Is Marble Tile Out Of Style?

is marble tile out of style

Marbles are considered to be a symbol of the aristocracy for hundreds of years. But recently a lot of other attractive types of tiles are available in the market. So, one may wonder, is marble tile out of style today?

Marble tiles are not out of style yet. They are not likely to be outdated due to their importance as a sign of elitism. As marbles come from nature, they are preferred by a lot of people. Besides, the construction industry of the world still depends on marble tiles.

I have been involved in interior designing and house renovation for the last twenty years. I am also a regular home-decor fashion blogger. And this is my article to analyze whether the time has come to say goodbye to marble tiles or not.

4 Reasons For People To Think Marble Tile Is Out Of Style:

Nothing is ‘absolute’ in this universe. Many factors can be considered as threats to the superiority of marble.

  1. New Types Of Tiles And Styles:

The advancement of technology has facilitated the introduction of a number of products in the market, which resemble marble tile. Also, there are some new trends in modern home decoration, which is not possible with marble tiles.

  • Stone Cold Tiles:

Stone cold tiles are made of ceramic and are extra-large in size. They are designed to look like marble tiles. Literally, you can print anything on these cutting-edge tiles. The realistic look, competitive price, and marble-like appearance have made stone cold tiles very popular nowadays. Besides, they are non-porous and easy to maintain.

  • Retro Concrete Tiles:

Another big challenge for marble tiles is the concrete-made retro tiles. Technically speaking, the wide and versatile designs of the patterns of retro tile are not imitated by marble tiles. They are playful, can be customized, and are darling to designers. A specific company from Italy – Ceramica Bardelli has been producing retro tiles that can give a creative touch to any space with their brilliant patterns.

  • Porcelain Tiles:

A cheap mimic for marble tile is porcelain tile. Moreover, this porcelain tile can imitate the texture of natural stone or wood. They are much cheaper than marble tiles. 

  • High Gloss Tiles:

High gloss tiles can bring superb glamour to a room. These super-shiny new tiles are now being accepted by many who used to like marble tiles for their grandness. The only drawback for high gloss tiles is they need extra maintenance.

  1. A Threat To Environment:

Marbles are extracted from nature in quarries. With the rapid growth of the construction industry around the world, more demand for marble tiles is pushing more and more large-scale blasts in the mines. Many experts and environmental activists consider it to be harmful to the ecology of the world. So there is a chance that conscious buyers will stop buying marble tiles in the future. 

  1. High Maintenance:

Marble tiles were considered easy to maintain in the past. But with the advent of new types of tiles, which are even easier to use, maintenance has become a serious issue for marble tiles.

  • Marble Tiles Are Porous:

Marble tiles are quite porous. This means water and other fluids can penetrate the surface of marble tiles easily. So, discoloration of marble tiles, especially in a bathroom, is very common. One has to keep the marble tiles dry all the time for good maintenance. 

  • Marble Tiles Gets Permanent Stains:

Marbles are a kind of natural limestone. That is why they chemically react to any acidic substance. That means, if marble tiles come into contact with foods, sauces, beverages that have acidic ingredients, the tiles will gain permanent stains. To avoid this, regular sealing is required.

  • Marble Tiles Are Vulnerable To Scratch:

Despite being stone, marbles are relatively soft and can be easily scratched. Especially if they are used as tiles. The scratches are easily visible and cannot be repaired. The only solution is to change the tile. This makes the maintenance of a marble tile tougher.

  1. Marble Tiles Are Costly:

Marble tiles are considered a premium element for architecture. At the same time, they come from limited natural sources. These two factors have made quality marble tiles to be pricey. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are sold at about half of the price of marble tiles.

3 Reasons Why Marble Tiles Will Never Go Out Of Style:

Nevertheless, there are quite a few reasons for marble tiles to stay in fashion for some more time.

  1. The Magnificence Of Marble Tiles:

Since ancient Greek and Roman civilization, marbles have been considered the ultimate material for the buildings of supremely powerful kings. Besides, they are sourced from nature. The urge to touch and look at a natural thing will never be gone from the human mind. So, no matter where the market moves, demand for classic marble tiles will always be there. 

  1. The Sophisticated And Soothing Look:

The uniqueness of marble is it can be polished to a very high level. This intense polish gives them silky smoothness and meditative calmness. Finally, a sense of elegance is created in the living space. This charisma of marble tiles cannot be replaced by its cheap imitators.

  1. Marbles Save From Hostile Weather:

In hot summer, marble floors are a relief for both body and mind. Modern technology enables marble floors to be heated from beneath with radiant coils. This makes them a perfect choice for comfort throughout the year.

  1. Marble Tiles Are Changing Too:

Competing with all modern trends, marble tiles are now more versatile than ever. They can be customized for minimalist or ornamental designs. Bigger marble tiles are now available for big hotels or bigger establishments to bring a sense of space and tidiness to the design. 

Marble tiles now can be paired with steel, glass, and chrome for the ultimate trendy interior. So it will be difficult to brush aside marble floors, considering them to be out-of-style!

Commonly Asked Questions About Marble Tiles:

Which Color Of Marble Tile Is Best For You? 

The classic color choice for marble tiles is black or white. If you are fond of colors, you can also try navy blue, dark yellow, chocolate, or olive green. However, a while marble floor is suggested for warm and sunny areas. That is why marble floors are most popular in Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Are Marble Tiles Slippery?

Marble tiles can be slippery when they are wet. A solution could be Installing honed marble with matte finishing. They provide more traction to the surface of the tiles. 

Is There A Variety Of Patterns In Marble Tiles?

Modern marble tiles have a huge variety in color and surface pattern. Moreover, the veining of marble tiles can be used to make some detailing in the pattern.

What Are The Tile Trends For This Decade?

One of the most trendy types of tile of this decade is stone cold tiles. They are made of ceramic and are extra-large in size. They are designed to look like marble tiles. The versatile designer pattern of ceramic-made retro tile is also a common trend of today. 

Bigger marble tiles with state-of-the-art designs are now very much trendy. They are commonly used in big hotels. Besides, marble tiles paired with steel, glass, or chrome are in the spotlight.

How Long Does Marble Floors last?

If properly maintained, marble floors can last for more than 30 years. But its porous nature makes it look worse with time. Marble floors easily gain stains by absorbing colorful liquids. To use a marble floor for a long period, you have to take good care of it.

Final Remarks:

My personal opinion is, in the future, marble tiles may lose some popularity among low or fixed-budget buyers. The gorgeous-looking cheap replicas of marble tiles will enhance their market share.

But the demand for marble tiles will not vanish. It will remain with us as a symbol of glory, proving the old saying to be true that – “Marbles are Timeless!”. Moreover, if you still want to know about marble flooring, then these article may be helpful for you. Marble Flooring Material , Marble Flooring Outdoor .

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