18 Stunning Marble Flooring Ideas For Living Room: Decorate Floor In New Style

marble flooring ideas for living room

Marble flooring is always an elegant choice that represents your refined taste. It is not only a sign of richness but also provides immense comfort. To touch and see a stunning marble floor is bliss. And, when it is right there in the living room, your guests are bound to stare at it in awe. 

Marble flooring for the living room is the best investment to adorn the room. It not only creates a positive first impression but the entire vibe and look of the interior enhances with it. The polished and glassy surface decorates the living room with a touch of sophistication. But you only get it when you know the right designs of marble to install. 

To help you get the best, I am here with the best and exclusive marble flooring ideas for the living room that would help you to know about various options. Learn about these classy options and choose your fit. Let’s start our in-depth discussion:

18 Stunning Marble Flooring Ideas For Living Room: 


Marble is a natural stone with natural patterns made under the pressure of the crust. It forms different designs and patterns while staying in the core of the earth and after extraction, many additions are done to enhance the beauty and grace. 

I would mention different styles and designs of marble flooring that are distinct and unique. Each one is stunning but it is your choice to decide the one that matches your interior the best. Here are the 18 stunning marble flooring ideas for the living room:

1. All Natural And Classic Marble Flooring: 

Let me start with the basic type of marble flooring. The classic off-white marble floor with a mild and light pattern is the most basic type of marble flooring that looks stunning with any type of style and interior. 

The white and off-white glossy marble with subtle dark tints or patches on them give a stunningly posh feel and blend perfectly with any ’90s and modern interior. If you want something natural and simple and classic, this is your choice. 

2. White Marble Floor Adorned With Diamond Motif:

Heavenly white marble floor with diamond motif in squares is truly a design to leave you in awe. This design looks like small marble tiles installed on the floor as each square has small grey-colored diamond motifs at the corners. 

If your interior is mostly white, the clear white floor with diamond-shaped corners would look outstanding. However, it would blend well with any modern time interior with modern fittings and furniture. 

3. Marble Floor With Borders In The Center: 

If you are looking for a sophisticated design for your living room, this style is a sleek and smart one. Though commonly found, it never goes out of trend. 

This sleek design has a tinted and patchy off-white or cream tone with a black border at the center. It is a classy and posh design and the border makes a subtle division. If you place a sofa out of the outline and place a center table inside the bordered area, it would look the best!

4. Straight Lay Marble Floor With Grey Lines:

If you want something simple for your modern living room or hall that would look phenomenal, this is a gem for you. With modern-day couches, sofa, ottoman, tables, and wallpapers, this subtle marble floor would give a spark and shine to the room. 

This marble floor has a shiny and reflective surface, colored in off-white, and tinted with scattered light grey lines. The color combination is light yet attractive that also soothes your eyes. This is literally a cool look giving a chilled vibe!

5. Thin Stripes On A Marble Floor: 

If you want something more neat, symmetric, and proper, you can go for the marble floor with thin stripes in the middle or corners. The black or grey vertical lines from one end to the other end create a formal and proper look which is perfect for a posh living room. 

If you are someone who rather likes something sleek and formal but nothing casual, you should give this a try. The design is minimal but exceptionally stylish and orderly. 

6. Thick Consecutive Stripes On The Marble Floor:

Now that you know the option of thin vertical stripes, let me tell you that you can choose thick horizontal lines on the marble floor across the living room. It looks like a zebra crossing and creates an exceptional style statement. 

Two thick stripes and then a gap and then another two stripes, this is the common pattern in this type of tile. This is a truly unconventional design, and you need to match it with an interior having minimum furniture items so that the floor remains the focus. 

7. A Combination of Several Patterns And Motifs:

Do you want something out of the world? Something thought-provoking and tempting? If you want a blend of all the beauties on one floor, choose a marble floor with different patterns and motifs. 

Starting from the diamond motifs to the retro tile designs and thin stripes to triangle motifs, all can be merged beautifully on the marble floor of your living room. It would create a mind-blowing effect showing a combination of various patterns and motifs, moods, and looks. However, consult an interior designer to make the combination right. Otherwise, it may look clumsy and untidy. 

8. Marble Floor With Two Shades: 

What about something colorful and vibrant to give a happy and warm vibe to your living room? If you want elegance with a touch of warmth and homeliness, you can choose a black, red, or maroon color shade merged with a wide white or off-white border. 

The combination of two shades attracts anyone and creates a casual vibe with a sheer touch of aesthetic and richness. Keep the furniture minimum, contrast the color of them with the floor or match them, and craft an outstanding living room. 

9. Marble Floor With Patterns In the Border: 

If you like the retro vibe and have a classic decor of the ’90s, this is the best option you have. A patterned border on the marble floor gives a classy and classic vibe that attracts people easily. On a white marble floor, these borders look excellent and gorgeous. 

Borders with diamond motifs, zigzag lines, geometric shapes, etc. are some options that you can choose from. A lot of options are available and you can check them out to see their compatibility with your interior. 

10. Mix Different Borders On The Marble Floor: 

If you want something more in patterned border and accentuate it more on the floor, try to mix different patterns to diminish the monotony and create a more vibrant and lively look. 

You can design the entrance of the living room with a simple, wide, and tinted border and use heavily designed borders in the room. Such a mixture of colors and patterns would highlight the floor more and show a style statement. Keep the furniture simple so that the floor becomes the center of attraction. 

11. Geometric Patterns On The Marble Floor: 

If you have a really big living room, then choosing a geometric design to be fixed at the center would be a great idea. Keep the center empty, place furniture items across the borders of the room, and put a round shape with geometric patterns in it and make it the focal point. 

Diamond motifs throughout the marble floor and a geometric pattern in the middle gives an extremely sophisticated look. It also makes the room look spacious when the main motif is in the center. It is truly an exceptional choice for large living rooms. 

12. Rounded Lines Across The Border: 

Wanting something simple yet extra on the marble floor? Use a thick and a thin line across the border of the living room. Make rounded lines at the corner so that it looks more beautiful and natural. Choose a warm brown or dark black color to fill the lines. Also, combine a thick and a thin line to accentuate the design. 

Rounded lines are the best when the room is not completely rectangular in shape but has rounded corners. Also, big halls and living rooms would look excellent in this pattern. 

13. Lines To Partition The Marble Floor: 

Here comes another marble flooring idea for medium to large living rooms. If you want to create a partition in the living room to make each section specific for a task, you can add lines on the floor. You can use one part for having coffee or tea and the other part for making a home theatre. 

It not only separates the marble floor but also highlights the floor. Use black marble to highlight the lines. This partition also separates the floor so that you can use two portions for different works. 

14. A Royal Diamond Motif Border On Marble Floor:

Want something royal and posh within a minimal design? Go for a dazzling white marble floor with beige-colored borders and dark beige diamond motifs within the border. The corners would have royal leaf motifs to create a royal and rich design that decorates the floor excellently. 

A royal diamond motif border across the border is truly a subtle design but creates an elegant, beautiful, and posh vibe. This is genuinely a royal design!

15. Dashing Black Marble Floor:

So far, we have discussed white marble flooring. But think of an intense, tempting black marble floor with haphazardly patterned white lines on it. A dashing black marble floor looks stunning and gorgeous in a living room. 

Install white-colored furniture items to create a mind-blowing contrast with the floor. Be simple but classy with a glossy black marble floor with scattered thin white lines. 

16. Create A Carpet With Marble Floor: 

Want a royal and posh and classy design on the marble floor? Create a carpet with designs on the marble floor. You won’t even need a carpet when you put a customized design throughout the marble floor. 

Use a white marble floor with beige-colored patterns in the borders and center to create a carpet design on the floor. Use floral or geometric patterns to create a carpet on the marble floor. What is more elegant than this?

17. A Royal Pattern In The Center On The Marble Floor: 

Want something unique and royal at the center to make it the most stunning part of the house? Then create a royal pattern in the center. Customize the design with the help of a designer to make the best out of it. 

Use a combination of different colors, motifs, and fine lines to beautifully decorate the center of the marble floor. Add a light-colored border across the walls of the room and see the spark in the living room!

18. Chess Board On The Marble Floor: 

What about a classy and classic marble floor with black and white checks throughout the floor? Use a chessboard motif on the marble floor to create a phenomenal look on the floor. It looks bold and classic on the floor. 

This is a retro-style that also looks extremely stylish and modern. It never goes out of trend as the classy combination of white and black marble is added to the marble floor.

Related Questions:

Which Type Of Marble Is Best For The Living Room Flooring? 

Marble flooring ideas look phenomenal and outstanding if executed properly. The designs have to be suitable with the interior so that it blends well. But when it comes to decorating the floor with marble, you need to choose the marble types cautiously. The design also depends on the quality and texture of the marble. 

I will be mentioning three types of marble that are the best for living room flooring. There are many other options but these three are commonly used. Here are the three options:

  1. Makrana white marble is a glossy white marble that is durable and sturdy. It also becomes shinier and more glossy with time. This is the best for the living room as any design would look stunning on this marble floor.
  1. Calacatta marble is another dazzling marble floor that is long-lasting and gives a luxurious finish. It is a rare type that would surely leave you in awe.
  1. Carrara marble is a common type of marble but looks stunning in the living room. It is super durable and suitable for regular usage. 

You can choose any of these options whichever goes with the design. Consult a designer to know which marble flooring idea can be executed on which marble type. Select a design idea and then understand which marble would be the best. 

Which Color Marble Is Best For The Living Room Flooring? 

Color options are limited in marble flooring unless the designer paints it. However, there are some combinations that would look exclusive in the living room and make the floor the focus point. 

Here are some combinations that you can choose from:

  • Basic white marble is glossy and classic with natural patterns on it. The dazzling white shine is what adorns the floor.
  • Go for an intense black marble floor which is an out-of-the-box option. It is incredibly tempting and gorgeous to choose a glossy black marble floor. 
  • If you want a light-colored combination, install a pure white marble floor and make borders or patterns or designs over it with beige tints. This is an eye-soothing combo that looks elegant and serene. 
  • Choose a combination of off-white marble floors with the center part tinted with maroon marble. This is a charming combination and gives a bright and glazing look. 
  • How about adding silver and golden linings on the marble floor? This is a subtle design but the lines shine wonderfully under the light. 
  • Another calming and elegant combination is the white and grey tinted marble floor. This is a light design and color but has aesthetic value. 

If you want, you can also go for painted marble flooring options. Remember to choose a color that matches your house interior and try to blend the color of the floor with the furniture items. 

Are Marble Flooring Ideas For The Living Room Still In Trend?

Marble flooring has existed for ages. Since the age of kings and emperors, marble flooring has been there. But to date, it has not lost its grace and beauty and it is still considered a sign of elegance and royalty. 

Marble flooring is made of natural marble with stunning and scattered patterns. This is the specialty of marble flooring. It is all-natural and thus looks amazingly gorgeous on the living room, roofs, bathroom, or outdoor floor. This is why it never goes out of trend. 

Moreover, nowadays various color and design options are available modifying the overall appearance of marble flooring. This makes it suitable for use with modern interiors. In fact, if you want something subtle yet charming and elegant, marble flooring is the first option to choose. 

Marble flooring ideas for the living room are still in trend and one of the best options to adorn the living room floor. 


You have got the best marble flooring ideas for the living room, and you can easily pick one that would match your interior. Now that you have decided to install marble flooring in the living room, carefully search and choose a particular pattern and style to adorn your living room. 

So tell me, which marble flooring idea will you like the most for your living room?

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