or scrub from the front panel and clean it. Clean the scrub thoroughly and dry it before storage. 

Next, empty the tank and clean it. Wipe the body of the machine to clear out the residues and spills. Now store the floor scrubber dryer in a suitable place. 

3 Steps To Use A Single Disc Floor Scrubber: Easy Method

Previously, we have discussed the usage of an industrial floor cleaning scrub and dryer. But what about cleaning small areas or residential spaces? To clean small areas, the most convenient tool is a single disc floor scrubber. The single disc scrubber is a small device that is electronic and works efficiently. The working mechanism is very similar to that of the industrial scrubber with some differences.

So here you go with the application method of a single disc scrubber for a clean floor:

Step 1: Prepare The Floor

As residential spaces can have different furniture and items on the floor, you should first remove them. At least empty the areas where you want to use the floor cleaning machine. 

Then dust and sweep the area for an amazing outcome. Sweeping would remove the loose dirt and dust making the floor cleaning machine work easily and efficiently on the floor. 

Step 2: Get Ready With The Machine

Before you start operating the machine, you need to do some basic setup. First, plugin the machine with an outlet and switch it on. 

To adjust the handle and lose it, lift the compression lever and pull down the handle. Keep your hands straight and the tip of the handle should be at the level of your waist. To fix the handle right there, pull down the compression lever. Then you have to adjust the machine so that the brush in the front panel sits straight on the floor. 

Pour a suitable cleaning agent. Use mild detergents for marble and other stone floorings. For concrete flooring, you can choose other cleaners. 

Step 3: Start The Machine And Clean The Flooring

Know that the machine is ready, put your hands on the handle and turn on the safety lock (situated at the center of the handles). Then press the handle levers to turn on the motor. This is when the machine starts cleaning as the brush begins to rotate. 

You can move to the right by lifting the handle a bit. Lower the handle a bit to move to your left side. Note that it can be difficult to balance the machine initially due to the vibration. To manage that, you have to balance the weight and have a strong grip on the handle. 

Keep cleaning the flooring by moving left and right. Move forward and backward with the machine and cover the area. 

After cleaning, let the area dry completely before you step in. Do clean the brush after the operation and dry it well. It is recommended to store the machine horizontally if the brush remains attached to the machine after application. If you remove the brush, you can keep it either way. 

5 Tips To Use Floor Cleaning Machines: For The Best Result

Besides the method of operation, you should know the tricks that can make the cleaning more effective. You don’t find these tips in the manual but from experts who are in this field. 

From my experience, I have learned a lot about floor cleaning. On that note, I will like to share some useful tips with you to make the cleaning more effective, easy, and simple: 

Tip 1: Use Safety Gear 

Many people may not understand the importance of safety gear while working with a floor cleaning machine. But you should not miss out on that. 

To avoid slipping on the floor while moving forward with the machine, use a comfy shoe or sandal with a strong grip. Wear gloves, face masks, and goggles to save yourself from chemical substances. You can also wear ear protectors to avoid the noise of the machine. 

Tip 2: Go Straight While Scrubbing

If you don’t move straight, you may miss out on cleaning space in the room. You should move in one direction and start from one side of the room to cover the entire floor. 

It is wise to start cleaning from the other end of the door. This allows you to leave the room easily after cleaning without stepping on the clean area. Try to scrub in small sections and overlap on that area for thorough cleaning and then move to the next section. And move straight so that you don’t miss out on any area. 

Tip 3: Add Detergent After Filling The Tank With Water

Don’t add the detergent first in the tank. If you do so, the water over it would create foam ruining the consistency of the solution. While cleaning, all you can see is foam on the floor. 

You should pour water into the tank first and then add a suitable detergent to it. This keeps the solution diluted making the cleaning efficient and easy. Also, choose the cleaning agent carefully by asking the seller. 

Tip 4: Prepare The Floor Before Cleaning

If you are using an industrial floor cleaner dryer then you may not need to prepare the floor. I mean it is almost impossible to prepare such a large area before cleaning. The industrial floor cleaning machines are designed to work on stubborn dirt. 

But while using other machines, you should prepare the floor. Empty the floor and sweep and dust the area. This makes the cleaning procedure fast and efficient. If you don’t sweep the area, large debris can damage the brush and make the machine inefficient. The vacuum system can get damaged too. So minimal cleansing of the floor is necessary before using the floor scrubber. 

Tip 5: Take Care Of The Machine

It is very important to care for the machine properly after cleaning. If you want to get long-term service, you must maintain the condition of the machine. 

The first tip is to clean the dirt tank after usage. Clear the tank and rinse it off with water. After cleaning, you should rinse the scrubbing brush or pad too. You can detach the brush and wash it with any detergent. Otherwise, rotate the scrubber to clean it. Also, wipe the machine after usage to remove the chemicals and residues. 

Next, store the machine in a cool and dry area. Charge the battery after usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How To Clean Concrete Floor With Cleaning Machines? 

To clean a concrete floor with a floor cleaning machine, you need an industrial floor scrubber dryer. This machine is specially designed to clean industrial areas. 

The procedure of cleaning is to set up the machine, fill up the tank with water and detergent, turn on the machine, and hold the handle to move the machine forward for cleaning. The dirty water will be collected in the tank and you can keep going. But when you are cleaning concrete floors, you have to use a hard brush or scrub pad for thorough and deep cleaning. Use a strong cleaning agent and hard brush for effective cleaning. 

How To Clean Dirty Warehouse Floor? 

Warehouse flooring becomes dirty every day. And if you can’t clean it properly, the floor can stain and become nasty. But cleaning such a big area needs a suitable device.

An industrial scrubber dryer or an industrial cylindrical scrubber is suitable for cleaning the warehouse floor. The front panel of this device scrubs the flooring thoroughly and the sweep on the back panel sweeps the flooring. This way, the machine not only cleans the flooring properly but also helps to dry it out fast. The entire process is done by the machine once you set it up and start operating it properly. 

Can You Use Floor Cleaning Machines On Hardwood? 

Many people are skeptical about using a floor cleaning machine on hardwood. As hardwood floorings are prone to scratches, this query is very logical. 

You can use a flooring cleaning machine or a floor scrubber on hardwood flooring. But there are two conditions that you have to follow. The first condition is to use a cleaning agent that is mild and won’t damage the hardwood. The other condition is to use a pad or brush with very soft bristles so that they don’t scratch the hardwood. If you keep these two tips in mind, you can get a flawless hardwood floor after cleaning it with a floor cleaning machine. 

Are Floor Cleaning Machines Effective? 

The efficacy of floor cleaning machines is often questioned. And before you invest in it, you must know whether it is worth it or not. 

For industrial cleaning, there is literally no substitute for floor cleaning machines. They are extremely effective for cleaning a large area easily and quickly. But for small areas, I think regular sweeping and mopping can suffice. As the machines can’t always reach the corner of the room, you can say it is ineffective. But to reduce human labor, it is useful. The effectiveness totally depends on the results you want. 

Is Floor Cleaning Machines Work Better Than Manual Cleaning? 

Undoubtedly, cleaning machines give more visible results than manual cleaning. Manual cleaning is not labor-intensive but may not always give the best result. 

For deep cleaning the floor, it is better to use a cleaning machine. With the brushing and scrubbing, the machine takes out the dirt thoroughly. And once the area is covered, the germs and dirt are completely removed leaving a shiny floor. But manual cleaning may not always ensure the best result on the flooring. Therefore yes, floor cleaning machines are always better than manual cleaning. 


You have a bunch of information in your hand regarding floor cleaning machines. Use this information to apply the best tricks to use a floor cleaning machine and get a dazzling flooring; tidy, clean, and hygienic. 

Choose the right floor cleaning machines, follow the steps to operate them, and get the best result. 

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