Jon Boat Floor Ideas? [Choose The Right Flooring]

Jon Boat Floor Ideas

Boat flooring is what adorns the boat as well as gives comfort to the passengers. If the boat floor is distressed and poor, the journey is never enjoyable be it for sailing or fishing. The same happens in Jon boat flooring. A lot of Jon boat flooring options are there so that you can choose from them. Now the choice would completely depend on what you like or prefer. 

For a comfortable and safe sailing experience, it is important that you choose the right Jon boat flooring. And to handpick the best one, you should have ample idea about the boat flooring ideas. The flooring ideas will help you to understand which material is suitable and why. Also, you can then decide on the flooring designs as per your preference. 

To help you out throughout the process, I am here to talk about the best Jon boat flooring ideas. Being a flooring expert, I am going to give you an overview of the flooring ideas so that you can get a lead on how to choose and what to choose. So let’s get started!

6 Jon Boat Flooring Materials: Know The Flooring Options

Before starting, let me tell you some basic things about Jon boats. Jon boats are very simple in design. They have flat hulls that don’t go deep inside the water level but only float on the surface. They have a fairly rectangular shape with flat ends. Suitable for shallow water bodies, Jon boats are used for fishing and hunting. 

With such a simple boat, simple flooring is the best option. In fact, you don’t have many options to decorate the flooring because the entire boat is flat. But you can surely choose the boat flooring material. Note that usually, you will find Jon boats with aluminum flooring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Therefore, in this part of the article, I am going to mention six flooring options that you can consider: 

1. Aluminum: 

Let’s start with the basic option we have. Jon boats are mainly made of aluminum with an aluminum deck. Now installing an aluminum mat on the aluminum deck is the first idea that you can think of. But there are several reasons why aluminum has become a very popular boat flooring option day by day. 

Below are some advantages of installing aluminum boat flooring on Jon boats: 

  • Aluminum has excellent water, stain, and corrosion resistance;
  • It is fairly resistant to wear and tear;
  • It doesn’t allow the growth of molds, mildews, or pests;
  • Aluminum flooring doesn’t require thorough maintenance;
  • It is highly durable and long-lasting;
  • It increases the resale value of the boat;
  • Aluminum is lightweight maintaining the balance and stability of the boat;

However, there are a few disadvantages of aluminum flooring too that you must consider:

  • Aluminum mats are quite expensive;
  • Installing and shaping aluminum boat flooring needs a certain level of expertise;
  • It can show scratches on the surface;
  • Aluminum boat flooring can dent under high impact;

Overall, aluminum is quite a favorable boat flooring option if you can afford it and use it with care.

2. Marine Vinyl: 

Vinyl flooring is another very popular and stylish option for boat flooring. Though not commonly used, a luxurious Jon boat can have a vinyl flooring mat. It has several benefits as well as drawbacks. But for decoration and protection, marine vinyl flooring is quite a popular option. 

Below are the advantages of marine vinyl Jon boat flooring: 

  • Marine vinyl flooring is weather-proof and can be used in different climates;
  • The texture is firmly making it slip-resistant;
  • Marine vinyl flooring has a moisture barrier preventing it from damage;
  • It is low maintenance and easy cleaning boat flooring option;
  • It has an excellent aesthetic appearance and is available in different designs;
  • Marine vinyl flooring is resistant to sunlight and UV rays;
  • The chances of distortion or discoloration are close to zero with marine vinyl flooring;
  • If adhered properly, marine vinyl becomes waterproof and long-lasting;

There are a few disadvantages of marine vinyl boat flooring too. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Installing marine vinyl needs care as otherwise, it won’t last long;
  • Marine vinyl flooring is quite expensive than other flooring options;
  • If exposed to water for a long time, molds and mildew may grow;

Considering all aspects, you can now think about whether to take marine vinyl flooring into account or not.

3. Wood: 

Wood flooring is a common boat flooring option. You can use wood planks on the Jon boat deck and have beautiful boat flooring. But is it the best? To understand that, you have to learn about the pros and cons of wood boat flooring. Though commonly used, you should judge its characteristics. So know the pros and cons before choosing wood flooring. 

Below are the pros of Jon wood boat flooring: 

  • Wood flooring is extremely durable and solid; 
  • The chances of cracking and breaking are very less with wood flooring;
  • If sealed and maintained, wood boat flooring is waterproof;
  • Installing wooden planks on the boat deck is not a complicated procedure;
  • Some qualities of wood are slip-resistant;
  • Wood flooring is fairly scratch and stain-resistant if the flooring is sealed and protected;

However, there are a lot of demerits to wood boat flooring. Let’s look into them:

  • If not maintained, wood flooring can warp and distort in contact with water;
  • Wood flooring can fade away or discolor in contact with water and sunlight;
  • Wooden floor requires maintenance like regular cleaning, sealing, polishing, etc;
  • Marine-grade wood is quite expensive;
  • The wooden floor is susceptive to chemicals and abrasives;

If maintenance is not an issue for you, wooden flooring is a suitable boat flooring option. Otherwise, you can go for other flooring options. 

4. Plywood: 

Plywood is another flooring option that is considered better than wood. Okay, maybe I can’t conclude that at least people are preferring plywood over wood. And I can mention reasons why plywood is being chosen over wooden boat flooring. So let’s check out the advantages of using plywood that makes it one of the most popular boat flooring options: 

  • Plywood has excellent water-resistant as the wooden strips are glued with fiberboard to improve its water resistance;
  • Plywood is extremely durable, solid, and compact;
  • It is fairly stain and scratch-resistant;
  • It has an appearance of wood and thus you can replace wood with plywood;
  • Plywood flooring is flexible and moldable so that you can shape and install it easily;
  • Cleaning and maintaining plywood is not so difficult;
  • Plywood has uniform rigidity and strength throughout the plank;
  • Plywood is resistant to mold and termites;
  • It is cheaper than a solid wooden floor;

There are a few disadvantages too. Below are the disadvantages:

  • Plywood is not the cheapest boat flooring option; 
  • Though fairly water-resistant, long exposure to water can damage it;
  • Plywood is sensitive to chemicals and abrasives;

Now you can make a comparison between wood and plywood flooring and select one if you are fond of the wooden texture. 

5. Rubber Mat: 

A rubber mat is also another popular boat flooring option. On a subfloor, you can have rubber mat flooring. It acts as a protection to the boat flooring. Though a covering, it can make a big difference in the flooring. Therefore, you can consider having a rubber mat on the Jon boat deck. 

Here are some advantages of using a rubber mat on Jon boat flooring: 

  • A rubber mat is extremely durable and long-lasting;
  • It is flexible and can be laid easily on the boat flooring;
  • You can shape and easily install rubber mat on the boat flooring;
  • For cleaning, you can take out the rubber mat and thoroughly clean it and reinstall it;
  • Rubber is completely waterproof;
  • A rubber mat is very inexpensive and budget-friendly;
  • They don’t discolor or get damaged in contact with water;
  • It is lightweight and doesn’t affect the balance of the boat;

A few disadvantages should be mentioned before you decide on getting a rubber Jon boat flooring. Below are the disadvantages: 

  • A rubber mat can get cut with sharp objects;
  • Long exposure to water makes the rubber mat damp;
  • It is not the best in terms of appearance; 
  • It may encourage the growth of molds and mildew;
  • Chemical exposure deteriorates the condition of the rubber mat; 

So do you think rubber mat is a good Jon boat flooring option? 

6. Fiberglass: 

A fiberglass mat for boat flooring is another choice you can consider. Though not the best Jon boat flooring option, you can install this flooring if you use the boat occasionally. It has excellent strength and durability which is why you can check out this option once. 

First, you must note down the advantages of fiberglass Jon boat flooring

  • Fiberglass boat flooring is extremely durable and solid;
  • It is lightweight and moldable making it suitable to keep the balance as well as for easy installation;
  • It has low maintenance cost;
  • Fiberglass has a simple but decent appearance;
  • It is fairly water-resistant;
  • Fiberglass boat flooring is cost-friendly;

Let’s move on to the fiberglass flooring cons: 

  • Fiberglass is not corrosion resistant and can fade away under sunlight;
  • It is not stained or scratch-resistant;
  • It is not resistant to weather and chemical;

Now you can think of whether to choose Jon boat fiberglass flooring or not. 

How To Build a Wood Floor For a Jon Boat

To build a wood floor for a Jon boat, you’ll need marine-grade plywood, a measuring tape, saw, drill, screws, and marine-grade carpet. Measure the interior of your Jon boat to determine the size of the floor. Cut the marine-grade plywood to fit this measurement.

Ensure it’s a snug fit. Next, secure the plywood to the boat’s ribs and supports using screws, ensuring a sturdy and level surface. Cover the plywood with marine-grade carpet, cutting it to size and using adhesive or staples to secure it. 

This not only provides a non-slip surface but also protects the plywood. Your wood floor will make your Jon boat more comfortable and functional for fishing or leisure activities on the water.

How to Put An Aluminum Floor In a Jon Boat

To put an aluminum floor in a Jon boat, start by measuring the interior space to determine the size of the floor. Purchase marine-grade aluminum sheeting in the desired thickness, typically 1/8 inch, and cut it to match the measurements.

Ensure the aluminum fits snugly in the boat. Next, attach the aluminum floor to the boat’s ribs and supports using stainless steel screws or bolts. Make sure it’s securely fastened for stability. You can also add a layer of marine-grade carpet or non-slip material for comfort and safety.

An aluminum floor not only provides durability and longevity but also a sturdy platform for various activities in your Jon boat.

How to Install Plywood Floor in Jon Boat

To install a plywood floor in a Jon boat, follow these steps. Measure the boat’s interior to determine the floor’s size. Use marine-grade plywood for durability and cut it to fit the measurements.

Ensure it’s a snug fit. Place the plywood on the boat’s ribs and supports and secure it using screws, making sure it’s level and firmly attached. You may choose to seal the edges with marine sealant to prevent moisture damage.

For added comfort and a non-slip surface, cover the plywood with marine-grade carpet, gluing or stapling it in place. A plywood floor enhances the boat’s functionality, making it suitable for various activities.

Related Questions: 

What To Put On The Bottom Of A Jon Boat? 

The bottom of a Jon boat requires extra protection as it remains exposed to the water. Thus you should install a protective layer beneath the Jon boat. For that, you can apply two layers of epoxy resin. The epoxy resin protects the boat hull from corrosion and damage. Thus you can put epoxy resin beneath the Jon boat across the hull. 

What Are Jon Boat Floorings Made Of? 

A variety of materials can be used to make the Jon boat flooring. Depending on which flooring appearance you like and the qualities of the materials, you can choose among a bunch of people. You can install plywood, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber mat, or vinyl flooring on the boat flooring. Any of these flooring options can be installed on the Jon boat deck. 

How Thick Should Jon Plywood Boat Floor Be?

Plywood flooring is one of the most popular boat flooring used in today’s time. But if you don’t use the right thickness of plywood boat flooring, you may not get the best result. Ideally, you should use ½ or ⅝ inch thick plywood for Jon boat flooring. This thickness makes the plywood long-lasting, and durable. 

Which Wood Is Best For Jon Boat Flooring? 

Marine-grade wood is the best Jon boat flooring option. Marine-grade wood is designed to survive in wet conditions. Among them, teak and oak are two common kinds of wood that are highly preferred to make a wooden floor on the Jon boat deck. Besides the grade and species, you should also choose a thick wood for Jon boat flooring for long-lasting service. 

What Kind Of Carpet Is Used On Jon Boat Flooring? 

Carpeting on the boat deck is done commonly. But you should not use normal carpets on the Jon boat deck. You must lay polyester or polypropylene on the boat deck. These carpets are water and corrosion-resistant. It also doesn’t damage or tear easily. It is also fairly stain and scratch-resistant. Therefore, these carpets are favorable for boat decks. 

What Is The Best Plywood for a Jon Boat Floor?

The best plywood for a Jon boat floor is marine-grade plywood, particularly the variety known as AB marine-grade plywood. This type of plywood is specially designed for waterborne applications and is highly durable and resistant to moisture, making it ideal for boat flooring.

It is typically made with waterproof glue, and the layers are void-free, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the marine environment. The most commonly recommended thickness for a Jon boat floor is 3/4 inch.

While it may be more expensive than regular plywood, its resistance to rot and delamination makes it the top choice for ensuring a long-lasting and reliable boat floor.

Should I Floor My Jon Boat?

Whether or not you should floor your Jon boat depends on your specific needs and preferences. Flooring your Jon boat can have several benefits. It provides a more stable and comfortable platform for activities like fishing, hunting, or leisure cruising.

A floor can also help distribute weight more evenly, making the boat safer and more stable. Additionally, it can protect the boat’s bottom from wear and tear. However, it’s not necessary for all situations.

If you prefer the simplicity of an open layout or only use the boat for occasional, short trips, a floor may not be essential. Consider your intended use and personal preferences when deciding whether to floor your Jon boat.

What Type Of Plywood For Jon Boat Floor?

For a Jon boat floor, marine-grade plywood is the preferred choice. Specifically, AB marine-grade plywood is recommended due to its exceptional durability and resistance to moisture.

This type of plywood is specially designed for water applications and is constructed with waterproof glue and void-free layers, ensuring it can withstand the challenges of a marine environment. It is essential to choose plywood that is specifically designed to resist rot, delamination, and other issues that can arise from exposure to water.

AB marine-grade plywood, often available in 3/4-inch thickness, is the ideal option for ensuring a strong, long-lasting, and reliable floor for your Jon boat.


I have tried proposing the best Jon boat flooring ideas to you. These are the options that you should consider. Judging the advantages and disadvantages of the flooring options, you can now decide on which one to choose. 

Use my guide as a reference and select the best Jon boat flooring idea.

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