In-Floor Pool: Advantages, Disadvantages & Many More!

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Pool cleaning is quite a hectic and time-consuming task. Also, it is very difficult to clean the pool flooring as a lot of preparation is needed for that. Overall, it is quite an inconvenient task to clean the pool without the right set of tools. To solve this issue, the in-floor pool cleaning system is known to be a very popular and useful option. 

In-floor pool cleaning systems are extremely convenient for deeply cleaning the floor of the pool. It works automatically as you turn the device on. Literally without any human interference, it can clean the pool. But hey! Before you decide on buying this device, you must learn about it in detail. 

From years of experience in this field, I believe I can enlighten you on this matter. People who are thinking of buying an in-floor pool cleaning system, please go through the article once before you finalize. Collect as much information as you can from this article and make an informed decision. 

How Does In-floor Pool Cleaning System Function? (Know The Method)

Before commenting on in-floor pool cleaners, you must know the working mechanism of this device. As you learn how the whole system functions, you can understand its compatibility with your demand and need. So let’s know what exactly the in-floor pool cleaning device is and how it functions. 

An in-floor pool cleaning system has pop-up cleaners that come out of the floor, sidewalls, and steps when the device is turned on. When not used, these pop-ups emerge on the flooring and the surfaces remain flat as if nothing was there. They remain embedded in the ground when not in use. But when turned on, these devices come out to clean the pool. 

On an average pool, around 8 to 15 small pop-ups are installed. They are not installed haphazardly but at one corner from where the dirt and debris are removed towards the drain of the pool. But how do these small devices do the cleaning? Let’s see.

These pop-up cleaners release water at high pressure so that the debris and dirt are collected in the drain. The pop-up would release the splash of water for around 30 seconds and then embed it in the ground once again. Then they change the direction of the water flow and come out again to collect the debris from a different section of the pool. This way, the pop-ups change the direction and clean the pool by collecting the debris in the drain. 

As the pool is sufficiently cleaned and you can see the pool is free of debris, you can turn off the device collects the dirt from the dirt, and clean the drain. This is the method of the in-floor pool cleaner to clean the entire flooring and surface of the pool. 

Advantages Of Using In-floor Pool Cleaning Systems: Know Why To Choose

In modern times, the demand for in-floor pool cleaning systems has spiked. This means, using an in-floor pool cleaner has some advantages. Therefore first, I want to note down some of the benefits that you are going to enjoy if you install an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

Below are the advantages of in-floor pool cleaner: 

  • The entire system works automatically without any human interference other than turning on the device. Therefore, you don’t need to put any effort to clean the pool as the system is automatic;
  • Any type of pool flooring can have an in-floor pool cleaning system. Be it concrete or vinyl, you can embed pop up flooring cleaners in the pool while installing the pool; 
  • The device and the process is energy-efficient as it uses very minimal electricity to drive the device; 
  • While most pool cleaners make noise while driving the motor, the in-pool cleaning system doesn’t make a loud noise. The sound of the device is negligible and works almost quietly;
  • The in-floor pool cleaner prevents the build-up of mold and mildew as they get removed with the force of water. Besides, stains and other stubborn layers on the flooring can be cleaned with this device;
  • The small pop-ups are available in different colors. This means they can easily merge to the color of the pool flooring and become almost invisible while not in use;
  • When the devices work, it increases the water movement and circulation in the pool. Due to this, the heat spreads across the pool and warms up the entire pool; 

These are the reasons why people consider getting an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

Disadvantages Of Using In-floor Pool Cleaning Systems: Reasons Not To

Besides the advantages, there are a few considerable disadvantages. Before you get excited about the advantages, know the disadvantages too. And then check whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not. 

Below are the disadvantages of using an in-floor pool cleaning system:

  • In-floor pool cleaning systems are very expensive and the installation cost is high too. This is not an affordable option;
  • In-floor pool cleaning systems are incapable of reaching and cleaning the surface of the water. Thus to clean the water surface of the pool, you would need another device;
  • It is very difficult to install the in-floor pool cleaning system if the pool has been built already. Making holes and embedding the small pop-ups is not only labor-intensive but can also cause damage to the pool structure. So if you haven’t installed them during the making of the pool, installing them would be troublesome;
  • In case of the device breaks, it is very difficult to repair them. Even replacing the pop-ups is very problematic as they remain embedded on the floor; 
  • As the device can’t work on the surface of the water, you may need to vacuum the surface of the pool water; 

Think of these disadvantages before choosing an in-floor pool cleaning system. 

In-floor Pool Cleaner Vs Robotic Cleaner: Which One Is Better? 

The comparison between the in-floor pool cleaner and robotic cleaner always comes as both are popularly used. To know which one is better, you have to understand what you need. Both are good on their terms. But when you consider some factors, one is better than the other. 

So let me discuss these options in terms of different factors that you are likely to think of: 

1. Affordability: 

In-floor pool cleaning devices and installation, both are very costly. So if you are trying to get a budget-friendly pool cleaning device, an in-floor pool cleaning system is definitely not the best choice for you. The device may cost around $5,000 to $10,000. Yes, very expensive. And adding the installation cost to it makes it really pricey!

On the other hand, robotic pool cleaners are cost-efficient and affordable. They are available from $500 to $1500. Only minimal installation charges are required and the device can be removed after cleaning. 

2. Cleaning The Surface Water: 

If you want to clean the entire pool thoroughly, you have to go for a robotic cleaner. The robotic cleaner scrubs and washes the floor and walls thoroughly removing the dirt deeply. It also removes algae, mold, etc. It is equipped with suction so that you can vacuum clean the pool to remove the debris. 

On the other hand, the in-floor pool cleaner would only work beneath the surface of the water. It also doesn’t deep clean the walls and only removes the debris from the water. 

3. Automatic Cleaning:

People not wanting to invest any effort in cleaning the pool will love to install an in-pool cleaning system. The device works automatically and can clear out the dirt without any human labor. All you need to do is to collect the debris from the drain after the cleaning. 

On the contrary, robotic cleaners are needed to be operated while cleaning. Some are controlled by remote and some are done manually. There is no option of automatic cleaning if you choose a robotic cleaner. 

4. Energy Efficiency: 

Considering the energy efficiency of these two pool cleaning systems, the in-floor pool system wins. It consumes only a minimal amount of energy and is extremely energy efficient. But robotic cleaners consume a lot of energy if you work with them for a long time. However, if you use the robotic cleaner for a short time, you can save up on some energy. 

5. Heat Distribution: 

People who are considering heat distribution and water circulation while cleaning would like to have an in-flooring cleaning system. The water circulation is improved while cleaning, distributing the heat throughout the pool. 

In contrast to that, robotic pool cleaners don’t offer this facility. It simply cleans the pool but doesn’t impact the heat distribution. 

Below is a comparison chart to summarize the difference between robotic and in-floor pool cleaners: 

FactorsIn-floor Pool Cleaning SystemRobotic Cleaner
Energy efficiencyHighLow in most cases
Automatic systemYesNo
Noise levelLowHigh
Heat distributionYesNo
Surface cleaningNoYes
Prevents algae growthNoYes

Now it is your turn to judge the factors and decide which one you should choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Is The Best Pool Cleaning System? 

You have several pool cleaning systems like an in-floor pool cleaner, robotic cleaner, suction cleaner, etc. But among all of these options, robotic cleaners are considered the best. 

Robotic cleaners are efficient in thoroughly cleaning the pool water as well as the floors and walls. Though operated manually, it is the best for deep cleaning the pool and also removing algae and molds. Also, it is an affordable floor cleaning system. The in-floor pool cleaner is also a great choice if you are finding an automatic cleaner. But it won’t clean the entire pool but just clean the water beneath the surface. 

How To Clean The Bottom Of The Pool? 

If you want to clean the bottom of the pool thoroughly, you can use a brush to scrub off the dirt from the floor and walls. A robotic cleaner can be used to do this job easily and efficiently. 

After you clean the surfaces, you can use a suction or vacuum to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Or you can also filter the water so that the debris moves down the drain and brings back the clean water. The task of cleaning becomes easier if you have an in-floor pool cleaner. This would clean the debris from the water after scrubbing the walls and floors thoroughly. You can use any of these methods. 

Does In-floor Pool Cleaning Systems Remove Algae? 

If you want to remove algae from the walls and floors of the pool, using an in-floor pool cleaning system is not the most effective method. It only works on the water but doesn’t really clean the walls and floors. 

To remove algae from the floor, wall, and steps, you need to scrub off the areas with a brush or robotic cleaner. Using suction to pick up the algae is another effective and time-saving method. As you scrub off the algae, you can then turn on the in-pool cleaning system to remove the debris from the pool down to the drain. But the in-floor cleaner can’t remove algae alone. 

Final Thoughts: 

I have tried to accumulate as much information as possible to give an idea about the in-floor pool cleaning system. You have learned about its working method, pros, and cons and now, I believe, you can make an informed decision. 

Scrutinize the factors once again and think about whether the in-floor pool cleaner is a compatible option for you or not. 

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