Is Stranded Bamboo Flooring Durable?

is stranded bamboo flooring durable

Stranded bamboo is one of the finest bamboo additions in the flooring industry. But there is still confusion about the quality of stranded bamboo flooring. This confusion leads to a general quest that has been more frequently asked by people, is stranded bamboo flooring durable?

Stranded bamboo flooring is extremely hard, and durable that lasts around 20-25 years which is more than any other traditional floorings. It comes in three different styles – natural, carbonized, and a mixture of natural and carbonized. 

Wondering, what makes the stranded bamboo flooring extremely durable? Don’t worry! This article will help you know everything about stranded bamboo flooring’s quality, durability, longevity, and maintenance. 

5 Factors That Make Stranded Bamboo Flooring Durable Than The Other Types:

Stranded bamboo flooring is more durable than traditional floorings. The following things make stranded bamboo flooring more durable. 

1. Durability:

The durability makes stranded bamboo unique. It lasts around 25 years, which is more than other types of bamboo floorings.  The stranded bamboo floor that comes with a Janka hardness rating of 5000 could be the best choice if you’re concerned about scratch. 

2. Moisture Resistant: 

Stranded bamboo floors can resist moisture and adapt to any state of the environment like temperature and humidity. Due to its moisture-resistant feature, the floor won’t be damaged easily. If there is moisture, you need to dry to protect your floor from damage.

3. Material:

Stranded bamboo flooring is made by bamboo fibers with extreme heat that makes bamboo flooring hard and durable. To remove moisture from the stranded bamboo floor,  strips and stranded are boiled and then dried. 

4. Water Resistant:

Stranded bamboo floors can resist water to protect the floors from being damaged. It’s not 100 percent waterproof but can hold water on the floor for a certain time. So you need to wipe out the leaked water to make the floor dry. 

5. Dents And Scratch Resistant:  

The best thing about the stranded bamboo flooring is, it doesn’t get scratched easily and hardly creates dents. If it dents or scratches, it’s because of choosing the cheap product. So, you should make sure to do away with the dents and scratches

6. Refinishing:

Because of bamboo’s density, stranded bamboo hardly needs to be refinished, which increases its durability as well. Experts suggest refinishing stranded bamboo flooring every ten years so that your floor looks elegant. 

Tips To Make Stranded Bamboo Flooring Last A Lifetime:

The following tips can make your stranded bamboo flooring last a lifetime. You should take account of the things to manage the floor for lifetime durability. 

Choose Floor Carefully:

Be mindful about choosing the right floor that serves the best purpose as stranded bamboo flooring comes with different patterns and colors. The right floor will offer you more durability and satisfaction than the typical floors.

Keeping Floor Dust And Moisture Free:

Dust and moisture can scratch your floor’s surface. Managing bamboo floors can be difficult at times due to dust and moisture. So you always need to keep the floor dust and moisture free by cleaning and drying the floor with a proper cleanser. 

Shoes and Mats:

Shoes can carry dust, particles, and detrimental items. You should ensure not to wear shoes in the room. You can use mats at doorways to remind everyone to take off their shoes outside while entering the house. You need to keep the mats clean as well. 

Use Cleaning Chemicals That Are Made For Cleaning Bamboo Floors:

You should only use the chemicals that are made to clean your bamboo floors. At times, you might be using chemicals that work fast for you but these kinds of chemicals might cause damage to your flooring. So, you must be aware of this fact. 

Don’t Use A Wet Or Steam Mop Frequently To Clean Your Floors:

Frequent use of wet or steam mop can cause damage to the bamboo’s fiber as a result your floor’s color might be faded. Try with something else at times.  Frequent use of any equipment can damage the floor in the long run. So you should be tactful about it. 

A Head-to-Head Comparison Among Different Types Of Flooring:

Stranded bamboo, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and marble flooring are the most popular floorings. But when it comes to quality and durability, you need to consider the following things before choosing your flooring.

Parameters Stranded BambooFlooringHardwoodFlooringVinyl FlooringLaminateFlooringMarble Flooring
DurabilityThree times more durable than any other type of flooring.Lifetime durable. Recommended refinishing every 10 years.Less durable compared to the rest. Durable and less scratchable but dent easily like other floorings.Extremely durable flooring. 
Hardness (Janka Rating)With a 5000 Janka rating it becomes the hardest bamboo flooring.Below 2000, except the Brazilian cherry. 1260 Janka rating.No Janka rating Hardest ever flooring. 
Water ResistanceAble to absorb water.Not waterproofed but water-resistant to some extent.Extremely water-resistant100 percent water-resistant  100 percent waterproofed 
Scratch ResistanceScratch-resistant due to its hardnessScratch-resistant to some extentEasily get scratched and dented.Damaged and scratched easilyscratch if not installed perfectly. 
Longevity  20- 25 yearsAlmost 100 years10- 20 years. 15- 25 years  Around 25 years. 
Cleaning And Maintenance Rarely requires refinishing, pretty easy to clean. Refinish every 3 to 5 years. Clean and vacuum every week. Apple cider vinegar or soap to remove dust or dirt. Clean and vacuum dust every evening.  Mops or steam not recommended rather damp cloth to be usedAmmonia with water to clean marble floors. 
Cost (Per Square Foot)$3 to $6 $6 to 12$$2 to $7$3 to $8$10 to $20.

Related Questions About Stranded Bamboo Flooring:

Are Strand Woven Bamboo Floors Waterproof?

From the aforementioned table, you’ve already known about the features that stand out for strand woven bamboo flooring. Among all the features, you might be confused if ‘waterproof’ and ‘water resistant’ are the same thing.

Let’s take on the term waterproof first. Strand woven is not waterproofed which means this kind of floor can be damaged in contact with moisture or water. It might be waterproofed but not permanently. 

But this kind of flooring has water resistance capability that can endure water or moisture for around thirty hours. But you need to wipe out the wet places as early as possible to protect your flooring from permanent damage. 

Can Strand Bamboo Scratch Easily?

Stranded Bamboo flooring is considered the hardest flooring like other traditional hardwood floors. While it is extremely durable and dense, this kind of floor can be hardly scratched. 

Whether Stranded bamboo can scratch or not depends on the quality and finishing of the bamboo flooring. There is always a possibility that even strand bamboo flooring can be scratched if it is not high-quality.

If you choose a cheap and low-quality product with poor finishing, it can scratch and dent. It’s highly recommended to use well-finished bamboo flooring that hardly gets scratches. But there is a way to get over it if the floor gets scratched. Aluminum oxide-containing coatings can be used to make your floor scratch-resistant. 

Is Stranded Bamboo Flooring Durable Enough To Serve Your Purpose?

If you are looking for the hardest and most durable flooring, Stranded Bamboo flooring couldn’t be better. You may have kids and pets at home and you might be thinking of scratches caused by your dogs and young children. 

Strand bamboo flooring that is rarely scratched and has lifetime durability as well can be the best choice for you. It’s better than the traditional bamboo floorings like vertical and horizontal ones. 

Because of having a multilayer finishing, strand woven bamboo is hard to dent as well as less prone to expose the scratches. If you are concerned about water and moisture resistance, you don’t have to worry much. 

Because bamboo grows in humid and hot weather that helps bamboo flooring adapt to the temperature changes. Stranded bamboo flooring can resist water damage to some extent. 

Can Stranded Bamboo Be Refinished?

It is rare for bamboo flooring to need refinishing due to its extreme density, which protects it against scratches and dents. Stranded bamboo needs extra effort to refinish while traditional flooring can be refinished quite easily.

Which Type Of Bamboo Flooring Is Best?

Stranded bamboo flooring is the best among the bamboo floorings. Stranded bamboo flooring can withstand temperature changes, let it be humidity or moisture. It is the strongest and the most durable bamboo flooring. 

Final Verdict:

I hope you have been able to understand whether stranded bamboo flooring is durable from this article. While demonstrating the durability of the stranded bamboo flooring, I have portrayed the features of Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate, And Marble Flooring in the table above as a comparison to give you a better understanding of the durable bamboo flooring.

Have any more questions regarding bamboo flooring? You can reach me by leaving your question in the box below. I’ll get to it soon. 

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