Linoleum Floor Patterns: Designing Ideas

Linoleum Floor Patterns Designing Ideas

Thinking of installing linoleum flooring? Quite a good plan as linoleum is aesthetically beautiful and comes within your budget. You can get a similar aesthetic value as marble or wood floor as it replicates those patterns. 

With various patterns and designs, linoleum has become a top-notch flooring option for many. As linoleum comes in different patterns, choosing one becomes challenging. Many don’t even know the designs and types of linoleum as the variety is enormous. So before you decide on linoleum flooring, learning about the linoleum floor patterns is crucial.

On that note, I am here to talk about some fantastic linoleum flooring patterns and speak about some important factors that would help you make a wise decision. I would also recommend a few brands so that you don’t find it challenging to get the right linoleum flooring. So let’s dive into the matter.  

5 Best Linoleum Floor Pattern Ideas You Will Love

Linoleum floor patterns are versatile. The patterns are generally printed on the linoleum sheet or tiles. Now it is tough to cover all the patterns as there are a lot of them with different color combinations. So I have handpicked the most popular ones that people love nowadays. 

Here are the five best and most demandable linoleum floor pattern ideas that you would love.

1. Scattered Geometric Pattern:

What about creating an asymmetrical linoleum flooring pattern with symmetrical components? That is what the scattered geometric patterns do. The combination of geometric signs like squares, circles, hexagons, rectangles, and many more, creates an irregular pattern that has a flow. 

Like the floor is divided into vertical sections and in each area, the geometric signs are haphazardly arranged and colored. This creates an illusion of asymmetry, but it has a regularity. Truly unique and beautiful, you can use this pattern to accentuate a part of the area like the living room or hallway. 

2. Fishscale Pattern:

Though a common design, modern linoleum flooring makes a variety of color combinations and streaks to bring a twist to this classic design which people admire a lot. If installed in living rooms and other common spaces, it would undoubtedly create a style statement. 

The Japanese-style fish scale pattern brings a perk to flooring and gives an ongoing flow on the surface. It provides a vintage vibe, but it is also stunningly vibrant; any boho or modern home can have it.

3. Honeycomb Pattern:

A trendy pattern in today’s time is the honeycomb pattern. This style is being admired like crazy in today’s time. A pure Moroccan design, hexagonal patterns on linoleum win people’s hearts. With golden borders and various color varieties, honeycomb flooring is a very bright pattern. 

A modern home that needs a spark should try out this linoleum floor pattern. You can choose multi-colored honeycombs or go for neutral shades or maybe some light pink or green, whichever you like. No matter the color, the pattern would draw attention.

4. Gothic Art:

Gothic art is a medieval European design that came into practice in 12 AD. Though ancient art, the value, and beauty of gothic art are eternal. In mind, linoleum tiles come in gothic art patterns that are extraordinarily beautiful. You would get different color combinations with delicate designs in each tile that spreads from the center. 

If you are fond of ancient art and want something rare in your home, a gothic art linoleum pattern would be my choice for you. 

5. Floral Pattern:

Not many would choose to have bold floral designs on the flooring. And that is what makes it unique. Floral patterns can’t be bad ever, right? But since it is exclusive and unusual, people hesitate. However, I have seen beautiful farmhouses and houses in coastal areas with floral floorings, colorful furniture, curtains, and vibrant decoration. 

Delicate floral patterns on the floor look gorgeous and soothing. Choose light colors so that the designs look fine and soft. 

8 Different Types Of Linoleum Floors And Their Designing Ideas

Various types of linoleum floors are available. To choose one from them, you have to know about the classes to make a wise decision. I have researched it thoroughly and found the types of linoleum that are available. 

1. Sheet Linoleum:

It has no sections or tile-like separations. They are available in a single sheet, and you can have flowy flooring with the sheet linoleum. For large areas, this is the best type of linoleum. Sheet linoleum is like a carpet in the form of permanent flooring. As it has a different color and design options, they are highly appreciated. 

2. Linoleum Tile:

Just like marble slabs of wooden planks, linoleum tiles are cubes that are to be glued to the subfloor. Easier to install than sheet linoleum, it is preferred for DIY installation. They come in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors. Linoleum tiles look sleek and very modern, and you would love to have them to make the floor look luxurious. 

3. Click-lock Linoleum:

If you don’t need permanent flooring and are looking for a super easy installation facility, go for the click-lock linoleum. This makes a floating flooring on the subfloor as you just click and lock the tiles to each other. The advantage is you can replace the tile that gets damaged. A very convenient flooring option, it is best for low-traffic areas. 

4. Wooden Style:

If you want a substitute for a wooden floor that is affordable and beautiful, go for linoleum wooden-style flooring. They generally come in sheets, and you would find them in different colors. All types are streaks, from oak to hickory, and patterns are available on linoleum wooden floors. 

Choose the desired shade, streak, and texture of wood you love, and a linoleum wooden-style floor would have that for you. 

5. Stone Design:

Luxurious marble, graphite, or travertine floors can be installed at a low cost with the stone-styled linoleum flooring. Linoleum has a lot of stone-look tiles with different shades and patterns that look very similar to natural stone

For posh living rooms and bedrooms, stone design linoleum flooring is highly recommended. 

6. Patterned Linoleum:

Linoleum is available in literally uncountable types of patterns. Most vintage and contemporary designs and prints are available on linoleum tiles and sheets. There is no limit to the patterns linoleum has. So you have to look into the designs thoroughly to choose a suitable one. If you want to add decorative value, go for patterned linoleum flooring. 

7. Painted Linoleum:

Another very unique design is painted linoleum. Just like patterned linoleum, painted linoleum has no limit. You can paint it in your way, use stencils to make patterns, or go for basic shades to paint the floor. It looks unique and has an artistic value like no other option. 

Painted linoleum looks the best on wooden linoleum. You may paint it yourself or choose a commercial painted linoleum. 

8. Matte Linoleum:

Though most people want a glossy linoleum floor, some may choose a matte finish. This is available in linoleum too. Those who want a distressed and solid look on the flooring can go for matte linoleum flooring. This is available primarily in wooden style, but a few other designs have this texture too. 

A matte finish looks solid and bold; a rare linoleum option indeed. These are the best design options you would get in linoleum flooring. 

4 Best Linoleum Floor Brands And Their Pricing

Are you Struggling to find the best brand that offers versatile linoleum flooring and unique designs? Let me help you. I have studied and handpicked the best flooring brands that offer excellent linoleum flooring. Have a look:

Best Linoleum Floor Brands LongevityPrice (per sq ft)
Marmoleum15- 25 years$3.09- $4.69
Nova10- 20 years$3.69- $6.99
Tarkett 5- 10 years$2.99- $5.99
Armstrong LinoArt 5- 10 years$3.50- $5.00

6 Benefits Of Installing Linoleum Floor Pattern

Linoleum flooring is becoming increasingly popular for a reason. There are considerable advantages to installing a linoleum floor. Have a look at these advantages: 

1. Durable:

Linoleum flooring is fairly durable. It may last between 20 to 40 years depending on how you care for it. If you install tiles or click-lock linoleum flooring, you can easily replace the section that has been damaged. The remaining floor remains intact and its longevity is increased. 

2. Versatile:

If you are looking for versatile flooring with various colors and design options, linoleum is a perfect choice. Linoleum comes in different appearances and textures to choose what you love. It has all types of looks to match your interior.

3. Eco-friendly:

Choosing eco-friendly flooring means contributing to the Earth. So if you are concerned about that, go for linoleum. Linoleum is made of natural and renewable components that won’t harm the environment. It is entirely biodegradable and won’t make waste when disposed of.

4. Hygienic:

Amazing for homes with kids and pets! Linoleum flooring has antibacterial properties that won’t let germs or microorganisms settle on the floor for a long time. So the surface remains hygienic. 

5. Easy Installation:

Laying linoleum is not an arduous task. Especially if you choose linoleum tiles or click-lock tiles, you can easily do it yourself, saving some bucks. Laying linoleum sheets is simple if you have enough time and patience. 

6. Water-resistant:

Linoleum doesn’t get damaged immediately as it is water-resistant. Minor spills won’t harm it. Major spills should be cleaned within 24 hours, and that is it. Water exposure won’t instantly damage linoleum. 

Quite attractive characteristics, right? So why are you delaying installing the linoleum? Gather all materials and install them to enjoy happy flooring.

Downsides Of Linoleum Floor

Before you choose linoleum, you must know some downsides of linoleum flooring. Linoleum is fairly good, but it has some mentionable disadvantages too. Have a look:

1. Scratchy:

The surface of linoleum is quite soft, which is why it is prone to scratches. With sharp objects and impacts, the floor may scratch. 

2. Not Waterproof:

Though water-resistant, linoleum is not waterproof. As it is not waterproof, long exposure to moisture can swell the flooring and damage its shape and color. 

3. High Maintenance:

To protect the floor from scratches and moisture, you need to clean the floor regularly and seal it twice or thrice a year. The maintenance is quite high if you want to keep it in good condition. 

Consider these factors once before installing linoleum. 

3 Tips To Keep Linoleum Floor Bright Always

No matter what types of flooring you have. It is common to get the floor messy or dirty after every few days. But if you know some tips, you can keep your vinyl floor fresh and hygienic. Here are a few tips to keep your linoleum flooring bright and shiny: 

Tip 1: Clean With Borax Powder

In a gallon of warm water, mix a tablespoon of borax powder. Mix it well so that the powder dilutes in water. Once you make the solution, wet a mop in the solution and thoroughly mop the linoleum flooring. 

Borax powder loosens dirt particles and removes stains from the linoleum. The cloudy and hazy effect on the linoleum goes away with this wash. Once the mopping is done, you have to rinse the floor with water and leave it to dry to find a glossy and clean linoleum surface. 

Tip 2: Apply Chlorine Bleach

If the floor has turned yellow, you need to treat it with chlorine bleach which profoundly cleanses the floor and removes the yellowness from the linoleum. For this treatment, dilute one portion of chlorine bleach in 4 parts of warm water. Apply this on the flooring and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. 

Next, clean the floor with a mop to bring back the brightness and shine of the flooring. 

Tip 3: Seal the Floor 

Sealing alone can put back the shine of the linoleum flooring. Besides regular cleaning, you should seal the linoleum twice or thrice a year. The seal protects the floor from spills and moisture and puts on shine on the surface. So to keep the brightness intact, you should regularly clean and seal the floor from time to time. 

Follow these tips to keep the linoleum floor bright always. 

Related Questions:

Is Linoleum A Good Choice For Rooms With Floors That Slope?

There is no harm in installing linoleum for rooms with floors that slope. As long as the foundation and pitch have a smooth and flat surface, you can install linoleum on them. If you see bumps, you should sand and fill the gaps with putty before installing linoleum. Otherwise, the linoleum floor would be bumpy too.

What’s The Best Area To Install Linoleum Flooring?

You can install linoleum flooring in any area of the house. But since it has good water resistance, it goes the best in moisture-exposed areas like kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, and hallways. It handles impact and moisture well if sealed and cared for properly. Besides, you can use decorative linoleum tiles in living rooms and bedrooms. 

How Long Should You Wait To Walk On New Linoleum After Installation?

If the place of installation is well-vented, you have to wait for only 24 hours for the linoleum to settle on the subfloor. But to be very sure that the linoleum is all set, you can wait for 48 hours for the adhesive to bond with the subfloor and linoleum. If the place is humid, you should turn on the ceiling fan to remove the moisture from the space. 

Is Linoleum A Good Choice For Flooring?

Linoleum is a budget-friendly and good-quality flooring choice. It is aesthetically beautiful, water-resistant, durable, and matches almost all types of interiors. It is very similar to vinyl flooring but is environment-friendly, which is a plus point. Considering its cost and the range of features, I would say linoleum is a good choice for flooring. 

Can Linoleum Be Used In Bathrooms?

As linoleum flooring is water-resistant, it is prevalent to install linoleum in bathrooms. Many paint linoleum in bathrooms, while others use decorative linoleum. You can add charm to your bathroom with linoleum. But you should keep it dry most of the time for the floor to last longer. Thus yes, you can use linoleum in bathrooms.

What’s The Average Waste Percentage For Linoleum Flooring?

Typically, the average waste percentage for linoleum flooring is 10%. To calculate the waste percentage for linoleum per area, you need to multiply the area by the percentage of waste you wish to calculate. But in most cases, it is not fixed at all. The more linoleum floor is damaged, the more waste will gather.

Final Verdict:

You have learned quite a lot about linoleum floor patterns. I have tried covering every information you may need to purchase the best linoleum design and quality for your residence or office. You can check the patterns I have mentioned and visit the notable brands to find exclusive patterns. 

Now that you are informed, why don’t you make a quick decision on which linoleum floor pattern you would love to have? 

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