Marble Flooring Types: Know What To Choose

Marble Flooring Types

Marble is an excellent flooring choice for interiors. Though it is a classic flooring option, it never goes out of style. The elegance and glamor of marble would never fade away. Starting from modern houses to luxurious hotels, marble flooring is still a premium choice for all. 

But before you install marble, you must know the marble flooring types. A lot of marble designs and qualities are available. They have distinct appearances and each one can be styled in diverse ways. If you learn the types, you can decorate an interior more beautifully. You can then match the marble flooring with the interior design. 

If you are yet to know the different marble flooring types, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss the kinds of marble to help you make an informed decision. Know the types and decide which one suits the interior. 

Let’s get started!

8 Marble Flooring Types (Classified By Colors): 

Though people mostly know about white and black marble, there are other varieties of marble too. Marbles are available in different colors and hues giving stunning looks. Some colors are found rarely but available. What I mean is, you don’t always need to stick to white, black, or grey marble flooring. You can choose other gorgeous colors of marble too!

Here are the 8 marble flooring types that have different colors and marble materials: 

1. White Marble:

Let’s start with the basic one, white marble. The heavenly white marble with thin and thick veins is eye-soothing and goes with almost any interior. Dazzling white marble is the most commonly found marble. These are formed in the earth’s core when limestone is pressurized and heated. 

There are classifications of white marble. The hues and veining patterns of white marble are different for different marble materials. Here are the classifications of white marble:

  • Carrara Marble: Carrara is the most popular white marble that you may have seen on kitchen countertops or bathroom walls. The whiteness of this marble is faded due to the frequent grey veining on it. The veins are fine and blurry creating a white-grey shade on the white marble floor.
  • Calacatta Marble: Founded in Italy, Calacatta marble has a pure white tone with cracked veins. No thin veins are there in it. Despite the irregular cracked patterns, this marble illuminates a pure white glow.
  • Mystery White Marble: This marble gives the ultimate white glow with its creamy texture. The veins are of mild grey color that you may not even notice. The veins are blended with the marble base that gives a smooth texture.
  • Himalaya Marble: Himalaya marble has a dazzling white hue with grainy strokes on it. The strokes can be of different colors. As the lines are grainy and irregular, it gives a retro and classic vibe.
  • Statuario Marble: Statuario marble is one of the common marbles for carving and creating designs. This marble has a matte surface with dark grey veins. 

2. Black Marble: 

The next type is black marble. A dashing shiny black floor is one of the most classy and modern choices for interior designing. The breathtaking shine and beauty of black marble can be seen in the bathroom, living room, luxury hotels, and other spacious areas. 

Let me tell you the variations available in black marble: 

  • Negro Marquina: The matte black marble with solid white strokes is the negro Marquina marble. It is a common and basic black marble that gives a stunning interior look.
  • Nero Portoro: The beige leopard pattern on a glossy black surface is the specialty of this variety. The warm beige patterns are frequent and create a stylish design on the floor.
  • Black Calacatta: Found in Mexico, black calacatta marble has a grey hue and the shade is faded black. On this, you can see fine grey lines with white prominent veins. This is commonly used in wide spaces like hallways, living rooms, hotels, etc.
  • Marina Black: Here comes the ultimate black beauty. The veins are blurry and fine so that it creates a warm texture on the deep black surface. The dashing marina black marble is suitable for any interior. 

3. Red Marble: 

You can create an exceptionally beautiful interior with red marble. Maroon and solid red shades of marble with delicate veins are commonly found in bathrooms and used for accentuating areas. It creates a solid vibrant look creating an energetic and positive aura. 

Here are the variations of red marble: 

  • Sasso Rosso: 

This marble has a brownish-red tone with black and white veins blended in it. The deep tone creates a vibrant look while the delicate veins add a spark. 

  • Domvrena: 

If you want something decorative rather than a solid red marble, this option is for you. This marble has patches of white, light red, beige with black and white veins. The patterns are haphazard and can be installed to accentuate walls and floors.

  • Rosa San: 

This marble looks like veins with red blood flowing in it! The maximum portion of this marble is of white and beige patches through which red veins are drawn. This is a bold and bright design for fountains, bathtubs, kitchens, etc.

  • French: 

The French red marble is an out-of-the-world marble type. The intense maroon shade with fine brown and off-white lines gives a strong and bold vibe. It is a classy red marble type that will surely leave you in awe.

  • Rojo Coralito: 

This variant has a pinkish-red hue with uncountable white and grey veins on it. This is a light and soothing shade suitable for room flooring. This gives an absolute tranquil aura. 

4. Brown Marble: 

Brown marble is a sign of elegance and richness. Brown marble combinations are absolutely gorgeous and commonly used in rooms, bathrooms, rooftops, hotels, and outdoor areas too. Now you will know the multiple designs and types of brown marble flooring. 

  • Dark Emperador:

You may have heard of Emperador marble. The dark brown shade with incessant web-like veins gives a glamorous and bright look. You can install such beauty anywhere you want.

  • Light Emperador: 

The light Emperador has a beige mixed brown hue with fine white lines and patterns. This is an eye-soothing texture suitable for people who love light shades.

  • French Brown Marble: The ultimate floor embellishment can be done with french brown marble. This has hues of red, maroon, grey, white, and black to give a gorgeous look. The color contrast makes a style statement. 

5. Pink Marble: 

Pink is the most tranquil and calming color. Pink marble doesn’t give you an overwhelming color tone but creates a peaceful vibe. Nothing is more soothing than a pink marble floor. However, pink marble is available in both dark and light shades. Choose whichever matches your interior. 

  • Rosa Levante: 

Just like the beautiful name, this marble has a brownish pink beautiful tone. Tiny brown blocks on the floor with thin white lines create a stunning floor. It also has a grainy texture and the dark hue is what creates gorgeous flooring.

  • Rosa Zarci: 

This marble has a blend of pink and cream colors with delicate white lines. The colors are merged beautifully in the marble slab giving off a pink and cream hue. 

  • Rosa Portugues:

This marble has a mixture of light pink and off-white. Light brown and beige strokes on the marble surface give a wonderful effect. The strokes are rounded as well as random with black grains. Rosa Portugues marble is an elegant flooring option.

  • Pink Spider: 

If you want a pure pink shade, this is the best choice for you. The pleasant pink shade with brown and grey veins and strokes create a calming and soul-cleansing vibe. The ultimate light pink hue is created in this marble. 

6. Yellow Marble: 

What can be more colorful and heartwarming than a yellow marble? A vibrant yellow marble is excellent to accentuate the walls and floors. A beautiful and warm effect is illuminated through the yellow marble hues. Especially under light, it gives a dazzling shine. People who love to have a colorful interior must install yellow marble. 

Here are the variants:

  • Amarillo Triana: 

The warm yellow shade resembles the color of egg yolk. This is one of the brightest tones that is the best for highlighting walls and floors. The deep yellow tone with grey, black, and dark yellow veins gives a stylish look. The sheer grains give a stunning marble flooring.

  • Spanish Gold: 

You must have noticed golden marble in luxurious areas. Golden is undoubtedly a rich shade. The golden brown color with white patches is excellent for spacious areas. The slight yellow veins add spark to the floor. 

  • Yellow Siena:

This has a light and dark yellow combination creating a crimson effect. Yellow Siena marble has thin and thick dark brown veins that make an extraordinary effect. You can use it in bathrooms and countertops.

  • Giallo Monforte: Giallo Monforte has a deep yellow tone with delicate white and grey lines. This gives off a golden shine that looks classy and posh. The thin lines and tiny patches are frequent to give a gorgeous design and look.
  • Mylakissos: 

This has a light golden hue with dark golden patches and lines on it. The sheer grains blend mildly with the floor creating a warm texture. The golden-yellow shade gives a cozy and comfy vibe. You can install it in rooms as well as bathrooms, countertops, and kitchen walls. 

7. Green Marble: 

Green is a color of life and serenity. The green marble is exotic and extraordinary. You would get both dark and light tones of green with white and grey hues. Green marble can give both tranquil and lively vibes. You can choose the green marble according to the effect you want. 

Here are the diverse green marble variants:

  • Verdo Indio: 

The Verdo Indio marble resembles the lower part of a leaf. This has a light green tone with dark green and white veins just like you see on a leaf. You may see black and grey patches too. This gives a soothing effect.

  • Verde Oasis: 

Found in Greece, this marble has an ocean stone look. The dark green shade has golden, grey, and black veins that give a smooth yet vibrant texture. The patterns on this marble are wavy and incessant. 

  • Galaxy Jade: 

This marble genuinely looks like a galaxy. The dark green patches, grains, and lines on the white base create a cloudy texture. The blend of white, cream, light and dark green, and grey gives a mysterious galaxy look. This is truly an exceptional choice!

  • Dreaming Green: 

This has a wavy pattern with grey, dark green, and white hues. The fine white and grey lines create a rich effect. The dreamy green shades look elegant and rich on the floor. 

8. Grey Marble: 

Grey is a color that can match any interior. Grey always gives a soothing effect. For tropical reasons, grey marble is a popular choice due to its calming and cool vibe. Needless to say, it adds a touch of aesthetic and sophistication to any interior. 

Here are the types of grey marble:

  • Marengo Grey: 

This marble is a combination of grey and white. On that, you can see fine white lines incessantly flowing in the horizontal direction. This marble has the perfect blend of dark and light grey with white shades.

  • Mariah Grey: 

This has a continuous grey tone with light grey and white veins. It has a monotonous tone giving an extremely cozy and cool vibe. You can install it in rooms for a sophisticated look. 

  • Antico Grey: 

If you want a bright grey tone, this is for you. The deep grey tone with dark black grains and thick white strokes look absolutely magical and stunning. Indeed it gives a dramatic and luminous look that will surely draw attention.

  • Pieta Grey: 

This marble gives a dusty and cloudy effect. Found in Iran, this has a dull grey tone with streaks of white on it. Pieta grey marble gives a royal and elegant flooring look. 

Related Questions:

Which Marble Flooring Type Is Of High Quality?

The most expensive and durable marble flooring option is calacatta. Calacatta has prominent grey strokes that create a style statement. Calacatta is rarely installed due to its high price. 

Calacatta is one of the most durable marble flooring types. It is a heavy and dense marble with an excellent look. Calacatta is not only available in white and grey tones but you can find it in golden tones too. You can choose the color according to the interior. But if you talk about quality and longevity, calacatta is the best. There is no alternative. 

If you want the second option, then it is Emperador. Emperador marble has a stunning look with different color options. It is durable and the gloss doesn’t fade away easily. 

Which Marble Flooring Type Is Best For The Kitchen? 

The most commonly used marble flooring for kitchens is Carrara marble. White Carrara marble has a pure majestic hue with grey lines. You can also install grey Carrara marble. Besides, for highlighting the walls, you may use yellow marble. 

Carrara marbles are also available in different patterns and designs. You can have but is and patterns on Carrara marbles. Carrara marble is heat resistant and can sustain for a long time in kitchen conditions. 

If you seal Carrara marble properly from time to time, it would be long-lasting. And the stunning white color looks luminous and shines brightly in the light. This gives a royal vibe to the kitchen. 

Besides Carrara, you can use calacatta marble on the kitchen floor too. Though expensive, it is durable and looks elegant on the kitchen floor. Moreover, you may choose statuary or other polished marble for kitchen flooring. 

Is Marble Flooring Outdated?

Marble is a classic flooring option. It has been used on floors since the time of kings and emperors. But just because it is a primitive flooring option, it doesn’t mean that it is outdated. In fact, the popularity of marble flooring has increased over time. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of marble flooring types. More options mean more diversity. These marble flooring alternatives blend perfectly with both old and modern interiors. 

Be in an outdoor, living room, roof, or bathroom, marble can match with every interior. You get a lot of color and design options with the same elegance like marble. 

Since marble is a natural stone with natural patterns and colors, it is always compatible with interior flooring. Its grace and elegance never go out of fashion. Marble is always a sign of sophistication and royalty that can never fade out. And marble is never outdated. It is one of the smartest and classiest flooring choices. 


You now have a handful of marble flooring options. You can use the marble flooring type that matches your interior. Try creating exceptional contrasts to add a touch of elegance and beauty. Be it a commercial or residential space, make the best use of marble. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and choose the marble flooring type that you love the most!

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