How To Wash Bona Mop Pads Effectively? [Overall Guidance]

How To Wash Bona Mop Pads Effectively

The unique transparent design of the bona mop pad will give you effective cleaning with zero labor. Since the pad is very versatile, it will let you use it frequently. Before that, it’s important to learn about how to wash bona mop pads effectively. 

A bona mop pad typically can be washed 300 times according to the manufacturer. But they’re not washable like any clothing pads. Those pads didn’t require any chemical or bleach to wash. Luckily, there are 100+ ways to wash them with the help of nature. 

However, here I noted down 7 superb cleaning methods of the Bona Mop pads. Hence, to get more insight read this blog post from top to bottom. 

7 Superb Methods Of Washing Bona Mop Pads: Like A Professional 

Below are the details of my researched methods by which you can wash them individually without any help from detergent or soaps.

Method-1: Throw Them On Washing Machine For A Clear Bite

Cleaning any bona mopping pad this way is the quickest and most convenient method. You need to gather some mild detergent soaps or dishwashing liquids. Those ingredients are used to wash the utensils, and they’re less harmful to use in these affairs. Just do these following instructions one after one. 

Step-1: Take a Few Drops Of Mild Dishwasher Liquid 

Take a few drops of dishwasher liquids in a cup, and mix them with warm water. Stir it. Now take your bona mop pads, apart from the head of the mopping wand. Leave it in the bowl of dishwasher soaps. Let the mops soak in the mixture for a couple of minutes.

Step-2: Rub Gently

Now apply both your hands to rub it gently. While you’re rubbing those pads, you will notice that all the dirt will come out of the pad. The soapy water got dirty and black. 

Step-3: Change The Dirty Water & Clean

Next, change the water and soak those pads in the clean water. Do not rinse or squeeze those pads. Now turn on your washing machine and throw those pads over it. Pour a teaspoon of dishwasher liquid and a cup of water. The measurement may vary according to the number of pads. 

Step-4: Throw Them Into The Washing Machine 

Later on, let the pads clean out entirely inside the machine. Wait 2-3 minutes. Then bring them out from the machine’s chamber. Leave them to air dry, or you can use your hairdryer to dry them faster.

Method 2- Using The Pet Hair Removal Tool 

Pet hair is everyday dirt for you, but not easy to remove from the microfiber pads. You can easily wash them away with this familiar tool. Follow my advice to remove them from the core.

Step-1: Use A Pet Hair Removal Tool 

Start the process by taking a pet hair fuss or slits. You will quickly get them from any retail shop or Amazon. Pet hair fuses look like vegetable cutters but are not as sharp as them. It is advantageous to gather the fuses altogether. It is easy to get rid of pet hair moss with this tool. Just drive it over the microfiber pads gently and keep it up until you’re sure that all the hairs are coming out of it.

Step-2: Make A Mild Soap Solutions 

Now, make a mild soap solution to spread this over the microfiber edges. You can soak them over the solutions. Then take a thicker toothbrush to brush them. A thicker toothbrush will remove all the dirt from the mop pad spontaneously.

Step-3: Rinse Them With Water

In this stage, take a clean bowl of water. Rinse them with that water. Let them air dry on the outside or use the dryer. Drive the pet hair fuses over the pads once again. By doing this, all the fuses will be removed clearly, and you will use them again. 

Method-3: Using White Vinegar & Lemon 

White vinegar and lemon are very friendly to cleaning any sensitive areas. Why don’t we use it in the microfiber pads? White vinegar and lemon juice will clean the pads from the root. See the steps below:

  • Just take a half cup of white vinegar,
  • Pour it with a good amount of distilled water,
  • Leave the pads over it and squeeze some lemon juice,
  • Wait at least 30 seconds, and then the machine washes the pads as you do before.

Method-4: Soak Them In Warm Water Overnight 

To get a better result, I used to soak both the pads in the lukewarm water overnight. The following day, I took a laundry brush and gently rubbed those pads so that all the dirt inside them may come. Afterward, rinse those pads with clean water over time. Next, I leave it in my clothes dryer to dry.

Method-5: Use The Pads

You can use your regular vacuum cleaner to clean those micro pads. In that case, you won’t need to work hard to soak them in any mild soapy water. But the worst thing is that vacuum cleaning only removes the isolated dirt from the pad. 

Method-6: Use The Bona Microfiber Pads

You can use your regular steam mop to clean the dirt from bona pads. As most of the steam mop will elicit hot vapor, you will be able to get a clean mop every time. Just run the mop, wash them, and it will prepare to use for the next task. 

Method-7:Use Baby Wipper To Wash The Pads 

Baby wipes are very mild and have some vital elements to clean the dirt. If you’re in a hurry to clean the pads, use a baby wipe as well. Baby wipes will help weed all the dirt away from the pad without ruining them. Follow those guidelines to do this process productively:

  • Take one or two pieces of baby wipes,
  • Pour some liquid dishwashing solutions over the pad,
  • Put the baby wipper over this solution and gently rub it,
  • At the end of this process, you will discover all the impurities have gone away from the pads.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Washing The Mopping Pad

Being a novice or ignorant of washing any bona mop pads is not a fault. But destroying them foolishly even if there is a way to correct the mistakes isn’t preferable to anyone. So be conscious of those mistakes to avoid them during washing the mop.

1. Don’t Soak The Bona Mop Pad Overnight: 

Bona mop pads usually come with special quality materials. So you won’t need to soak it in any dishwasher soap or cleanser. It may ruin the pad’s durability. Allow the pad to soak the solutions and leave the dirt. For doing this, 2-3 hours is enough. So avoid soaking the bona mop pad overnight. 

2. No High Heat, No Damages: 

As bona mop pads require machine washes, you may want to wash them with high heat. Nothing is more horrible than washing them with high heat. Even though it will melt the fibers while the bleach, fabric softener eliminates the electric charge. Because of this, the microfiber pad became more effective and got damaged.

3. Avoid The Laundry Dryer:

Another mistake you may make is throwing those pads into the laundry dryer. It will ruin the microfiber elasticity and badly reduce the strength of the fabric. To avoid drying the bona mop pad onto the laundry dryer, let them dry in any well-ventilated area. 

4. Don’t Mess Up Them With Other Cleaning Rags:

Also, correct your mistake by soaking the mopping pad over any single bucket. Don’t miss them with other cleaning rags or pads. Again, do not wring those mopping pads onto any cleanser which has been coated with other chemical cleaners.

5. Get Off To Use Them On Polished Or Waxed Floor:

Get prepared to use any other sort of mopping pad instead of bona when the floor is made with wax or oil. The Bona mop pads will stick when they come close to any wax or oil polished areas. As a result, it may ruin the fabric of the mop. 

How To Take Care Of Bona Cleaning Pads For Better Lifespan?

Any kind of bona microfiber pad gets dull or damaged very quickly. To get rid of those issues, be aware of those things. Keep the below notes on them and hardly maintain them whenever you’re using them on the floor:

Note-1: Avoid Squeezing The Pads 

Bona microfiber cleaning pads come with the highest quality fiber, which sheds fewer particles. For that reason, while you squeeze them, those thinner particles may be torn or shattered. So keep those pads hanging on any rack or leave them on their own. 

Hang them anywhere to air dry properly. Avoid squeezing them roughly like any clothes as they could damage the fibers of the pads.

Note-2: Rinse The Pad With Hot Water To Avoid Streaking

Typically, your cleaning pad gets streaks when cleaning large and wide areas. To avoid this difficulty, you might not leave those pads uncleaned. Take some warm water to rinse those pads to release those captured filches.

Note-3: Use Bona Applicator Pad Instead of Microfiber 

One of the common mistakes that have been made by every mass while cleaning the floor with Bona is using unknowingly into the floor where it may get hard or brittle.

If you use this kind of microfiber pad over the surfaces made of polish/refresher/wax, those may seem a bit hard. Users must use bona applicators, rather than microfiber pads, as directed by the manufacturer.

Note-4: Do Not Wash With Alcoholic Ingredients  

Try to avoid or use any alcoholic solutions to clean them. It’s because the bona cleaning pad will get damaged by those solutions. The manufacturer sharply forbids washing them with any cleaning sheets or heavy products. But if you keenly want to use any of them, don’t forget to check out the ingredients list. 

Note-5: Keep The Washing Machine Power At Lowest

Keep the power as low as possible before putting the mopping pad inside the washing machine. Otherwise, it may scatter the entire fiber of the pad.

Note-6: Don’t Use Bleach Or Fabric Softener

A high-profile bleach or fabric softener may ruin the woolen fabrics of the mopping pad. Besides this, bleach discolored the pad and also ruined its texture. That’s why keep these two products away from your mopping pad cleaning priority list.

Related Question: 

What Temperature Is Suitable For The Bona Mop Pad To Wash? 

If your machine washes the bona mop pad, try to keep the temperature as low as possible. A bona mop pad should be washed at a temperature of about 100 degrees F. Again, the water temperature must be up to 140⁰F. Standard washers prefer to go up to 130⁰F. On the other hand, it may raise the mop pads’ stains and other inconveniences.

How Often Do You Wash Bona Mop Pads?

Bona’s microfiber cleaning pads can be washed up to 500 times. You can use this approximately 100 times or more. It is the best thing about any disposable mopping pad. 

You can use them over time even if the mopping brooms are getting damaged or rusty. Bona has contained sustainable elements and dual zone cleaning action. So it can last more than a year. 

How long will my Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad last?

The bona mop pad can be washed 300-500 times. It’s because all of those pads are designed with high-quality microfiber, which is suitable to use to sweep both hard and wooden surfaces. 

Besides this, you can extend its longevity by taking care and maintenance perfectly. Meanwhile, they can be washed up to 500 times. That means you will be able to reuse those pads for back-to-back projects.

How Do You Clean Bona Mop Pads Head? 

To clean a bona mop head, you need to separate it from its base. Then use a normal dust cleaning wiper or a rag. Pour a little amount of distilled water or rubbing alcohol. 

Rub the head with this cloth. Keep it continuing until you get the finish like the previous. Ultimately, wipe away the entire dust with a new clean rag.

Can You Use Baking Soda To Clean The Bona Mop Pad? 

Baking soda is not a harsh chemical. Using this to wash off the mop pad might not bring any hazard to you. Especially if you want to use them to clean the bona mop pad, they can be helpful. As both pads come with microfiber fabric or cotton, baking soda will beat the challenge. 

To clean the Bona Mop pads with baking soda first take one teaspoon of baking soda. Then mix it with a bucket of hot water. After that, soak the pads over it and rinse them with running water.

Can You Use Wet Bona Mop Pad To Sweep The Floor? 

You can hydrate the bona pad if it is necessary for you. With a wet bona mop pad, you can easily remove any wood floor grime that you may miss with your daily dusting. Similarly, wet mopping with mild detergent is often good to clean the entire area properly. 

Furthermore, wet cleaning plays a vital role in hardwood floors and tiles as they need to be sealed once a month. You can also dampen this bona microfiber pad to remove stubborn dirt.

How Do You Wash Bona Reusable Pads?

All kinds of bona pads will require a frequent wash. No matter how many times you’re using them to clean the stubborn dirt. You need to wash them in cold water with a mild detergent. 

Or, you can throw them into the washing machine in low heat. For this, it will remain clean and dust free every time. Also, don’t forget to air dry those mopping pads completely.

Final Touch:

Consequently, you should be careful to clean them correctly so that they can be reused. Lastly, I hope you might benefit from this article and become a pro to learn how to wash bona mop pads. However, the above method of cleaning the bona mop pads is required to use any microfiber pad. 

I ensure you won’t be dissatisfied with the result. Those pads are fantastic for swallowing the water quickly and cleaning the floor effectively. If you face trouble while cleaning mop pads, feel free to ask me via comment.

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