Is Marble Flooring Durable?

Is Marble Flooring Durable

There are arguments regarding whether marble flooring is durable or not. It is difficult to state a definite notion as the durability of marble depends on various factors. After scrutinizing the factors, you can tell whether marble flooring is durable or not regarding the factors.  

Marble flooring is durable only if it is polished, sealed, and maintained regularly and properly. If maintenance is poor, marble flooring won’t last long. Besides, the durability and longevity of marble depend on a number of external factors that will be discussed in the latter part. 

This means the durability of marble flooring depends on some external factors and how you take care of it. 

3 Tips To Maintain The Durability Of Marble: 

Marble is a soft stone extracted from the earth’s core. Due to extreme heat and pressure, calcite crystals are formed to create marble stones. So naturally, marble is sturdy and durable. But it is not as durable as man-made flooring materials or engineered marble. As natural marble is not processed extensively, the opportunities to polish and upgrade are limited. This is the reason why maintenance is mandatory. 

Marble is durable. But it is extremely porous and soft. With the natural and stunning patterns of marble come some issues that you have to consider. And the only way to handle these problems is to maintain the marble flooring to keep up its durability. 

Here are a few tips to maintain the condition and durability of marble flooring: 

1. Cleaning: 

Remember that a dust particle can leave a scratch on the marble surface. Besides, as marble is highly porous, dirt and spills can leave stubborn stains on marble flooring. This is why regular cleaning is mandatory. 

As marble is sensitive to acidic solutions, avoid using acidic cleaners. Use pH-neutral cleaning solutions or alkaline solutions to gently mop the marble floor. Then wipe off the floor with a dry cloth to soak up the extra moisture. Otherwise, the pores can lock the moisture, weakening the marble. 

Don’t miss out on vacuum cleaning the marble floor before mopping to get the best result. Make floor cleaning a regular task to maintain the durability and condition of the marble flooring. 

2. Sealing: 

By now you know that marble is porous. These pores can lock moisture, cause stubborn staining, capture pollution, and fade away the gloss of marble. It also makes marble fragile. This is why sealing the pores is mandatory. 

Generally, marble flooring needs sealing at least twice a year. Sealants are used to form a layer on the marble flooring to block the pores. This makes the marble flooring long-lasting and durable as it restricts moisture, dust, spills, etc. from penetrating the surface. 

Therefore, never miss out on sealing the marble flooring at least twice a year to increase its longevity. 

3. Polishing:

The more polished the marble, the more durable it is. Polishing cuts off the fragile and uneven layers from the marble flooring making it stronger and durable. It also deeply cleanses the marble to bring back the shine of the marble flooring. 

You must polish the marble flooring once in 1 to 3 years depending on the traffic intensity. Polishing makes the marble surface harder and also constricts the pores in the marble flooring. Polishing once in three years is beneficial not only to make the marble durable but also to maintain its shiny look. 

Hence, polishing must be done from time to time to keep the marble flooring durable and strong. 

Following these 3 tips can help you keep up the durability of marble. However, if you want to use your marble floor for a longer period, read my complete article on the maintenance of marble flooring.

Threats To Marble Flooring Durability: 

You need to be cautious about some factors that may degrade the marble flooring condition and decrease its longevity. Besides following the aforementioned tips, stay alert about these factors to maintain the marble flooring condition. 

Here are the threats to marble flooring durability: 

  • Moisture:

As marble is porous, it locks moisture quickly, weakening the inner bonds and fading away from the gloss. Try to keep the marble flooring dry and seal it from time to time to block the pores. 

  • Spills:

Liquid and solid spills can leave stains. You need to blot up the spills immediately to prevent staining. If spills penetrate the surface, it affects the look and durability of marble. 

  • Cracks:

Marble flooring won’t break easily even in high impacts. But they can crack easily. If these cracks are left untreated, it weakens the marble lessening the durability. Consider repairing the cracks or replacing the marble slab. 

Be aware of these factors and treat the marble floor immediately if any of this happens.

Related Questions:

Is Outdoor Marble Flooring Durable? 

Marble flooring is widely used on rooftop, backyard, commercial areas, etc. It is chosen for outdoor areas due to its excellent heat resistance and durability. 

However, marble flooring in outdoor conditions may degrade over time due to dust, moisture, water, pollution, and spills. If marble flooring is not sealed and cleaned regularly, it won’t be durable in outdoor areas. 

Therefore, marble flooring is durable in outdoor areas only if the maintenance and care are top-notch.

Is Thick Marble Flooring Durable? 

Thickness determines the durability of the marble flooring. The thicker the marble flooring, the more durable it is. 

Thicker marbles are more resistant to heat and impacts. They do require sealing and cleaning, but breaking or cracking them is tough. Also, spills and moisture can’t settle deep down the marble flooring as it requires time to pass the thick layers. 

Therefore, yes, thick marble flooring is more durable than thinner marble flooring. 

How Long Does Marble Flooring Last?

If maintained and cared for properly, marble flooring can last as long as three decades. 

Ancient monuments and palaces mostly have marble flooring. The Taj Mahal is crafted with Makrana marble which is still shiny and glamorous. This shows how long marble flooring can sustain. 

You need to care, clean, and polish the marble flooring to make it last for decades. The more you maintain the marble flooring, the more durable it becomes lasting for a long time. 

Why Is Marble Flooring Not Good? 

You may have heard that marble flooring is not good. This is because marble is expensive and maintenance is costly and time-consuming

Though marble is highly durable and beautiful in appearance, it is not worth it if you fail to maintain it. Moreover, installation, repairing, and maintenance are costly. So check if you can afford to maintain it before installing marble flooring. 

People often turn their backs on marble flooring because of these factors and start using alternatives. Install it only if you can afford to maintain and use it carefully. 


To conclude, marble flooring is durable but only when you maintain it. Poor maintenance and callous usage would degrade marble’s condition and durability. Also, keep the threatening factors in mind to take good care of marble flooring. 

Considering all the factors, would you like to install marble flooring?

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