10 Marble Floor Design Patterns That Will Blow Your Mind

marble floor design patterns

Did you know that you can set different marble floor design patterns? Its different patterns give the floor an exceptional look. However, the type of floor should be considered while choosing the patterns. We all want to design our own homes differently from others.  

The different marble flooring patterns will fulfill your dream and make the house incomparable. So today, I have brought for you some marble flooring patterns that will catch your mind. You can set these patterns differently to give a more attractive look. 

In this article, I will talk about some of the patterns that have already gained a lot of popularity. Although not all of the patterns here are suitable for the floor, you can set them on the floor using different sized tiles in the same pattern. Stay tuned for details on the patterns. 

10 Top Marble Floor Design Patterns For Exclusive Floors:

If you are looking for an exclusive pattern for the floor of your house, then this is your desired place. You can get the marble floor design pattern as per your requirement. Here I bring you the best marble tile patterns of all time.

1. Straight Patterns: 

Straight patterns are also known to many as “ladder patterns.” This is one of the easiest and simple designs in a flooring design that is chic and timeless. This design is never old. So, you can use this design on the floor of your house year after year.  

This pattern is designed to best display the stone, and it is the most common way to place square tiles. It is easy to clean, so it is used on most floors. This pattern is most suitable to give the house a classic or contemporary look. While this is a common pattern, it is suitable for all places.  

These patterns are most commonly applied in kitchens and bathrooms. It is most in demand as it is easy to clean. Creating this pattern is also very easy. So, you too can apply this pattern in your home or office.

2. Diagonal Pattern:

The diagonal pattern is much like a straight pattern. To create this pattern, lay tiles randomly at a 45-degree angle.  Installing this design makes the floor of the house look more prominent. So, this pattern is suitable for limited size floors.

This pattern can work well with square tiles. The pattern gives a “straight layer” border around all the edges. Another feature of this pattern is that it is very easy to install. Also, this pattern can make your house look bigger.

Those worried about cleaning the tiles can also use it because it is also very easy to clean. As a result, they can try it if someone feels bored using a straight pattern. It will always give your home a feeling of novelty. This pattern is suitable for any place on the wall or floor.

3. Brick bond Pattern:

Brick bond Pattern is a popular pattern that can make a difference at home. This pattern is added to most home kitchens and bathrooms. Although it is a classic pattern, it looks modern! Tiles of this pattern are also easy to clean, so they do not get damaged easily.  

Although marble stones in this pattern used to come just in white, now it comes in different shades and textures. The brick bond Pattern looks like a brick, so it is also known as a brick pattern. This pattern is made using tiles laid in the shape of rectangles.

It is not suitable for the floor, but it fits nicely on the wall. This is a classical pattern that is offset by half the width of the tiles. In many cases, this pattern is also called the offset pattern. A random number can also make this pattern of tiles.  

4. Checkerboard Pattern:

Checkerboard is a pattern made with decorative tiles. Designs are made with small tiles of multiple colors in certain areas of the floor or walls of this pattern. It gives the walls or floor a smooth finish. 

The pattern gives the marble tile high reflectivity and brightness. It is extremely popular in marble flooring patterns. Black and white square marble is mostly used to create the pattern. However, you can use marble stones of any color if you want. 

Tiles can be set either straight or diagonal for this pattern. So, you can arrange the tiles according to your choice. While this is a popular pattern, it is also the perfect choice for the floor. You can also apply this pattern on the tile at the bottom of the bathroom or kitchen walls.

5. Mosaic Patterns:

The pattern created by drawing different images is called the mosaic pattern. It comes in different designs, which is valid with the name. This permits you to create any color combination you like. Since the house’s color is the carrier of your time and taste, be careful in choosing the color. 

This pattern is suitable for all places. However, the designs differ depending on the location. For example, if you want to apply this pattern in the bathroom, then flowers or plants will not fit there. But if you set the image of sea, fish or water, it is suitable for that place. 

When creating a pattern, keep in mind where you will apply it. Since it is challenging to make Mosaic Patterns, it also costs more. It’s hard to clean, so set this pattern with less dirt.

6. Basketweave Patterns:

Basketweave is a classic pattern also known as windmill patterns. Two types of marble tiles, square and rectangular, are used to create this pattern. It is best to choose long thin tiles and contrast small square tiles to make it.

This pattern is like a basket, so it is named basketweave patterns. It is made by setting a four-sided tile rectangular. Brown shade pattern is the best choice for warmth and comfort because white and gray emit warmth. 

This pattern is a great choice for the bathroom. But it also fits well in the kitchen. Since this is a classic pattern, you can apply it anywhere. However, the color of marble tiles should be different in different places. You can also create the pattern by arranging the tiles in the design of your choice. 

7. Classic French Patterns:

This pattern design is rooted in the French aristocracy, known as Classic French Patterns. This pattern is timeless and elegant, which creates a different look on your floor or walls. This is a famous marble floor pattern that catches everyone’s eye.

In most cases, this pattern comes in different designs in white color. However, in many cases, it also comes in different colors. However, the most popular are the white patterns. This pattern is a good choice for medium-sized spaces. But you can also select this pattern for other places.

Marble flooring tiles of different designs are available in this pattern. So, choose unique designs to make your pill different from others. However, it is better to choose a less patterned pattern for flooring. As a result, your floor will look elegant. 

8. Dotted Diagonal Pattern:

The dotted diagonal pattern is also known to many as Cabochon Inserts. This pattern gives the floor of the house an excellent look. Applying it increases the brightness of the floor room. The pattern is basically a small dot of another color set between one color. 

In most cases, white-black marble is used for this pattern. However, you can set the color to your liking if you want. You have to use texture to differentiate between two tiles. A diagonal or straight-shaped tile creates a pattern which is easy to clean. You can set this pattern on the floor of any room.

It is easy to set as all the stones in this pattern have the same design. It fits well on floors as well as kitchen or bathroom walls. So, choose marble flooring with a dotted diagonal pattern to give the house an elegant look. 

9. Hopscotch pattern:

Hopscotch is a common pattern that uses three to four squares. Above a square in this pattern are two squares set side by side, which have a center. A single centered square centered on two side squares and one more square above the others.

It has a large oval on top of the last square called the home. It can be set for any floor. However, you can change the color according to the purpose of the room. It is a little more difficult to install than other patterns. However, it is easy to clean as it is set straight.

The hopscotch pattern is also referred to by many as the pinwheel. This pattern is pretty nice to look at, but it will look even better if you set small tiles in it instead of large marble tiles. 

10. Opus Pattern:

Marble tiles of different sizes are used to create the opus pattern. It is the most popular pattern that uses four different tile shapes and sizes. However, you can choose from a variety of these patterns. This pattern looks best when using antique tiles. 

Opus Pattern gives your room a traditional effect. The tiles used to create this pattern have to be repeated. If you need different sizes of tiles to make it, it is better to keep the color of the tiles the same. It doesn’t look good if you randomly set tiles of different colors on the same floor. 

Always select a color that matches the color of your walls. Since it is a random design pattern, it isn’t easy to set up and clean. So, it is better not to set this pattern in more dirty places like the bathroom, kitchen.

Related Question About Marble Floor Design Patterns:

Can You Mix Marble Patterns?

You can make a new pattern by mixing porcelain and ceramic with a marble pattern. It does not cause any damage to the floor, but it is essential to keep in mind that the tile’s color and size are consistent. If your budget is low, then you can install this kind of mixed pattern. 

Does Marble Have A Pattern?

Marble is an extraordinary stone that is popular for its variety of colors and beautiful patterns. The purity of marble is unmatched by any other stone. Its veins and color combinations define each type. Marble has its own colors and patterns that set it apart from others. 

Where Can You Use Marble At Home?

You can install marble floor designs anywhere in the house. However, due to its heat-resistant nature, it is the perfect choice for kitchens and fireplaces. It is also a perfect fit for bathrooms. Marble flooring designs enhance the beauty of the home. So, if your floor installation budget is high, choose marble flooring in the whole house. 

How To Maintain Marble Floors?

Marble flooring is sensitive to stains, so it is quite difficult to maintain. If you install marble on the floor, clean it regularly using a soft cloth or mop. If liquid spills in marble floors, clean it quickly. If not clean, sprinkle with baking soda and wipe with a damp cloth. Always make sure there are no scratches. 

Can You Set Marble Floor Design Patterns Yourself?

Marble tiles are sensitive and expensive, so that no one can set them except skilled workers. If you do this, there may be a gap in the middle, of which there may be damage to the tiles later. So you are not advised to do this setup without any experienced workers. However, you can set the pattern to your liking with the workers. 


I hope you like the marble floor design patterns discussed here. Since marble tiles are expensive, please choose the right pattern without abusing it. Each of the patterns I have discussed here is quite popular. You can make the floor of your room more unique by changing these patterns slightly. However, it would be best to choose the floor pattern and color difference on the walls and other furniture of the room.

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