Linoleum Floor Kitchen: Everything You Need To Know

Linoleum Floor Kitchen

A Linoleum floor kitchen is a symbol of great appetite. Nowadays, people from all over the world decorate their kitchen floors with linoleum sheets or linoleum tiles. The versatile design, incomparable color, and unique pattern of the linoleum sheet make it a popular choice for everyone to furnish the kitchen floor.

However, if you are confused about selecting the absolute material to decorate your kitchen floor, I tell you that linoleum will be the best option for you. You will have the most cost-effective flooring with many benefits by covering your floor with it. Besides, maintaining the linoleum floor is more accessible than the other ones.

I have been using a linoleum sheet in my kitchen for a long time. In this article, I will share my own experience with you. So, read this article and know the unknowns.

7 Best Linoleum Flooring Ideas In The Kitchen

The linoleum sheet’s variety of design, color, and pattern makes it a comparatively better choice for you to decorate your kitchen floor. However, the following ideas will help you decorate your kitchen with a linoleum sheet according to your taste and preference.

1. Ornamental Linoleum Floor

One of the best linoleum floor ideas is to install an ornamental designed linoleum floor in your kitchen. After installing it, you will find a beautiful textural design on your kitchen floor. The gray-colored small motifs have some beautiful pattern and shape on a white background of the sheet. This type of linoleum automatically increases the luxury and aristocracy of the kitchen.

2. Chevron Linoleum Floor

Chevron linoleum sheets are popular nowadays for their bold colors and harsh shades. This type of floor was popular in the early 70s and 80s too. There is a chevron print on the linoleum sheet, and the colorful section of the sheet brightens the kitchen. It also adds a warm and enhanced feeling to the room with the touch of sunlight. 

3. Marble Designed Linoleum

Nowadays marble linoleum floors are common for their exceptional design. The colors, shades, and patterns are so realistic that it will be difficult for you to differentiate between a marble tile and a marble linoleum.

Marble tiles are very expensive whereas you will have the same view by installing linoleum in its place at a much cheaper rate. I prefer a white shade in the kitchen so that it can reflect enough light and brighten your kitchen. 

4. Mosaic Pattern Linoleum

If you want to give your kitchen a classic look, you must install a mosaic pattern linoleum sheet on the floor. The magical beauty of a mosaic pattern sheet will classically picture the kitchen.

Moreover, this kind of linoleum is cheaper in rate. Try to install a linoleum mat with plenty of hexagonal mosaics on the floor. It will provide a modern view of the floor of your kitchen.

5. Wood Colored Linoleum

Usually, people with traditional taste use wood-colored or wooden patterned linoleum floor mats in their kitchen. It enhances the floor’s natural look and reflects an aesthetic view to everyone. If you install a wooden floor in the kitchen, you need to maintain it regularly. On the other hand, a simple wood-colored linoleum will deliver the same effect with a lower maintenance cost.

6. Dark Black Design

If you have ever thought of a gorgeous and elegant-looking kitchen in your house, a dark black designed linoleum sheet is a perfect thing for flooring it in the kitchen.

The aristocratic look and semi-glossy black background of your kitchen will mesmerize everyone. Besides, if you polish the floor regularly, the floor’s shine will amaze you with its long-lasting nature.

7. Itty Bitty Linoleum Floor

The linoleum sheet manufacturers prepare the itty bitty mats in a rolled format. They have very uncommon outlooks. This excellent linoleum sheet will give you a striking look in the kitchen because of its unique pattern.

The diversity of design will surprise you with the luxurious attire of this sheet. For this reason, itty bitty linoleum sheets are getting more popular day by day.

Benefits Of Using Linoleum Floor In The Kitchen

The best thing about furnishing your kitchen with a linoleum sheet is to have some unique and extraordinary benefits from the floor. Linoleum is very long-lasting stuff and comfortable to use. Whatever, you will enjoy the following benefits after installing a linoleum floor in the kitchen.

  • Versatile Design

You will find a lot of unique and versatile designs of linoleum sheets in the nearby shop. The color and pattern of the sheets will always be different from each other. That delivers a colossal option to select the best one for your floor according to your choice. It will increase the luxury of the kitchen and beautify the entire environment.

  • Durable

A linoleum floor can last up to 20 to 30 years. If you can be careful enough and maintain the floor regularly, you will have the floor last for more than 30 years. Moreover, the construction materials of a linoleum floor are so strict that it resists most of the external damage on their own. The long-term durability of this flooring has made it famous worldwide. 

  • Eco-friendly In Nature

Generally, the manufacturing company makes linoleum with cork powder, linseed oil, wood flour, and limestone dust to increase its durability. All the construction elements are renewable, and they do not cause any harm to the environment.

The ingredients will break down easily in the soil. In addition, if you burn the linoleum, it will never produce any harmful elements. 

  • Cost-effective And Affordable

One of the most effective qualities of a linoleum floor is you can install it at a meager price. It will cost you almost $3 per square foot if you install it. Depending on labor costs in your area, you can expect to pay $6 to $8 per square foot if you hire a professional. Considering its long-lasting nature, the cost of linoleum is very much worth it.

  • Easy To Maintain And Clean

You can maintain a linoleum floor in your kitchen very quickly. The soft surface of the floor will let you mop it quicker than scouring the other sheets. You just need to avoid the harsh cleaners to protect the sheet from discoloration. The flexible nature of linoleum safeguards it from extensive temperature and moisture. You need to mop the floor twice a month with a balanced mopping solution.

  • Antibacterial Flooring

The unique nature of a linoleum floor is an antibacterial flooring material. As you are using this in your kitchen, you must ensure the hygiene of your flooring. The micro-mineral molecules of linoleum keep the floor fresh and germ-free after spraying a tiny number of disinfectants on it. Therefore, your kitchen tools will remain clean and safe with the touch of your floor.

  • Easily Repairable

Usually, repairing a linoleum floor in your kitchen is a simple task to do. You don’t need to replace the whole sheet for a scratch or torn-out part. Apply a linoleum adhesive on the surface and place a resized patch. Ensure the patch is replaced with the same sized and designed pattern. Then seal it. This is how simple it is to repair the floor.

  • Waterproof Floor

The inbuilt wax on the floor resists water from the surface of the linoleum sheet. For this reason, you don’t need to be tense about the rotting of your base. The sheet will never soak the water on it; instead, let it dry. So when you notice any water on the bottom of your kitchen, try to remove it with a soft and clean cloth.

  • Quiet And Comfortable

The softness of a linoleum sheet lets you walk over it very comfortably and without creating any pain in your ankle. While walking over the linoleum floor, you will feel a bounciness because of the cork dust. Again, the flexibility of the sheet does not create a massive amount of sound if you drop some metallic thing on it.

5 Tips To Maintain And Clean Linoleum Kitchen Floor

From my own experience, I can assure you that if you take proper care of your linoleum floor in the kitchen and maintain it regularly, the longevity of the ground will increase in a significant manner. Here you will find the methods I follow to maintain and clean my kitchen floor.

Tip 1: Clean With Soft Cleaner

Linoleum sheets are long-lasting. Usually, it has a natural preventing function that can resist soft external damage. But using a harsh chemical product on the floor to clean it may cause massive damage. It may discolor the mat and sometimes tear it apart. 

Harsh chemicals will also destroy the durability and flexibility of the linoleum floor of your kitchen. In that case, I must recommend you a bottle of Quick Shine Multi Surface cleaner for your linoleum kitchen to get the best outcome.

Tip 2: Avoid Using Sharp Tools

If you have installed a linoleum sheet to furnish your kitchen, you must remember to avoid using or applying sharp tools to it. You may need to work with sharp tools like a knife, blade, or fork in the kitchen. Try to place a hardboard on the floor and work with the sharp tools. This will protect your floor from getting cuts and scratches. Thus, the stability of the ground will increase.

Tip 3: Repair Immediately 

Somehow, the linoleum floor in your kitchen may get scratches or cuts, or you may tear the sheet by using any sharp instrument there. If something like this happens, try to repair it immediately. Otherwise, it can get larger and larger day by day. Moreover, improving the floor is very easy, and you can do it yourself. So never late to repair it.

Tip 4: Seal The Surface

Remember to seal it with a liquid seam sealer every time you have mopped or cleaned the linoleum floor or repaired it. Apply the sealer carefully to the floor and let it dry for a while. The most crucial benefit of sealing the floor’s surfacer is that it will easily protect the floor from getting torn or scratched. The glossy look on the linoleum will never fade if you polish it after shining. 

Tip 5: Spray Disinfectants

Spraying disinfectant on the linoleum kitchen floor is one of the essential parts of maintaining it. This will increase the antibacterial function of the linoleum. Bacteria and germs will not damage your floor quickly. Moreover, you need a healthy and hygienic environment in your kitchen because you cook there. You can ensure safety by spraying disinfectants on the floor regularly. 

Related Questions:

Can You Install A Linoleum Kitchen Floor Yourself?

Installing a linoleum kitchen floor is an easy task to do, and you can install it yourself. First, remove all the furniture from the surface of your kitchen. Then clean your kitchen floor carefully and make sure that the floor is dry after washing it. After that, apply a linoleum adhesive or any solid, sticky glue.

Then resize your linoleum sheet and cut it according to the size of your kitchen. Gently set it on the glue from the top to the bottom of the sheet. After that, you need a heavy object to press the linoleum sheet so that the adhesive can set quickly under it. Sealing with a liquid seam sealer will extend the shine of the floor. This is how you can install a linoleum kitchen floor.

Is Linoleum Better For Flooring The Kitchen?

Linoleum is considerably a better flooring material to cover the floor of your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your house and gets dirty quickly. And you can clean the surface of the sheet without facing any hassle. The waterproof feature also helps to extend its durability.

The maintenance cost and procedure of linoleum sheets are also very reasonable. You can repair it anytime quickly. The construction of this type of sheet ensures better safety in your kitchen. Antibacterial function and multiple effective molecules protect the floor from the external attack of bacteria and germs.

How Long Does A Linoleum Kitchen Floor Last?

Linoleum is a heavy and robust object. The durability of this type of flooring material is always higher than any other sheet. Naturally, a linoleum sheet is a long-lasting one, and it can last up to 20 to 30 years. If you take proper care of your floor and maintain it, you can use it for almost 40 years.

Usually, a linoleum floor does not get discolored on its own if you don’t use extra acidic or alkyl products on your floor. Don’t use a sharp tool, knife, or blade directly on the outer surface of this floor, and it will never be damaged. The lifespan of a linoleum floor can be increased and protected by mopping and sealing it regularly.

Why Is Your Linoleum Kitchen Floor Slick?

One of the most compelling reasons for having a slick factor on the floor is using a low-quality seam sealer or wax on it. Dust and debris also increase the slickness factor on the linoleum floor. Spraying an extra amount of disinfectant can also be a reason behind this.

Another reason for the extra slick is the massive amount of moisture and grease. However, you can reduce the slick factor of your linoleum sheet by using a cup of vinegar in the water while mopping it. You can also use warm water to prepare the mopping solution. This will also reduce the slick factor of your floor.

Is Linoleum Flooring Slippery When Wet?

Linoleum flooring gets slightly slippery when it is wet. The inbuilt waterproof function of this type of sheet does not let it soak the water. The positive effect of this facility is that it protects the floor from getting rotten. But unfortunately, it slightly creates a slippery situation on the floor when you drop water on it.

Again, when you seal the floor and polish it, the linoleum gets slippery automatically. The wax on the sheet increases the system of water counteraction. But if you take proper care of the floor and maintain it regularly, you can reduce the slippery situation. So, wipe out the water immediately from the floor and don’t let it get wet. 

How Can You Repair A Linoleum Floor Kitchen?

You can repair the linoleum floor of your kitchen on your own. First, remove the torn patch from your foundation. Then try to use a sharp blade or knife to cut out the surface. Then you need to measure the space with a measuring tape. 

Apply a tiny amount of linoleum adhesive or available sticky glue. Resize a newer patch. Make sure the latest patch’s color, pattern, and design are equal to the older one.  Place the resized patch on the cut-out surface of the floor. Press the joint with a heavy and flat object to help the glue be set under the patch.

How Much Does Linoleum Kitchen Flooring Cost?

The price of installing a linoleum floor may vary depending on the size of the floor, the color, pattern, and the design of the linoleum sheet. You will find beautiful linoleum sheets almost everywhere at $3 to $5 per square foot. The qualities of the sheets are almost the same. Only the colors and patterns could be different. 

The installation process of linoleum sheets is not as complicated as installing tiles on the floor. The fact is that you can install it on your own. But if you hire a professional to do it for you, the cost will depend on the labor cost of your area. In that case, it will cost you $7 to $10 per square foot.


Linoleum floor kitchen reflects the classical, traditional look and the modern aesthetic status of your kitchen. The distinctive and mesmerizing pattern of linoleum will increase the beauty of your kitchen in a meaningful manner. Besides, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to install this.

However, my job was to tell you everything about this beautiful flooring material in this article. I have shared all my experiences regarding this. Hopefully, this will help you select and install the best linoleum for your kitchen.

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