Marble Flooring Ideas: These Will Surely Amaze You

marble flooring ideas

Nothing beats marble floors when you are looking for elegance and durability in the decoration. Undoubtedly, there are other choices that may be more efficient. However, considering the texture and versatility of marble flooring, it surely stands on the top. Don’t you agree?

Marble flooring ideas can range from various categories. There are countless types of marble available right now, starting from beige to Moscato. Choosing the marble type according to your aesthetic is what you should do. The design idea is critically crucial: when it is not up to the mark, even the best marble might not look satisfactory. 

However, after ten years in this sector, I can guide you to different marble flooring ideas. So, let’s find out some elegant marble flooring ideas:

10 Elegant Marble Flooring Ideas: Change Your Home Outlook

The ideas can range from classic designs to modern ones. It’s definitely a matter of choice, and priority. Priorities can be different from one person to another: some prefer vintage, whereas some people decide to go for the most modern ideas.

Anyway, when it comes to marble, you’ll find a touch of elegance no matter which idea you go for. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 elegant marble flooring ideas:

1. Deep And Dark Elegance:

The old-fashioned matte or jet black elegance is a universal solution to a lot of confusion. This totally gives off a dreamy vibe with a smooth texture. For bedrooms and living rooms, this can be an exceptional and timeless choice. If you’re a fan of monochromic styles, this one’s highly suitable.

Opposite always attracts! With the pitch-black marble flooring, a plain white wall paint would be an amazing fit. Having slight veins of white in the marble can work as the cherry on the top as it’ll look like the transition from the floor to the walls.

Coming to the borders, you may have three different choices for it. The first one is the most elegant. It is to make a marble border according to the marble floor idea you have. The second idea can be to paint it white according to the wall. Last but not the least, a black to white transition with the borders would be interesting.

2. Geometry In Your Design:

The classic and the classiest form of design almost goes everywhere. Geometric designs have been popular since the early 1900s, and until now this is seen everywhere. Definitely a timeless form of design that can enhance the grace of your house.

If you have a large hall room, you can add a few shapes and lines according to the classic geometric designs schemes. These give off an ancient but timeless form of decoration to your house. Also, if you are a mathematician, it can be something to represent your aesthetic.

With the marble flooring idea, it is also important to consider your border flooring. When the border is not floored accordingly, it might downgrade the overall look. You should go for borders according to the color of your marble, or you can also use marble for the borders.

3. Marble, Carpet, Or Both:

Many people love the design of carpets. They look vintage and give off an old-school aesthetic, but they may not be as elegant as you want. What if I tell you you can choose both marble and carpet design altogether?

There are marble flooring designs that represent the carpet designs. The clean and shiny marbles will without a doubt give you the vintage elegance everyone seeks. For your hall or corridor, this could be an amazing choice.

Using carpeted designs in the marble will make the design extremely elegant, in fact, more elegant than most of the suggested designs. So, it’s important to make the borders and the walls elegant too. Adding chandeliers and fancy lights on the walls would be great. Other than that, the color scheme of the borders must be adjustable with the floor and the walls.

4. The Game Of Chess:

Life is a game, isn’t it? Guess what? Your marble flooring can be the same too! The classic chess board marble flooring has been popular for more than decades. Although you may think that it might not suit a house, eventually it does and makes the design timeless.

Minimalism in design has been promoted since the beginning of modernization. Bauhaus Academy was the first to promote these sorts of designs, and now they’re considered as the design school there ever was.  Going for the game of chess is definitely going to be retro, elegant, and evergreen.

Coming to the border transition and the walls.: the best idea is by keeping it as light as possible. Going for plain white can be a wise decision too. It is our recommendation that you should keep the scheme black to white to match the marbled flooring.

5. Patterns For Life:

Just like geometry, going for patterns is a classic way too. I don’t know if patterns would be better than geometry, but it’s less confusing. On a serious note, I’m bad at maths!

Jokes aside, patterns give a friendly environment to your house. You can use the patterns for various indications in order to lead people to other rooms. Along with the friendliness, you can also make the look classy too if your color scheme and sense of aesthetic are appreciable. 

For pattern design ideas, going for beige or Moscato beige marble can be a great choice. They are sturdy and durable. However, when it comes to the border, it can be a unique choice to add the patterns to the border. However, they might not always get along. The safest choice will be to follow the color scheme. 

6. Moon Shaped Borders:

A classic way to beautify the overall marble flooring is by adding round borders to the plain marbled floor. If the floor is dark, going for a border that’s bright would be a decent choice.

You must be sure the border extension is an opposite, shades, or complementing color to the overall marbled floor. This is a form of a pattern, and geometric type of flooring but is more minimalistic and different. 

The transition from marble should not have round-shaped borders. You can either keep them according to your overall marble’s color or choose something, which belongs to the same color scheme.

7. Vintage And Veiny:

Are you a fan of deep or grey colors? Then, you must take a look at the veiny designs. They suit perfectly with the dark colors there are. This can give your house an evergreen and classy look all at once. Veiny marbles designs have always been popular.

The design comes from Indian culture, but now it is seen throughout the world. The abstract and vintage appearance it puts to the marble is appreciable. The long lines in the marble can make an amazing transition from the floor to the wall too.

In order to make the marble suitable for the wall, you may want to choose the color accordingly. In most cases, the color of the veins within the marbles is the opposite. So, your wall must be of the opposite color.

8. All Stripes:  

Although this may not be a great choice for a hallway, a corridor going all stripes may be a great choice. It can help with the direction and look classy at the same time. Other than the corridor, going all stripes can help you to construct a beautiful powder room/washroom too.

In most cases, when it comes to all stripes, recommendation of color ranges within the monochrome and deep colors. Monochromic stripes give off a retro vibe along with a bit of elegance.

If you are going all stripes in the washroom, you should not only marble the floors but also the walls. All striped walls and marble would be a great combination, and a highly used design when it comes to elegance.

9. Gloss And Class At Once:

There are many who prefer a shiny, clean, and glossy overall look. Are you one of them? If yes, then we have countless recommendations for you. For the hall or dining room, going for something glossy can be a good choice. It’d look friendly and eye-catching. After all, the hall room is the first impression to every guest.

Chessboard, all stripes, and deep and dark elegance can all be glossy. It totally depends on you, which one you want. If you want something bright, you can also go for various patterns in the glossy marbling in your house.

Coming to the complimenting decoration, adding plants and elegant furniture can be great with a shiny marble flooring idea. A shiny marble flooring represents the cleanliness, and how cautious the house owner is. So, suitable furniture may be a great addition.

10. Vibrant But Vintage:

It’s a misconception to many that vibrant can’t be vintage. Vibrant can be elegant and old school without a doubt. There are many pastel-toned colors, which will suit amazing floor marbles for your house.

The colors may range from blue, green to brown, and yellow. If you have a small and cute house, this may be the perfect choice for you. It’d feel like you’re living within various colors of life.

The suggestion is to go all deep or all bright. If you are having bright colors on some sides of your house, and deep in the rest, it won’t suit your house well. So, choose your colors wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions On Marble Flooring:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Marble Flooring?

Every flooring whether it’s marble, ceramic, or vinyl has some benefits, and limitations in terms of cost, installation, and maintenance. Before you decide to choose marble flooring for your space, whether it’s in your house or commercial spaces, you need to know the pros and cons.

Here are some pros and cons of Marble Flooring presented in a table format for your convenience:

Pros Of Marble FlooringCons Of Marble Flooring
Marble fittings give the house a very elegant and posh look.The materials are very expensive, and not many people can afford them.
It is very durable and can last up to 25 to 30 years.A very sensitive and fragile material that needs very high maintenance. 
There are many designs to choose from and timeless designs which give the buyer multiple options.The installation procedure is very complicated, and professionals or experts are needed for the fittings of marble floors.
Marbles are very eco-friendly as they are cut from natural stones.Marble floor repairing is very complicated and costly.
Gives the entire house a very unique look, and it increases the value of the entire house.Marble floors are very slippery. 
Marble floors are resistant to heat that keeps the floor cool.Scratches can damage the look of the floor because it is very porous.

What Can Damage The Marble Floors?

Marble is naturally a strong material and has a durable texture. There are a few things that you may be aware of. Wine droplets may take a lot of effort to be removed. On the other hand, pet urine is another weak point of marbles, they destroy the texture over time.

So, you must potty train your pet. Marble floors are porous material, and any kind of liquid is harmful to the material. Make sure to clean the floor as soon as you notice something odd on your floor.

How Do You Prevent Stains From Marble?

It is not that tough to clean the stains. Firstly, if the stain has gotten not too long ago, you can just wash it with a bit of antiseptic liquid, which will help to get rid of the stains. Other than that, if the damage is severe, going for hydrogen peroxide liquids to get rid of the stain will do.

Should You Use Cleaning Materials Regularly To Clean Marble Floors?

A lot of people love to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Yes, you can vacuum clean the house every day, but wiping the floor may cause a problem with the texture of the marble over time. So, if you are planning to wipe the marble floor, you should do it once a week, or slightly more due to special occurrences.

Is Marble Flooring Cost-Efficient?

The answer depends on you. If you are looking for an elegant texture for your house, you will be satisfied as that’s what you want. You will be living in a house that’s built with expensive and fancy material. In general, marble floors are the most expensive flooring, and it has a good resale value. 

Please read my other article on marble flooring to know about the detailed costing per square foot, and the overall installation cost.

Is Marble Flooring Maintenance Easy?

The maintenance of marble flooring is quite similar to all the other types of floorings except for carpet. However, if you want your marble’s beauty to last for long, you must be using proper materials for cleaning and maintaining the beautiful flooring of your house. Also, be careful with the drinks and your pet’s defecation.

Final Words:

Choosing a marble flooring idea can be tough. However, if you know your aesthetic and choice, the job gets easier and more fun. There is a huge range of designs that may attract you. 

Marble flooring is a timeless choice that you would love to go for if you prefer quality over quantity. As it is a matter of preference, I have included marble flooring design ideas of all categories. Starting from old school to modern! 

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