Is The Bissell Crosswave A Steam Mop? [All You Need To Know]

Is The Bissell Crosswave A Steam Mop

Is the Bissell Crosswave a steam mop? Although this is a simple question, the exact answer is unknown to many. So, here I will share the correct answer with you. Although it is a floor cleaner, it has many more uses. 

Many people think of the Bissell Crosswave as a steam mop which is completely wrong. This is a roller mop that needs a cleaning solution to use. There are two options to turn it, of which you can choose one. With the help of this, one can clean carpets and any type of hard floor.

There are several differences between Bissell Crosswave and Steam Mop. You can easily tell by the differences. In this discussion, I will share some information so that you can easily recognize Bissell Crosswave. 

A Short Overview Of Bissell Crosswave And Steam Mop

To identify Bissell Crosswave and Steam Mop, you need to know about these. So here I will discuss something about these two cleaners in brief. Let’s take a look at Bissell Crosswave and Steam Mop.

Bissell Crosswave:

Bissell is a floor cleaner that is a tool suitable for cleaning hard floors. It has several different forms that apply to different floors. You can vacuum the floor, wash, dry, etc. 

You can use it to quickly clean any type of floor, including tiles and hardwood. They have two separate tanks. One tank for dull water and the other for freshwater. Another advantage is its multiple cleaning modes that can be selected per the requirement.

Steam Mop:

Steam mops use hot steam to clean the floor. It is suitable for carpets and other floors. The steam mop is different from other mops in that no cleaning soap is required for use.

It also cleans the floor as well as disinfects the floor. The mop has a microfiber pad under the steam jet. This steam jet helps to trap dirt. Some steam mops also have a small water tank to supply dry steam.

Easy Ways To Identify Bissell Crosswave: Overall Thoughts

Bissell Crosswave looks like a Steam Mop. Due to which many times we make a mistake in selecting these. Here I will converse some things that will help you identify Bissell Crosswave. 

1. Weight: 

The easiest way to identify a Bissell mop is its weight. A steam mop will weigh a maximum of 10 pounds. But Bissell floor cleaner weighs around 11 pounds. So, you understand that this weight is a bit heavier than that of Steam Mop. 

2. Dual-action Brush Roll:

The Bissell mop consists of two brush rolls, one containing microfiber and the other nylon. Its dual brush roll feature sets it apart from other cleaners. Its microfiber fabric addition is scratch-free. It is planned to consent to a streak-free texture.

3. Two-tank Technology:

Steam mops have only one water tank attached. However, there are dual water tanks at the Bissell Crosswave. This feature separates cleaner fresh water and dirty water. As a result, you can always use fresh water whenever you clean the floor. 

4. 3-in-1 Charging Station:

Some Bissell Crosswave have a 3-in-1 charging station. This allows you to charge it while cleaning the vacuum. Also, its dock station is equipped with a clean-out tray and wash funnel. These will flush your machine after cleaning and rolling the brush. You will not get Steam mops with these benefits. 

5. Smart Controls:

The Bissell Crosswave is relatively easy to operate. It comes with an intelligent touch controller. It has a controller with a handle. Through this handle, the modes change easily.  You can also control the cleaning solution with the on-demand solution trigger.

5 Differences Between Bissell Crosswave Vs. Steam Mop With Comparison Table

There are some differences between a Bissell Crosswave and a steam mop. Here I will confer some of these general variances. Before getting to the main point, look at this comparison table for a head-to-head comparison.

ParametersBissell CrosswaveSteam mop
RequirementsRequire floor cleaning solutionDoes not require any cleaning solution
ControllerDigital fingertip controlsPush-button controls
Capability rateHigher rateLower rate
Cleaning trayIncludes a cleaning trayDoes not include
SanitizationDoes not naturally sanitizeIt naturally sanitize the floor

1. Requirement:

You need to use your cleaning solution to clean the floor with Bissell Crosswave. However, if you use a steam mop, you only need to use water. No cleaning soap is required for this cleaner.

Cleaning with a steam mop also works to destroy germs. If you do not want to incur extra floor cleaning costs, Steam Mop is the right choice. 

2. Controller:

Steam Mop has a push-button control system. You can efficiently operate the mop using its buttons. On the other hand, the Bissell Crosswave Cleaner has a digital fingerprint controller.

With the help of this smart touch controller, you can easily change its setting. The Bissell Crosswave’s touch controller is attached to its handle. Choose one according to your floor type from multiple options.  

3. Capability Rate:

Bissell Crosswave is a higher efficiency rate cleaner. And you can clean any type of floor in a short time. So, your precious time will not be wasted just cleaning the floor.

On the other hand, Steam Mop is a low-efficiency rating floor cleaner. As a result, you have to devote more time to the floor. Some People don’t recommend steam mops for their low-efficiency rate.

4. Cleaning Tray:

This smart cleaner has a cleaning tray. As a result, dirty water does not mix with clean water. The dirty water used is stored in the cleaning tray. You can separate this tray at the end of the work and clean it by throwing water.

However, the steam mop does not contain a cleaner or washing tray. So it does not separate the dirty water when used. However, some steam mops have small water tanks to supply hot steam. 

5. Sanitization:

Although the Bissell Crosswave is a smart technology cleaner, it does not sanitize the floor naturally. So even after cleaning the floor, germs can remain on the floor. And the floor has to be set separately to get rid of germs.

However, a steam mop not only cleans the floor but also settles it. As a result, your floor becomes a clean and germ-free floor. Hot steam escapes from this mop and destroys the germs on the floor.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is A Crosswave Better Than A Steam Mop?

A Crosswave is a smart mopping equipment for floor cleaning. But you need to select the right cleaning solution to use it. Also, its settings can be easily changed with the help of its fingerprint controller.

On the other hand, you do not have to use any cleaning solution when using a steam mop. Another advantage is that it cleans as well as sanitizes the floor. So, I think both are good for floor cleaning. Select a one-floor cleaner that is affordable to your needs.

Does Bissell Crosswave Clean Better Than A Steam Mop?

Bissell Crosswave is better than a steam mop. But it is heavier than a steam mop, so it is a bit harder to use. You will also need to use proper cleaning solutions to use it. However, there is no requirement to use any cleaning solution in Steam Mop.

Using Bissell Crosswave is more expensive than a steam mop. However, you can also use it to vacuum, wash and dry the floor.

On the other hand, the Steam mop cleans and sanitizes simultaneously. As a result, there will be no bacteria if you tend the floor with its help.

How Do You Use A Bissell Crosswave Steam Mop?

You must first plug it into the socket to turn on the cleaner. Then pick the one you need from the hard floor and rag set. If you tilt the machine, its roller brush will start rotating. Start cleaning the floor by holding the trigger for ten seconds to prime the machine with water and cleaning solution.

Once your floor is clean, its cleaning storage tray allows you to store used, dirty water. This cleaner works as a floor cleaning and drying method simultaneously. 

Can You Use Steam Mop Instead Of The Bissell Cleaning Formula?

Both Steam Mop and Bissell Cleaning work well for floor cleaning. But you can’t use a steam mop instead of the Bissell cleaning formula if the cleaning solution is kept in the steam mop. As a result, it can get stuck and cause leakage.

You can use the cleaning solution with a steam mop. However, the solution should be applied directly to the floor in that case. You can run a steam mop on the applied solution. But, do not fill it with anything other than clean water.

Can You Use The Bissell Crosswave On The Hardwood Floors?

Bissell Crosswave is a floor cleaner that is suitable for any floor. You can clean any floor, including carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum, and laminate. It is harmless and effective for cleaning any hard floor. 

You do not need to switch brush rolls to move from one room to another. Before using it, change the setting according to your floor type. Bissell Crosswave works by washing and drying the floor simultaneously. So, you can safely clean the carpet floor.  

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to whether Bissell Crosswave is a steam mop or not. You can easily identify these floor mopping by following this article. Although both work well, the cost of a Bissell Crosswave is slightly high. However, it will also give you the benefits of vacuum, cleaning, and dryer at the same time. So, you can choose a Bissell Crosswave to clean the floor easily.

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